King Of Gods Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Stopping The Fight

Chapter 941 – Stopping the Fight

“This is the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline of the Tie Family!” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined was stunned, and he pulled away from Zhao Feng.

Being someone from one of the Eight Big Families just like the Tie Family, he understood it very well. The perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline was the nemesis of close combat, and he finally understood why Tie Hongnan had invited Zhao Feng to the Fourth Prince’s hall and wanted to speak to him.

Zhao Feng had the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline, a battle-type bloodline that could be ranked within the top ten Imperial Dao Bloodlines.

His Sacred Body was countered by the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline to a certain degree. Even if Cao Zhang used a Heaven-grade skill to the maximum, Zhao Feng could just use his Blood Devil Sun Bloodline and physical defense to exhaust him to death. This meant that, if the fight dragged out, the loser would be Cao Zhang.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng still had the mysterious eye-bloodline that he hadn’t even used yet.

Ji Dengtian’s illusions had no effect on Zhao Feng, and he was actually frightened by Zhao Feng’s Soul technique instead. Ji Dengtian didn’t even dare to do anything at the moment. From this, one could see that Zhao Feng’s Soul eye-bloodline technique could definitely threaten Sacred Lords.

On top of all that, Zhao Feng was also a beast tamer and definitely had many spiritual pets, including the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly, which was a member of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

Thinking up to here, Cao Zhang lost the will to fight. He could only use 40% of his full power right now.

Why was this junior so troublesome? Ji Bai and Ji Dengtian, the other members of his group, were completely useless.

“Zhao Feng, stop.” Cao Zhang signaled with his right hand. Even if he could’ve used his full battle power, Cao Zhang didn’t dare to kill Zhao Feng after learning that he had the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline.

The Tie Family was the strongest family of the Eight Big Families. If he killed the holder of the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline, he might cause a war between the Tie Family and the Cao Family.

Furthermore, it wasn’t a guaranteed win even if he wanted to kill Zhao Feng. It didn’t matter whether Sacred Lord Hundred Refined won or lost, it would make Zhao Feng famous either way.

“We don’t know what kind of danger there is ahead of us. Why don’t we team up and talk after we pass the inheritance?”

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined felt slightly awkward and had to use this excuse to stop the fight.

Zhao Feng’s usefulness was comparable to a Sacred Lord, and he was definitely much more useful than the other two members in his group.

Ji Dengtian was still in utter shock from the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline and Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s invitation. He didn’t think that a late-stage King junior could force them into a situation like this. Beast Tamer Ji Bai was forced to use the Dragon Jade’s array and escape, and his own eye-bloodline techniques were completely useless against Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng even copied his technique and used it to humiliate him. The Sacred Lord in his group had lost face and decided to stop fighting.

Ji Dengtian could tell that if the fight continued, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s chance of winning wasn’t very high. He regretted his actions; maybe it was because his journey of cultivation had been too smooth, but he didn’t even believe what his own family’s Grand Elder said.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. He felt extremely satisfied during the fight, but Sacred Lord Hundred Refined had apparently lost the will to battle. Zhao Feng went silent for a moment after thinking about the four figures that had entered a moment ago.

“I want 70% of the inheritance,” Zhao Feng said in a decisive tone, causing Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s eyebrows to furrow and his mouth to twitch.

This junior’s appetite wasn’t just big Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s group had two people, but one Zhao Feng wanted 70% of the cut?

“I’ll take 30% then,” Cao Zhang said through gritted teeth before looking at Ji Dengtian.

Ji Dengtian instantly gave a helpless and bitter smile. He knew what Sacred Lord Hundred Refined meant he would have no share of the Imperial Sky Inheritance.

“I’ll open the way for us,” Zhao Feng said.

He wanted 70% because Sacred Lord Hundred Refined wasn’t of much use to him since he could clear the inheritance on his own. He only wanted help to stop those four that had just entered.

It would be a big loss if Zhao Feng forced Sacred Lord Hundred Refined to the brink and caused him to join forces with the four that just arrived.

“Hmm? Sure.” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined paused for a moment.

Bam! Bam!

Countless sandstone monsters swarmed over like a flood. While Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Hundred Refined were fighting, the sandstone monsters arrived and attacked them, but the shockwaves from their fight were able to instantly kill the sandstone monsters that got too close. Now that they had stopped fighting, these monsters charged over once again.

Zhao Feng stood in the center of the pathway and faced the sandstone monsters. His consciousness touched the mysterious golden ball in the dimension of his left eye. Zhao Feng’s left eye instantly became golden and released a surge of strong Eye Intent and Soul power.

The expressions of Ji Dengtian and Sacred Lord Hundred Refined instantly became solemn.

“What strong Soul Intent!” Ji Dengtian’s face was filled with shock. He didn’t know how much the dimension was suppressing Zhao Feng, so he couldn’t accurately estimate how strong Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was.

“Why is he choosing to use an eye-bloodline technique to get rid of the sandstone monsters? Could it be that his eye-bloodline technique is actually more biased toward physical aspects?” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined was puzzled.


An enormous ring of faint golden light shot out of Zhao Feng’s left eye, and it seemed to contain the laws of the world. It passed through the center of the pathway and went through all of the sandstone monsters and reached an unknown distance.

Nothing happened even after a long time.

“It just passed through the sandstone monsters. Could it be a soul attack?” While Sacred Lord Hundred Refined didn’t really understand the soul, only soul attacks could pass through physical objects.

“What kind of eye-bloodline technique was that? Could it be the one Ji Wuye talked about?” Ji Dengtian wasn’t able to see what kind of eye-bloodline technique it was or what its uses were even with his experience and knowledge.

However, what happened next stunned them. All the sandstone monsters that had come into contact with the enormous golden ring of light disappeared into thin air.

An empty path had been created with just one glance from Zhao Feng.

There was a very faint yellow mist in the center of the pathway.

Zhao Feng closed his left eye and recovered the energy he had just used.

These sandstone monsters were products of the Sacred Lord’s Little World, so the atoms were only of one element and were rather crudely constructed. Zhao Feng only needed to completely analyze the structure of one atom before he could disintegrate all of them.

However, this was the first time he had disintegrated such a large amount of something, and Zhao Feng felt tired despite his huge quantity of Eye Intent. However, he had achieved his goals.

The first was to conquer the inheritance, obtaining the resources and the draconic providence. If he wanted to run after that, no one would be able to stop him.

The second was to scare Sacred Lord Hundred Refined. While Sacred Lord Hundred Refined had temporarily decided to work with him for now, Zhao Feng still couldn’t completely trust him, so Zhao Feng needed something to scare Sacred Lord Hundred Refined to the point that he wouldn’t be willing to become an enemy.

“Let’s go.” Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

“This is?” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s mind went blank. He couldn’t understand what happened even with his experience and knowledge.

What kind of power was that faint golden light? It instantly made countless sandstone monsters disappear into thin air. His eyes couldn’t see how far the golden light travelled or how many sandstone monsters disappeared.

If this was just the ability of some kind of Space technique, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined could accept it, but he didn’t feel any disturbance in space.

He suddenly had a thought – what would’ve happened if that beam of light had shone onto his body in a fight? Thinking up to there, his soul started to tremble.

This also made Ji Dengtian act like he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. He remembered what Ji Wuye had said; “Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline techniques can make physical and soul-based objects completely disappear.”

Zhao Feng walked at the front, and countless black striped scorpions with fierce auras filled the pathway.

While most of the sandstone monsters had been disintegrated by Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique, the path was very broad, so the sandstone monsters on the edges still remained. They didn’t have any intelligence and didn’t know what fear was, they only charged toward and attacked the outsiders.


Under the leadership of the Scorpion King, all the venomous scorpions swarmed forward and opened the path for Zhao Feng.

“These beasts are from the ancient dimension!” Ji Dengtian exclaimed.

Ji Bai was the beast tamer in Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s group, and they had planned to tame beasts at the beginning, but it was extremely difficult to do so even with the help of Sacred Lord Hundred Refined suppressing the beast leaders. The addition of Ji Dengtian wasn’t enough to handle the other beasts either, so their plan to tame beasts failed.

They never would’ve thought that Zhao Feng and Zhou Su’er would be able to tame a group of beasts, and not just any beasts, but beasts with very high battle-power.

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined looked at the figure of Zhao Feng’s back and knew that this person was not to be offended.

Just like that, the experts from the Cao and Ji Families followed behind Zhao Feng and entered the depths of the inheritance. They flew for a long time before they suddenly felt like the number of sandstone monsters had increased dramatically. In other words, Zhao Feng’s mysterious eye-bloodline technique had reached this far before dissipating.

Without Zhao Feng saying anything, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined went to the front and opened the way for them.

With the combined forces of the venomous scorpions and a Sacred Lord, they soon saw the end of the Imperial Sky Inheritance.

This pathway was probably close to a hundred miles long.

“Zhao Feng, there’s a Sacred Lord-rank sandstone monster ahead. Let’s go!” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined had a grim expression.

There was an enormous sandstone monster the size of a small mountain ahead of them blocking the way.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and became taller. He released a layer of golden-blue lightning and crushed everything in his way.


“Blazing Sky Force Fist!”

Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Hundred Refined charged forward, and there were flashes of black, red, and golden light.

A powerful blow destroyed everything ahead.

“He has the ability to regenerate.”

Part of the sandstone monster’s body was destroyed by their attack and turned into sand, but the fallen sand seemed to be attracted by something, and it merged back into the sandstone monster’s body and recovered.

“As long as it still has the sand, it will never die.”

Zhao Feng opened his left eye and inspected the sandstone monster.

“Hmm?” Zhao Feng’s left eye saw something that others couldn’t, and he revealed a joyful expression.

The structure of atoms in the Sacred Lord rank sandstone monster is not much different from the others.


Zhao Feng’s left eye released a brilliant flash of gold that passed through the area he figured the monster’s heart would be.


The part where the gold light passed through disappeared after a while, revealing three sparkling crystal pearls.

Zhao Feng waved his left hand, and the three substandard God crystals flew over and were stored in Zhao Feng’s Misty Spatial World.


The instant the substandard God crystals were taken away, the entire sandstone monster turned into sand and spread across the ground.