King Of Gods Chapter 953

Chapter 953 Escape

Chapter 953: Escape

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Chapter 953 – Escape

“Not good, the Little World has crumbled. This Black Wind Yin Ghost is formed from the Sacred Lord Intent, which has become wicked.”

Old Ying looked ahead with panic and fear.

Some Sacred Lord had most likely set up their inheritance in the Black Wind Canyon, but as time passed, the erosion of the black wind corrupted the Little World. The Sacred Lord Intent imprinted within the Little World had become wicked, and it was no longer just an Intent anymore. It now had the ability to leave the Little World.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A Soul Intent that was still in the process of transforming into a Black Wind Yin Ghost came rushing over with a surge of Yin and deadly Soul power.

“Even a measly King dares to come here? Hand over your body to me. Kekeke….”

The sound given off by this twisted Black Wind Yin Ghost was like the sound of bones rubbing against each another. It sent chills down one’s spine and made one’s hairs stand up on end.

This demonized Sacred Lord Intent had chosen to take over Zhao Feng’s body.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!”

A golden glow appeared in Zhao Feng’s left eye, and the symbols of God Tribulation Lightning flashed as a surge of flames shot out of his left eye.


A ball of transparent golden-purple lightning flames with an aura of Destruction exploded onto the demonized Sacred Lord intent.

Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning Eye Flame was a pure soul attack based on the God Tribulation Lightning, which was especially effective against souls. Furthermore, soul attacks countered wicked and evil beings to begin with.

Bam! Boom! Boom!

The demonized Sacred Lord Intent felt as if ten thousand lightning bolts had exploded in its body, and the God Tribulation Lightning eye flames were still burning.

“Arghh! How can this be the soul-strength of a junior?” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent screamed, and it revealed a tinge of wariness in its snarling expression as it looked at Zhao Feng.

Because the demonized Sacred Lord Intent had underestimated its opponent, both his insides and outsides had been scorched, and there was a burning pain throughout its body.

“So strong! Is this his true strength?” While Old Ying was retreating, he was also watching Zhao Feng’s soul attack.

The aura of this demonized Sacred Lord Intent’s soul wasn’t weaker than an early-stage Sacred Lord, and yet it was still injured by Zhao Feng. With such mastery over the soul, it was no wonder why Zhao Feng wasn’t scared of the purple-robed elder, Jiang Hao, or the goateed elder – Zhao Feng was much stronger than them.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng urged.

The black wind in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground was slowly becoming stronger. In such an environment, the enemy had a huge advantage. As long as it wasn’t killed in an instant, it would be able to absorb the Yin in the air to recover completely.

Zhao Feng was still just a King, and the black wind’s effect on him was increasing dramatically.

At this moment, they were still in the center of the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground. Everything in front of them was pitch-black.

Old Ying immediately used a secret technique to escape.

“Dammit, this junior’s soul attack contains the laws of Destruction.” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent recovered, but it felt its consciousness becoming weaker and weaker.

“Not good. I need to find a body to take over quickly.” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent’s expression was twisted, and its consciousness was slowly being devoured. It had to find a body to take over in order to recover its original state or else it would become just another mindless Black Wind Yin Ghost.

“All of you, go!” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent released a surge of Yin, and the nearby Black Wind Yin Ghosts started to howl.


The Black Wind Yin Ghosts nearby started to scream, and they turned into gusts of black wind and charged toward Zhao Feng and Old Ying. If one looked at this from afar, they would see a giant black storm that gave off countless cries and howls.

Old Ying’s hair stood up on end, and cold sweat started to appear. He didn’t even need to look back; the cries and howls behind him were like a hundred thousand evil ghosts from hell. Old Ying was prepared to use the array in his Dragon Jade at any moment.

Zhao Feng’s speed was a bit faster than Old Ying, and his expression became ugly when he looked back. While these Black Wind Yin Ghosts were weak individually, there were at least several hundred of them right now. On top of that, there was still the demonized Sacred Lord Intent. It would be horrible if they caught up.

He had left spatial markings in other areas of the Imperial Tombs, but not in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground, meaning that he couldn’t use the Misty Spatial World to leave. He could take Old Ying and leave, but the Ninth Prince and Zhou Su’er were still waiting for them.

“Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!”

Zhao Feng’s figure grew taller and a ripple of gold-and-blue lightning appeared around him, increasing his resistance against the Black Wind Yin Ghosts. Zhao Feng then casually threw out several punches.

Giant golden punches filled the air. Each one of them contained a strong illusion. In an instant, the wave of Black Wind Yin Ghosts slowed down.

Zhao Feng didn’t think about killing the Black Wind Yin Ghosts. All he wanted to do was use his Illusion Maze Domain to make them lose their sense of direction.

“Kekeke… old man, give your body to me.”

While Zhao Feng was attacking the ghosts, the demonized Sacred Lord Intent suddenly appeared from the side and charged at Old Ying.

“Not good!”

Zhao Feng’s expression was grim. He didn’t expect the demonized Sacred Lord Intent to give up on him and go for Old Ying instead. Old Ying’s mastery of the Soul Dao was definitely not a match for the demonized Sacred Lord Intent.


Old Ying was instantly caught by the demonized Sacred Lord Intent. A surge of strong Soul pressure appeared and froze Old Ying’s body.

Just as the demonized Sacred Lord Intent was about to enter Old Ying’s body:

“Gaze… of… the… God… Eye!”

A stunning purple-and-golden light appeared from Zhao Feng’s left eye. A bottomless whirlpool that extended to a purple-and-golden abyss formed in Zhao Feng’s left eye, and a forbidden power that locked onto the power of souls appeared wherever Zhao Feng looked.

“What is this?” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent instantly felt a strong suction force. Old Ying, who was extremely close to the demonized Sacred Lord Intent, also felt a terrifying pulling force. It was as if his soul wanted to leave his body.

“What a terrifying skill!” Old Ying quickly left the range of Zhao Feng’s gaze and ran away with fear. He knew that Zhao Feng was restricting the demonized Sacred Lord Intent in order to let him run away.

“Dammit, this junior…!” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent roared in anger, but it was helpless. Since his “body” was formed entirely from Soul Intent, his entire body was pulled by Zhao Feng.

If Zhao Feng tried to pull away the soul of a normal person, their soul would still be able to struggle within their body, but a pure soul body had much less resistance against Zhao Feng’s Gaze of the God Eye.

However, even then, the demonized Sacred Lord Intent managed to struggle, and Zhao Feng was unable to move it into the dimension of his left eye. One could only say that the demonized Sacred Lord Intent was too powerful and that its desire to live was too strong.

“Let go of me!” the demonized Sacred Lord Intent roared, but its body wasn’t under its own control anymore. It could faintly see a misty city, and the scenery in front of its eyes started to become chaotic.

“This brat’s soul-sucking technique contains the Dao of Illusion as well?” The demonized Sacred Lord Intent was filled with fear.

“Brat, let go of me, and I’ll agree to not take over your companion’s body.”

The demonized Sacred Lord Intent could already feel its consciousness starting to fade away, and it was about to be replaced by a wicked and mindless Intent. If this continued, it would be the one to lose. It had to give up on Zhao Feng and Old Ying and find another person nearby; only then would there be a slight chance of survival.

Zhao Feng looked at Old Ying, who had flown very far away already, and stopped the Gaze of the God Eye. The stronger the target’s soul, the more energy would be required. At this point in time, the demonized Sacred Lord Intent was struggling with insanity, so it would be too hard to kill it.

“Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!”


Zhao Feng turned into a bolt of lightning and rushed toward the border of the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground.

Outside the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground:

“Ninth Prince, let’s go!” Old Ying immediately came to where the Ninth Prince was hiding.

“Old Ying, where are Zhao Feng and Jing Kai?”

The Ninth Prince had been inspecting the situation in the Black Wind Canyon and only had one feeling – strange. No one else that entered had come out yet, and the black wind was quickly returning to its original strength. His clenched heart loosened after seeing Old Ying, but it tightened once more after seeing no one else.

“Let’s go! Zhao Feng should be able to quickly catch up.” Old Ying urged and led the two to escape.

Old Ying knew that even Zhao Feng couldn’t kill the demonized Sacred Lord Intent. He was stalling the demonized Sacred Lord Intent in order to let Old Ying take Zhou Su’er and the Ninth Prince and run away.

If the demonized Sacred Lord Intent arrived, then the Ninth Prince and Zhou Su’er would become targets. No matter how talented Zhao Feng was, he couldn’t protect three people at once.  ( Updated by NovelFull.Com)

Zhao Feng flew out of the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground soon after the three left. His left eye caught sight of Old Ying and company, and he immediately followed after them.

At the same time, several thousand miles away from the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground, the black-robed person’s group was hurrying over.

“Senior Black Robes, the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground is ahead of us.” One member was extremely scared as they guessed the black-robed person’s destination and quickly warned. Was the black-robed person taking them to a forbidden ground to find inheritances?

Even if there were countless inheritances and fortunes in a forbidden ground, they needed to be alive obtain anything. The black-robed person’s actions and thoughts were completely different from everyone else.

The other two members also revealed fearful gazes.

“Zhao Feng!” An excited and cold voice suddenly sounded from the black-robed person.


The black-robed person turned into a floating black figure and sped toward the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground.

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