King Of Gods Chapter 946

Chapter 946 Ice Crystal Giant Bear

Chapter 946: Ice Crystal Giant Bear Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 946 – Ice Crystal Giant Bear

“Old Ying, your group is just too weak, or else 50-50 would have been fine too.” The elder in purple didn’t hide it anymore. He had two Quasi-Sacred Lords and one Emperor in his group; no matter how he looked at it, they were stronger than Old Ying’s group.

“Old Ying!” Jing Kai instinctively looked toward Old Ying and felt that the situation wasn’t looking good.

Old Ying had a calm expression and didn’t say anything. He admitted that the strength of his group was relatively weak, but only in comparison to the groups of the top five princes.

Old Ying believed that Zhao Feng should be able to handle at least one Quasi-Sacred Lord. The only weakness in their group was Jing Kai.

“If you guys perform well in the dangers ahead, we can split the treasures 50-50,” the other Quasi-Sacred Lord said.

How could they leave this place so easily after obtaining all the wealth of a Sacred Lord? The Sixth Prince had no intention of becoming the Crown Prince, so he didn’t care about draconic providence at all. Finding resources and wealth was their only mission in the Imperial Tombs. Therefore, they still needed to work together with Old Ying’s group if they wanted the rest of the wealth.

Zhao Feng carefully inspected the three in front of him. Their soul-strength wasn’t too low, and they had defensive Soul treasures. However, after being in the Black Wind Canyon for such a long time, the desires in their hearts had been ignited. They hadn’t realized it yet, but as time passed, their personalities would change even more.

It seemed like this forbidden ground wasn’t as simple as they thought, or else it wouldn’t be able to affect the personality of a Quasi-Sacred Lord without them even knowing.

Zhao Feng looked at Jing Kai. While the latter seemed scared and didn’t know what to do, he could see the unwillingness, anger, and desire for the inheritance.

“Splitting it like that is too troublesome. Why don’t we use our own skills, and whoever gets the treasure first keeps it?” Zhao Feng stepped forward with a faint smile.

“What did you say?” The purple-robed elder looked at Zhao Feng with surprise.

That was exactly what he wanted, but he didn’t say it in order to maintain a semblance of teamwork between the two groups. If they really used this method, Old Ying’s group might not even be able to get 30%, let alone 50%.

“Hehe, we can do it that way as well.” The young Emperor looked at Zhao Feng and laughed coldly. He was already getting impatient.

“Zhao Feng?” Old Ying was dazed and didn’t know what Zhao Feng meant by this. At least for the moment, he didn’t want the two groups to break up. While the resources here were rare even for Old Ying, it wasn’t as if there would be no chances in the future. He placed greater importance on draconic providence, and the three of them had already obtained half of the draconic providence here. This was why Old Ying was planning to give in to them.

“Zhao Feng, what did you say?” Jing Kai looked angrily at Zhao Feng with cold eyes. Instead of using their own skill and maybe getting 30%, it was better to just split it 50-50.

“Old Ying, your group member is the one who gave this suggestion.” The purple-robed elder gave a wicked laugh, and both sides became silent.


The six figures moved at once. Their target was the same the interspatial ring within the crystalline ice coffin .

While there were a lot of other items in the ice castle, it was obvious that whatever was contained in this interspatial ring was the most valuable.

“Purple Light Destroying the Sky!” The elder in purple robes blocked Old Ying and thrust out his palm. A purple-colored palm made of light filled the sky and crashed over.

It was obvious that the purple-robed elder’s group had already discussed what to do. The elder in purple robes would stall Old Ying. Meanwhile, the young Emperor charged toward Jing Kai. A long golden axe appeared in his hand, which he waved fiercely and unleashed red flashing light everywhere.

Jing Kai showed no signs of weakness against an Emperor. Countless beams of golden light spun around his body as he clashed against the young Emperor. Jing Kai’s display was extremely courageous and fierce.

“Hehe, Old Ying, since your group member wants to split it this way, then we’ll follow through with it.” The purple-robed elder thrust out another purple Destruction palm.

“Lei Tong, don’t injure the Ninth Prince’s beast tamer. Just take the interspatial ring.” The elder in purple robes pretended to be nice, but he had an evil smile.

“Don’t worry.” The other Quasi-Sacred Lord was full of smiles. It would be extremely easy to deal with a King.

He knew that Zhao Feng had the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly, but he was ready for it. Even if the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly’s pollen hit him, he was confident that he could suppress Zhao Feng.

“Lightning Restriction!” Lei Tong waved his palms, and a chain of lightning shot toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng retreated several steps and waved his left hand. A large white figure instantly appeared before Zhao Feng and charged at Lei Tong with its fierce beast aura.

This was a rare beast that he had met while he was taming various beast packs, and he used a lot of effort to tame it.

“This is a rare beast from the ancient dimension?” Lei Tong’s expression changed slightly as he looked at the white bear covered in crystalline icy hair.

The strength of rare beasts already exceeded those at the same cultivation, and this Ice Crystal Giant Bear wasn’t suppressed by the laws of the dimension either.

“How is this possible? How can that brat tame an Emperor-level rare beast?” The expression of the elder in purple robes was grim.

They originally thought that Zhao Feng was going to rely on the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly that he got from Duke Nanfeng. They thought that his actual beast taming abilities were extremely average.

Furthermore, even if he was good, how could a King-level beast tamer tame an Emperor-level rare beast? Even some Emperor-level Grandmaster Beast Tamers needed an entire group to help them for such a thing, and even then, it wasn’t guaranteed.

“An Emperor-level Ice Crystal Giant Bear!” Old Ying couldn’t help but exclaim. In reality, he was also suspicious of Zhao Feng’s beast taming abilities, but Zhao Feng was able to surprise him every time.

Zhao Feng managed to tame several strong rare beasts while he was conquering inheritances. This meant that it wasn’t a loss for him to use the array in the Dragon Jade. On top of that, Zhao Feng still had the substandard God Misty Spatial World.


The Ice Crystal Giant Bear roared as its white claws shot toward Lei Tong like lightning. The chilly gust radiating from it even froze the air.

The Lightning Restriction used by Lei Tong was blocked by the Ice Crystal Giant Bear and had zero effect.


Lei Tong turned to the side and dodged the Ice Crystal Giant Bear’s attack.

“Spear of Lightning.” Lei Tong wouldn’t go easy on an Emperor-level Ice Crystal Giant Bear. Light sparkled around Lei Tong as a surge of lightning condensed into the shape of a spear.


Lei Tong gripped the Spear of Lightning, causing his momentum to rise. Lightning sparkled as he clashed against Ice Crystal Giant Bear.

“What power!” Lei Tong’s hands went numb as he retreated back a couple steps.

His Lightning elemental attacks weren’t very useful against the thick-skinned Ice Crystal Giant Bear, and he was even countered somewhat.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was walking toward the crystalline ice coffin.

“Junior, don’t even think about it!” Lei Tong was enraged and threw his Spear of Lightning at the crystalline ice coffin. He then leapt at Zhao Feng with overwhelming speed.

The Ice Crystal Giant Bear countered him to a certain degree, so Lei Tong changed his tactics and used his advantage of speed. He decided not to fight against the Ice Crystal Giant Bear; he would first suppress Zhao Feng and take away the interspatial ring. Speed was the Ice Crystal Giant Bear’s weakness.


The Spear of Lightning stabbed into the ice coffin, less than an inch away from the interspatial ring.


The crystalline ice coffin was already damaged, and it immediately exploded when it was further damaged.

“Junior, I’ll get rid of you first!” Fierceness flashed across Lei Tong’s eyes as he leapt toward the quickly-retreating Zhao Feng.

“I’ve already got the interspatial ring though. Shouldn’t we stop now?”

Lei Tong was stunned. Under his blow just now, his Spear of Lightning landed right next to the interspatial ring and caused the ice coffin to explode. Zhao Feng wasn’t even near the interspatial ring yet.


At this moment, with a flash of silver, a little cat appeared on Zhao Feng’s shoulder. It raised its head and chest, as if saying that it was the one who took the ring.

“A spiritual pet with a talent in Space laws.” Lei Tong’s eyes froze. He clenched his fists and looked unwillingly at Zhao Feng.

At this point, the purple-robed elder and the other Emperor saw the result of Lei Tong and Zhao Feng’s fight. Their expressions started to flicker, and they still couldn’t accept this.

“Stop. There should be plenty of other treasures here.” Old Ying saw the struggle in their expressions and spoke.

“Fine. Old Ying, you won this time.” The purple-robed elder gave a deep glance toward Zhao Feng.

Lei Tong and the other young Emperor stopped attacking and started to scour some of the leftover resources from within the ice castle.

“This Zhao Feng is extremely troublesome, and his spiritual pets are very unique,” Lei Tong explained to the other two. He felt humiliated and angry losing to a King.

“Hehe, there’s no need to worry. Right now, we still need help from Old Ying’s group, but when the time’s ripe, we will take it all back.” The elder in purple robes implied a lot with his words.

“That’s right. We’ll just leave it with them for now.” The young Emperor was extremely excited.

Jing Kai was overjoyed at what happened and ran over impatiently. He didn’t expect Zhao Feng’s spiritual pets to be so strong or that he would actually obtain the interspatial ring without anyone knowing.

“What’s in the interspatial ring?”

Zhao Feng put his Divine Sense into the interspatial dimension and was slightly puzzled; “It’s just the wealth of an early-stage Sacred Lord.”

“An early-stage Sacred Lord’s wealth isn’t bad, especially since this is still just the boundary of the Black Wind Canyon.” Jing Kai was looking forward to what awaited them.

Old Ying’s group then split the items within the interspatial ring. Zhao Feng alone took 40% of it.

“Old Ying, the journey in the Black Wind Canyon has just begun.” The elder in purple robes was expressionless, as if he had already forgotten what just happened.


The two groups saw another group enter the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground the instant they exited the inheritance.

“That’s a group from the Second Prince’s team?” The purple-robed elder’s eyebrows furrowed.

The Second Prince wasn’t that ambitious, but the forces supporting him were extremely complex, so his team was ranked 5th among the other princes.

This group had three Quasi-Sacred Lords and one Emperor, but the strength of each member was most likely stronger than both of their groups. The combined force of their two groups might not be at an advantage against this one group belonging to the Second Prince.

“We should take action quickly. The Wind of Darkness around the Black Wind Canyon fluctuates in power. We don’t know when it’ll return to normal.” Lei Tong’s eyes were impatient, and everyone sped up their pace. There would be more and more groups coming here as time passed, so they couldn’t afford to waste any time.

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