King Of Gods Chapter 933

Chapter 933 Taking Action

Chapter 933 – Taking Action

Zhao Feng’s soul originally only contained the power of God Tribulation Lightning. He was just giving it a try and didn’t expect to succeed. The power of ancient lightning within the black wood was absorbed into his soul, but instead of coexisting with the God Tribulation Lightning, it merged directly into his soul.

It was as if Zhao Feng’s soul could be refined by absorbing the power of ancient lightning. At the same time, the power of God Tribulation Lightning also became slightly stronger. Zhao Feng instantly felt his soul become more condensed, similar to the feeling when the ancient aura merged into his soul.

Zhao Feng then directed his attention toward the other ten arenas.

“Eh? He actually managed to merge those two opposite powers together?” Zhao Feng was slightly surprised as he looked at Luo Zun’s battle on the Eighth Prince’s arena.

Luo Zun had completed his Little World, and it was extremely unique. The bottom half of his Little World was ice while the top half was fire. However, they didn’t affect each another.

To be able to do such a thing, Luo Zun had already surpassed most older Emperors, and from the looks of it, Luo Zun had gained a lot in the Divine Illusion Dimension by relying on the Spiritual Connection Rat.

Elsewhere, a scholar on the Seventh Prince’s arena trapped another Array Master and won.

“The battles for the positions are coming to an end. Let me tell you a bit about the trial to become Crown Prince,” Old Ying’s voice suddenly sounded, and everyone turned toward him. They knew that Old Ying knew the most information about the Imperial Tombs and the fight to become Crown Prince.

“Firstly, draconic providence is a key factor in the trials and in how the victor is decided. All of you should know this.”

Everyone knew that the ruler of the lord dynasty could gather the providence within their territory and use it to consolidate their status. Of course, those that had been appointed by the imperials also received some providence, but normal people could only use part of the providence’s power while those with the imperial bloodline could turn it into draconic providence, which was more powerful and had more techniques.

“When imperial experts are about to die, they will take their draconic providence into another dimension, and after hundreds of millions of years, this dimension will become a dimension filled with draconic providence.” Old Ying had a respectful look in his eyes as he spoke.

Everyone apart from Shi Yulei and Shen Jizi were surprised. They didn’t know that the Great Gan Lord Dynasty had ruled for such a long time, and they looked forward to this journey to a dimension that was filled with draconic providence.

“We are supporting the Ninth Prince. As long as we gather enough draconic providence, the Ninth Prince can use it to gain almost infinite power.” Old Ying had a solemn expression as he emphasized this point.

The seven of them were here to support the Ninth Prince. Everyone knew this, but they didn’t know just how important this point was.

Most people came here to find fortune or inheritances or use the ancient dimension to find their own breakthrough point.

At the same time, they knew what Old Ying meant. As long as there was enough draconic providence, the Ninth Prince would be able to become stronger. In other words, the Emperor-level Ninth Prince could reach the level of a Sacred Lord or even higher with the addition of draconic providence.

The other princes could as well.

“Remember, this is the fight to become Crown Prince. If the Ninth Prince becomes the Crown Prince, the forces behind you will reap limitless benefits. The rise and fall of the Eight Big Families mainly come from the outcome of the Crown Prince trial.” Old Ying tried extremely hard to make everyone willing to help the Ninth Prince.

Shi Yulei seemed to remember something from his family and faintly nodded his head.

Zhao Feng felt that the trial to become the Crown Prince was more of a game after knowing some of the rules. One didn’t even need to think; all they needed to know was that the winner would be the team with the most draconic providence.

“Could it be that providence is also related to who can enter the Imperial Tombs?” Zhao Feng suddenly thought of something.

There was a certain rule in the fight for the positions; the challenger’s cultivation couldn’t exceed the person currently holding the position.

The Ninth Prince only had seven spots, and the cultivation of each member was relatively low. On the other hand, the Thirteenth Prince had twelve spots.

The others were speechless. This simple information had already spread across the entire outside world, but Zhao Feng didn’t even know about it.

“That’s right, entering the dimension requires the power of providence. The higher one’s cultivation, the more providence is required. This is the rule set by the imperials.” Old Ying paused for a moment as well before explaining it to Zhao Feng.

The more support a prince received, the more providence they would have. This meant that they would be able to take in more people and people who had higher cultivation.

The forces supporting the Ninth Prince were extremely weak, so he couldn’t take many people in. Old Ying and Shi Yulei were two Quasi-Sacred Lords, while the princes ranked in the top five almost all had true Sacred Lords in their group.

“Negotiation and recruitment are also tests for the princes.” Old Ying sighed helplessly.

Although that was the saying, a lot was related to the forces supporting each prince. Since the Ninth Prince was of low birth and wasn’t favored by the Sacred Emperor, the forces supporting him weren’t strong either.

“There’s also a few other things, but I’ll tell you all after we enter.” Old Ying only talked about some simple so that Zhao Feng and Zhou Su’er would finally know a bit about the trial to become Crown Prince.

The others instantly rolled their eyes at these two. What were they thinking by participating in the Crown Prince trial when they didn’t even know the most basic rules?

“The fights for the positions have ended,” Su Qingling said faintly.

At this moment in time, the ten princes walked out.

Because of what Old Ying just said, everyone felt a heavy mood. Zhao Feng also felt that he was now involved in a clash between the entire lord dynasty, but if the Ninth Prince was able to win, it would greatly benefit the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Only two or three positions in total had changed among the highly-ranked princes’ groups. The groups with the most changes came from the princes that were ranked extremely lowly. Since they had no intention of actually fighting the others to become the Crown Prince, they were more nonchalant when choosing their members.

The 7th-ranked Ninth Prince was an exception.

Old Ying knew that the Ninth Prince had started his preparations a long time ago and tried very hard. He had managed to persevere this whole time. Although the overall strength of his team was quite weak, he had chosen elites from these weaker forces and personally went to other places to persuade people. For example, the Ninth Prince personally went to invite Zhao Feng four years ago.


A surge of invisible draconic providence appeared in the Imperial Palace and changed the color of the Heaven and Earth. Everyone felt a surge of limitless power; this power controlled everything, including their lives.

“Welcome to the trial to become Crown Prince. Now that the fights for the positions have come to an end, the trial will soon begin.” A male in golden dragon robes stood behind the main hall of the Imperial Palace and spoke. He was surrounded by draconic providence, and his words resonated across Heaven and Earth with the help of draconic providence.

Next to the Sacred Emperor was a stunning female who wore a crown made from gold and jade. She wore extremely bright robes that had phoenixes drawn over them.

Several faint supreme auras appeared within the great hall.


A stone tablet suddenly flew out from the hall. It radiated golden light as it appeared above the martial arts field.

The golden light around the stone tablet slowly fell and landed in front of everyone on the arena.

When Zhao Feng’s hand touched the golden light, it turned into a gray, dim dragon-shaped jade pendant. All the others nearby had the same jade pendant in their hands.

The ten princes each held a jade seal, which gave off a faint white-and-golden dragon-shaped light that blinked.

“This is Dragon Jade, and draconic providence will automatically be stored inside. The princes have a pseudo Crown Prince Seal, which can evolve into the real Crown Prince Seal.” Old Ying knew that no one in the group knew about it and explained it to them.

“The Dragon Jades in our hands are related to the pseudo Crown Prince Seals to a certain degree.”


The stone tablet in the air started to spin, and immeasurable draconic providence of the Imperial Capital started to gather toward it. Many mysterious drawings on the stone tablet started to light up, and it started to radiate an ancient and desolate aura.

“The trial has begun!” A voice sounded from the great hall. It managed to resound throughout the Imperial Palace even without the help of draconic providence.


A dark silver light shot out from the center of the stone tablet, and a terrifying spatial undulation was unleashed. More draconic providence was sucked in, and this dark silver light formed a chaotic screen.

“Go!” The Fourth Prince and his team members charged forward.

Xuanyuan Wen and a Sacred Lord from Sky Suspension Palace were the fastest as they entered it with a flash.

“Mother, I will become the Crown Prince.” The Thirteenth Prince looked at the female in front of the great hall before rushing toward the spatial screen.

“Go!” The Ninth Prince also rushed toward the twisting screen, and the other princes followed as well.

The members on the arenas all leapt into the screen.

“Elder Hongnan, I will defeat that so-called perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline.” The red-haired male from the Tie Family turned into a ball of fire and blasted past everyone else to enter the screen.

Zhao Feng also followed the group and headed toward the screen, but suddenly, an aura of Death appeared next to Zhao Feng.

“Hmm?” Zhao Feng’s expression changed slightly.

He hadn’t used a secret technique to go in as fast as possible, he just went along with everyone else. Zhao Feng didn’t expect someone to “cut in line” and head toward him like he was trying to go in before Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng hated this aura very much because it reminded him of the Emperor of Death. However, while others might be scared of the black-robed person, Zhao Feng wasn’t.

Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and punched toward the side. If the black-robed person wanted to cut in line, then they would have to take this punch from Zhao Feng.

Being an expert that specialized in the soul, the black-robed person’s physical defense shouldn’t have been too strong, so he would most likely retreat.


The black-robed person seemed to be blind as he just continued to move forward.

“This person!” Zhao Feng’s expression became grim.

While the black-robed person gave off the feeling that he wanted to cut in line, there was a faint Soul disturbance containing the Intent of Death coming from him.