King Of Gods Chapter 939

Chapter 939 Lightning Quick Attacks

Chapter 939: Lightning-Quick Attacks


“Old Ying, we’ve already conquered two inheritances now.” The Ninth Prince was slightly excited. The pseudo Crown Prince Seal in his hands gave off a white-and-gold glow of light, and it had the faint outline of a dragon on it. They hadn’t met any beast packs or anyone other cultivators in the process.

With the help of Old Ying’s information and analysis, they were able to conquer the inheritances very easily.

Jing Kai watched Old Ying’s performance and completely looked up to him. Jing Kai felt like, if he was a bit stronger, their speed would have been even faster, so he kept using his draconic providence to increase his strength in their spare time.

“I wonder how the other two groups are doing?” Jing Kai was slightly worried. After all, his group had Old Ying, who was an experienced and strong senior who knew a lot of information, but the others didn’t.

“Shen Jizi’s group might have even gained even more,” Old Ying said.

Those that cultivated the Dao of Destiny weren’t to be underestimated, and Shen Jizi also knew a lot about Mechanisms. Su Qingling and Shi Yulei were also very suitable for conquering inheritances, and the chance of meeting other people in random unpopular inheritances was quite low. Therefore, Shen Jizi’s group should be the safest.

On the other hand, even though Old Ying had received some information and heard some stories about Zhao Feng from the Ninth Prince and believed in his abilities, he still couldn’t see through Zhao Feng.

“I think that Zhao Feng probably hasn’t gone to any inheritances and has most likely gone to tame beasts. This will increase his battle-power, and he’ll obtain some draconic providence at the same time,” Jing Kai said after thinking for a moment. The group that he thought the worst of was obviously Zhao Feng and Zhou Su’er.

“If that’s the case, that would be good because a large number of beasts will be useful for the next stage.”

The key point was whether or not Zhao Feng would actually do that. They had troubled him by handing over Zhou Su’er to him, who was useless at this stage of the trial.

Old Ying revealed a rare smile. At least for now, no one had used the Dragon Jade’s safety feature. This was the best situation that he could’ve hoped for. As long as they treaded carefully, the Ninth Prince had a little hope.

Within the Imperial Sky Inheritance, Zhao Feng casually walked forward while inspecting his surroundings with his left eye.

This inheritance’s Little World was a lot different than the Little World of a beginning-stage Sacred Lord’s inheritance. Everything here gave off a very realistic feeling, and Zhao Feng had already traveled a few miles into it and was still within the Little World. There might be a couple dozen or even a couple hundred miles more ahead of him. This meant that Sacred Lord Imperial Sky had fused some profound Space laws into his Little World.

Unfortunately, Zhao Feng knew nothing about Space laws.

“Hm? Their speed has slowed down.” Zhao Feng’s left eye looked at the situation of the three ahead of him. The human-shaped sandstone monsters were bigger now, and they were early-stage Kings instead of half-step Kings.

“There’s someone here!” Zhao Feng’s expression changed. His left eye saw four figures at the entrance of the Imperial Sky Inheritance.

Due to the laws of the Little World, Zhao Feng’s left eye wasn’t able to see who it was, but if there were four people in one group, they must be supporters of a prince that had a lot of slots one of the top five.

If this group was also part of the Eighth Prince’s team, then it would be over for him.

“In that case, I’ll just finish off the three in front.”

Zhao Feng had a decisive gaze. He really wanted the inheritance of this late-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord, and he shouldn’t be far from the end.

A pair of Scarlet Lightning Wings several yards wide formed behind Zhao Feng’s back and instantly increased his speed. He turned into a ball of red light and flashed forward.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Blazing Sun Force Punch!”

“Rampant Imperial Finger!”

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined was the main force while Ji Dengtian and Ji Bai supported him. The three pushed forward extremely quickly, but the further they got, the stronger these sandstone monsters became. After expending a lot of energy, their progress started to slow down as well.

“Looks like we underestimated this inheritance,” Ji Bai said with furrowed eyebrows. He had lost 10% of the spiritual pets he had prepared in the outside world, and it was hard to tame the beasts native to this dimension.

Without the help of an expert, the success rate of taming was even lower. However, if they did that, it would waste everyone’s time, so Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s group set their eyes on the inheritances.

“There’s nothing I can do. After all, we don’t specialize in physical attacks,” Ji Dengtian said helplessly. He was the most useless here.

If the two of them specialized in physical combat, then they might have already conquered this inheritance. Luckily, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined had such great battle-power; he was like a black tornado that caused sand to scatter everywhere wherever he passed.

“Hmm? Behind us?” Ji Bai sensed something and turned around. A scarlet-red streak of light was flying over at extreme speed.

“Zhao Feng? So fast! How is this possible!?” Ji Bai’s expression faltered. Zhao Feng’s current speed was even faster than Sacred Lord Hundred Refined.

“Zhao Feng’s coming. Senior Cao Zhang, let’s act as planned,” Ji Dengtian messaged.

“Zhao Feng, you” Ji Bai was about to greet Zhao Feng, but he felt that something was off. Zhao Feng was approaching at an extremely fast speed, and he wasn’t slowing down at all. The True Yuan undulation radiating from him meant that he was going to attack.

What was going on? Ji Bai paused for a moment; Zhao Feng was going to attack them? What the heck was going on? This was completely different from his plan. Where did Zhao Feng find the courage to attack them?

Their original plan was completely foiled, and they didn’t know what to do. Ji Bai instinctively reacted and controlled some of the jade-green pythons to attack Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, what is the meaning of this!?” Ji Bai roared.

“Hehe.” Zhao Feng revealed a cold smile. “Sacred Lightning Body!”

Zhao Feng’s body grew taller, and he released gold-and-blue arcs of lightning as he turned into a ball of giant golden lightning and charged at Ji Bai. The jade-green pythons on the ground were completely suppressed by Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body before they were even able to get close, and they were unable to move.

“How is this possible!? Ji Bai’s face was filled with shock. He had spent a lot of time and money to find and buy these jade-green pythons. Each one of them was a rare late-stage King beast that had a tough body, but they weren’t even able to approach Zhao Feng?

All of this happened within two breaths.

Ji Bai quickly opened a spiritual pet bag as Zhao Feng approached.


A large “mountain monster” landed in the center of the pathway and completely blocked the path between Zhao Feng and Ji Bai.

Part of this mountain monster’s body was crystal-like; it was obviously a mutated beast.

The mountain monster put its hands together and thrust out toward Zhao Feng.

“Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch!’ Zhao Feng unleashed bolts of golden lightning that hammered onto the mountain monster like giant metal rods.

Boom! Bam!

The mountain monster’s hands were completely shattered by Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng once against formed a punch and aimed it at the mountain monster’s head. Several beams of light formed the shape of a fist and shot upward.

At the same time, Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and transformed into a surge of scarlet-and-white lightning that charged forward.


Ji Bai thought that the mountain monster would definitely be able to kill Zhao Feng, but the next instant, the mountain monster’s head exploded, and a bolt of scarlet-gold lightning shot toward him.

The powerful physical pressure and lightning made Ji Bai’s face go white before the bolt even arrived. A feeling of death that he had never felt before instantly spread throughout Ji Bai’s body and made him lose the ability to move.

“Junior, you’re too arrogant,” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s deep voice sounded.

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined was going to follow Ji Bai’s plan and ignore Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng decided to come to them instead. He was also dazed by this; after all, they had already planned how to take Zhao Feng’s Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly, and they couldn’t give Zhao Feng the chance to use the Dragon Jade and run away.

Although he didn’t know what was going on with Ji Bai, he had to stop it.


Sacred Lord Hundred Refined moved in a unique manner and became a streak of black light that instantly arrived next to Ji Bai.

“Blazing Sky Force Punch!” A fist ablaze with black flames shot out, and it contained the power to split Heaven and Earth.

“Sacred Lightning Protection!” A barrier of Wind Lightning and Sacred Lightning Body force formed around Zhao Feng’s body. The howl of wind and the hum of lightning could be heard.

Boom! Weng~~~

The flaming fist hit Zhao Feng’s body, but it was blocked by the barrier and caused lightning to crackle.

Beng~~ Crack!

The barrier of lightning released a brilliant flash that pushed the blazing fist aside.

Zhao Feng estimated that the Sacred Lord Hundred Refined could currently use 40% of his full strength, so Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body and defensive secret techniques were more than enough to block this move.

“What!? This junior?” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s expression changed.

Zhao Feng had cultivated a powerful defensive secret technique that merged his physical force and lightning together, and it actually managed to block his attack. How was this possible!? The skill of a Sacred Lord had been blocked by a junior at the Void God Realm?

“Purple Star Illusion Domain!” The eyes of Ji Dengtian, who was currently behind Ji Bai, blinked with a dreamy purple haze, and a surge of powerful Soul Intent shot toward Zhao Feng.

In an instant, tall purple walls started to appear around Zhao Feng, the sky went dark, and an evil purple moon floated in the air as purple mist surrounded the area.

However, Zhao Feng’s eyes seemed to see through everything, and he simply charged at the wall ahead of him without reducing speed.


The purple wall crumbled, and a large building appeared before Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng gave a faint smile; Ji Dengtian must’ve lost his mind trying to cast an illusion on him.

While others might have only seen this thing as a building, Zhao Feng’s left eye could see that it was actually Ji Bai.

Hu~~ Boom!

Zhao Feng charged over with a flash of lightning.

Seeing Zhao Feng’s faint smile and how he was still charging over, Ji Bai instantly started to circulate his True Yuan.


A profound array within the Dragon Jade started to expand. A layer of draconic providence covered Ji Bai’s body, and he disappeared with a flash.

“Do you want to leave by yourself, or do you want me to send you there?” After missing his attack, Zhao Feng floated in the air and smiled faintly toward Ji Dengtian.

At this moment, Ji Dengtian was still in shock. He didn’t understand why his illusion was completely useless on Zhao Feng. How was it possible!?” Zhao Feng was definitely in the illusion, but he had seen through everything.

“Zhao Feng, you’ve angered me. I will personally send you to your grave.” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined had an enraged expression, and killing intent appeared in his eyes.