King Of Gods Chapter 922

Chapter 922 Decline

Chapter 922: Decline

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Everyone had big reactions to the rumored Purple-Haired Demonic Duo. Furthermore, this was a battle between beast tamers, so there were more and more people being attracted.

The bet between Zhao Feng and I is for the title of Grandmaster Beast Tamer and the position of the Ninth Princes beast tamer in the battle to become Crown Prince. Liang Sang smiled and looked toward Zhao Feng.

While his words seemed like he was scared of Zhao Feng reneging on his bet, it was actually to attract even more attention. The words Grandmaster Beast Master and battle for Crown Prince would create a lot of discussion.

Good! This match will be interesting.

Both sides will give it their full strength for such a bet.

Quick, call everyone else over!

Grandmaster Beast Tamer Liang Sang, can we start? Zhao Feng asked somewhat impatiently. This guy was acting as if he was in a show.

Sure. Liang Sangs expression suddenly changed, and he opened a spiritual pet bag.

A green armored lizard that was a couple dozen meters long landed on the ground. It had one green crystal-like glittering horn.


The green lizard roared and unleashed the aura of a Peak-tier King. Some of the spectators who had low cultivation felt their hearts shake, and they almost fell on the ground.

Everyone that was watching took a step back. Even though there was the protection of providence, no one dared to go too close to a battle between Peak-tier Kings.

The green lizard was like a small mountain as it glared cruelly down at Zhao Feng.

This is a rare beast that I tamed in a swamp in the face of danger. Its called a Crystal Horn Lizard, and it has reached the level of a Peak-tier King, but its battle-power has reached the level of an Emperor. Liang Sang smugly introduced the Crystal Horn Lizard. Its defense and offense were both top-tier. The only weakness was that it wasnt agile enough.

Beast tamers didnt just need to subdue beasts, they also needed to make them listen to their commands and fight for them. Utilizing the intelligence of humans would fully unleash the potential of a beasts battle-power.

What a unique lizard!

As expected of a rare beast. Just its looks tell us that its not simple.

I heard that lizards are considered descendants of dragons, so theyre definitely one of the top species.

Zhao Feng glanced at it. There were many rare beasts in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Zhao Feng waved his left hand.


A flashing five-colored bee the size of a fist flew out. The difference in size between it and the Crystal Horn Lizard was like Heaven and Earth.

So pretty. What kind of beast is it?

Its aura is so weak. Its just a normal King.

The difference between this and Grandmaster Liang Sangs Crystal Horn Lizard is way too big.

Those present werent able to recognize this small and colorful beast, but as a fellow beast, the Crystal Horn Lizards eyes bulged, and it started to tremble. It instinctively felt wary of the Five Poison Distinct Bee.

This is…? Liang Sangs eyes also looked at the small bee, and his expression changed dramatically, but it was too late.

Weng Weng

The large body of the Crystal Horn Lizard suddenly became its weakness. It moved slowly and was caught by the Five Poison Distinct Bee, which stabbed its tail into the lizard and self-destructed.


After the smoke faded, a large black hole was revealed in the Crystal Horn Lizards stomach, and black blood kept flowing out.

Liang Sangs face was filled with anger and shock. He immediately called back the Crystal Horn Lizard and started to put some medicine on it. Luckily, the Crystal Horn Lizard was very big, so the injury didnt take up a large portion, otherwise he would have lost a rare beast already.

Liang Sang didnt expect Zhao Feng to have a Five Poison Distinct Bee. The bloodline of this ancient rare insect was close to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. No wonder Zhao Feng wasnt scared; these ancient rare insects didnt even need to a beast tamer to control them. The Five Poison Distinct Bees could just bum rush the enemy and self-destruct.

This brat definitely has more Five Distinct Poison Bees. Liang Sang gritted his teeth as he revealed a jealous expression, and discussion broke out. That weak little bee was incredibly strong and made the fierce Crystal Horn Lizard instantly lose its battle-power.

Zhao Feng, lets see how many more Five Poison Distinct Bees you have. Liang Sang revealed a pained expression as he opened another spiritual pet bag, and a dark green giant turtle landed onto the martial arts field.

The giant turtle had thick armor and skin. It was extremely large, and the instant it appeared, a barrier of water surrounded it.

Zhao Fengs expression changed slightly. This beast perfectly countered the Five Poison Distinct Bees.

Little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat jumped out of the Misty Spatial World and shook his head, saying that it was a hidden card and couldnt reveal itself, so it heavily recommended its little friend, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.

Zhao Feng was speechless. The little thieving cats display was proof that he wasnt a good beast tamer.

If thats the case, then lets just decide the victor straight away. Zhao Fengs expression became grim. Even if the little thieving cat won against the turtle, Liang Sang would probably just take out even more spiritual pets and prolong the fight with Zhao Feng, and since Zhao Feng wasnt actually a professional beast tamer, he didnt carry many spiritual pets around with him.

Hmm? Liang Sang was surprised and felt that something was amiss. What did Zhao Feng mean by that?

Zhao Feng waved his left hand, and a chubby jade-like silkworm appeared in the air.


The entire martial arts field fell silent as a terrifying aura of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races shook the spectators hearts, and everyone immediately retreated dozens of yards. Their faces went white, and their breathing stopped.

The dark green giant turtle shook, and the bloodline within its body trembled in fear as it looked at the little silkworm in disbelief. The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly opened its jade-like eyes and looked at the dark green giant turtle.


The giant turtle yelled in fear and immediately stuck its head into its shell. Its shell kept on shaking on the ground and created an earthquake.

Liang Sangs mouth fell wide open; Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races!

Even though he was far away, he could feel the aura of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly. It had reached the level of an Emperor, but since it was an original species of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, its true strength could even affect Sacred Lords. All beasts that werent from the ancient era would be suppressed by an entire cultivation level by it. This meant that his rare Peak-tier King beast was only an early-stage King against it.

Liang Sang would only be able to fight back against the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly if he took out a rare Sacred Lord rank beast.

Liang Sang took back the giant turtle and looked at Zhao Feng with envy and jealousy, but he could do nothing. No matter what he took out, he wouldnt be able to win. His spiritual pets didnt even dare to look at the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly directly.

Why did Zhao Feng have rare Five Poison Distinct Bees? Why did he even have something from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races? All of this was unfair in his mind, but Liang Sang didnt consider the fact that, even if he was able to meet a species from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, he wouldnt be able to tame it.

This one admits defeat.


Seeing Liang Sang admit defeat, Zhao Feng took back the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.

Some of the spectators were still in shock from the pressure of that ancient aura. They hadnt even seen what kind of spiritual pet Zhao Feng took out, and the fierce battle they were looking forward to didnt happen.

Grandmaster Liang Sang admitted defeat in this fight. Liang Sang quickly left the field and had no face, so he left with the Sky Pond City Lord.

Butler Qi arrived at this moment with a smile, As expected of Young Master Zhao. Your beast taming skills far exceed the level of a Grandmaster.

Butler Qi felt a bit diffident because he didnt really want them to fight, but since he wanted to see Zhao Fengs beast taming skills, he didnt stop them. Now that he saw it, how could Zhao Fengs beast taming abilities be bad if he could even control a species from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races?

Good, very exciting! A laugh suddenly sounded across the entire martial arts field, and a bulky male in golden dragon-robes walked out. He had a strong air of providence around him. Next to him was a youth in white.

His Highness the Fourth Prince!

Fourth Prince.

Some of the spectating imperial members bowed while the servants and guards went down on one knee. The entire field went quiet, and Zhao Fengs heart jumped. In the reports, the Fourth Prince was ranked the strongest in forces supporting him and in terms of individual strength as well.

Zhao Feng, long time no see. Next to the Fourth Prince, Zhuge Yun gave a faint smile as spoke.

Zhuge Yun?

From the looks of it, Sky Suspension Palace was standing behind the Fourth Princes back.

Zhuge Yun was a strategist who directed the group from Sky Suspension Palace in the Divine Illusion Dimension. He was only below that of Xuanyuan Wen.

The Great Gan Lord Dynasty only had two four-star powers: Sky Suspension Palace and the Grand Imperial Hall. Since the Grand Imperial Hall was the host of the battle for Crown Prince, they didnt participate.

I heard Brother Zhuge and Xin Wuheng talk about you. Seeing you has indeed opened my eyes, the Fourth Prince looked at Zhao Feng with twinkling eyes and said.

Youre overestimating me. Fourth Prince is also powerful and unique.

Zhao Fengs left eye flashed. The Fourth Prince had reached the level of a Quasi-Sacred Lord and could break through at any moment. His true battle-power was probably comparable to Sacred Lords, and he was indeed several times stronger than the other princes.

I have one spot left for a beast tamer in my group. Is Brother Zhao Feng willing to help me? The Fourth Prince looked at Zhao Feng with honest eyes.

Everyone was dead-silent. Being the strongest prince actually going for the position of Crown Prince, his group was filled with countless experts. How could he possibly have an empty space?

How glorious would it be to be recruited by the Fourth Prince himself? Everyone was instantly envious of Zhao Feng, and Liang Sang, who was not far away, had the urge to hit his head against a wall and kill himself. He never expected that the Fourth Prince would have seen his fight with Zhao Feng.

He felt like he had just performed a show with Zhao Feng specifically to let the Fourth Prince pick Zhao Feng and give him his invitation. This was something that he didnt even dare dream of.

Next to Zhao Feng, Butler Qis breathing rate increased. He felt regretful, but he didnt dare speak.

Most people wouldnt be able to reject this temptation. The Fourth Princes overall strength was ranked 1st, and he was the most likely to become the Crown Prince. Once a prince became the Crown Prince, then all the members that supported him would be rewarded and given territories. They would receive a large amount of lord dynasty providence, and they could even join the Grand Imperial Hall in the future.

Im sorry, but Im already a member of the Ninth Princes group. Zhao Feng smiled and declined the offer.

He didnt really care about receiving a title or providence. Everything was unrelated to him as long as the Thirteenth Prince didnt become the Crown Prince. Besides, Zhao Feng wouldnt betray his friends.


Everyones breathing rate quickened. Zhao Feng actually declined the offer.

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