King Of Gods Chapter 958

Chapter 958 Each To Their Own

Chapter 958: Each to their Own

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Chapter 958 – Each to their Own

The Blood Devil Charge was a secret technique that was used with the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, and it could unleash explosive force and overwhelming power. The power of using this skill was the same as using the Scarlet Jade Glass Body, but the weakness was that it required a lot of bloodline power.

Zhao Feng had seen all of this during the two times where Tie Lingyun used it. While fighting, he analyzed all of this with his left eye and copied this secret technique.

“Hahaha! Apart from Xuanyuan Wen, you are the second person amongst the younger generation for me to fight with my full strength!” Tie Lingyun became excited after the shock passed. His opponent was extremely strong and had an even-better bloodline than his. He hadn’t had a fight like this in a long time.

Hu~ Shu~~

After using the Blood Devil Charge, Zhao Feng shot into the sky, and his scarlet red wings left a trail of blood behind. The bright blood-colored sun behind him released a gold-and-blood-colored light as if it was an ancient golden crow rising.


Zhao Feng left behind a blood-colored sun in the air as he charged downward and summoned a wave of explosions.

With this attack, Zhao Feng pushed his speed, power, and explosiveness to the maximum. Zhao Feng could feel that his explosiveness had reached another level with the use of the Blood Devil Sun Charge.

Even Tie Lingyun had to be wary of Zhao Feng’s terrifying power.


A flaming dragon several dozen meters long appeared beneath Tie Lingyun’s feet. The fire dragon was covered in red scales and had enormous wings. With a flap of its wings, countless flames swept toward the ground below. Tie Lingyun’s aura also seemed to become stronger as he stood on the fire dragon, as if he could borrow the power of the draconic fire within this fire dragon’s body.

Boom! Hu!

Tie Lingyun rode the fire dragon and charged into the sky.


Two blood-red-colored lights clashed once more.


Several scarlet-red lights shot out in every direction before a storm of lightning and fire formed and shook the air itself.

“If you want to fight in the air, then I’ll fight you in the air!”

After this clash, Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body dimmed once again, and he used the Lightning Wings Spatial Flying Technique to rise into the air.

He realized that, with the use of the Blood Devil Charge, it wasn’t just his bloodline power that became more explosive; all attributes of the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline became stronger. In the instant just now, he had absorbed three times more energy and blood essence from Tie Lingyun’s body than before, allowing him to lower the energy expenditure of using the Blood Devil Sun Charge. At the same time, his ignition effect became more obvious.

“Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!”

The instant the Blood Devil Charge ended, Zhao Feng used his flying technique and charged downward.

Ding! Ding! Bam!

Instead of fighting just above the ground, they now fought high in the air. It was as if this was a battle between a golden crow and a fire dragon.

A brilliant blood-colored light covered the entire sky.

Boom! Hu~~

Zhao Feng used the Blood Devil Charge again and smashed into Tie Lingyun. Although Tie Lingyun was standing on top of the fire dragon and could borrow its power and its tough defenses, he lost speed and agility. All he could do was defend.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng’s Scarlet Wings of Lightning, Lightning Wings Flying Technique, and Lightning Wings Spatial Flash only made him more agile. With the help of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, his speed was pushed to the max.

Speed could increase explosiveness, and explosiveness could increase speed.

Zhao Feng’s each and every attack came from above. He would occasionally switch between the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash and the Blood Devil Charge. After clashing, he would immediately retreat, then prepare to propel downward again. Like this, he controlled the flow.

“So strong! Zhao Feng has turned the tide and become the one with the initiative.” Shi Yulei was stunned and started to admire Zhao Feng. If he was the one fighting Tie Lingyun instead, all he could do was stand there and get beaten. However, from the looks of it, Tie Lingyun was the one on the defensive right now. The only other person in the younger generation he thought of that could do this was Xin Wuheng.

“Zhao Feng is training his bloodline power.” Old Ying faintly nodded his head and understood why Zhao Feng didn’t use his eye-bloodline techniques. He could feel that Zhao Feng’s usage of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline was becoming more controlled and experienced. The energy he used also decreased.

If Zhao Feng could learn the bloodline secret technique of the Tie Family, it wouldn’t be hard for him to see how else Tie Lingyun used his bloodline. Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s battle instincts were extremely astute.

“This will be bad if it continues.” Tie Yunhuo’s eyes watched all of this. Zhao Feng’s Wings of Lightning and other secret techniques made him too agile and fast. Tie Lingyun was borrowing the power of the fire dragon, but he wasn’t able to gain the advantage and could only go on the defensive.

While there were no signs of him losing quite yet, Tie Lingyun’s Scarlet Jade Glass Body was reaching its limit. On the other side, while Zhao Feng could use the lifesteal ability, it wasn’t enough to replenish all the Yuan Qi he was using.

If this continued, the winner would be decided by which could last longer – Zhao Feng’s Yuan Qi or Tie Lingyun’s Scarlet Jade Glass Body.

Those watching this fiery fight between bloodlines from below felt their battle-intent awakening.

Ding! Bam!

Tie Lingyun clashed against Zhao Feng once more and felt a strong eruptive force.

No one knew how frustrated he felt. Zhao Feng’s attacks were extremely weird; every time they exchanged blows, Tie Lingyun felt as if he couldn’t use his full power. It was as if Zhao Feng’s attacks all went for his weaknesses.

What strong True Yuan! This was the second thing that Tie Lingyun felt.

From the start, Zhao Feng had maintained the Sacred Lightning Body and his flying techniques. Even if the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline could absorb energy from the opponent and replenish Zhao Feng’s True Yuan, a normal King’s True Yuan should have been completely used up long ago.

However, what he didn’t know was that Zhao Feng had made his foundation extremely strong, and he had suppressed his cultivation in order to consolidate the quality of his True Yuan. The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was extremely unique, and it increased the quality of Zhao Feng’s True Yuan. Even some Emperors’ True Yuan wasn’t as refined as his.

Ding! Ding! Bam!

Tie Lingyun’s Scarlet Jade Glass Body released another surge of power, but the fire dragon below him was starting to become tired. His Scarlet Jade Glass Body was also reaching its limit, and if he continued to maintain it, his bloodline would be injured.

Tie Lingyun’s eyes became calm as he awaited the chance to unleash all his power at once.


After several blows, the desolate grounds suddenly started to shake.


A certain point in the air of the Little World suddenly shattered. The power of the Little World started to become chaotic, and a destructive storm was starting to form.

“Not good! This Little World has been heavily affected by the battle and is about to shatter!” a Quasi-Sacred Lord from Tie Yunhuo’s side exclaimed.

“The exchanges between Zhao Feng and Tie Lingyun are too concentrated on one place, so they have heavily destroyed the structure of the Little World.” Little Worlds were normally pretty stable, and Old Ying soon found the reason why this was happening.

“They’re really going to keep on fighting?” Shi Yulei was surprised. The Little World was about to shatter. If this continued, they would both be in serious danger.

Boom! Hu~~

A fiery aura that covered Heaven and Earth charged toward the place where Zhao Feng and Tie Lingyun were fighting, and a surge of flames covered them.

The Blood Devil Sun bloodline wasn’t exactly suited for prolonged battle. They were both at their limits and couldn’t fight back against the Blood Devil Sun bloodline of a Sacred Lord.


Tie Lingyun’s Scarlet Jade Glass Body was instantly suppressed.

“Let us end here. I will give my Dragon Jade to you.” Tie Yunhuo threw his Dragon Jade over and gave a deep glance at Zhao Feng before taking Tie Lingyun and the other two members into the crack of the Little World.

“Elder Yunhuo, can you tell how much True Yuan Zhao Feng has left?” Tie Lingyun was slightly unwilling. This fight had been much more difficult than what he first imagined. Zhao Feng’s every aspect had surpassed his imagination. He could also tell that the victor would’ve been decided based on which lasted longer – his Scarlet Jade Glass Body or the amount of Zhao Feng’s True Yuan.

“No, but you’ve already given it your all while he has conserved a lot of his strength.” Tie Yunhuo faintly shook his head. He sensed that Zhao Feng was on guard against him, but still very calm. It was as if Zhao Feng had the confidence to stop him if he decided to attack.

Tie Lingyun wanted to retort but was stopped.

“You do know he has an eye-bloodline, right?” Elder Tie Yunhuo’s voice sounded in Tie Lingyun’s mind.

The battle had felt so good that Tie Lingyun forgot that Zhao Feng had an eye-bloodline no weaker than the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline.

“However, your bloodline seems to have awakened even more after this fight….”

Tie Yunhuo led this group and disappeared from the Little World.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng exclaimed as he caught the bright Dragon Jade and charged out from another crack. At the same time, Old Ying also exited.

There were no signs of Tie Yunhuo’s group when everyone returned to the forest.

“Ninth Prince.” Zhao Feng handed over the Dragon Jade.

“Brother Zhao!” The Ninth Prince’s hands were trembling. Although he had taken the Dragon Jades of many members after entering this place, this was the first time he felt like the Dragon Jade was so heavy.

“Let’s rest here for a while.” Old Ying suggested as he looked at Zhao Feng.

After all, Zhao Feng would be the main force in the upcoming activities, and they would need him to find Yao beasts and increase the strength of his beast horde. All of this wouldn’t work if Zhao Feng was heavily injured.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng had become a core member whose status was only below Old Ying’s. Nothing could happen to Zhao Feng.

“Sure. Now that everyone has gathered together, it’s time to discuss what we’re going to do next.” Shi Yulei agreed as well. Zhao Feng’s strength made him feel calm, and he even felt like the Ninth Prince had the ability to fight against the top five princes.

The Ninth Prince’s team rested for a short while in the forest. Zhao Feng knew what they were after, so he sat down without hesitation. He drank some Hundred Origin Fruit Juice and started to recover his injuries and replenish his energy.

It was easy for an explosive bloodline such as the Blood Devil Sun bloodline to leave hidden injuries behind, especially after prolonged use.

Zhao Feng had gained a lot from the fight with Tie Lingyun. Not only did he learn how to control and use his Blood Devil Sun bloodline properly, he had also copied the Blood Devil Charge, a perfect secret technique that utilized the Blood Devil Sun bloodline.

At the same time, Zhao Feng felt that Tie Lingyun’s bloodline was awakened even further because of their fight and that the latter’s strength would increase by leaps and bounds.

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