King Of Gods Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Successfully Breaking Through
Chapter 908 - Successfully Breaking Through

Zhao Feng knew that the God's Spiritual Eye was about to evolve once again and that it might take some time. He needed to prepare. The evolution of the God's Spiritual Eye awakened the sleeping Origin power within it. Every time it awakened, the stronger the God's Spiritual Eye would become.

According to previous experience, this evolution was related to Zhao Feng, but the evolution itself was generally random and unable to be controlled.

Zhao Feng was looking forward to what changes the God's Spiritual Eye would bring him this time.


Zhao Feng's Eye Intent suddenly sensed something, and he looked toward a certain direction.

Old Monster Xu is starting.

With a wave of his armguard, Zhao Feng disappeared alongside a flash of silver. The next moment, in the air above the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan:

Weng~ Shua!

A purple-haired figure covered in silver light appeared.

A golden light covered the forbidden grounds of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and started to form a large purple-golden whirlpool. All the experts and disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan felt their blood and True Yuan shake.

If it wasn't for the fact that the disciples lived far away from the forbidden grounds, just a tiny wisp of this aura would be enough to kill those at the True Spirit Realm or Small Origin Core Realm.

Emperor Ling Qiong nearby sighed. "I hope that Grand Elder will succeed this time."

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had been weak for far too long.

"The Grand Elder is a Quasi-Sacred Lord, so he will definitely succeed with another portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey." On the other side, the eyes of the Emperor in black robes flashed.

Weng~ Hu~~ Hu~~

A forbidden aura that suppressed everything in the world appeared from the golden whirlpool and whistled in every direction. It had the ability to call the rain and summon clouds.

Emperor Ling Qiong and the Emperor in black robes felt that they couldn't control their own True Yuan, and they even found it hard to breathe. They couldn't even form their Magnificent Power.


A sacred light suddenly descended from the purple-golden whirlpool, and the Yuan Qi in every direction gathered toward this sacred light. The sacred light slowly descended onto Old Monster Xu.

Weng~ Weng~

The exact same power within Old Monster Xu's body resonated and connected with this sacred light.

"The Sacred Light connected!" The Emperor in black robes revealed a joyful expression.

Hu~ Boom!

The purple-golden whirlpool in the air seemed to obtain some sort of power, and it started to quickly spin and absorb all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within several dozens of thousands of miles.

Hu~ Hu~

The Sacred Light that connected Old Monster Xu to the purple-golden whirlpool was extremely profound. A pure white Sacred Light fell and allowed Old Monster Xu to enter a weird state. The aura of Old Monster Xu's soul started to weaken as it merged into his body. The force radiating from him was enough to shake Heaven and Earth.

In the clouds, Zhao Feng opened the God's Spiritual Eye and inspected what happened when Old Monster Xu broke through. The Crystal Core within Old Monster Xu's body was turning into a whirlpool and absorbing the Mystic Light Sacred power of the purple-golden whirlpool. However, the biggest change was Old Monster Xu's physical body. The Mystic Light Sacred power had changed it completely.

"That's?" Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye caught a wisp of darkness, and a faint smile appeared on his face. A pair of Scarlet Wings of Lightning formed on his back, and he arrived where Old Monster Xu was in seclusion with just a flash.

"Incoming expert!" The Emperor in black robes was immediately alarmed and spread his Magnificent Power.

"Wait, that's Zhao Feng." Emperor Ling Qiong immediately stopped them. Old Monster Xu had told them about the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.

They couldn't believe that Old Monster Xu was willing to serve Zhao Feng at first, but they weren't too surprised after thinking about it. A hundred years wasn't much for a Sacred Lord, especially someone who was about to die without help.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had hopes of returning back to its glorious three-star days if Old Monster Xu broke through. The two Emperors were even slightly grateful toward Zhao Feng.

"There's an expert coming!?"

"Isn't that Zhao Feng?"

King Lu Yun had a puzzled expression.

"What does he want?"

King Liu Qiong was worried.

The scenery of Zhao Feng killing all the experts from Earth Spirit Hall still appeared in his mind. He slew everyone that stood in his way, and they couldn't stop Zhao Feng if he wanted to do anything.

"Zhao Feng? Why is he trying to stop Grand Elder from breaking through?" The youth in black robes was stunned.

"Zhao Feng, what are you doing?" Emperor Ling Qiong called out as she saw Zhao Feng approach Old Monster Xu who was breaking through. She didn't believe that Zhao Feng was here to stop Old Monster Xu from breaking through, but Zhao Feng was indeed approaching where Old Monster Xu was breaking through.

Zhao Feng didn't reply. A purple light started to form in his left eye.

"Not good, I've been found." The dark light that had been hiding flashed and disappeared.

Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!

Whoosh! Shu~~

Zhao Feng's speed rose dramatically, and he turned into an arc of scarlet lightning that blinked through the air. In the next instant, he was already a thousand miles away and surrounded by scarlet lightning. An invisible force radiated around him.

Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!

"Ha!" Zhao Feng's body became taller and released a glow of gold and blue. He was like a golden lightning giant that crushed everything with his physical body.


The air crackled, and a skinny pale-white human figure was squeezed out. Blood dripped from his mouth.

Mental Energy Spike!

A beam of purple lightning shot into the skinny and wrinkled male's soul, and the power of God Tribulation Lightning blinked as it unleashed a barrage.

"Arghh!" The skinny male screamed in despair as his soul shook.

Zhao Feng waved his arm, and the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly appeared above the male's head. The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly quickly waved its wings, and a half-transparent multi-colored pollen landed all over the male and into his soul.

The skinny and wrinkled male felt his body go numb as he lost control of his body and True Yuan.

Gaze of the God's Eye!

A purple whirlpool started to spin in Zhao Feng's left eye, and a forbidden force covered the area. A half-transparent Yuan Soul started to leave the skinny body.

The eyes of the skinny male were full of fear as he did his best to struggle, but the soul attack, the God Tribulation Lightning attack, and the effect of the Dream Pollen was still there. He had no chance to fight back at all.


The skinny male's soul was sucked into the dimension of Zhao Feng's let eye.

Now that Zhao Feng's soul was extremely close to a Sacred Lord, his Soul techniques were completely comparable to Sacred Lords. His Sacred Lightning Body had reached the peak 5th level, and Emperors that had low states of existence would be completely suppressed by him.

The existence of his God's Spiritual Eye countered all assassins. They weren't able to escape from him at all.

The skinny male was an unrivalled Emperor, but he wasn't even able to last for a short moment against Zhao Feng's full power. All of this happened within five breaths.

Five breaths to defeat an unrivalled Emperor. Emperor Ling Qiong and the male in black robes were dazed. How long had it been since Zhao Feng left the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan? Now he had reached such a level after only a few months?

After the shock passed, the two felt lucky. They were protecting Old Monster Xu, but a strong assassin had been hiding not far away from Old Monster Xu and they didn't even realize at all. If it wasn't for Zhao Feng, Old Monster Xu might've died the moment he was about to break through.

The two Emperors rushed over, and Emperor Ling Qiong gave a faint smile. "Thank you, Zhao Feng."

The Emperor in black robes revealed an apologetic expression since he was just about to stop Zhao Feng a moment ago.

"I'd obviously help out my servant when they're in danger," Zhao Feng said before continuing to inspect Old Monster Xu.

The two were speechless. Although that was the truth, they still felt uncomfortable when someone called the Grand Elder their servant.

At this moment in time, the purple-golden whirlpool started to descend, and the pure sacred power poured into Old Monster Xu's body. Old Monster Xu's body glittered with a flashing sacred power as if he were a god.

The scenery in the sky started to fade away, and Old Monster Xu opened his eyes after a while.

Weng~ Boom!

A Magnificent Power swept in every direction like a storm. This aura ruled supreme above everything and even caused space itself to tremble.

Zhao Feng and company felt their True Yuan, bloodlines, souls, and Intents become suppressed. Everything within a thousand miles fell into complete silence. Countless beings didn't even dare to breathe out loud.

Every action and movement of a Sacred Lord contained the Intent of Heaven and Earth and their understanding of the Origin.

Emperor Ling Qiong and the Emperor in black robes were almost injured since they were caught off guard.

"Old Monster Xu." Zhao Feng broke the silence and walked forward.

Old Monster Xu had just become a Sacred Lord, and he was much weaker than the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord. Now that Zhao Feng's cultivation had increased and his Sacred Lightning Body had reached the peak of the 5th level, he had the ability to resist against the Magnificent Power of a Sacred Lord.

Old Monster Xu slowly started to conceal his aura. His face was red and had smiles all over it.

"Zhao Feng, this old one will remember your help."

He had been stuck at the level of an Emperor for thousands of years, and his dream was to become a Sacred Lord. All of this was because of Zhao Feng.

In addition, Zhao Feng saved his life just now. Although he was focusing on breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm, he was still aware of the changes happening in the outside world.

"Come with me." Zhao Feng was slightly tired. He put one hand on Old Monster Xu before disappearing alongside a flash of silver and a spatial disturbance.

Zhao Feng and Old Monster Xu appeared above the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

This was the first time he had taken a Sacred Lord with him to teleport, and the energy expended was more than ten times what it was in the past. Maybe this was due to the unique characteristic of a Sacred Lord's body.

Within the discussion hall:

"Now that you've become a Sacred Lord, you can start taking action in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Discuss the specifics with Bi Qingyue," Zhao Feng seemed to become more tired as he spoke.

He then told the two his plans of ruling near the ocean, but the specific plan still had to be discussed. They would wait for Supreme Emperor Dark Night to return before expanding.

"You will listen to Bi Qingyue from now on." Zhao Feng waved his hand, and a skinny male appeared.

"Understood, Master." The skinny male stood behind Bi Qingyue.

Bi Qingyue's heart shook. Zhao Feng left for five minutes and came back with an unrivalled Emperor slave for her to control. She couldn't help but feel a warmth in her heart.

"He's an assassin hired by Earth Spirit Hall. Old Monster Xu, don't do anything right now. I'll need you to stay in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion while I enter seclusion," Zhao Feng ordered.

"Understood, Master." Old Monster Xu's expression changed slightly. He knew that, if Zhao Feng's goal was to rule near the oceans, then Earth Spirit Hall couldn't exist.

After giving all these orders, Zhao Feng felt that he couldn't open his left eye anymore. He entered a secret chamber and activated the restrictions before falling asleep.