King Of Gods Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Dragon Jade Protection

Chapter 935 – Dragon Jade Protection

After confirming his location and inspecting all possible dangers nearby, Zhao Feng descended to the ground.

“We are at the edge of the Imperial Tombs, which isn’t very dangerous. The inheritance of Sacred Lord Dark Sky is the closest inheritance to us.”

Zhao Feng used the information to match with his map.

The inheritances near the edges were usually rank lowly, but they weren’t concerned only with inheritances; they also wanted draconic providence. Inheritances contained the remnant draconic providence of an imperial Sacred Lord, and if one managed to conquer the inheritance, not only would they receive the actual inheritance itself, they would also receive its draconic providence.

On an individual level, Zhao Feng placed greater importance on the resources and funerary items.

“Let’s go to Sacred Lord Dark Sky’s inheritance first.” Zhao Feng started to move forward quickly while Zhou Su’er was still searching for the Dark Sky Inheritance on the map.

“Hey, wait for me!”

Zhou Su’er was starting to slightly regret her decision. Zhao Feng was able to move without any problem, but she felt like she was moving against a strong headwind. The ancient aura around her kept hitting her, and she couldn’t catch up to Zhao Feng’s footsteps.

Hearing her, Zhao Feng turned around.

As an imperial princess, Zhou Su’er definitely hadn’t undergone much hardship, and she was extremely weak. Adding on the fact that she was a doctor, her body was weaker than most normal Emperors.

Zhao Feng waved his left hand and summoned the giant python. Zhao Feng had prepared for this; he put the two beings from the Ancient Dream Realm into the Misty Spatial World.

“Sit,” Zhao Feng said.

Zhou Su’er’s expression changed. While this python was only a late-stage King, the fierce and deadly aura it radiated made her heart jump. However, even though the snake was fierce, Zhou Su’er had to sit on it.

The instant she sat on the python, Zhou Su’er felt the dimension’s pressure decrease, and she thought that this was extremely weird.

The green spotted snake was extremely fast, and Zhou Su’er journey was extremely easy. From the looks of it, it wasn’t bad being partnered with a beast tamer.

“Zhao Feng, do you have any other steeds? I’ll trade with you.” Zhou Su’er was insatiable. The snake was even faster than Zhao Feng.

They soon entered a broad forest, and Zhao Feng found that there was a lot of fruit on the trees. Zhao Feng picked a couple and inspected them with his left eye, but their effects were nowhere near the fruits of the Ancient Dream Realm; they only had about one hundredth of the effects.

“Come, eat a couple.” Zhao Feng threw the fruits to Zhou Su’er. Although they weren’t very effective and didn’t contain a lot of ancient aura, they should still be able to help Zhou Su’er increase her resistance against the pressure.

At this point, Zhou Su’er’s Dragon Jade was a bit brighter, most likely from absorbing the draconic providence in the air when they were travelling.

“Zhao Feng, isn’t our route a bit off?” Zhou Su’er asked.

“That’s right, we are a bit off.” Zhao Feng didn’t disagree.

“Why?” Zhou Su’er was puzzled. Why would they want to go off track?

“Because we’re going to rob someone.” Zhao Feng revealed an evil smile.

Three figures suddenly jumped out from the side and saw Zhao Feng and Zhou Su’er. Zhao Feng had a faint smile while Zhou Su’er paused for a moment.

The three were all extremely wary, but they let out a breath after seeing that it was Zhao Feng and Zhou Su’er.

“It’s just members of the Ninth Prince’s team.”

The expression of a middle-aged male wearing a yellow coat softened. They were from the Sixth Prince’s group, who was ranked eighth, which wasn’t much different from the Ninth Prince’s rank. They were only scared of the teams from the princes ranked in the top five.

“Isn’t this Grandmaster Beast Tamer Zhao Feng and the doctor? Why would the Ninth Prince put the two of you together?” A genius of the younger generation walked in front of Zhao Feng and Zhou Su’er with a smug expression, and greed flashed in his eyes.

The Sixth Prince had no intention to fight for Crown Prince, so all his members specialized in combat. They had entered the Imperial Tombs to find personal fortune, and they were all experts with strong battle-power.

The male wearing the yellow coat knew what his companion was getting at.

“Hand over your treasures, resources, and the draconic providence in your Dragon Jades, and I’ll let you leave!” the male wearing the yellow coat roared.

The third member was an elder in black, and he immediately messaged the other two, “This Zhao Feng isn’t to be underestimated, and Zhou Su’er is an imperial princess. Let’s just go directly to the Dark Sky Inheritance.”

The elder in black had entered the Imperial Tombs a bit later, so he had witnessed the exchange between Zhao Feng and the black-robed person and was slightly scared of Zhao Feng.

However, the middle-aged male wearing the yellow coat and the junior both snickered. No matter how strong Zhao Feng was, he was just a beast tamer. As for Zhou Su’er, she was a doctor, so her battle-power could be completely ignored. Furthermore, they were just taking a few items from them, so why would they need to be scared of Zhou Su’er’s identity?

Zhou Su’er looked at Zhao Feng in a blaming way. He knew that there was danger here but came this way anyway.

These three were all Emperors, and they had the battle-power of unrivalled Emperors at the least. You want to rob three Emperors by yourself?

However, thinking about the fact that Zhao Feng might take out his spiritual pets to fight, Zhou Su’er felt a bit more confident.

“Hehe, you’ve got it backwards; I’m the one robbing you. Hand over all of your resources, including the Dragon Jades.” Zhao Feng laughed coldly.

Hearing what Zhao Feng said, the young genius and the male wearing the yellow coat paused for a moment before roaring with laughter.


A beast tamer dared to say such a thing? Rob the three of them? They had heard that Zhao Feng had an extremely strong pet, but as long as they avoided it and just defeated the owner, what kind of threat could his spiritual pets pose?

The expression of the elder in black became urgent.

“If you’re not willing to hand over your treasures, then I’ll just have to make you waste the only chance of protection from your Dragon Jade.” The young genius harrumphed coldly and felt dissatisfied.

Each Dragon Jade contained a hidden array that could help its holder escape danger once. After using it, they would be able to teleport to their prince’s side.

This meant that, if Zhao Feng used the hidden array in the Dragon Jade, Zhao Feng would appear right next to the Ninth Prince.

This was one of the main reasons for the low death rate in the Imperial Tombs. Even if someone was in danger, they could use this to return to their prince’s side, but only once.

“Go!” The eyes of the yellow-clad male went cold as a long golden blade appeared in his hand.

If they weren’t willing to hand over their items, then he would just force them to use the protective array in their Dragon Jades.

The young genius also started to circulate his True Yuan.

The elder in black felt helpless and had to take action as well. He hoped that the three of them would be able to defeat Zhao Feng.

The three Emperors released all their power, but their Magnificent Power only covered a couple hundred meters, and the undulation of their True Yuan was extremely weak.

Everyone’s power was restricted by the pressure of the Imperial Tombs, so they could only use one twentieth of their full battle-power in the early stages.

“Illusion Maze Domain!” Zhao Feng punched out, and the three Emperors’ minds blanked as they lost their consciousness and appeared in an ancient city. They had lost complete control over their bodies.

At the same time, Zhao Feng’s powerful physical attack made them cough out blood.

“Soul Chains!”

A surge of Eye Intent brewed in Zhao Feng’s left eye, and transparent crystal-like chains of dark purple lightning passed through their souls and bound the three Emperors. The three Emperors’ souls were unable to move after being bound by the Soul Chains.

“Don’t!” The elder in black could still fight back a little bit, and he prepared to use a secret technique.

God Tribulation Lightning glittered on the dark purple chains of lightning and made the three Emperors cry out before losing consciousness.


The three fell to the ground.

Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent had reached the level of a Sacred Lord, so he could threaten even Sacred Lords when he used his Soul secret techniques. Adding on the fact that the three Emperors couldn’t even use most of their power because of the dimension’s pressure, they were unable to do anything against Zhao Feng at all.

Zhou Su’er sat on the back of the giant python with a dazed look. She originally thought that Zhao Feng would summon a spiritual pet, but he just used one punch and one glance to defeat three Emperors.

No wonder Old Ying and the Ninth Prince let Zhao Feng be a leader. He wasn’t just a Grandmaster Beast Tamer; his personal strength was also incredible.

Adding on the exchange between Zhao Feng and the black-robed person, Zhou Su’er believed more in Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng’s battle-power was at least comparable to the black-robed person, who instakilled a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

Zhao Feng didn’t kill the three Emperors, he only made them faint. He then went to scavenge their items. These three all came from strong forces, so they obviously had many treasures.

“Why do you want their Dragon Jades?”

Zhou Su’er couldn’t help but become curious when she saw Zhao Feng taking away their Dragon Jades.

The Dragon Jade contained a hidden array that would teleport the owner to their prince. This meant that, if Zhao Feng was planning to use the array in these Dragon Jades, he would arrive next to the Sixth Prince.

“One Dragon Jade might not be enough to store draconic providence,” Zhao Feng replied.

There was a limit to how much draconic providence each Dragon Jade could store, but not many people had ever reached this limit over the years because one had to use the draconic providence to resist the pressure of this dimension, and fights also required a large amount of draconic providence in order to increase the user’s battle-power.

“We can also just rob the Sixth Prince if we have to,” Zhao Feng thought for a moment before saying.

While Zhao Feng sounded arrogant, what he said was technically logical. However, Zhou Su’er almost fell off the green spotted python when she heard that.

“You want to rob a Prince?” Zhou Su’er asked in disbelief.

One had to know that the princes were guarded by the strongest experts, and the princes themselves could use draconic providence to increase their own strength quite a bit.

“Not right now.”

In comparison to draconic providence, Zhao Feng wanted resources.

The inheritances of a Sacred Lord would obviously have a lot of wealth, not to mention that the Sacred Lords buried here were all imperials.

The duo soon left after taking everything.

The three Emperors struggled and managed to stand up after a while.

“What’s going on? Why is he so strong?” The young genius was stunned.

“He defeated us with just one punch and one Soul technique?” The male in yellow couldn’t believe it.

“Did you not realize that Zhao Feng’s soul attack was extremely strong and almost completely unaffected by the restrictions of the Imperial Tombs?” The elder in black took in a deep breath.

The other two were instantly dazed. How was that possible?

However, when they thought about it, they realized that those words were true. Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent hadn’t been suppressed by the Imperial Tombs at all, and it utterly crushed them.