King Of Gods Chapter 945

Chapter 945 Easy

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Chapter 945 – Easy

“The Wind of Darkness has the ability to erode. Use your True Yuan to protect your bodies,” Old Ying said.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground had become weaker, just this random Wind of Darkness would be able to easily kill Peak-tier Kings. The further one went, the stronger the wind. Eventually, even a Sacred Lord wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

The entire Black Wind Canyon was dark, and the howl of the wind was like the cries of wolves. When the black wind touched the True Yuan protecting Zhao Feng’s body, a part of it passed through the True Yuan and entered Zhao Feng’s body.

“This Wind of Darkness has an air of Yin that can directly enter the soul.” Zhao Feng was surprised.

The forbidden grounds in the Imperial Tombs were indeed not to be underestimated. Who knew what other dangers there were apart from the Wind of Darkness?

“That’s right, if one’s willpower isn’t strong enough, the air of Yin might awaken the evil desires within the bottom of their hearts and change their personality,” Old Ying added.

“This Wind of Darkness has an ability like that?” Jing Kai started to tremble and felt that this place was evil.

The trio was were extremely careful when entering the Black Wind Canyon, and because of the black wind, they couldn’t see much around them. This even included Zhao Feng’s left eye; it was heavily restricted unless Zhao Feng circulated the ability of his golden eye, but that would use up too much energy.

“Yin Wind Grass!” Jing Kai suddenly said.

They looked carefully and indeed saw a few pieces of Yin Wind Grass in a crack between some rocks not far away. While Yin Wind Grass wasn’t extremely high grade, they were rather rare, and they were very useful for those that cultivated the elements of Yin, Wind, and Evil.

Herbs that contained the elements of Wind and Yin together were extremely rare in the continent zone. Zhao Feng walked forward and started to pluck them.

“Zhao Feng, the Yin Wind Grass has been heavily affected by the Wind of Darkness and contains great Yin power. I know you cultivate a Wind-elemental technique, but it’s hard to get rid of this air of Yin,” Old Ying warned.

Old Ying had seen Zhao Feng get rid of some poison in the Saint Herb Pavilion, but in that instance, the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive had only merged with the poison accidently. The Yin Wind Grass of the Black Wind Canyon had grown here from the start and had been mutated by the Wind of Darkness. The air of Yin within it would be hard to get rid of.

“I know,” Zhao Feng replied. He saw some more ahead and went forward to pluck them too.

Zhao Feng wasn’t scared of this measly air of Yin given the level of his soul and the power of God Tribulation Lightning. If this air of Yin was strong enough, it could even refine his willpower.

“Old Ying, if he doesn’t want to listen, then don’t bother.” Jing Kai shook his head. He didn’t like how Zhao Feng ignored Old Ying’s warning.

Old Ying had led the Ninth Prince and Jing Kai to perfectly pass through two inheritances while dodging all the dangers. Jing Kai really admired Old Ying’s strength and experience.

The only thing he didn’t understand was why Old Ying believed in Zhao Feng so much. They were originally planning to leave the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground, but Old Ying suddenly changed his decision when Zhao Feng arrived. From Jing Kai’s point of view, an extra Zhao Feng wasn’t enough to handle the danger of the Black Wind Canyon.

“Hmm?” Zhao Feng felt a weird Soul undulation, and his left eye caught sight of a black figure hiding in the black winds ahead.

“Watch out!” Old Ying and Jing Kai also sensed it and charged forward.


A cold roar sounded from the nearby black wind, and a condensed wind swept toward Zhao Feng. The outline of a snarling mouth could be seen within the black wind.

Old Ying immediately circulated his True Yuan and jumped into the air while pointing out with his finger.


A dark beam of light shot out from Old Ying’s finger, which merged into the air and hit the ball of black wind.


The ball of black wind turned into a human-like monster that now lay on the ground. It had an ugly expression, and its teeth grinded against each other as if it hadn’t eaten in a long time.

“What what is this monster?” Jing Kai started to shake, and he immediately circulated his True Yuan, creating countless beams of golden light.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless beams of golden light shot toward the black monster.

Bam! Bam!

Several beams of golden light stabbed into the monster’s body, but it didn’t have much of an effect.


The black monster seemed to become angry, and it roared at Jing Kai. A gust of even-stronger black wind merged with the black wind nearby and swept toward Jing Kai.

“Why isn’t it effective!?” Jing Kai exclaimed in surprise and waved his left hand. A large vine shot out from the ground and blocked the black wind, but the air of Yin that could affect souls passed directly through the vine and landed on Jing Kai’s soul, causing it to feel cold and start to hurt.

“This is a Black Wind Yin Ghost, formed by the black wind and the soul of the Black Wind Canyon. Only soul attacks are effective against it,” Old Ying said and pointed out another few times.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Dark beams of light merged into the air and instantly landed on the Black Wind Yin Ghost. After a series of screams, the Black Wind Yin Ghost faded away and turned into uncountable bits of Yin air.

After seeing Old Ying get rid of the Black Wind Yin Ghost, Zhao Feng put away the Yin Wind Grass and slowly stood up. These Black Wind Yin Ghosts were unique, and their overall strength was comparable to normal Kings, but they could unleash more power in this unique environment.

“You’re just a beast tamer, don’t get too far away from us!” Jing Kai yelled at Zhao Feng. From his perspective, Zhao Feng was so scared by the Black Wind Yin Ghost just now that he didn’t even dare to move. If it weren’t for Old Ying and himself, the result would have been unimaginable.

“Hmm? These black stones also contain a lot of Yin and Wind.” Zhao Feng’s left eye locked onto a small black stone that was revealed on stone wall nearby.

“You!” Jing Kai’s eyes seethed with anger after seeing Zhao Feng completely ignore him.


“These monsters are so troublesome.”

The sound of fighting could be heard not far away. It was obvious that the other group had also met the Black Wind Yin Ghosts. All the experts that had entered this place were at the peak amongst those of the same cultivation.

“Use soul attacks.” They also found the weakness of the Black Wind Yin Ghosts and instantly finished them off.

An elder saw several figures nearby and called out to them, “May I know which prince’s team you are from? The fortune of the Black Wind Canyon is what’s most important; are you willing to team up with us?”

Old Ying slowly approached them; “Indeed, we can look out for each other.”

There was a group of three ahead of them. They were members of the Sixth Prince’s team; the leader was the Regulations Elder of a three-star power known as the Glass Door, and he was a Quasi-Sacred Lord. The other two were a young Emperor and another Quasi-Sacred Lord.

“So, it’s Old Ying.” The leading Elder in purple was full of smiles.

“Hmm? Why is there a King here?” The young Emperor was surprised. From his point of view, Old Ying’s group was slightly weak, and the King probably had a defensive Soul treasure on him to be able to enter this place.

The other Quasi-Sacred Lord also glanced at Zhao Feng, but they didn’t say anything.

“We found a stone cave and were just about to enter it, but we met a lot of Black Wind Yin Ghosts before we could.” The elder in purple robes had a faint smile. It was obvious what his intentions were.

“Then let’s go in together.” Old Ying’s expression remained the same.

If there was no danger involved, would they invite them? Old Ying already knew his intentions.

Under the guidance of the elder in purple robes, the group soon saw a stone entrance after a couple steps.

This time, no Black Wind Yin Ghosts charged out, and the group carefully stepped into it. The instant they entered it, a strong surge of Yin air washed over their souls.

The young Emperor instantly screamed in pain, while Jing Kai wasn’t much better his face twisted and struggled. The three Quasi-Sacred Lords had stronger souls and might’ve had some defensive Soul treasures as well, so the air of Yin wasn’t very effective on them.

Zhao Feng immediately stood out, catching the attention of the purple-clad elder and the other Quasi-Sacred Lord.

The purple in elder gave a glance toward Zhao Feng; The expression of this late-stage King junior hasn’t changed. Looks like his defensive Soul treasure isn’t normal.

“Is this the power of a Little World?” Old Ying’s voice sounded.

“Could it be that this is the inheritance of a Sacred Lord?” The elder in purple directed his attention away from Zhao Feng and started to inspect it closely.

The strength of a Sacred Lord who was able to set up an inheritance in the Black Wind Canyon was definitely not simple, and the tests they left behind would also be rather difficult.

The group’s speed instantly increased.

Almost all of the inheritances of late-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords were in the hands of the top five princes. Their group was too weak, and it was hard to receive a cut of whatever they did manage to find.

Old Ying’s group was the same. They hadn’t been to any inheritances of a late-stage Sacred Lord.

A dark area of snow and ice appeared in front of them before they even managed to take a few steps. In the center of the world of snow and ice was a tattered and broken castle of ice.

“Hmm? There’s no test?” Old Ying’s voice was raspy.

This Little World inheritance was different from the ones he had been in before. There was no noise at all.

“This Little World is already broken. The tests left behind have most likely been destroyed as well.” The elder in purple scanned over the place.

They didn’t find anything suspicious, so they carefully headed toward the ice castle.

“Inheritance Sacred weapon!” The young Emperor saw an item through the cracks of the broken ice castle and charged forward.

The elder in purple had a calm expression and didn’t stop him. Everyone watched as the young Emperor easily obtained a black hammer and put it into his interspatial storage item.

The eyebrows of Old Ying and the elder in purple furrowed. They felt that something was wrong.

The group increased their speed and entered the ice castle. Countless tattered old books were placed on the right side of the ice castle, and there were some weapons on the left.

At the very center of the ice castle was a large crystalline blue coffin. A skeleton lay in it, and next to the skeleton was a dark golden ring.

“The resources of an entire inheritance!” The elder in purple was stunned.

All of this had been too simple. They reached the treasury of a Sacred Lord’s inheritance without any resistance. He couldn’t believe it.

At the same time, he started to regret inviting Old Ying and company. They originally thought that the stone cave would be full of danger.

“I led all of you into this Little World inheritance, and none of you put in any effort. We take 70% while you get 30%.” The elder in purple smiled faintly at Old Ying and spoke with a decisive tone. He had no intention of negotiating.

The two groups instantly looked at one another and became silent. The elder in purple robes and company all had faint cold smiles.

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“Old Ying, your group is just too weak, or else 50-50 would have been fine too.” The elder in purple didn’t hide it anymore. He had two Quasi-Sacred Lords and one Emperor in his group; no matter how he looked at it, they were stronger than Old Ying’s group.

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