King Of Gods Chapter 926

Chapter 926 Been Waiting For A Long Time

Chapter 926: Been Waiting For a Long Time

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In the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng used his Crystal Core as the foundation for his Little World, and the blurry outlines of it started to appear in reality. At the same time, the aura of the Ancient Dream Realm started to merge into it. It was almost as if it was created by the Ancient Dream Realm itself.


Zhao Fengs left eye glittered, and a wave of golden light spread through the air.

My Little World currently only exists in a mental energy state, but it has bonded with the physical power within the Crystal Core.

Zhao Fengs left eye was able to see everything.

At the same time, he knew why the objects within the Little World were different than reality. The objects of a Little World were created by the power of ones foundation, and because most Emperors only cultivated a single element, the objects also only had one element.

For example, Duanmu Qing was a Wood-elemental Sacred Lord, so his Little World was obviously based off the element of Wood. There was almost no element of Fire since it conflicted with his foundation.

My Crystal Core is different from others. My Little World will be more stable than others.

Zhao Feng had a clear mind. Right now, his Crystal Core contained the elements of Wind, Lightning, Water, Wood, and Fire. Zhao Feng even thought about whether his Little World would fully materialize when he learned all five elements, but that was a bit far away from him right now. He had only cultivated up to the early stages of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Techniques eighth level and was still very far away from reaching the peak.

It was best to form the Little World of Wind Lightning first and perfect it as time passed.

Its about time to merge the Domain of Wind Lightning into it.

A layer of wind and lightning appeared around Zhao Feng and started to howl and crackle.


Zhao Feng controlled the Domain of Wind Lightning and made it change shape. With the precise control of his left eye, the Domain of Wind Lightning merged perfectly with the outline of the Little World.

Now all I need to do is consolidate it. Zhao Feng knew every step clearly.

He needed to merge the Crystal Core dimension, the Domain of Wind Lightning, and the outline of the Little World together. This needed to happen in an orderly and steady manner.

There was less than half a year remaining till the battle for Crown Prince, and the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was still making their way here because they were near the oceans.

Pavilion Master Bi, have we come a bit late? Old Monster Xu smiled and asked.

The Ocean Smoke Pavilion and the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had teamed up, and Supreme Emperor Dark Night was expanding the assassination organization. Even normal three-star powers didnt want to offend them.

Almost the entire area around the coast was now under the Ocean Smoke Pavilions control, and Earth Spirit Hall had done nothing. The information agency of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion had expanded too fast, and they were all extremely busy.

I believe that Master has already set down the path for us, Bi Qingyue said with certainty and a soft gaze.

Master left with Sacred Lord Duanmu. He mustve joined the Duanmu Family and become part of the Thirteenth Princes force, Supreme Emperor Dark Night guessed.

The engagement between Zhao Yufei and the Thirteenth Prince had been set for a long time, and even they knew about it despite the distance. Furthermore, the Thirteenth Princes forces were expanding even faster than the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

I believe in Masters eyes, Bi Qingyue said, and Supreme Emperor Dark Night had an awkward expression. Bi Qingyue relied too much on Zhao Feng, and she was willing to follow Zhao Feng despite the Dark Heart Seal. However, Supreme Emperor Dark Night was different; he still wanted to escape Zhao Fengs control a hundred years later. He would still remain in the assassination organization and help Zhao Feng, but he didnt want to stay a slave forever.

Although the Thirteenth Prince is young, he is favored by the Sacred Emperor and Empress. Adding on the fact that he has a strong force behind him, it is very likely that hell be able to win even against the Fourth Prince, who is currently the strongest, Old Monster Xu analyzed. If their master entered the Imperial Tombs and helped the Thirteenth Prince as well, the prince would have an even bigger chance of winning.

Right now, we are in the Gan Province, and were only one city away from the Great Gan Imperials. Bi Qingyue had a joyful expression. She would be able to meet her master soon.

Apart from the three of them, there was also Zhan Jieer, the black-robed Emperor from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and several Kings.

A cold laughter suddenly sounded and passed through the physical and soul dimensions. It made everyones heart shake, and they immediately stopped moving.

All of you still want to go to the Great Gan Imperials? Ive been waiting here for a long time.

A figure in black robes and covered by darkness shot over like a black meteor. His Demonic pressure turned everything within a thousand miles dark, and the Kings immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and quickly changed directions.

The figure covered in darkness was like a Demonic Sovereign as they gazed down at the group from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

May I ask who you are and why you are stopping us? Old Monster Xus expression fell as he stood forward. It was obvious that this person was an enemy from their tone and aura.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night flashed out and blocked the Sacred Lords aura for the members behind him, otherwise Zhan Jieer and the Kings would been suppressed to death by the aura alone.

On the other hand, Bi Qingyue was shocked, Nine Darkness Palace… Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss!

Hahaha, do I not have to right to take care of all of you since the Ocean Smoke Pavilion betrayed Nine Darkness Palace? Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss laughed in an arrogant manner.

Nine Darkness Palace?


Everyones heart fell. Being a peak three-star power, Nine Darkness Palace was one of the strongest Demonic Dao forces, and they were an enormous monster compared to them. Even though the Ocean Smoke Pavilion had expanded very quickly, they were still unable to compare to this behemoth. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss in particular was an old Sacred Lord that was usually in seclusion, and his strength was unfathomable.

The Ocean Smoke Pavilion never belonged to Nine Darkness Palace in the first place. Bi Qingyues eyes were decisive.

The Ocean Smoke Pavilion was now a three-star power, and it was even more stable than other normal three-star forces. They still had plenty of room to expand, and it currently had two Sacred Lords.

They believed that Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss wouldnt dare to attack them if they entered the city that housed the Imperial Palace. Bi Qingyue believed that whichever prince was supported by Zhao Feng would become the Crown Prince, and at that point, Nine Darkness Palace would have to think it through multiple times before taking action against the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Hmph, if I say it is, then it is. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss snickered coldly as his gaze went cold, and his pressure increased dramatically. How dare a measly Emperor go against him? Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss felt rather dissatisfied by what Bi Qingyue said.

All of you retreat! Old Monster Xu had a solemn expression. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss was stronger than they first thought. Any random shockwave from a battle between Sacred Lords could kill normal Kings. Even Bi Qingyue, who had the strength of a peak Emperor, had to retreat.

A bunch of ants! Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss gave a smile of mockery as he looked at the group from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. Merely two beginning-stage Sacred Lords want to stop me?

The black light surrounding Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss suddenly expanded and shot through the air like two black tentacles. A chaotic Demonic Dao aura swept toward Supreme Emperor Dark Night and Old Monster Xu, making their hearts shake slightly.

Just as the two sides were about to fight:


A surge of bright Magnificent Power in the form of dragons appeared from afar and made countless beings bow down instinctively wherever it went.

Stop! the voice of a powerful male descended.

Duke Nanfeng, what is the meaning of this? You want to meddle in my business? Sacred Lord Demonic Abysss expression changed slightly as he looked at Duke Nanfeng, who was rushing over.

Duke Nanfeng! The expressions of those from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion turned joyful. Zhao Feng and Duke Nanfeng had a good relationship, and they believed that Duke Nanfeng wouldnt just do nothing.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night and Old Monster Xu both let out a breath. The aura that Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss just released a second ago was too terrifying. Now that they had Duke Nanfeng, they felt slightly confident.

Luckily, I made it…. Duke Nanfeng let out a breath in his heart when he saw that no one from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was injured. Luckily, he had given orders for his subordinates to inform him as soon as the Ocean Smoke Pavilion came to the Gan Province, and he immediately started rushing over when he heard the news. He had promised Zhao Feng that he would take care of these guys; if something happened on his watch, then it would be extremely bad.

At the same time, he didnt expect Nine Darkness Palace to actually send Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss over.

Zhao Feng is the Grand Elder of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion and my friend. I cant just sit here and do nothing when youre trying to kill his subordinates.

Duke Nanfeng didnt fear Sacred Lord Demonic Abysss questioning, and a surge of invisible providence radiated from him. The image of a faint dragon could be seen revolving around him.

Sacred Lord Demonic Abysss eyebrows furrowed slightly. In theory, Duke Nanfengs actions werent incorrect.

The Ocean Smoke Pavilion was once Nine Darkness Palaces subordinate, and Zhao Feng forcefully taking it has enraged the upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace. If he wasnt hiding in the Imperial Palace, no one would be able to save him. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss started to use his own justification when facing Duke Nanfeng, but his Demonic pressure actually increased.

There was also another reason why they wanted to kill Zhao Feng and those from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion Nine Darkness Palace had sent four Emperors after Zhao Feng, but they had all been killed by him. If Nine Darkness Palace just let go of Zhao Feng, where would they put their face?

Nine Darkness Palace stands behind the Thirteenth Prince but is attacking the forces of the Ninth Prince. The Thirteenth Prince doesnt know of this, right? Duke Nanfeng said. He was using the rules of the battle for Crown Prince to restrict Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss. The battle for Crown Prince didnt allow the princes to do anything that damaged the forces of the other princes.

Those from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were surprised. Didnt Zhao Feng leave with an Elder from the Duanmu Family? Why did he join the Ninth Princes faction? Furthermore, of all the princes to side with, the Ninth Prince was ranked quite low and had a slim chance of becoming the Crown Prince.

Hahaha, Zhao Feng is just helping the Ninth Prince as an individual. If the Ocean Smoke Pavilion wants to join the Ninth Prince too… the Ninth Prince hasnt agreed to that, right? Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss laughed. He had already thought about all of this before he came out.

Duke Nanfengs expression changed. This was indeed true. In order for any power to join a princes faction, the prince had to agree to it themselves… but why would any prince reject a free three-star power? Thus, this point was ignored and forgotten about by many people.

Duke Nanfeng, I encourage you to mind your own business. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss snickered coldly and immediately took action. Even if Duke Nanfeng wanted to stop him, he was still going to kill everyone from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Demonic light surged around Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, and countless tentacles were unleashed. These tentacles looked like they belonged to an ancient beast, and the air became tense as the hearts of all the other Sacred Lords went cold.

Late stages… of the Mystic Light Realm…! Duke Nanfeng choked on his words.

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