King Of Gods Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Splltting Up

Chapter 934 – Splitting Up

The black-robed person seemed to be blind as he just continued to move forward.

“This person!” Zhao Feng’s expression became grim.

While the black-robed person gave off the feeling that he wanted to cut in line, there was a faint Soul disturbance containing the Intent of Death coming from him.


Zhao Feng’s punch landed on the black-robed person’s left arm, but at the same time, the soul attack from this black-robed person also attacked Zhao Feng’s soul.

God Tribulation Lightning flashed in Zhao Feng’s dark purple soul and instantly destroyed the Intent of Death that attacked his soul. At the same time, Zhao Feng’s punch shattered the black-robed person’s elbow and ripped apart the black robes, revealing a skinny and withered arm. The arm was covered in bandages and had countless profound black talisman markings drawn all over it.

Zhao Feng withstood the soul attack of the black-robed person while the black-robed person didn’t defend himself against Zhao Feng’s physical attack at all.

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng harrumphed coldly as he entered the screen. Crippling one arm was just to teach this black-robed person a lesson.

However, what happened next made the eyes of everyone who hadn’t entered yet go wide. The black-robed person’s arm started to recover and move just like before. The black robe that was ripped off also recovered and hid his arm.

Zhao Feng only saw a slight part of this since he already entered the screen.

“What kind of wicked technique is that!?”

“His recovery speed is even stronger than Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.”

“Idiot, that isn’t even recovery. Have you seen clothes recover after being ripped up?”

“That Death Soul attack from the black-robed person didn’t even harm Zhao Feng.”

At this moment, the people that hadn’t entered the Imperial Tombs yet were completely stunned. The mysteriousness and the strength display by the black-robed person made everyone retreat and refuse to go near him.

Zhao Feng wasn’t to be underestimated either. He took the black-robed person’s soul attack head-on without flinching. One had to know that the Quasi-Sacred Lord Tang Ze had been killed without any resistance by the black-robed person’s soul attack.

Zhou Su’er was also amongst this group. Since she was a doctor, she wasn’t in a rush. She was the last member of the Ninth Prince’s team, and she saw this scene.

“Big Brother Black Robes, please go in first.”

“Senior Black Robes, please enter”

The experts that were about to enter the screen instantly retreated and started to smile, but their backs were drenched in cold sweat.

“Zhao Feng!” A raspy voice that made one’s hair stand on end came from the black-robed person before he entered the screen.

The various forces also witnessed the scene of Zhao Feng clashing with the black-robed person. They felt stunned and incredulous.

Only some of the stronger families and forces seemed to guess something. An Elder from Ground Demon Hall suddenly remembered something, and his expression went grim before he gave a deep sigh.


Zhao Feng appeared in an ancient forest and felt his body and soul become heavy as a surge of ancient pressure appeared. This was an aura that had been through the Ancient and Immemorial Eras.

Zhao Feng had the feeling that he had entered the Ancient Dream Realm. Because of the Ancient Dream Realm aura inside him, most of the pressure on Zhao Feng’s body suddenly disappeared, as if Zhao Feng had gained the recognition of this place. The pressure here was far weaker compared to the Ancient Dream Realm, and it only affected Zhao Feng a little bit.

The Ninth Prince and the other team members were also here.

“What a strong spatial pressure!” Zhou Su’er followed Zhao Feng’s footsteps, and her face went slightly red when she arrived. She felt that it was hard to breathe or even take a step.

“Get used to it. The Dragon Jade will absorb the faint draconic providence in the air, and you can use it to lower the pressure that the dimension imposes on you.” Old Ying immediately explained, and he paused for a moment when he looked at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable at all, and he even seemed to be extremely compatible with this dimension. What was going on? Even if he cultivated a body-strengthening technique and had stronger resistance toward the pressure, the pressure here was very powerful and could repel all foreign objects. Those with lower cultivations would be unable to move at all; they could only lie on the ground.

The others also felt that Zhao Feng’s situation was different from theirs. Even Shi Yulei, who was a body cultivator, felt that the air was heavy.

“Everyone’s here. Our Dragon Jades are connected to the Ninth Prince’s pseudo seal, so we were able to arrive at the same place even though we came in at different times,” Old Ying spoke quickly. It was obvious that time was of great importance.

“The Dragon Jades and the pseudo Crown Prince Seal will automatically absorb the faint draconic providence in the air, but because of that, our efficiency will be rather low if we stay together.”

Old Ying picked up his Dragon Jade. It was dim and had no light. It was obvious that all the draconic providence nearby had been completely absorbed.

The originally-bright pseudo Crown Prince Seal in the Ninth Prince’s hand was now only giving a faint glow. This was because they just used the providence within the pseudo seal to enter the Imperial Tombs.

“which means we have to split up,” Old Ying said in a solemn tone.

Everyone also guessed that this would happen because they could feel how important draconic providence was. Without draconic providence, they would be restrained by the pressure of the ancient dimension, which would reduce their battle-power.

Under the strong pressure of the ancient dimension, they couldn’t even fly. Only Sacred Lords would be able to barely fly. However, if one had enough draconic providence, they could use it to resist the pressure of the ancient dimension and momentarily fly in the air.

“We have eight people, so splitting into three groups would be best. Zhao Feng, Shen Jizi, and I will all lead one or two people. Who do you all want to go with?” Old Ying scanned over the group and suggested.

Su Qingling, Jing Kai, and Shi Yulei all paused for a moment. They had no disagreements with Old Ying and Shen Jizi leading a group since they were both experienced elders. Old Ying specialized in tracking and sensing, so he could avoid danger, while Shen Jizi knew divination and could guess where danger and misfortune were.

But why was Zhao Feng a leader as well? Was it because he was a beast tamer and needed protection?

“I’ll go with Old Ying.” Jing Kai immediately went to Old Ying’s side. After witnessing the fights for the positions, Jing Kai felt that his strength was only average amongst the members specializing in battle.

Old Ying was a Quasi-Sacred Lord, and he was very experienced.Following him would mean he would be safe, and he would also be able to learn some things.

The others looked at the Ninth Prince, who was standing next to Old Ying. This meant that Old Ying’s team already had three people total.

“I’ll go with Shen Jizi,” Shi Yulei and Su Qingling said at the same time and immediately walked over to Shen Jizi.

“I don’t need a doctor,” Zhao Feng immediately said. Zhou Su’er was the only one remaining, but she was completely useless to Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng’s body was extremely sturdy, and he had the Water and Wood of Wind Lightning to heal himself and recover his True Yuan. He also had the Green Water Sky Lotuses and Hundred Origin Fruit Juice. A healer was the last thing he needed; any other member of the team would be more useful than Zhou Su’er.

“You!” Zhou Su’er’s face went red with embarrassment.

She had witnessed the exchange between Zhao Feng and the black-robed person a moment ago, so she was confident in Zhao Feng’s strength and thought that it would be fine to be his partner. She didn’t expect Zhao Feng to suddenly reject her.

“All of you can go. I will be going with Zhao Feng today,” Zhou Su’er’s voice sounded.

Just because Zhao Feng didn’t want a healer, did that mean he wouldn’t get one? If she just followed what Zhao Feng said, wouldn’t that be an even-greater loss of face than being rejected? Zhou Su’er didn’t want Zhao Feng to do as he pleased, so she immediately walked up to him, as if saying that she was definitely going to go with him.

The other members looked at Zhao Feng and Zhou Su’er and felt somewhat embarrassed. Although they had a bad impression of Zhao Feng and didn’t really like him, it wasn’t really suitable for the beast tamer and the doctor, who both had low battle-power, to go together. The beasts within the Imperial Tombs had all bathed in ancient auras and draconic providence, making them extremely fierce and deadly.

Old Ying spoke just as they were pondering what to do, “If that’s the case, then let’s take action. This is part of the map for the Imperial Tombs, as well as some information regarding the trial.”

Old Ying gave everyone a booklet containing information.

“En. Let’s go.” Shen Jizi also gave a faint smile as he took the booklet and got ready to move.

Shi Yulei, Su Qingling, and Jing Kai all faltered for a moment. Old Ying and Shen Jizi, who were both rather experienced, seemed to approve of this unbalanced duo.

What was going on? Were Old Ying and Shen Jizi not worried that a team comprised of a beast tamer and a doctor would die here? However, since the two of them had no disagreements about it, they had nothing to say either, so they took the booklets and started to remember the information.

Old Ying and Shen Jizi led their groups and left.

Before the Ninth Prince left, he looked at Zhao Feng; “Brother Zhao, with your display in the Divine Illusion Dimension, the Imperial Tombs won’t be too difficult for you. You will definitely be able to protect elder sister Su’er.”

Zhao Feng rolled his eyes and started to think. Old Ying and Shen Jizi had most likely discussed this already and purposely gave the doctor to him.

Zhao Feng looked over the information and instantly understood. Doctors were basically useless in the early stages and would only come into play later.

There was a lot of information within the booklet, including which areas had dangerous beasts and which places had inheritances that no one had managed to obtain yet.

However, Zhao Feng first needed to confirm his location.


Zhao Feng leapt into the air and landed on the peak of a nearby tree. After jumping into the air, Zhao Feng then rose another couple meters and gazed down with his God’s Spiritual Eye to see everything within a couple dozen thousand miles. Zhao Feng even saw some other figures about ten thousand miles away.

Zhou Su’er was dazed as she looked at Zhao Feng, who was floating in midair.

“You can fly here!?” Zhou Su’er asked in shock.

Her Dragon Jade hadn’t absorbed any draconic providence at all yet, and she couldn’t resist the pressure of this dimension. She found it hard to even walk, but Zhao Feng seemed like he was still in their original dimension. He could easily jump around and float in the air. How did Zhao Feng do such a thing without any draconic providence?

Zhao Feng didn’t reply to Zhou Su’er. He simply waved his left hand, and a giant Yao bird appeared and flew into the distance. This Yao bird was the one that usually protected the Ancient Dream Realm fruits, and it was now a late-stage King.

Since it was a being from the Ancient Dream Realm, it was completely unaffected by the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Imperial Tombs, and it could actually fly even faster here. The ancient and desolate aura coming from its body scared away all the nearby beasts flying in the air.