King Of Gods Chapter 972

Chapter 972 Controlling The Situation

Chapter 972: Controlling the Situation


Chapter 972 – Controlling the Situation

When the surge of beastly aura appeared outside the Seventh Prince’s city, it wasn’t just the Seventh Prince and his team that were stunned; the members within the other three Heaven’s Legacy City, the three princes outside the southern Heaven’s Legacy City, and all the spectators back in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty were all shocked as well.

“How can there be so many beasts?” The Fifth Prince looked into the distance with a dazed look. He very much regretted not letting the Second Prince invite the Ninth Prince. With a beast horde like that, it would be extremely easy to break through the Eighth Prince’s city.

Furthermore, the rest of the Ninth Prince’s team wasn’t weak either. None of them had been killed by the black-robed person or Sacred Lord Dark Soul.

“Looks like Zhao Feng really does think that it would be boring to attack us.” The Eighth Prince faltered for a moment before smiling. Although he regretted not forming a good relationship with Zhao Feng, he felt lucky that he didn’t exactly form a bad relationship with Zhao Feng.

The strength that the Ninth Prince’s team currently displayed didn’t just scare the Seventh Prince. Even the Thirteenth and Fourth Princes’ teams were stunned.

“He really is a beast tamer?” Xuanyuan Wen had a solemn expression. Even though he had managed to somewhat control a substandard God Weapon, Xuanyuan Wen didn’t want to fight against such a monstrous beast tamer.

“That Zhao Feng!” Sacred Lord Black Demon from Nine Darkness Palace had a grim expression. He was wondered whether or not Zhao Feng even used his full power when fighting with him; back then, he didn’t even take out a single beast.

Discussion broke out amongst the Great Gan Imperials.

“So many beasts!”

“This will be fun to watch. The Seventh Prince has two Sacred Lords.”

Most of the experts present sighed in shock, whereas those within the Ninth Prince’s hall were full of excitement. Those that were suspicious of Zhao Feng before were now extremely embarrassed.

“I didn’t think that Zhao Feng’s beast taming skills were so strong.”

“Hahaha, the Ninth Prince’s team was conserving their strength.”

“From my point of view, the Ninth Prince still has some hope.” An Elder from some clan had sparkling eyes.

Duke Nanfeng also nodded his head with a faint smile. To a certain degree, he chose the Ninth Prince’s side because of Zhao Feng, not because he cared about whether the Ninth Prince could become the Crown Prince or not. However, he now thought that the Ninth Prince had hope. Maybe he was the one taking advantage by choosing Zhao Feng’s side.

Facing the massive horde of beasts made the Seventh Prince’s team finally understand that they had underestimated the Ninth Prince’s team. This would be a tough fight.

“Zhang Yi, try to stall Zhao Feng’s beasts,” the scholar ordered.

“Okay.” Zhang Yi’s face went red. He didn’t care about how talented this junior Zhao Feng was anymore, all he needed to do was protect the city successfully.


This time, the Seventh Prince’s team started to properly prepare.

“Watch out, they’re coming!” Old Ying exclaimed.

Although Zhao Feng had a lot of beasts, their team didn’t have any peak battle-powers. If the Seventh Prince just defended the city, the Ninth Prince’s team would have a bigger advantage. However, the scholar already noticed that and decided to go on the offensive.

“Protect Zhao Feng,” Old Ying thought for a moment before saying.

Usually, protecting the beast tamer in a battle was the first thing a team should do, but the beast tamer in their group was their strongest member.

“Shi Yulei, keep an eye on the two from Sky Sword Pavilion.” Old Ying gave Shi Yulei a task. Shi Yulei specialized in physical defense and perfectly countered the Dao of Sword attacks from those of Sky Sword Pavilion.

Old Ying and Su Qingling kept an eye on Sacred Lord Dark Soul.

“Okay.” Shi Yulei immediately locked onto Sacred Lord Sharp Edge and Lu Tianqi. He obviously wasn’t their match in a duel, but all he needed to do was try his best to block their attacks.


Apart from the Seventh Prince and Zhang Yi, the other six in the Seventh Prince’s team charged out. From the looks of it, their target was Zhao Feng.

“As I thought.” Old Ying’s expression became grim. The target of the Seventh Prince’s team was Zhao Feng since he was the one controlling all these beasts.

“Zhao Feng, watch out,” Old Ying warned. After all, Zhao Feng wasn’t at his peak right now.

“It’s fine.” Zhao Feng didn’t worry at all. He just circulated his Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.


All the beasts around him started to charge toward the Seventh Prince’s city. Only the seven Sky Shaking Golden Apes were left behind.

“What? This brat is making his beasts attack?” Sacred Lord Dark Soul was surprised.

All of them were pretending to attack Zhao Feng, and then he was supposed to leave behind a large portion of his beasts to protect himself, but Zhao Feng only left seven Sky Shaking Golden Apes behind? This was very different to what the scholar had analyzed.

“Grandmaster Zhang Yi, hold on!” The Seventh Prince’s heart fell when he saw the wave of beasts rushing over.

“Okay.” Zhang Yi circulated his Soul Intent and made his beasts block the city gate.

“You’re courting death. You think seven measly Sky Shaking Golden Apes can stop our attack?” Sacred Lord Sharp Edge became angry and lifted his jade sword, unleashing a blur of sword lights through the air as infinite Sword Intent shot into the sky.


Sacred Lord Sharp Edge slashed out with his sword, and the Sword Intent formed a transparent white sword that seemed able to pierce through anything.

“I’ll handle it.” Shi Yulei held a giant dark yellow shield with both hands and stood in front of Zhao Feng.

The dragon carving on the dark yellow shield suddenly lit up and gave off the faint roar of a dragon. Countless sparkling golden bits of sand flowed out of the dragon’s head and slowly formed a sandy wall of defense.

“You won’t be able to block it.” Sacred Lord Sharp Edge harrumphed coldly in disdain.

Boom! Boom!

The transparent white sword instantly destroyed the sandy wall of defense.


A physical force suddenly shattered the remaining power of the white sword.


A gold-and-blue metallic giant charged out, and its physical pressure instantly suppressed the other five people.

“What? Is that Zhao Feng?” Sacred Lord Sharp Edge had a surprised expression.

“Body-strengthening?” Lu Tianqi, a junior from Sky Sword Pavilion, murmured.

“Laughable! A beast tamer coming out to fight personally?” Sacred Lord Sharp Edge roared as he sent another slash toward Zhao Feng.

The other five from the Seventh Prince’s team also charged out and pretended to attack Zhao Feng, but they were actually just waiting for a chance to attack the Ninth Prince.


Shi Yulei went forward once again and used his defensive Inheritance Sacred weapon to block part of Sacred Lord Sharp Edge’s attack.


The seven Sky Shaking Golden Apes roared and leapt at the incoming five experts from the Seventh Prince’s team.

“You guys stall Sacred Lord Sharp Edge,” Zhao Feng messaged the others.

Sacred Lord Sharp Edge seemed to be the stronger Sacred Lord on the Seventh Prince’s team. Their soul specialist Su Qingling’s cultivation was too low, so she couldn’t block Sacred Lord Dark Soul. On the other hand, Shi Yulei relied on his bloodline, his defensive Inheritance Sacred Weapon, and his technique to stall Sacred Lord Sharp Edge’s offense.

“Okay.” The Ninth Prince and company didn’t question what Zhao Feng said, and they immediately blocked Sacred Lord Sharp Edge.

Sacred Lord Dark Soul, Jiang Hao, Lu Tianqi, and company from the Seventh Prince’s side faltered for a moment.

“What’s the meaning of this?” The scholar’s expression changed. Apart from Zhao Feng, everyone else in the Ninth Prince’s team went to block Sacred Lord Sharp Edge, completely ignoring everyone else. In this situation, should they keep pretending to attack Zhao Feng and ambush the Ninth Prince, or should they just actually attack Zhao Feng, who was so unprotected?

The scholar started to think.


At this moment, the seven Sky Shaking Golden Apes charged over.

“Fuck off!” Lu Tianqi roared as he unleashed countless sword beams.

“Ice Demonic Spear!” Jiang Hao quickly stabbed out with his white spear, and countless white blurs stabbed toward the Sky Shaking Golden Apes.

However, the Sky Shaking Golden Apes had big bodies and strong defense. They took these attacks head-on and punched forward with their fists.

“Sacred Lord Dark Soul, kill Zhao Feng!” The scholar soon made a decision.

Lu Tianqi and Jiang Hao were responsible for stalling the seven Sky Shaking Golden Apes.

This left the scholar, Sacred Lord Dark Soul, and another Quasi-Sacred Lord.

Although the current situation looked like a trap, the three of them didn’t believe that they couldn’t take care of one beast tamer that was just a King.

“Hehe, are you not going to protect the city?” Zhao Feng suddenly smiled.

“You, quickly go back and help grandmaster Zhang Yi!” The scholar’s expression changed, and he ordered the Quasi-Sacred Lord.

Zhao Feng had only left seven Sky Shaking Golden Apes behind, which meant the rest of his horde was going to attack the city. Zhang Yi and the Seventh Prince alone obviously wouldn’t be able to block them all. If the city was broken into and the Seventh Prince became surrounded by beasts, they would lose.

At this instant, the Seventh Prince and Zhang Yi were in dire straits.


The Quasi-Sacred Lord flew toward the city.


The scholar and Sacred Lord Dark Soul immediately charged toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng looked at the two of them and gave a faint smile. The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly next to him opened its mouth and spat out a five-colored silk that instantly shot through the air and covered everything within a few hundred yards.

However, the scholar and Sacred Lord Dark Soul were ready. They dodged and broke through the silk and continued to charge toward Zhao Feng.

“You think you can stop us by relying on the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly?” Sacred Lord Dark Soul snickered coldly as the power of his soul surged.

However, the sound of Jiang Hao’s cry suddenly sounded from behind them.

“Dammit, what is this?” Jiang Hao’s sight was blocked by the Sky Shaking Golden Ape, so he wasn’t on guard against the silk, which instantly wrapped around him.

On the other side, Lu Tianqi was also wrapped in silk, reducing his mobility.

The scholar had a grim expression as he suddenly understood that the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly’s attack wasn’t even aimed at them to begin with.

“This youth!” The scholar suddenly had a weird feeling as he looked at the calm Zhao Feng. It was as if, the moment he decided to attack Zhao Feng, this youth took control of this battle.

“Sacred Lord Dark Soul, end this fight as quickly as possible!” the scholar messaged Sacred Lord Dark Soul. Zhao Feng’s calm and nonchalant expression frustrated him.

However, just as he finished saying that:


A pair of Scarlet Wings of Lightning spread behind Zhao Feng’s back, and he turned into a bolt of red-and-white lightning that shot toward the two of them.

“What? He’s going on the offensive?” The scholar was stunned.

This youth in front of him was acting extremely weirdly. He couldn’t see through him at all.

“You’re courting death!” Sacred Lord Dark Soul was enraged, and he released his soul power. He held a short gray blade in his hand and slashed out, unleashing a black ripple of light.

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