King Of Gods Chapter 93

Chapter 93 – Snatching Battle Points again?
Chapter 93 - Snatching Battle Points again?

Watch out!

Brother Zhao Feng!

From the city wall came shouts of fear.

At this moment, they knew the Golden Beak Eagle King was on the verge of death and it would die in two breaths of time, but even then, the Eagle King was going to give Zhao Feng its last strike.

It was obvious that Zhao Feng had angered the Golden Beak Eagle King and the latter had the thoughts of killing him no matter what.

“Not good!”

Zhao Feng felt a strong sense of danger. Under the situation, sizzles of heat were released from his left eye and spread throughout his body, which instantly calmed him down again.


The speed of the Golden Beak Eagle King was terrifying and it reached Zhao Feng in the blink of an eye. That speed had exceeded the reaction of Martial Artists, even if they could see the action, they wouldn’t be able to dodge it.


The figure of Zhao Feng was immediately torn into shreds and a massive hole was made on the wall behind him.

Just as everyone thought Zhao Feng had died.

Flowing Wind Stance! Smoking Transparent Step!

The figure of a youth appeared on top of the Golden Beak Eagle King.


The nearby cultivators seemed as if they had seen a ghost.

“What a profound speed skill!” Joy flashed in Ye Linyun’s eyes.

Just then, he had seen Zhao Feng use Smoking Transparent Step and Flowing Wind Stance at the same time and he had dodged the attack of the Golden Beak Eagle King.

“He almost even tricked me… ”

The heart of General Heng jumped. In that instant, Zhao Feng had managed to merge Flowing Wind Stance perfectly into Smoking Transparent Step and dodged the frightening attack of the Eagle King.

The merging of the Flowing Wind Stance and Smoking Transparent Step meant that it was comparable to a Holy martial art.

Obviously, Zhao Feng’s left eye also played a massive role due to its analysis and calculations. At this moment, Zhao Feng felt as if his blood was on fire and that his mental energy was at its peak state.

Inside the dimension of his left eye, the green ray of light had extended to seven foot eight.


Why did he get on top of the Golden Beak Eagle King?

The nearby cultivators thought.

Zhao Feng had just escaped the attack, but now, he had landed on top of the Golden Beak Eagle King.

Tornado Stance! Mysterious Wind Palm!

A cold light flashed in Zhao Feng’s eyes as an azure light appeared on his palm which spun faster and faster and finally it flew at the head of the Golden Beak Eagle King. At that moment, his body seemed to be a tornado, angered and strong.


His Mysterious Wind Palm hit the part where the Eagle King had been injured by General Heng.

Tok! Tok! Tok…

The original injury became bigger and bigger.


The head of the Golden Beak Eagle King had split into pieces and the enormous figure fell onto the ground.


Zhao Feng jumped into the air with blood of the Eagle King still dripping from his palm.

The rise and fall seemed to state the winner between Zhao Feng and the Eagle King.

“The Golden Beak Eagle King has been killed!”

“Who’s the youth that killed the Golden Beak Eagle King?”

Waves of chattering spread amongst the nearby watching cultivators. Zhao Feng immediately became the centre of attention.

“Brother Zhao Feng, well done!”

Ye Linyun as well as Third Guard praised him.

General Heng had also recovered from the shock: “Hahaha! Good job! You’ve done a great job in killing the Golden Beak Eagle King, but there’s suspicions of you snatching the battle points due to the last hit.”

Snatching battle points?

Zhao Feng thought about it and realised that he had acted on instinct before. At that time, it was better to exchange a blow for a blow instead of dodging and running away. But in the eyes of other people, Zhao Feng was a risk taker who not only didn’t run away, he had tried to earn more battle points.

No matter what was said, Zhao Feng still played a huge role in killing the Golden Beak Eagle King as without his archery skills, the Golden Beak Eagle King wouldn’t have been attracted down to the ambush area anyways. And the person who killed the Golden Beak Eagle King was also Zhao Feng.

“The rest of the birds are easier to deal with since the Golden Beak Eagle King is dead.” General Heng smiled as he looked appraisingly at Zhao Feng.

Without the lead of the Eagle King, the rest of the birds in the sky was like loose sand.

As for the beasts on the ground, the casualties of the humans would only increase as time went on.

Zhao Feng sat crossed legged on the back lines as he recovered while the others such as Ye Linyun thought he had been injured. But, Zhao Feng had learnt the Returning Breath Technique, which meant that his Inner Strength was at least two times thicker than those of the same rank.

“Flowing Wind Stance… Tornado Stance… Mysterious Wind Palm… ”

The pictures of these three moves appeared in his mind. Flowing Wind Stance had been merged into his speed skills while the Tornado Stance had been merged into his offensive palm skill.

Without knowing, Zhao Feng’s understanding of the Tornado Stance had reached seventy to eighty percent. It was so good that under both the insights he had gained from the Flowing Wind Stance and the Mysterious Wind Palm, he had also understood sixty to seventy percent of Mysterious Wind Palm, which also meant that Zhao Feng’s Mysterious Wind Palm was quite similar to the girl’s from that day.

The move just then was the combination of Tornado Stance with Mysterious Wind Palm.

“This brat got another easy kill!” Feng Hanyue looked at Zhao Feng with shock in his eyes.

At the last kill mission, Zhao Feng had also snatched the points for killing the bandit leader and this time he was even more crazy, he had taken the kill for the Golden Beak Eagle King from the mouths of eighth and ninth rankers.

In many people’s eyes, Zhao Feng’s acts were another example of taking the battle points of others.

“That guy killed a peak tier deadly beast.” Bei Moi’s mouth twitched.

From the start of the battle till now, Bei Moi had been fighting a peak tier deadly beast and he was even ambushed by the Golden Beak Eagle King. Under all those fights, he still couldn't kill his opponent while the new disciple, Zhao Feng had done so.

Kill! Kill!

The morale of the Guanjun troops increased as they managed to push back the beast horde again and again.


After looking into his insights, Zhao Feng stood back up. Just then, he had reached a greater height in understanding of Tornado Stance and Mysterious Wind Palm.

Furthermore. his cultivation had reached the late stages of the seventh rank.

Zhao Feng’s eyes scanned the waves of beasts hordes and he found that something was wrong.

Something’s wrong!

Soon, he found the answer.

“The attacks of the deadly beasts seem to be organised, the peak tier deadly beasts lead a large number of low tier deadly and wild beasts.”

Zhao Feng saw what was wrong. If he could see this, then the high level of the Guanjun Palace could see it as well.

“Could this beast horde be planned?” Ye Linyun, General Heng and the others were all suspicious.

In the fight, Zhao Feng would take out his Golden Stairs Bow and release arrow after arrow, taking down a large number of top tier deadly beasts. Suddenly, it became a beautiful view. Rays and rays of bright green light were sent out from the city hall and with each glow of light, a few beasts would die.

Zhao Feng’s Archer God’s Left Eye was finally honed in this beast horde.

“Sir Zhao, can you become my master?” The younger archers were extremely excited.

Zhao Feng didn’t know what to say and seeing that the beasts in the air didn’t have much of a threat left, he went outside of the city.

Star Finger! Mysterious Wind Palm!

Zhao Feng was like the wind which killed beasts without sound.

Plop! Plop… !

Every attack of his would find the flaws of deadly beasts and a number of corpses would be left behind whereever he went.

“This youth is terrifying!”

“He’s extremely good at close combat too!”

The archers watching him exclaimed. Normally, if one’s forte was archery, their close combat skills weren’t very good. But Zhao Feng was a monster, not only was his archery skills good, his close combat skills were too.

“Zhao Feng’s potential isn’t any weaker than Bei Moi. But sadly, he’s only an outer disciple of Master and he won’t get all the core skills.” Ye Linyun sighed and shook his head.

After killing for a long time.

Zhao Feng felt a familiar cold aura.


He opened his left eye and found that tens of miles away, a hooded figure sat on top of a black bird. Under the hood, a pair of ice blue eyes could be seen.

It’s him!

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped, the figure was the one that he had seen that day inside the Sky Cloud Forest.


Just at this moment, a terrifying roar sounded, the aura of the roar’s owner was many times stronger than the Golden Beak Eagle King’s.

That one roar cause the hundreds of thousands of beasts to tremble in fear. At this moment, the peak tier deadly beasts stiffened as admiration and fear appeared in their eyes. The humans felt their heart’s jump.

Peh! Peh! Peh…

What’s going on?

Zhao Feng felt that his blood was trembling and that the thumping sound came from his left eye again.

“What is this aura that surpasses peak tier deadly beasts?” Ye Linyun, Third Guard and General Heng’s voice were all trembling slightly.

A terrifying aura crushed towards the city and it made the hundreds of thousands of beasts bow down as if they were seeing their king…