King Of Gods Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Actual Combat


“You’re Zhao Feng!?”

Wariness flashed through the purple-haired girl’s eyes as she exclaimed.

Everyone within the hall instantly looked toward Zhao Feng with curiosity. Zhao Feng was one of the biggest winners of the Divine Illusion Dimension as well as the leader of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo. There were many secrets and mysteries that surrounded this youth, and many of the older generation felt like they were exaggerated.

Everyone knew that Zhao Feng had purple hair, but this was a youth with golden hair and a golden eye.

“Ji Lan, is he really Zhao Feng?” A short-haired male next to Ji Lan asked.

Ji Lan had told the elders of the Ji Family about Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline, and because of this, everyone from the Ji Family including those of the older generation wanted to witness Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline.

At this time, the Ji Family stood at the peak of eye-bloodlines in the continent zone if one excluded the descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes.

“He’s definitely Zhao Feng.”

Ji Lan was certain. Back in the Divine Illusion Dimension, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had given her quite a counterattack, and she had seen how strong Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline was. Zhao Feng’s image was imprinted into her heart; she definitely wouldn’t mistake him even if his hair and eye were a different color.

It was thanks to Zhao Feng defeating her at her own forte that Ji Lan decided to focus on the secret techniques of the Ji Family, and her Purple Star eye-bloodline became even purer.

“Don’t think that you’ll be able to escape your wicked reputation just by dying your hair,” Ji Lan murmured, and the atmosphere was slightly awkward.

The other force within the hall was the City Lord’s, but they weren’t even close to the rank of the Eight Big Families, so they didn’t even dare to breathe out loud.

“Duanmu Qing greets Sacred Lord Star Demon from the Ji Family.” Duanmu Qing gave a faint smile as he bowed. He had heard of Zhao Feng’s actions in the Divine Illusion Dimension and guessed that Zhao Feng had most likely taken some treasures from the Ji Family.

Sacred Lord Star Demon was an extremely old Grand Elder of the Ji Family, and his eye-bloodline had reached an incredible level.

“I heard that someone from the Duanmu Family became a Sacred Lord not long ago. That person should be you, right?”

The voice of the purple-and-white-haired elder resounded through the air, and the forces of the City Lord and the elder guarding the teleportation array felt this voice enter their souls and create illusions.

Even Zhao Feng was extremely wary as he looked at Sacred Lord Star Demon. The latter’s soul and mastery of eye-bloodline techniques were definitely not simple.


When looking at Sacred Lord Star Demon’s faint purple eyes, Zhao Feng felt as if he was in space surrounded by purple flaming stars everywhere.

Zhao Feng’s left eye glittered with gold, and he calmed down.

He’s very strong. He didn’t even use his eye-bloodline and yet made me fall into an illusion with just a glance.

Zhao Feng was stunned. This elder had the strongest eye-bloodline power that he had encountered so far in his life, and the elder’s cultivation had probably surpassed normal Sacred Lords.

Sacred Lord Star Demon’s expression changed slightly as he looked at Zhao Feng.

Duanmu Qing explained in a humble tone: “I’m just lucky that disciples of the Duanmu Family managed to find something for me in the Divine Illusion Dimension to help me break through.”

Although they were both at the early stages of Mystic Light Realm, Sacred Lord Star Demon had lived for at least forty thousand years, and his strength couldn’t be measured just by his cultivation.

“This is my disciple.”

Duanmu Qing gave Zhao Feng the identity of a disciple from one of the Eight Big Families, but he didn’t confirm that he was Zhao Feng.

The group from the Ji Family paused and became suspicious of the golden-haired youth’s identity. The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo apparently both came from the Cang Ocean, so they shouldn’t be related to the Duanmu Family.

However, Ji Lan gave an understanding look. She remembered that the only force that the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo didn’t steal from was the Duanmu Family, and many people had their speculations about it at the time. Furthermore, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei had an unknown relationship.

“These are my three disciples.” Sacred Lord Star Demon revealed a faint smile and made his intention clear.

“Sacred Lord Duanmu, your disciple’s eye-bloodline is definitely not simple. This junior is very curious and would like to spar with him.”

The short-haired male from the Ji Family stood forward as purple starlight flashed through his eyes.

“Master, let this disciple go test him.” Zhao Feng stood out before Duanmu Qing could reply.

Before this, Zhao Feng had been in the Misty Spatial World discovering the abilities of the golden eye, disintegrating countless rocks and plants. He wanted to test it in actual combat.

Seeing Zhao Feng agree, the other two Elders of the Ji Family laughed coldly in their hearts. Ji Wuye’s Purple Star Eyes were unparalleled against those of the younger generation in the Ji Family. No one could beat Ji Wuye in terms of eye-bloodline techniques.

“Hehe, Big Brother Wuye has mutated Purple Star Eyes,” a younger cultivator next to Ji Lan laughed and said. In his heart, Ji Wuye was his role model.

The Purple Star Eyes specialized in Soul and illusion attacks, and Ji Wuye’s mutated Purple Star Eyes could even incorporate physical attacks. It could easily catch one off guard.

Ji Lan stared at Zhao Feng the entire time. This mysterious youth had a calm expression from the beginning. No one could tell what he was thinking; he was covered in mist. She couldn’t see through his cultivation either, but she believed that Ji Wuye wouldn’t be the one at an advantage against Zhao Feng.

“This one is called Ji Wuye,” the short-haired male said with pride.

“Please give me advice,” Zhao Feng replied as his faint golden hair moved. His left eye gave off a sacred golden light.

Ji Wuye’s expression became grim. The reason he gave his name was so that the opponent would call out his name as well. Ji Wuye believed that Zhao Feng not telling his name meant that he was ignoring and looking down on Ji Wuye.

“Fine!” Ji Wuye’s eyes sparkled with purple starry light as Soul-like aura spread.

Falling Stars!

A surge of eye-bloodline power shot out from Ji Wuye’s eyes as blue-and-purple flames burned the sky.

Boom! Boom!

Countless blue-and-purple flames filled the soul-dimension and crushed over. The momentum could make one’s mind crumble, making it impossible to fight back. At the same time, a burning blue-and-purple chain wrapped around Zhao Feng’s soul, and the barrage of blue-and-purple flames seemed like they were about to shatter his soul.


Zhao Feng’s expression remained the same as his faint golden hair blew, and a strong surge of Eye Intent shot out from his left eye.

“What a strong Eye Intent!” Ji Wuye’s expression changed slightly as he took back his underestimation. This surge of Eye Intent wasn’t any weaker than his own.

Apart from Sacred Lord Star Demon, all the Ji Family members’ eye-bloodlines shook.

“He’s already grown to such a level?” Ji Lan’s expression changed in disbelief.


A beam of faint golden light shot out from his left eye straight into the blue-and-purple flames.

“Hmm? A physical attack?” Ji Wuye was slightly dazed.

Everyone knew that physical attacks and soul attacks were unable to affect each other, and this guy used a physical attack to block a soul attack? Was this golden-haired youth retarded?

Ji Wuye couldn’t help but snicker. It seemed like this person couldn’t be Zhao Feng.

However, everyone felt that something was amiss. Zhao Feng displayed a surge of eye-bloodline power, but it just passed through Ji Wuye’s attack.

“Wait, what’s that!?” The eyes of the younger cultivator from the Ji Family bulged as he cried out.

When the faint golden light passed through the flames, they started to slowly disappear. There was no clash between powers at all; Ji Wuye’s soul attack and even his physical attack just disappeared.

Everyone held their breaths as they looked at this weird scene.

“How is this possible? Even my Soul Intent and Eye Intent have completely disappeared?” Fear and panic flashed through Ji Wuye’s eyes. He couldn’t believe that there was such a weird eye-bloodline technique.

Duanmu Qing didn’t specialize in the soul, so he looked at this scene in confused amazement.

Layers of purple light glittered in Sacred Lord Star Demon dim eyes as he looked toward the place where the two attacks came into contact.


A pain suddenly appeared in Zhao Feng’s left eye.

Ji Wuye’s soul attack also contained a physical aspect, which was extremely hard to disperse. It required a lot of eye-bloodline power, and this was only the first time Zhao Feng was using it in actual combat.

As expected, it was extremely different from dispersing a soul attack. There was several thousand times more atoms within this attack than the flowers of the Misty Spatial World.

A surge of information instantly stored itself within the golden ball in the dimension of his left eye. The pain became worse, and Zhao Feng had to stop his disintegration as he closed his left eye.

“That golden-haired youth has stopped using his eye-bloodline technique.”

Only a portion of Ji Wuye’s attack had disappeared; the remaining blue-and-purple flames were still hurtling toward Zhao Feng, but he suddenly closed his eyes and was just standing there.

“What is he trying to do?” Ji Lan felt extremely complicated. This youth always made one unable to see what he was thinking.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The blue-and-purple flames instantly hit Zhao Feng’s soul.

Shu~ Shu~ Shu~

A wave of lightning suddenly glittered around Zhao Feng’s purple soul. The entire soul attack and soul chain were destroyed by the God Tribulation Lightning.


Everything within the hall returned to normal, and Zhao Feng and Ji Wuye were both motionless.

Zhao Feng suddenly opened his golden left eye and looked at Ji Wuye.


Ji Wuye’s body trembled, and he felt like his entire body and soul were under Zhao Feng’s control. It was as if there was an eye in Ji Wuye’s body looking at everything he had.

“I know that I’m not your match.” Ji Wuye bowed and immediately retreated.

Although he didn’t know why his soul attack had just disappeared into thin air, the lightning that seeped out of Zhao Feng’s soul instantly made him understand that he wasn’t this youth’s match.

The Soul and eye-bloodline techniques of this golden-haired youth were incredible, and Ji Lan gave a helpless smile. Even now, she couldn’t understand the techniques that Zhao Feng was using.

“Sacred Lord Duanmu, you have a good disciple.” The light in Sacred Lord Star Demon’s eyes faded as he gave a faint smile.

“Is Little Friend willing to visit the Ji Family some time? The Ji Family has one of the top archives in regard to eye-bloodline secret techniques in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.”

Sacred Lord Star Demon didn’t hide his intention to recruit Zhao Feng.

Among the Eight Big Families, the strength of the Ji Family surpassed the Duanmu Family. The elder guarding the teleportation array and the other forces of the City Lord looked enviously toward Zhao Feng.

“Thank you, Sacred Lord Star Demon. This junior will go there when I have the time.” Zhao Feng’s expression returned to normal as he gave a smile.

“Is Sacred Lord Star Demon going to see the Great Gan Imperials?” Duanmu Qing asked.