King Of Gods Chapter 917

Chapter 917 Saint Herb Pavilion

Chapter 917: Saint Herb Pavilion Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 917 – Saint Herb Pavilion

Although the Thirteenth Prince had average talent, his birth was extremely noble, and he was favored by the current Sacred Emperor. His mother was also the Empress. Therefore, the forces behind the Thirteenth Prince were extremely strong, and due to Zhao Yufei’s engagement, the Duanmu Family was now pulled onto the Thirteenth Prince’s side as well.

There were rumors that the Empress was making even more preparations. Right now, the Thirteenth Prince even had the ability to fight with the Fourth Prince, who had the strongest power right now.

The Thirteenth Prince had a big chance to become the Crown Prince. Even if he failed though, the Thirteenth Prince would have a high status among the imperials in the future, and the Duanmu Family could still use him to rise.

The four upper echelon members of the Duanmu Family nodded their heads after thinking for a while.

There was left than a year and a half left till the battle to become Crown Prince, and all the information agencies were gathering information regarding the princes to analyze who would be the winner. All forces in the lord dynasty were starting to take their sides.

While Zhao Feng was looking around, he bought a report on the estimation of the princes’ strengths.

A total of ten princes were participating in the fight for Crown Prince.

Amongst them, the Fourth Prince was smart and had the greatest strength. He was ready to fight right now, and he was ranked first.

The Thirteenth Prince had many powers behind him and was ranked second. Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be surprised. One could see just how strong the forces behind him were for him to be ranked second.

The Ninth Prince was extremely talented, but since he had a limited background, he was ranked sixth.

The Eighth Prince was known for his calmness and was also talented. He was ranked seventh.

However, this was just the current estimation of the princes, and there would be changes in the future.

“The Ninth Prince has the weakest background amongst the ten princes but is ranked 6th.”

Zhao Feng knew more about the Ninth Prince. Of the three princes he had interacted with, the Ninth Prince gave Zhao Feng a good impression.

Zhao Feng stopped walking and looked at an elegant building ahead.

Saint Herbs Pavilion. This was the largest herbs market in Long Rainbow City, and it was the most famous in Yun Province.

With Zhao Feng’s current wealth, he could obviously buy the best herbs and medicines.

“Welcome, may I ask what you need? I can introduce everything to you.” An elegant female in a long green shirt came forward and helped the customers.

“I need precious and rare herbs of the Fire element,” Zhao Feng said.

“Sure, please come with me. The precious materials are all on the 5th floor.”

The elegant female was happy. She could tell just from his looks that this customer was not normal, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked for precious resources right away.

The Saint Herb Pavilion had nine floors. Each floor was extremely big and contained many resources, and Zhao Feng looked across all of them with one glance.

The first floor of the Saint Herb Pavilion was almost completely full and contained the resources needed by those at the True Human Rank.

There were only a couple hundred Sovereign Lords on the fifth floor that were choosing their herbs. Zhao Feng’s expression remained calm as he continued forward.

“Dear customer, you?” The expression of the elegant female changed slightly. This customer didn’t even look at the herbs on the fifth floor.

“I want the very best,” Zhao Feng’s voice sounded in this female’s soul, and her body shook as she followed behind Zhao Feng; “Dear customer, please come with me to the eighth floor.”

The higher floors had aura sealing arrays, but Zhao Feng could still sense it.

There were only five Emperors on the eighth floor picking their herbs.

“Brother Zhao, why are you here?” A handsome youth in golden robes paused for a moment as he saw Zhao Feng’s golden hair before coming forward with joy.

Behind the golden-robed youth was an elder in black with one eye. He looked at Zhao Feng with a deep glance.

The elegant female saw that Young Master Nine knew this this golden-haired youth and immediately retreated because the pavilion owner had said that no one was to question anything about Young Master Nine.

Zhao Feng didn’t expect to see the Ninth Prince here as well. The Ninth Prince needed to come personally to choose his own herbs? And needed Old Ying to come with him? Zhao Feng seemed to guess something and raised his head toward the ninth floor.

“There were some things going on so I came here.” Zhao Feng didn’t want to talk about what happened in the Duanmu Family.

“May I know what Brother Zhao thinks now?”

When the Ninth Prince saw Zhao Feng, he had thought that the latter agreed to his request and came here to find him specifically, but the Ninth Prince knew that he had thought too much after hearing Zhao Feng’s reply.

However, he didn’t give up. As long as Zhao Feng wasn’t recruited by any other prince, he still had a chance.

“I’m not sure yet, I still need to think for a while.”

Zhao Feng came here for the marriage and didn’t have time to care about anything else yet.

The Ninth Prince’s expression faltered for a moment before smiling; “This is indeed Brother Zhao’s personality. You’re very similar to the one up top.”

“Why not let Brother Nine introduce the one up top to me?” Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile.

Although the materials on the eighth floor were indeed rare, there wasn’t a large amount of Fire elemental resources. It was better to find the owner if he wanted to find more precious resources. Furthermore, the owner was definitely not simple if the Ninth Prince wanted to recruit them but felt defeated.

“Sure, let’s go.” The Ninth Prince immediately agreed. He now had an excuse to go back up.

The instant he stepped onto the ninth floor, Zhao Feng knew that he had come to the right place since the air was filled with plentiful Fire elemental atoms.

“Young Master Nine, you really don’t need to come anymore. I won’t agree,” the voice of an impatient male sounded from the ninth floor.

At the entrance was an elder in black clothes who had the cultivation of an Emperor. He only gave a faint nod when he saw the Ninth Prince.

“Elder Sister Su’er, my friend Brother Zhao wants to meet you and buy some precious resources while he’s at it,” the Ninth Prince explained.

Zhao Feng looked over and saw a female in white clothes. Her skin was extremely smooth, but she had furrowed eyebrows. She bent down and looked at a purple beehive within a purple wooden box.

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect the owner of the Saint Herb Pavilion to be such a young and pretty girl.

“Not interested. The other floors have all the materials.” Zhou Su’er’s eyes were trained on the purple beehive, and she had furrowed eyebrows. She didn’t even look at the Ninth Prince.

The Ninth Prince looked at Zhao Feng and signaled that the owner’s personality was like this and there was nothing he could do.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. Based on the fact that this girl didn’t even put the Ninth Prince in her eyes, the force behind her was not normal.

“Pavilion owner, I came to the ninth floor because I want the resource in front of you.” Zhao Feng looked at the beehive within the purple wooden box.

Zhou Su’er’s eyebrows furrowed as she turned around and looked at Zhao Feng impatiently, “You want this? Do you even know what it is?”

Zhou Su’er was speechless. From her point of view, this was just some random person that the Ninth Prince found to talk to her.

“Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive,” Zhao Feng quickly said. His left eye could see through anything and remember everything he ever saw.

Zhou Su’er was slightly surprised. This random person that the Ninth Prince found answered correctly.

The Ninth Prince and Old Ying paused as well. They didn’t know the name of the beehive either, but Zhao Feng answered correctly. Could it be that Zhao Feng also knew a lot about herbs?

“En, you got it right, but the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive hasn’t been refined yet, so I’m not selling it.” Zhou Su’er inspected the youth in front of her and declined in a straightforward manner.

“Then get rid of all the poison and sell it to me,” Zhao Feng said, and Zhou Su’er almost fell over as she turned around and stared at Zhao Feng while she cursed in her heart, This brat is doing this on purpose. If I could get rid of the poison, then I would have done so long ago.

“Or you can sell it to me right now and I’ll get rid of the poison myself,” Zhao Feng added when he felt that Zhou Su’er was looking at him with anger.

“What? You!?” Zhou Su’er exclaimed but stopped herself. She had obtained the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive a month ago and still didn’t know how to get rid of the poison, and now a random youth said that he could?

“Hmph, if you take it back with you and die from the poison, it’ll tarnish the name of the Saint Herb Pavilion.” Zhou Su’er pouted as she inspected Zhao Feng.

“How about I get rid of the poison right here, and if I succeed, you sell it to me?” Zhao Feng smiled.

“Sure, if you can get rid of the poison in the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive, I’ll give it to you and help you choose whatever other resources you want.” Zhou Su’er didn’t believe this youth in his teens could really get rid of this poison. Of course, if he could, she could secretly learn the technique off him, so giving it to him wouldn’t matter.

The Ninth Prince revealed a joyful expression. If Zhao Feng really could get rid of the poison, then he’d have something to talk about with Zhou Su’er.

Zhao Feng looked at the purple beehive and circulated his Magnificent Power so that it floated in the air. A layer of golden light suddenly appeared from his left eye and released a surge of Soul Intent from his God Tribulation Lightning Soul Body.

The three spectators and the elder guarding the entrance felt their souls shake as they looked at the golden-haired male in shock and panic.

“What strong Soul Intent!” The elder guarding the doorway felt his heart tremble.

“Who is this youth!?” Zhou Su’er’s expression became solemn. This youth was definitely not normal.

Only Old Ying and the Ninth Prince knew that Zhao Feng was actually suppressing his Soul Intent.


As the Intent was released, a faint golden undulation merged from the golden ball into his left eye.


A mysterious golden beam of light scraped across the surface of the purple beehive, and Zhao Feng soon understood the situation of the poison.

The atoms of the poison flowed through the cracks of the beehive and almost became one with it, but from Zhao Feng’s point of view, the poison atoms had the element of Darkness while the atoms of the beehive had the elements of Fire and Wood. The difference between the two were extremely obvious, and the erosion of the poison wasn’t very strong. The two types of atoms hadn’t merged together yet.


A faint golden light suddenly shot forward, and the surface of the purple beehive that was touched by the golden light instantly turned red.

Zhou Su’er and company had bulging eyes as they looked at Zhao Feng’s golden eye in disbelief. It was this easy? Did he just change the color of it?

At this moment, Zhao Feng stopped his disintegration. This was a new use that Zhao Feng had developed in the Misty Spatial World, and it was very useful for separating two atoms of different elements.

It required more energy and control. Even though Zhao Feng had cultivated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, he didn’t dare to be overconfident. Zhao Feng wasn’t able to use this technique in battle.

“You really got rid of the poison? How did you do it?” Zhou Su’er was unable to remain calm. She couldn’t even figure out what he did, let alone secretly learn his skill.

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