King Of Gods Chapter 967

Chapter 967 Samsara Immortal Body

Chapter 967: Samsara Immortal Body

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Chapter 967 – Samsara Immortal Body

“This attack will reveal your true face.”

This was the strongest attack Zhao Feng had ever unleashed. It contained the Fire of Wind Lightning, the Sacred Lightning Body, the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, the Blood Devil Charge, the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, and some other techniques.


At this moment, Zhao Feng turned into a blazing flash of lightning and descended directly in front of the black-robed person. His terrifying physical force completely ignored the laws and Intents of the black-robed person’s Death Force Field as he punched forward.

“Zhao Feng, did you give up on the God Eye and choose body-strengthening after re-cultivating?” The black-robed person laughed coldly and spoke in a ghastly voice when Zhao Feng’s fist was only a few centimeters away from his body.

Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically. He could still hear what the black-robed person said even though the force of his punch covered everything.

Zhao Feng was even more sure of the black-robed person’s identity from this sentence. However, what truly stunned Zhao Feng wasn’t what the black-robed person said, but the black-robed person himself; he was able to stand there in the face of Zhao Feng’s punch. The black-robed person didn’t even react at all, as if he had given up. This made Zhao Feng feel that something was off.


The black-robed person’s body was engulfed by Zhao Feng’s attack, and his body was blasted apart by the terrifying attack of fire and lightning.

The black-robed person’s Yuan Soul remained standing in the air. After all, the attack Zhao Feng just unleashed was a purely physical attack.

However, a forbidden undulation of Death energy came from behind him and caused Zhao Feng’s soul to shake.

After bashing the black-robed person’s body into pieces, Zhao Feng immediately used the Scarlet Wings of Lightning to stabilize himself and turn around. Countless runes and talismans filled the half-transparent black soul, making it look fierce and terrifying. There was a pair of black eyes in the head of the soul. Within the eyes was an everlasting whirlpool that seemed to lead to the endless abyss of death.

“Eyes of Death!” Zhao Feng immediately called out.

The appearance of this Yuan Soul was also extremely similar to the Emperor of Death. But how could this possibly be the Emperor of Death?

Zhao Feng started to panic after seeing this. The Emperor of Death used his life as the price to activate the Cursed Words of Death. How could he still be alive and still have the Eyes of Death?

“Dark Eye Death Flames!”

Limitless power of Death shot out from the black eyes in the Emperor of Death’s Yuan Soul and turned into a black streak of light that caught Zhao Feng off guard and hit him head-on. Zhao Feng’s body went cold as he felt the danger of death in his soul and body.


The Dark Eye Death Flames started to fight against Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body and Blood Devil Sun bloodline. At the same time, a black fire started to burn in Zhao Feng’s soul. This fire contained the laws of Death that made everything slowly wither and decay.


More than two thousand symbols of God Tribulation Lightning flashed in Zhao Feng’s Lightning Soul Body.

Zhao Feng’s soul contained the power of God Tribulation Lightning, which could be used to refine the soul at any moment. Zhao Feng had even managed to use his Lightning Soul Body to absorb the power of the ancient lightning. However, the Dark Eye Death Flames that the Emperor of Death used wasn’t on the same level as the past, and it gave Zhao Feng the feeling that he was aging.


Countless flashes of lightning intertwined with the wave of black flames, and they started to erode each another. On one side was Death, and on the other side was Destruction. Both were terrifying forces.


The God Tribulation Lightning completely destroyed the last wave of black flames. After all, this was just one attack from the Emperor of Death whereas Zhao Feng’s soul contained all of his power.

However, not every inch of Zhao Feng’s soul had the power of God Tribulation Lightning imprinted in it. The power of the Dark Eye Death Flames covered everything, and some of it managed to touch Zhao Feng’s soul.

“The lifespan of my soul has decreased!” Zhao Feng was stunned. The Emperor of Death’s soul technique was destroyed by his God Tribulation Lightning, but the laws of Death still managed to touch his Lightning Soul Body.

One had to know that Zhao Feng’s soul had reached the level of a Sacred Lord. The stronger one’s soul was, the more resilient it was against soul attacks. Zhao Feng’s resilience surpassed beginning-stage Sacred Lords who specialized in the soul.

This meant that, if it was a normal Sacred Lord taking the Emperor of Death’s attack head-on instead of Zhao Feng, their soul lifespan would decrease by at least a thousand years, depending on their soul-strength.

The wisp of black flames that landed on Zhao Feng’s body also stole part of his lifeforce.

“Your soul!”

Zhao Feng wasn’t the only one stunned; the Emperor of Death also revealed a shocked expression.

Ever since the start of the battle, Zhao Feng only used physical attacks. This made the Emperor of Death think that the growth of Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was slow after he took a different body. However, even after using his new laws of Death that he had learned, the Emperor of Death’s forbidden eye-bloodline technique was still blocked by Zhao Feng. This meant that Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was on par with his own. Both had reached the level of Sacred Lords.

“It seems like I have underestimated you once again. You’re not even an Emperor yet, but you already have the Soul Intent of someone at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm. As expected of the owner of a God Eye.” The Emperor of Death’s Yuan Soul let out a cold laugh instead of feeling regretful.

“Emperor of Death, how are you still alive?” Zhao Feng stared at the Emperor of Death’s Yuan Soul and questioned.


Countless black dust particles around the Emperor of Death started to gather and form skin, flesh, and bones. At the end was a completely black-robed body, which then covered the Emperor of Death’s Yuan Soul.

“This is” Zhao Feng’s left eye saw that the dust and body parts he destroyed had returned to their original form, as if time had moved backward.

At this instant, Zhao Feng felt an indescribable, terrifying, and irresistible Intent from the black-robed body. This power was similar to Time, Death, and Destruction; it was one of the ultimate Intents of Heaven and Earth.

“Who said that I’m alive?” The Emperor of Death didn’t reply to Zhao Feng’s question and revealed a smug expression. He liked seeing the shock and panic that Zhao Feng revealed.

Zhao Feng wanted to curse after hearing the Emperor of Death’s response, but he didn’t say anything. All his attention was completely on the Emperor of Death’s body.

The Emperor of Death’s body was extremely weird; it was even stronger than the Immortal Death Body. It had reached an incredulous level.

The Immortal Death Body had an undying attribute. In theory, there was no weaknesses in terms of survivability. However, once the body was destroyed, the soul would gradually weaken on its own. This was the reason why the Emperor of Death tried to find a body after self-destructing.

However, even after getting decimated by Zhao Feng’s ultimate attack, the Emperor of Death’s body just recovered like nothing happened. Zhao Feng had never heard of an immortal and undying body like this.

This meant that, if Zhao Feng wanted to kill the Emperor of Death, he had to kill the Emperor of Death’s soul since his body could just recover to its original state even if it was broken into bits.

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered something else too the Cursed Words of Death. If he killed the Emperor of Death once more, would he activate the Cursed Words of Death on Zhao Feng again?

Zhao Feng started to become wary and his gaze moved back and forth.


Zhao Feng finally realized what was wrong. If the Emperor of Death could use the Cursed Words of Death more than once, then he wouldn’t have been killed and forced to re-cultivate multiple times in the past. If he could, then the Emperor of Death would have been famous for having the ability to kill Sacred Lords very easily, but Zhao Feng had never heard of any news about the Cursed Words of Death when he was in the True Martial Sacred Land.

“Hmph, I don’t believe that you can use the Cursed Words of Death again.” Zhao Feng’s heart was as clear as a mirror, and he cleared out all the fear of the Cursed Words of Death.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re alive or not. I’ll just kill you again or die trying.” Zhao Feng’s soul was clear, and the power of his soul became purer and stronger. His willpower was unchanged.

Hearing what Zhao Feng said, the Emperor of Death’s eyes became disappointed and helpless, but they were soon replaced by limitless anger and hatred.

“Zhao Feng, I told you that I will make you beg for death for eternity!” the Emperor of Death roared in anger.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng circulated his Soul Intent, and his left eye flashed with a faint golden color. At the same time, he poured his soul power into his left eye.

A stunning fire surrounded by purple-and-gold light instantly shot out from Zhao Feng’s left eye. The faint glimmer of God Tribulation Lightning could be seen in the gold-and-purple glow. Why would Zhao Feng just stand there and not counterattack after being hit by the Emperor of Death’s Dark Eye Death Flames?


A ball of transparent gold-and-purple lightning-fire with an aura of Destruction landed on the Emperor of Death’s face.

Since Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent had reached the level of Sacred Lords and he was using a secret eye-bloodline technique that contained the power of God Tribulation Lightning, he could threaten the souls of early-stage Sacred Lords.

This was the first Zhao Feng was using his eye-bloodline techniques at full force after entering the Imperial Tombs. Everyone he had met so far were either too weak or didn’t need to be killed.

“Arghhh~~~~!” The Emperor of Death screamed as the gold-and-purple lightning-fire and the power of God Tribulation Lightning ravaged his body. At the same time, the Emperor of Death’s soul which was filled with mysterious marks and symbols was bombarded by the countless flames of lightning.

Zhao Feng lost part of his lifeforce and his soul lifespan to the Emperor of Death’s laws of Death. However, Zhao Feng also dealt unrecoverable damage to the Emperor of Death’s soul.

Hu~ Hu~

The Emperor of Death’s body was destroyed by the power of fire and lightning, but it soon started to recover once more. However, this time, Zhao Feng could see that there were some scorch marks on the Emperor of Death’s black robes.

A light flashed through Zhao Feng’s eyes; “As I thought, the power of God Tribulation Lightning is still effective against you.”

“Zhao Feng, you’ve gotten too full of yourself. I will show you a brand-new Intent of Death and the ultimate eye-bloodline techniques of Death.” The Emperor of Death’s black eyes twinkled with hatred. However, he could just see the scene of Zhao Feng dying to his ultimate eye-bloodline techniques of Death.

While Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death were fighting, the figures of Old Ying and Shi Yulei appeared in the distance.

Old Ying was filled with shock when he saw the black-robed person’s body recovering after being destroyed so thoroughly. His expression changed dramatically and he immediately called out, “Zhao Feng, watch out! The Emperor of Death now has a Samsara Immortal Body!”

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