King Of Gods Chapter 912

Chapter 912 Inspecting The Core

Chapter 912: Inspecting the Core


Duanmu Qing, who was in seclusion, opened his eyes. Just now, the mysterious wave passed through him, and the sensation was stronger than before. It was as if everything within his body was controlled by that mysterious power.

Duanmu Qing scanned his Divine Sense to where Zhao Feng was in seclusion. The faint golden light that Zhao Feng was radiating was starting to fade, and that mysterious power had disappeared.

“Zhao Feng should awaken soon.”

Duanmu Qing was overjoyed, but he gave a deep sigh and had a complicated expression after remembering why he was here.

Within the dimension of Zhao Feng’s left eye, the remaining mysterious golden ball still gave off a faint golden light. This golden light didn’t light up the dark dimension much, it just passed through to an unknown place.

The golden light that radiated from the golden ball started to calm down, and the dimension became peaceful once more. Slowly but steadily, Zhao Feng could sense the outside world, and he started to move.

Zhao Feng slowly got up, but he found that he couldn’t open his left eye.

“So heavy!”

Zhao Feng tried his best to open his left eye.


The instant his left eye opened, an invisible wave spread wherever his gaze went.

Zhao Feng was instantly dazed, and he froze.

What was going on? Was this still the world he was from? Everything that he saw became half-transparent and filled with golden lines.

Zhao Feng looked at a certain point on the wall ahead and started to enlarge it. Countless atoms were perfectly condensed together, and Zhao Feng inspected one of the atoms. This atom enlarged as well, and he could see billions of particles.

“This” Zhao Feng took in a deep breath. He could see the particles extremely clearly and how they made up this wall.


Zhao Feng was completely stunned, and he suddenly thought of a possibility. He immediately circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and looked at his right hand.


His right hand turned into a faint golden palm that was surrounded by Yuan Qi and lightning. Zhao Feng focused on one of the lightning arcs and enlarged it. He saw countless smaller arcs of lightning join with one another and connect with the True Yuan on his palm. His left eye then enlarged one of the small arcs of lightning.


Zhao Feng could see atoms stuck on top of one another to form the arc of lightning. A large amount of information entered his mind and was stored by the golden ball within the dimension of his left eye.

Zhao Feng felt his left eye hurt, so he closed it.

“This ability seems to let me see how anything is constructed.” Zhao Feng came to this stunning conclusion.

His left eye could even see all of the atoms that made up an arc of lightning. He could magnify an item limitlessly and see through the core of anything. This meant that Zhao Feng would see billions of particles in a single drop of water.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and slowly calmed down. Maybe that wasn’t its only use.

“Zhao Feng.” Duanmu Qing arrived outside the chamber.

“Master.” Zhao Feng had already sensed that Duanmu Qing was here, but he was focused on the evolution of his left eye.

“Congratulations on Master breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm.” Zhao Feng came out and bowed in congratulations.

Breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm dramatically increased Duanmu Qing’s lifespan, and he seemed more energetic.

“This is all thanks to you helping in the ancient mysterious palace and risking yourself to obtain the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.”

Zhao Yufei had told Duanmu Qing all the things that happened in the Divine Illusion Dimension, including how Zhao Feng had re-cultivated.

Duanmu Qing felt slightly regretful about that. If Zhao Feng hadn’t restarted, who knew what kind of height he would have reached by now.

“I never would have thought that you would be able to kill the Emperor of Death.”

Duanmu Qing sighed in his heart. The Emperor of Death was even older than himself, and even though he had now broken through to the Mystic Light Realm, he still wouldn’t have wanted to offend him, but Zhao Feng had slain a legend of the Cang Ocean.

“Hmph, he chased after me for seven years. Since I had the chance, why would I let him live?”

When mentioning the Emperor of Death, Zhao Feng remembered how he had to run from that shadow of Death for seven years. Such a humiliation couldn’t end easily.

Duanmu Qing nodded his head. His disciple had surpassed him a long time ago.

Duanmu Qing inspected Zhao Feng with praise. His holy golden hair, his golden eye that seemed to contain everything, and his handsome face gave off a superior atmosphere.

When looking at the golden eye, Duanmu Qing felt his heart shake, as if all his secrets had been exposed.

“Zhao Feng, after this evolution of the God Eye, your true strength has probably reached the level of an unrivalled Emperor, right?” Duanmu Qing asked curiously. He had never been able to see through this disciple of his, whether it was in the past or now.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation had now reached the late stages of the Void God Realm, and his battle-power was three levels higher than his cultivation. This estimation was enough to be ranked in the top five of the Imperial Genius rankings.

At the moment, Zhao Feng was ranked 8th on the Imperial Genius rankings, but Duanmu Qing believed that Zhao Feng’s rank should be even higher.

“The left eye only gave me a supportive ability this time.” Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile and told Duanmu Qing the truth. However, even though it was “just” a supportive ability, it had definitely surpassed one’s imagination, and Zhao Feng couldn’t explain it properly. He also didn’t know whether his left eye had any other new abilities since he hadn’t tested it yet.

“Master, you probably didn’t come all the way out here just to visit me, right?” Zhao Feng could see something from Duanmu Qing’s expression.

“There is indeed something.” Duanmu Qing didn’t know how to start.

“Is it related to me?” Zhao Feng asked.

“It’s related to Yufei.” Duanmu Qing sighed.

“What’s wrong with Yufei?” Zhao Feng was puzzled. Zhao Yufei was in the Duanmu Family, one of the Eight Big Families, so what kind of danger could there possibly be?

“When I was breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm, the Grand Elder of the Duanmu Family talked with the Sacred Emperor and engaged Zhao Yufei to the Thirteenth Prince,” Duanmu Qing said in an angry tone.

This was all because the Grand Elder cared too much about the family and placed importance on the short-term benefits. The Thirteenth Prince’s mother was the Empress, and the Emperor agreed.

This news had already spread among the imperials.

“Engaged? Yufei?”

Zhao Feng forgot how to think.

He had a very weird feeling. It was like a mixture of freedom and disappointment.

Zhao Feng mostly knew whether he liked Zhao Yufei or not, but he had always been hiding from it. He wanted to follow his heart and find Liu Qinxin, and because of that promise, he had always been avoiding Zhao Yufei.

He also didn’t want to love another woman because this would make him feel as if he was betraying Liu Qinxin. However, he might have already liked another woman, and this would make him feel that he hurt Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Feng’s God Eye couldn’t analyze the situation. His left eye was at a loss.

Duanmu Qing shook his head and sighed. He knew that Zhao Yufei liked Zhao Feng, and if it wasn’t for Zhao Feng’s “fiance,” it was very likely that they would be together already.

Duanmu Qing didn’t know what to do either. From his point of view, one of the main reasons Zhao Yufei wasn’t together with Zhao Feng was because she followed him back to his family.

This was fate full of uncertainty.

“Master, the Thirteenth Prince is extremely arrogant and childish. He doesn’t suit Zhao Yufei,” Zhao Feng suddenly raised his head and said. “Yufei has been my friend since we were young. How can I let her marry that kind of person?”

Zhao Feng’s voice was unusually calm and gave others the feeling that he was very clear-headed and awake right now as he discussed this issue in a very rational manner.

Duanmu Qing paused, and his mouth felt slightly open. He had thought about what kind of reply Zhao Feng might give, but he didn’t expect it to be something like that. Duanmu Qing couldn’t help but think that only Zhao Feng would come up with such an answer.

“Hahaha, I think so as well. How is the Thirteenth Prince worthy of Zhao Yufei?” Duanmu Qing laughed and patted Zhao Feng’s shoulder. He knew that this disciple of his had an extremely low EQ.

“If you really care about Yufei, then come with me to the Duanmu Family,” Duanmu Qing said.

Since this issue concerned the face of both the Duanmu Family and the imperials, it wasn’t something that could be decided on a whim.

“Wait for me to make some preparations.”

Zhao Feng flew away. No one else was within a hundred miles of Zhao Feng’s cultivation chamber apart from Duanmu Qing since it was a forbidden area. However, after leaving that place, Zhao Feng realized that there were many people all around.

The Ocean Smoke Pavilion had changed a lot, and it had a lot more experts.

“Was there a member of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion that had golden hair? I’ve never seen him before.”

“Even his eye is gold. Is he not a human?”

“But he’s so handsome!” A female member had dazed eyes.

At this moment, Bi Qingyue flew over under a layer of moonlight. She could sense that Zhao Feng had exited seclusion through her Dark Heart Seal.

“It’s the Pavilion Master!”

“Greetings Pavilion Master!”

All the members nearby bowed, and Bi Qingyue was surprised when she arrived in front of Zhao Feng. If the purple-haired Zhao Feng gave her a wicked yet beautiful feeling, the current Zhao Feng gave her a warm and mature sensation. The difference in the before and after was just too big.

“Greetings, Grand Elder!”

The nearby members were all slightly dazed. Most of them hadn’t seen the Grand Elder before, and a small number of disciples had only seen him once.

However, no one didn’t know about the Grand Elder. He had saved the Ocean Smoke Pavilion from the claws of Nine Darkness Palace and supplied countless resources for the Ocean Smoke Pavilion to make it stronger than ever. The Grand Elder’s master was a Sacred Lord from one of the Eight Big Families, and apparently, this Grand Elder was only a youth in his teens.

“Let’s go to the discussion hall,” Zhao Feng faintly said as he continued forward with Bi Qingyue behind him.