King Of Gods Chapter 949

Chapter 949 Green Bronze Pillar

Chapter 949: Green Bronze Pillar


Chapter 949 – Green Bronze Pillar

Within the Great Gan Imperial Palace, discussion broke out amongst the halls and the sky. Everyone’s gaze was locked onto the Second Prince’s and Ninth Prince’s screens.

“This what kind of treasure is hidden within the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground?”

“The light we see is probably just a small part.”

“Unfortunately, all the groups are spread out amongst the Imperial Tombs. A lot have entered the center already. If they worked together, it wouldn’t be impossible for them to get the treasure.”

At this instant, everyone paid more attention to the treasure compared to the Crown Prince trial. As long as someone was able to get this treasure, so what if the fight to become Crown Prince ended in utter failure?

The Eight Big Families and other forces within the great hall including the Elder from Sky Suspension Palace looked at the screens in the sky with shock.

Many people had regretful expressions. Why weren’t their clan members in the Black Wind Canyon right now?

“Why is such a strong treasure glow coming from the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground? Ai, Chen’er is too far away from the Black Wind Canyon.” The Thirteenth Prince’s uncle was stunned and hit his head with frustration.

Those that were most excited were the halls of the Ninth, Fifth, and Second Princes. According to the screens, only these three forces had anyone in the Black Wind Canyon.

Zhao Feng is indeed someone with great fortune.Duke Nanfeng sighed in his heart.

Several other figures behind the great hall were talking to one another.

“Something’s wrong. Why is there such a strong treasure glow coming from the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground?” a flabby-faced fatty with big ears said.

“There’s too little information about the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground. They have Dragon Jades in their hands, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem,” a wrinkled elder replied.

None of the princes were in the canyon.

“If someone is able to take out this treasure, it will be a great fortune for the entire Great Gan Lord Dynasty,” a figure in the back said.

The group of six entered the stone staircase in the center of the forbidden ground and was slowly going further in.

“This pathway very likely leads to where the treasure is.” The purple-robed elder’s eyes twinkled.

The black wind within the pathway was more condensed than outside, and the pathway was almost completely pitch-black. Furthermore, the unique material of the walls dramatically reduced everyone’s senses.


A ghastly cry suddenly sounded in the darkness, and a giant black figure swept toward the group like a tornado.

“Not good; it’s an Emperor-level Black Wind Yin Ghost!”

Everyone had a grim expression. As they thought, danger existed alongside fortune.

They had all been wandering around outside for such a long time and only encountered King-level Black Wind Yin Ghosts, but they met an Emperor-level Black Wind Yin Ghost right after entering this pathway. From this, they could see that their path was correct.


The purple-robed elder attacked with a surge of Soul power. He thrust out his palm, and purple light that could damage both the physical and soul dimensions shot toward the Black Wind Yin Ghost.

Lei Tong also took out a dark pearl of lightning and put his soul power into it. A bolt of lightning formed from his soul and instantly shot out, exploding on the head of the Black Wind Yin Ghost. Lightning attacks countered evil demons and spirits, so the effect was very obvious.

Old Ying stood behind them and released beams of dark light that hit the critical points on the Black Wind Yin Ghost.

The Emperor-level Black Wind Yin Ghost technically had its own consciousness, but it wasn’t very smart, so it was soon killed by the combined force of three Quasi-Sacred Lords.


After confirming that they had arrived at the right place, everyone became excited and sped up while also increasing their caution.

The further they went, the bigger the pathway became, and everyone was able to walk in a row now. At the same time, the black wind almost completely blocked their sight, and the two Emperors were starting to have trouble blocking it.

“These walls are even tougher than the giant rocks.” The purple-robed elder sighed as he touched the walls. His attacks had only created a few several cracks on the rocks, but these walls were even tougher. They were even stronger than peak Earth-grade items.

“Eh? A fork?”

Everyone stopped walking. Old Ying and the purple-robed elder didn’t know what to do. There were two paths in front of them, and everyone’s senses were currently weakened by the black wind. They couldn’t notice any difference between the two paths.

“It’s best not to split up,” Old Ying said warily.

The two groups weren’t very strong to begin with, and they were now in the unknown underground depths of the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground. If they split up, their chance of surviving would drop to almost zero.

“Then let’s choose.”

The purple-robed elder agreed with what Old Ying said.

Hu~ Hu~

Just as the purple-robed elder and Old Ying were hesitating, two Black Wind Yin Ghosts appeared from one of the pathways. They weren’t Emperors, but they were stronger than the King ghosts outside.

“Hahaha! This should be the path where fortune and danger coexist.” The purple-robed elder laughed and then spread his palms, summoning a wave of purple light.

Lei Tong and Old Ying also took action. They didn’t agree nor disagree with this method of distinguishing which way to go.

Let’s have a look.Zhao Feng took half a step back and opened his left eye.


A faint golden ripple spread from Zhao Feng’s golden eye as he gazed downward. Zhao Feng’s left eye instantly saw through the wall that was made from countless complex atoms, but there was nothing too special about it.

There was definitely a secret hall, but it was hidden very deeply. His left eye wasn’t capable of seeing through the entire path from here. The golden ripple of light disappeared from Zhao Feng’s left eye after a long time.


A Black Wind Yin Ghost suddenly appeared behind Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, watch out!” Old Ying instantly exclaimed after killing the Black Wind Yin Ghosts in front.

Hu~ Hu~

This Black Wind Yin Ghost turned into a black tornado and landed right on Zhao Feng’s back.

Zhao Feng acted as if he hadn’t sensed anything, but the symbol of God Tribulation Lightning within his soul blinked.


Lightning flashed around the black wind that landed on Zhao Feng’s back, and the ghost was instantly blown into bits.


Lei Tong had just turned around, and his heart shook when he saw this. He remembered the image of Zhao Feng exchanging blows with him. He was sure that Zhao Feng wasn’t as simple as he seemed, but he was too embarrassed to say that. Was he supposed to tell the purple-robed elder that he tried to ambush a King in the wooden tower, but was knocked on his ass instead?

“Brat, didn’t you say that you don’t know any Soul-type secret techniques?” The purple-robed elder instantly flew over and questioned.

The surge of Soul power within that blast of lightning gave off a terrifying Destructive aura that he could sense even from far away.

“Do none of you have defensive treasures that protect the soul?” Zhao Feng mocked as his expression remained the same.

The expression of the purple-robed elder kept on changing, but he didn’t say anything in the end, and they continued forward. He obviously had treasures that protected his soul, but they were nowhere near as strong as the one Zhao Feng had.

The group went into one of the paths and continued forward.

Boom! Hu~~

The roar of Black Wind Yin Ghosts and the sound of battle came from ahead.

“What? There’s someone ahead of us?” The purple-robed elder’s heart skipped a beat, and his expression became solemn. From the looks of it, there was more than one entrance to the underground.

Everyone turned the corner and felt a strong gust of black wind approach them.


The purple-robed elder waved his palms, and dark purple light split it apart.

In a hall ahead of them were three Quasi-Sacred Lords and several dozen Black Wind Yin Ghosts. They fought while an Emperor that didn’t specialize in soul attacks hid behind them.

All of these Black Wind Yin Ghosts were Emperors.

“The Second Prince’s group!”

When they were fighting over the wealth in the ice castle, they saw this group.

The purple-robed elder’s expression faltered. He didn’t expect that the Second Prince’s group would be ahead of them.

However, at this instant, the three Quasi-Sacred Lords were at a disadvantage, and they were forced outside the hall by the several dozen Black Wind Yin Ghosts. At the same time, even more King-level Black Wind Yin Ghosts appeared from the hall.

“Fellow Daoists, our goal is the same. Help us. There is definitely a treasure within the hall.”

The leader was an elder with a goatee. A layer of Soul flames covered his body as he looked at the six behind him for assistance.

“The hall?” The purple-robed elder’s eyes flashed. He was thinking about going back to the fork and trying the other pathway. After all, while there were only four people in the Second Prince’s group here, their overall strength surpassed theirs.

“Let’s go, Old Ying. There is definitely a secret in the hall ahead of us.” The purple-robed elder looked at Old Ying. If Old Ying wasn’t willing to help, then his own group would be suppressed by the Second Prince’s group if they were to scout together.

“Okay.” Old Ying looked ahead at the entrance blocked by countless Black Wind Yin Ghosts and agreed.

“Zhao Feng, summon your black striped venomous scorpions as well.” The purple-robed elder looked at Zhao Feng, who was hiding in the back.

With the help of Old Ying, the purple-robed elder, and company, they all started to force the Black Wind Yin Ghosts back into the hall.

“Thank you.” The goateed elder expressed his thanks while they were fighting and inspected Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was only a King, but he was still able to maintain his consciousness even in such powerful black wind. His strength was incredible.

The Black Wind Yin Ghosts that were fighting suddenly screamed and started to tremble. Then, they turned into countless black gusts of wind and retreated.

“Eh? They all retreated?” The goateed elder felt that something was wrong.

“There is most likely an intelligent Black Wind Yin Ghost here, so they retreated after seeing that they weren’t our match.” A member from Second Prince’s group laughed and spoke.

The appearance of the hall was revealed after all the Black Wind Yin Ghosts retreated.

It was an empty hall that gave off an old and wicked aura. Countless complex array symbols covered the walls around the hall, and they occasionally blinked.

At the very center of the hall was a large green bronze pillar. Countless snarling and fierce monsters and legendary species were carved on it. The imagery was so powerful that it created illusions when one looked at it.

“Jing Kai!” Old Ying hit Jing Kai’s back and released a surge of Soul Intent into him.

“What a terrifying green bronze pillar!” Jing Kai puffed as he was covered in cold sweat. If Old Ying hadn’t woken him up, he might have already died in the illusionary world.

Zhao Feng inspected the fierce beasts on the green bronze pillar. They were similar to the Ancient Desolate Race in his memory, but they contained more details and seemed to be alive.

There was a metallic black door built into the green bronze pillar. It was formed from countless small pieces of metal, and it belonged to the Way of Mechanisms.

Countless sparkling gold-and-white array lines surrounded the green bronze pillar and the metallic black door. This seemed to be the core of the array in the hall.

This mystic gold-and-white array also created a formation. Without the array’s help, even Quasi-Sacred Lords would fall into an illusionary world if they looked at the Ancient Desolate Beasts on the pillar.

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