King Of Gods Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Clash Between Beasts

Chapter 963: Clash between Beasts

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Chapter 963 – Clash Between Beasts

Zhao Feng paused for a moment before looking at Shen Jizi.

The reason he said he wanted to attack the Seventh Prince was because he knew quite a few people on the Eighth Prince’s team, and although they weren’t exactly friends, they weren’t really enemies either.

Another reason was that, in the Black Wind Canyon, Jiang Hao’s group had lost two members, including Array Master Wu Yu. Jiang Hao was from the Seventh Prince’s team, so their overall strength wasn’t as high as the Eighth Prince.

All in all, Zhao Feng wanted to attack the Seventh Prince mainly because of personal reasons. So why did Shen Jizi also choose the Seventh Prince?

The others all looked at Zhao Feng and Shen Jizi in surprise.

“Why?” Shi Yulei questioned. He was curious why Zhao Feng and Shen Jizi both said the same thing. The Eighth Prince should be the more logical choice.

“If my guesses are correct, the Eighth Prince’s overall strength is slightly stronger than the Seventh Prince. Even if we managed to take over his Heaven’s Legacy City, we would need to watch out in case they wanted to reclaim it,” Old Ying said after some thinking.

He was originally planning to attack the Eighth Prince’s Heaven’s Legacy City as well, but there must have been some reasons for Zhao Feng and Shen Jizi to attack the Seventh Prince instead. Furthermore, Shen Jizi cultivated the Dao of Life and was a master of divination; he might have divined some particularly important information.

“Indeed.” Su Qingling gently nodded her head.

The three people in their group with the most power decided to attack the Seventh Prince. Everyone else would naturally start to believe in them.

Behind the giant rock where the other three princes were gathered together.

“They’re heading toward the Heaven’s Legacy City in the west!?” an Emperor exclaimed.

“What? They’re going to attack the Seventh Prince?”

“How can that be? The Ninth Prince is ranked 7th. How can he be the Seventh Prince’s match? The Seventh Prince’s strength is ranked 3rd.”

“They’re courting death.”

Many experts belonging to the three princes mocked and were surprised.

“Maybe it’s because the Ninth Prince saw that us three were teamed up. Even if he came to attack the Eighth Prince, he would get nothing out of it.”

“Hehe, of course. Our forces are enough to take down the Eighth Prince.”

Everyone soon thought of the reason.

“Hehe, at least they know their place.” The Fifth Prince had a cold smile on his face.

With the Second Prince’s neutral and stable attitude, it was likely that he would invite the Ninth Prince into their party. As the moment, the three princes had decided to split the profits of the Heaven’s Legacy City into three portions. The Fifth Prince obviously didn’t want the Ninth Prince to join in and split the profits even further.

On top of the city hall where the Eighth Prince was located, all of the Eighth Prince’s team members had puzzled expressions as they looked at the Ninth Prince and company fly toward the Heaven’s Legacy City in the west.

“Why are they…?”

They originally thought that the Ninth Prince would join the Second Prince and attack them as well. If that happened, they wouldn’t be able to protect the Heaven’s Legacy City no matter how strong they were.

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined and the two geniuses of the Ji Family were puzzled as well.

“Zhao Feng!” Yu Tianhao was slightly disappointed, and he looked at those behind him before talking in a serious tone, “It should be because all of you have already lost to Zhao Feng, so he feels like there’s no point in attacking this Heaven’s Legacy City.”

Hearing this, the expressions of the Eighth Prince, Luo Zun, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined, and the geniuses of the Ji Family stiffened. Their mouths started to twitch, but they didn’t say anything – it was true; Zhao Feng’s strength was deeply imprinted into their hearts, especially the Eighth Prince’s.

The Eighth Prince was full of regret ever since he first met Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng had great success in the Divine Illusion Dimension, and he even had the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline. If he had just maintained a good relationship with Zhao Feng, then maybe Zhao Feng would be one of his biggest helpers right now.   Updated b.y Novelfull.Com

At this moment, in the Heaven’s Legacy City located in the west:

“Seventh Prince, the Ninth Prince’s team has arrived,” a scholar with a smooth face said gently.

“Hehe. He doesn’t know how high Heaven is or how thick the Earth is.” A skinny elder with sharp eyes that seemed able to see through everything spoke. Next to the elder was a middle-aged male radiating an invisible Sword intent from his eyes.

These two were experts of the Dao of the Sword from the number one sword sect in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty – the Sky Sword Pavilion.

“Your Highness, Zhao Feng is not simple,” Jiang Hao said in a low tone.

“No matter how unique he is, he’s just a Void God Realm King. Besides, his status as a beast tamer is what’s most important in this stage.” The Seventh Prince’s eyes were full of disdain. He didn’t care about what Jiang Hao said at all. If it was the Second and Fifth Princes’ combined forces attacking him, he would need to worry. However, it was just the measly Ninth Prince on his own. He didn’t take it to heart.

“That’s true.” Jiang Hao nodded his head. Back at the Black Wind Canyon, Zhao Feng’s terrifying skills left a deep impression on him, but beast tamers were the most important role in attacking the cities. Zhao Feng was extremely young; no matter how personally powerful he was, how skillful could he be at beast taming?

“Jiang Hao, don’t worry. I won’t let his spiritual pet get close to this Heaven’s Legacy City. You don’t need to be that scared, do you?” An elder in gray had a confident smile.

Jiang Hao’s expression became slightly ugly, but he didn’t say anything. Two people in the group that he led to the Black Wind Canyon had died, including Array Master Wu Yu. He and another Quasi-Sacred Lord had to use the array in their Dragon Jades to return to the Seventh Prince’s side. They had heavy losses, and he had lost all face. Therefore, Jiang Hao had lost the right to speak in the Seventh Prince’s team.

“En, we’ll be relying on Grandmaster Beast Tamer Zhang Yi then,” the Seventh Prince said with a smile.

Zhang Yi slowly walked out from a building and flew to the top of the city wall, then looked at the approaching Ninth Prince’s team playfully. Several hundred fierce beasts in front of the city walls instantly opened their eyes, and a surge of a terrifying beastly aura shot into the air.

He had prepared most of these in the continent zone. The rest were rare beasts that he had tamed in the Imperial Tombs. Since no one had come to attack the Seventh Prince yet, he hadn’t bought any beasts from the Spiritual Pet Garden.

“Come. Let me see how talented you are.” Zhang Yi’s eyes scanned over the group and finally stopped on Zhao Feng.

Although he had heard about the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly that Zhao Feng possessed, one spiritual pet couldn’t affect the tide in a fight between beast hordes. Besides, there were many methods he could use to take care of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.

The members of the Ninth Prince’s team also looked at Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng’s beast taming abilities surprised them, but they didn’t know how good he was at actually controlling them. However, since Zhao Feng was the one to suggest attacking the Seventh Prince, they believed that he at least had some skill.

Furthermore, the number of beasts he had easily surpassed the number of beasts in front of the Seventh Prince’s gate. This was the main reason the Ninth Prince dared to attack.

Zhao Feng walked forward and waved his arm, and an ocean of beasts instantly appeared.

“Hmm? Venomous scorpions, Wind Wolves, and two Sky Shaking Golden Apes. You’ve given me a surprise.” Zhang Yi laughed. He could tell that the two beast packs were from the Imperial Tombs.

Based on the fact that he had tamed two full beast packs, it seemed like the Ninth Prince’s team had put in a lot of effort. However, it would be a dream if they wanted to defeat the Seventh Prince by relying on just these two beast packs and the two Sky Shaking Golden Apes.

Firstly, there was a big difference in numbers. Secondly, there was a big difference between the beast tamers.

Zhao Feng didn’t bother with Zhang Yi. A faint golden glimmer appeared in his left eye. At the same time, he started to circulate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique in the bottom of his soul, and several hundred thoughts merged into the body of each beast.

Zhao Feng’s mind was completely focused on these beasts. It was as if these beasts were his own limbs.

“What powerful Soul Intent!” Zhang Yi could feel that Zhao Feng was about to attack. The Soul Intent that Zhao Feng was currently displaying was on par with his own. This made Zhang Yi cautious and wary.

Hu~ Hu~

The beasts in front of the city wall started to set a formation.

“Charge!” Zhao Feng ordered.

The two Sky Shaking Golden Apes were the first to charge.

Boom! Boom!

Although the two Sky Shaking Golden Apes were extremely big, they were rather agile. They were like golden mountains as they crushed forward.

The Wind Wolves and the venomous scorpions followed closely behind them.

“Mountain Giants, charge!” Zhang Yi understood the Sky Shaking Golden Apes extremely well. Only the Mountain Giants, which specialized in defense, could be compared to them.


Four giants clashed.

“Hmph. Attack the weaknesses!”

Zhao Feng circulated his left eye and poured more thoughts into the Sky Shaking Golden Ape. He controlled one of the Sky Shaking Golden Apes and made it continuously attack one of the Mountain Giant’s right foot.

The other Sky Shaking Golden Ape repeatedly attacked the other Mountain Giant’s shoulder.

“How is this possible? How can Zhao Feng’s Sky Shaking Golden Apes know the weaknesses of my Mountain Giants?” Zhang Yi was stunned. The Mountain Giants had fought with him for many years, so they had hidden injuries. However, how could Zhao Feng’s beasts be so smart?

Furthermore, the style of these two Sky Shaking Golden Apes was fluid, and they even had traces of using low-levelled techniques.

Zhang Yi was even suspicious that some Kings or Emperors had taken over the bodies of these Sky Shaking Golden Apes. Their style and battle-instincts were the same as a human.

The two Mountain Giants were instantly forced back.

“Black Fur Giant Bears, go help them.” Grandmaster Zhang Yi’s expression was slightly ugly. The first beasts he sent out were easily defeated by Zhao Feng’s Sky Shaking Golden Apes.

Hu~ Hu~

Two black-furred bears that were more agile than the Mountain Giants charged forward and slashed their black paws downward. These paws were followed by countless sharp gusts of wind.

“Retreat!” Zhao Feng gave a faint smile and made the Sky Shaking Golden Apes retreat a couple steps and dodge to the side. The paw attacks of the Black Fur Giant Bears scraped by the Sky Shaking Golden Apes’ fur.

“How is this possible!?” Zhang Yi almost spat out a mouthful of blood. These two Sky Shaking Golden Apes definitely had true sentience for them to be able to dodge those attacks so quickly. Normal beasts couldn’t act like this.

The Ninth Prince’s team were all dazed as well. When they had captured these two beasts, they were extremely dumb and only knew how to attack wildly.

“These are the Sky Shaking Golden Apes that we captured?” Shi Yulei touched his head in shock.

“Zhao Feng probably gave them some unique training.” Su Qingling had a stiff expression.

These two beasts seemed to have their own intelligence and even knew some fighting techniques.