King Of Gods Chapter 956

Chapter 956 Fiery Clash

Chapter 956: Fiery Clash Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 956 – Fiery Clash

“If you don’t want to hand over your wealth and draconic providence, you can choose to tell me where Zhao Feng is.” Tie Lingyun’s eyebrows furrowed; he was becoming impatient.

This Little World was preserved very well, and Shi Yulei was using his defensive Inheritance Sacred weapon to connect to its power and form a wall of defense. Even the elders of the Tie Family couldn’t do anything within a short amount of time. Staying here only wasted time for both sides.

However, the Ninth Prince’s group didn’t really care about that since the chance of the Ninth Prince becoming the Crown Prince was almost impossible. The Fourth Prince was different though; he was the favorite to become the Crown Prince this time, and the other princess might even team up against him. Therefore, time was very precious to them.

“Senior Shen Jizi, I believe that you can divine his location,” Tie Lingyun said. Zhao Feng and Xuanyuan Wen were the two people he wanted to defeat most in the Imperial Tombs. Apart from them, there was also Yu Tianhao, who had the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline. After another couple years, he would reach a level where everyone would have to take him seriously.

“You will know his location if you turn your head around,” Shen Jizi’s old voice sounded from the other side of the wall.

“Turn my head around?” Tie Lingyun didn’t know what that meant, but the bloodline within his body suddenly started to tremble, and Tie Lingyun instantly turned around as if he had sensed something.

A group of people outside the castle were rushing over.

“Zhao Feng!” A glass-like red flame suddenly appeared around Tie Lingyun, and his battle-intent surged.

On the other side of the wall:

“Old Ying, the Ninth Prince, and Zhao Feng have all arrived.” Su Qingling instantly sensed the situation outside.

“Great!” Shi Yulei let out a breath. If this stalemate continued, he would be the first to lose.

At the same time, Shi Yulei looked at Shen Jizi. He is indeed worthy of being a divination master. He could even divine this?

This was the biggest danger that they had met so far, but they still didn’t need to use the array in their Dragon Jades. Shi Yulei had to admire this once-famous elder of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

They had been trapped here by a group from the Fourth Prince’s side, but now that everyone from the Ninth Prince’s team was here, the tide would turn. They had the Fourth Prince’s group surrounded from the front and back.


Shi Yulei put away his defense.

“Tie Lingyun, don’t rush,” the red-haired elder messaged privately. Although they had one Sacred Lord and three Quasi-Sacred Lords on their side, everyone from the Ninth Prince’s team had arrived. There were eight people in total, and the Ninth Prince could use draconic providence to increase his battle-power.

This was the unique point in this game. Princes would be the main targets when there were a lot of people around, but in a one group versus one group situation, princes were a super strong battle-power.

Furthermore, while the overall strength of an entire team might not be strong, they could work together and cover each other’s weaknesses perfectly. Shi Yulei specialized in power and offense. Su Qingling’s soul attacks were hard to defend against. Shen Jizi was a mysterious array master. Now, there would also be the beasts of the beast tamer, and with the help of a doctor, the beasts could release limitless battle-power endlessly.

This was the power of a team. Even though the red-haired elder was a Sacred Lord, he didn’t want to fight against a team like this.

“Zhao Feng, do you dare to fight me?” Tie Lingyun ignored what the elder said and turned into a ball of fire that charged out.

“Everyone, watch out!” Old Ying messaged everyone and went forward.


Tie Lingyun looked in disgust at the other five people and laughed, “Zhao Feng, what is it… you have the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, but you chose to become a beast tamer and hide behind others?”

Hearing this, Shi Yulei and Su Qingling paused for a moment. They had been wondering why Tie Lingyun was so interested in Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng had the Blood Devil Sun bloodline of the Tie Family? What was going on?

They immediately remembered the two people from the Tie Family before the fights for the positions started. Everything made sense now.

Old Ying had already told this to the Ninth Prince and Zhou Su’er. All they did was give a complicated look toward Zhao Feng.

“Tie Lingyun, this isn’t a place for single combat. This is the Crown Prince trial,” Old Ying’s voice sounded.

They had the advantage right now, and they didn’t need Zhao Feng to fight against Tie Lingyun in single combat.

“Fine, then we’ll use the rules of the Crown Prince trial.” Tie Lingyun’s eyes became grim. “Tell Zhao Feng to fight against me. If he wins, all the draconic providence within this Dragon Jade will be yours.”

Tie Lingyun shook the Dragon Jade on his belt. It was extremely bright and had the trace of a golden dragon.

“So much draconic providence!” Old Ying’s eyes twinkled as he sighed in his heart.

The difference between the groups was enormous. Tie Lingyun’s group most likely went for the inheritances of late-stage Sacred Lords in order to gather so much draconic providence.

At this moment, the red-haired elder led the other two group members over. Behind them, Shen Jizi’s group maintained a certain distance. Old Ying and Jing Kai immediately stepped forward and went on guard as they protected the Ninth Prince and Zhou Su’er.

“Old Ying, getting surrounded by you is my mistake, but if we want to leave, you can’t stop us.” The red-haired elder had a nonchalant expression.

Old Ying’s eyes became grim as he looked at Tie Yunhuo.

That was indeed the case. All the Ninth Prince’s team members were present. In a head-on fight, they weren’t scared of this group from the Fourth Prince’s team even if they were strong. However, if Tie Yunhuo’s group wanted to leave, could they even catch up? Even if someone on their side did manage to catch up, they would have left their team behind and definitely wouldn’t be a match.

“How about we just do what Tie Lingyun suggests? Tell Zhao Feng to come out and use draconic providence as the bet.” Tie Yunhuo glanced at Zhao Feng’s lightless Dragon Jade. He also wanted to see the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline.

Everyone from the Ninth Prince’s team looked at Zhao Feng.

Jing Kai, the Ninth Prince, and Old Ying were confident in Zhao Feng facing Tie Lingyun. Zhao Feng had the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline, but he also specialized in Soul eye-bloodline techniques, giving him an overwhelming advantage against Tie Lingyun.

Tie Yunhuo also obviously wanted to see this fight. He clearly didn’t care about the draconic providence since Zhao Feng’s Dragon Jade had zero light in it. Even if Zhao Feng lost, they wouldn’t gain anything.

“This method is good.” Zhao Feng stepped forward.

The Tie Family was constantly bothering him, and although he had spoken to Tie Hongnan about the issue before the fights for the positions, he knew that this issue hadn’t come to an end yet.

Those from the Tie Family were arrogant and believed that they were the center of the world. Zhao Feng hadn’t liked them for a long time now.

Shi Yulei and Su Qingling both paused. The Ninth Prince and company didn’t show any signs of rejecting this. Could it be that Zhao Feng’s strength was enough to fight against the peerless prodigy of the Tie Family? What did they miss?

“Hahaha! Good!”

The bloodline within Tie Lingyun’s body started to burn, and a layer of glass-like fire spread across his body. He seemed to become a flaming sovereign of war and radiated a fiery hot battle-intent.

A wave of heat made the others present feel uncomfortable. The blood and True Yuan within their bodies seemed to burn. Everyone instinctively moved back.

“Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!” Zhao Feng stepped forward, and his body grew taller and released a wave of golden-blue lightning.

“Hmph. You’re not even going to use your bloodline?” Tie Lingyun’s eyes became cold and sharp. Zhao Feng’s actions were humiliating him.


Tie Lingyun leapt into the air, and the flames around his body suddenly expanded and turned into a ball of flame that shot fiercely toward Zhao Feng.


A pair of Scarlet Wings of Lightning instantly appeared behind Zhao Feng’s body. With a flash, a wave of lightning swept over and reduced Tie Lingyun’s speed.


Zhao Feng’s Scarlet Wings of Lightning suddenly fluttered.


Zhao Feng turned into a bolt of scarlet lightning and shot toward the glass-like ball of fire.

Zhao Feng’s action instantly broke Tie Lingyun’s momentum, and the dominance he displayed gave him the upper hand.


The scarlet lightning clashed with the red flames, and a loud explosion sounded. It was as if a meteor had crashed into the ground.


Tie Lingyun was forced back a couple steps and was stunned. Zhao Feng’s physical body made him feel like he was hitting metal, and the ignition ability of his Blood Devil Sun Bloodline was heavily reduced.


While Zhao Feng retreated, he used the Scarlet Wings of Lightning to stabilize himself. The defense of his Sacred Lightning Body was extremely strong, but Tie Lingyun’s explosive Blood Devil Sun Bloodline allowed him to unleash explosive force even though he was at a disadvantage.

The difference between a King and a Quasi-Sacred Lord was extremely big. In the first exchange, Zhao Feng’s blood boiled, and he felt his body go hot.

On top of that, Zhao Feng felt that the explosiveness of Tie Lingyun’s bloodline was not much different from his own perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline. This meant that, while Tie Lingyun’s bloodline wasn’t considered perfect, it was still stronger than the normal Tie Family bloodline. Tie Lingyun’s control over it was also extremely good.

“Hmph. Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch!”

Zhao Feng circled around the opponent and unleashed the physical power within his Sacred Lightning Body. His fists glowed with scarlet-golden lightning and punched downward from the sky. Fist phantoms the size of mountains thundered toward Tie Lingyun.

“Blood Devil Charge!”

Tie Lingyun’s eyes were cold as the glass-like flames around his body started to burn. It was as if he was bathing in fire and blood; his body started to turn into a bright transparent red color.


The flames around Tie Lingyun’s body exploded as he shot forward. The speed he displayed was three times as fast as before; he was like a blazing ball of lava.

Even Zhao Feng paused for a moment. He instantly understood that this was a Blood Devil Sun bloodline secret technique of the Tie Family.

Ding! Bam! Bam!

Tie Lingyun’s spear was like a flaming dragon as it clashed against the scarlet fists of lightning.

After using the Blood Devil Charge, Tie Lingyun’s explosive power became even stronger, and the ignition effect of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline also increased dramatically.

Zhao Feng felt his body become fiery-hot, and his Blood Devil Sun bloodline was about to be unleashed.


A sandstone filled with fire and lightning engulfed the two figures. Loud explosions sounded in the air like thunder and resounded across Heaven and Earth.

“This brat cultivated such a profound body-strengthening technique… he’s actually still able to fight back against Tie Lingyun after he has used the Blood Devil Charge!?” Tie Yunhuo’s eyes flashed.

“So strong! As expected of Mas- Zhao Feng.” Jing Kai felt his blood boil. At this moment in time, Zhao Feng was on par with a genius from the Tie Family.

“This… is Zhao Feng?” Shi Yulei’s mouth fell open, and his eyes bulged out. A beast tamer didn’t need such strong battle-power, right?

“I didn’t think that Zhao Feng had hidden himself this deeply.” Su Qingling’s cold expression changed for the first time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After using the Blood Devil Charge, Tie Lingyun’s explosiveness couldn’t be rivalled or stopped. Under the barrage of attacks, Zhao Feng was forced back – he was the one at a disadvantage.

His Sacred Lightning Body was turning bright red from the heat, and he had expended a lot of energy. The numbing effect and the power of his Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch wasn’t very effective against the explosive Blood Devil Sun bloodline.


Zhao Feng’s fists blocked one of Tie Lingyun’s attacks. A burning sensation appeared on his arm, and Zhao Feng used the Scarlet Wings of Lightning to quickly retreat.

A wicked smile formed on Zhao Feng’s face. “If you want to see it, then I’ll let you see it.”

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A bright red glass-like flame covered Zhao Feng’s body. Zhao Feng seemed to be bathing in fire, and with the addition of his Sacred Lightning Body, he seemed to become a flaming demonic sovereign. A forceful and scorching aura formed a surge of flames and shot out in every direction, increasing the temperature of this world.

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