King Of Gods Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Soul Splitting Technique

Chapter 976 – Soul Splitting Technique

Zhao Feng gritted his teeth and took out a large amount of Primal Crystal Stones in order to buy the Soul Splitting Technique.

The elegant elder then handed over another book of light into Zhao Feng’s hand.


The contents inside the book of light soon merged into Zhao Feng’s mind.

Zhao Feng roughly scanned over it, and his expression instantly became ugly.

He had been scammed by this elder. The Soul Splitting Technique and the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique were indeed by the same author, but while it did contain some soul techniques, the Soul Splitting Technique was incomplete.

However, what made Zhao Feng especially speechless was that the Soul Splitting Technique only had one level. Although it was incomplete this was a bittooincomplete.

Zhao Feng had been scammed, but the elder hadn’t ever lied to Zhao Feng. One could only say that Zhao Feng underestimated this machine.

At this instant, all the contents of the Soul Splitting Technique were in Zhao Feng’s mind. It was impossible to return it.

Zhao Feng now understood why the Soul Splitting Technique was cheaper than the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.Zhao Feng became angry and inspected the elegant elder in front of him. All businesses in the world including ones run by machines were indeed liars.

The elder revealed an apologetic smile when he saw Zhao Feng’s expression; “Guest, although the Soul Splitting Technique is incomplete, it will be at least a peak Heaven-grade technique if you manage to complete it. Therefore, even though the Soul Splitting Technique only has one level, it’s very cheap.”

Zhao Feng half-doubted and half-believed what the elder said. Since the Soul Splitting Technique only had one level, it was hard for Zhao Feng to analyze the rest even with his God’s Eye.

However, Zhao Feng’s eyes immediately shifted, “Can the Divine Technique Palace complete the Soul Splitting Technique for me?”

If the Soul Splitting Technique was as the elder described and could reach the peak Heaven grade, Zhao Feng was willing to buy an upgrade if the price was reasonable. After all, he had already bought the first level.

“The contents of the Soul Splitting Technique are unique, and we lack similar skills to compare it to. The Divine Technique Palace can complete it, but we can’t guarantee its safety or its effect. Furthermore, the price would be a lot higher than the other soul-cultivating techniques.” The elder thought for a while before replying.

As soon as the elder finished speaking, Zhao Feng had already started to leave with the little thieving cat. Soul-cultivating techniques were already risky. If the Divine Technique Palace couldn’t guarantee its safety, Zhao Feng obviously had to think it through extensively.

One had to know that the Soul Eye Refining Technique alone had cost Zhao Feng almost 30% of his total wealth. Zhao Feng would be crazy if he spent another 30% to buy a technique that he might not even be able to cultivate.

Zhao Feng glanced at the little thieving cat after leaving the Divine Technique Palace.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat revealed an innocent expression, as if saying that it didn’t know anything. The divination result said that it was a good choice, which is why it supported Zhao Feng in buying the Soul Splitting Technique.

Zhao Feng then went to the Ten Thousand Blood Palace after leaving the Divine Techniques Palace.

The Ten Thousand Blood Palace was a place even more highly-ranked than the Divine Techniques Palace. No one could resist the temptation of the bloodlines within the Ten Thousand Blood Palace.

“May I ask if you want to strengthen your bloodline or implant a bloodline?” An elegant female constructed of blood-colored light smiled at Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat.

“I want to strengthen my bloodline to a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.”

Zhao Feng had been here before, so he was familiar with the abilities here.

“Sure, I’ll first need to check your bloodline before strengthening it,” the elegant female made of blood-colored light said with a smile.

Zhao Feng then sat in front of a multi-armed machine. The multi-armed machine then extended a pointy needle and tube and stabbed into Zhao Feng’s body.

“An unknown eye-bloodline has been detected. Unable to be strengthened. Detected an ancient Ice and Water bloodline, a Fire-elemental bloodline, a blood-related bloodline, and genes of the Ancient Bloodline. The ancient Ice and Water bloodline is relatively weak, so it’s best to strengthen the Fire-elemental or the blood-related bloodline.

“The bloodlines that they can be strengthened to are the Lightning Fire Ancient Dragon Race, the Fire God Race, or the Ancient Blood Race. Since you have a strong bloodline foundation and have genes of the Ancient Bloodline, the price is only 50% of the total amount.” The elegant female revealed a weird expression as she told Zhao Feng the report.

“50%?” Zhao Feng was surprised. He remembered that he had only paid 10% of the total price to strengthen his bloodline to the Mystic Ice Scaled Race in the other Heaven’s Legacy City. This meant that Zhao Feng would have to pay 5 times as much compared to before.

Zhao Feng then thought about the bloodlines that the elegant female mentioned. Almost all of them were ranked in the top one hundred of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and they were much stronger than the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline. The Lightning Fire Ancient Dragon Race and the Fire God Race were both in the top fifty.

Zhao Feng thought for a moment before understanding. His perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline was very strong even when compared to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, which is why the rankings of the races he could upgrade to were so high. However, this meant that the price he would have to pay would be very high.

“How much does it cost to strengthen to the bloodline of the Lightning Fire Ancient Dragon bloodline?” Zhao Feng hesitated for a while before asking. Before entering the city, Zhao Feng thought that he had countless resources and wouldn’t be able to finish using them. Now he had to think and calculate carefully.

The female pointed her finger, and a screen with information regarding the Lightning Fire Ancient Dragon bloodline as well as how pure Zhao Feng’s bloodline would be appeared. At the very bottom of it was the price.

“In reality, with your unique Fire-elemental bloodline and foundation, you could upgrade your bloodline to the Ancient Golden Crown Race bloodline, which is ranked 9th. However, the Ten Thousand Blood Palace doesn’t have that bloodline. If you have it, we can upgrade your bloodline for free,” the female looked at the little thieving cat and said.

“Golden Crow Race!”

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. His perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline could indeed absorb the power of the ancient golden crow, but he never would have imagined that it could be upgraded to the genuine Golden Crow bloodline.

However, how could Zhao Feng possibly have the bloodline of an ancient golden crow? As far as he knew, there seemed to be only one golden crow remaining in the Fan Universe the sun. It was a terrifying race that even experts at the Heavenly Divine Realm didn’t dare to approach. This female was definitely joking with him.

Right now, the Lightning Fire Ancient Dragon bloodline was the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline that most suited Zhao Feng, but it was ranked 43rd, and the price to upgrade his bloodline was counted by substandard God Crystals.

Zhao Feng thought for a while. Even if he spent all his wealth within his Misty Spatial World, it still wouldn’t be enough.

At the very end, Zhao Feng didn’t choose to strengthen his bloodline.

Firstly, his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body both still required a large amount of resources to cultivate.

Secondly, Zhao Feng also wanted to make his own force. The resources required to maintain his own force easily surpassed the resources he needed for himself.

Thirdly, Zhao Feng now had a large beast horde. Although he wasn’t thinking about all of them, he at least wanted to raise some of them, such as the Five Poison Distinct Bees, the Sky Shaking Golden Apes, and some others.

Therefore, Zhao Feng couldn’t spend everything on himself.

“Do you have any Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline that’s suitable for Sky Shaking Golden Apes?” Zhao Feng asked.

Even though he wasn’t planning to strengthen his own bloodline, he could still strength the bloodlines of some of his pets, and the Sky Shaking Golden Apes had huge potential.

The female made of blood-colored light started to test the Sky Shaking Golden Apes.

“The Sky Shaking Golden Apes can be strengthened in two different aspects. One is speed and the other is power. The bloodlines can be” The elegant female gave Zhao Feng a simple summary, and a screen appeared before him.

“Strengthen it to the bloodline of the Power Force Apes.”

Zhao Feng chose to strengthen the Sky Shaking Golden Apes with power-type bloodlines. The Power Force Apes bloodline could almost double the strength of the Sky Shaking Golden Apes, and it increased their defense as well. It was ranked in the four hundreds among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, so the price wasn’t very high. Furthermore, since the Sky Shaking Golden Apes were beasts from this dimension, they also had genes from the Ancient Race, meaning that the price could be discounted.

“Seven Sky Shaking Golden Apes will need seven days’ time,” the female said.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and left the Sky Shaking Golden Apes here as he prepared to leave.

“Zhao Feng!” Shi Yulei entered the Ten Thousand Blood Palace and revealed a surprised expression. He didn’t think that Zhao Feng would be so fast.

The first place he had tried to find was the Ten Thousand Blood Palace, where he could import a bloodline or strengthen his existing bloodline.

“Zhao Feng, with your perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline, you shouldn’t need to come here.” Shi Yulei laughed.

Zhao Feng’s perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline was a bloodline that could be ranked within the top ten of Imperial Dao bloodlines.

“En, I’m just strengthening my spiritual pets’ bloodlines.” Zhao Feng faintly shook his head. He actually really wanted the Lightning Fire Ancient Dragon bloodline, but alas

“What? Strengthening the bloodline of your pets?” Shi Yulei’s mouth fell open. He had borrowed a lot of resources from his family to come here for himself, but even then, he might not have enough to strengthen his bloodline once. On the other hand, Zhao Feng was strengthening the bloodlines of his spiritual pets?

However, it was most likely a normal bloodline. Shi Yulei felt a lot better when he thought about it like this.

“I’ll be going around to some other places now.” Zhao Feng said goodbye to Shi Yulei.

Zhao Feng took out the map after leaving the Ten Thousand Blood Palace.

“We’ll go to the Divine Herb Tower next.”

Most of the herbs and pills that Zhao Feng had obtained in the Imperial Tombs weren’t ones he needed. Furthermore, the little thieving cat also wanted to go to the Divine Herb Tower.

The Divine Herb Tower was extremely big even bigger than the Ten Thousand Blood Palace. They had every herb one needed, and they were all stored in different environments to maintain their good condition. Apart from pills and herbs, they also had medicinal liquid stored in half-transparent tubes.

“Guest, do you need herbs, medicine, or specially-made items?” A female made of green light slowly walked over.

“You can make specific items?” Zhao Feng was surprised, but he didn’t need anything in this aspect.

In the end, Zhao Feng traded many of his resources for those related to Wind, Lightning, and Fire.

Zhao Feng’s left eye and his Blood Devil Sun bloodline could refine herbs extremely easily on their own. This meant that he didn’t need to buy the more expensive pills or medicinal solutions.

“These should be enough for me to cultivate to the Mystic Light Realm.” Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

The little thieving cat bought many resources it needed as well.

The Divine Herb Tower was indeed a great place. One could trade resources for resources without worrying about other fees.

“I still have some resources remaining. Maybe I can think about strengthening the Sky Locking Bow.”