King Of Gods Chapter 980

Chapter 980 The Power Of One

Chapter 980 – The Power of One

The other members of the Ninth Prince’s team were also stunned. They felt that they lacked resources after entering the Heaven’s Legacy City; they could only look at many things since they weren’t able to afford them. On the other hand, Zhao Feng had actually given his spiritual pets such precious bloodlines.

“Zhao Feng strengthened the bloodlines of the Sky Shaking Golden Apes?” Shi Yulei had a dazed expression.

He had seen Zhao Feng in the Ten Thousand Blood Palace, but he thought that Zhao Feng was just giving his spiritual pets a normal bloodline. After inspecting the changes in the Sky Shaking Golden Apes, it was obvious that they were given the Power Force Ape bloodline, which was ranked 421st among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

After seeing them, the enemies even had the idea to capture these Sky Shaking Golden Apes alive. The eyes of the three beast tamers were fiery hot as they looked at the Sky Shaking Golden Apes.

“Go!” Zhao Feng split off three parts of his consciousness and put them into the Sky Shaking Golden Apes’ bodies.

The Sky Shaking Golden Apes were very big, and they specialized in power and defense. They were quite suitable for defending the city.


The Sky Shaking Golden Apes instantly roared and beat their scarlet-golden fists. Limitless physical power formed a mirage of punches that swept over everything.

The Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords that were charging forward had to retreat and dodge the attacks.


Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and charged into the battlefield as the Scarlet Wings of Wind Lightning behind him fluttered. Those in the Ninth Prince’s team that could still fight followed Zhao Feng’s footsteps and entered the battlefield once more.

“Scarlet Lightning Storm!” The wings behind Zhao Feng fluttered wildly, and limitless Wind Lightning True Yuan poured out and formed a large storm of scarlet lightning.

A blazing blood-colored light within the storm of scarlet lightning shot out. It was as if the sun had become the color of blood. The Blood Devil Sun bloodline and the Fire of Wind Lightning were two similarly explosive powers, and they merged into the storm together.

Hu~~ Boom! Boom!

Lightning instantly crackled within the scarlet-colored storm, and a blazing blood-colored light covered its surface, increasing its power by several times as it covered many enemies.

The quality and quantity of Zhao Feng’s True Yuan weren’t something that his past self could compare to. While this wide-ranged attack wasn’t very profound, it utilized the advantage of Zhao Feng’s most powerful True Yuan.

“What terrifying True Yuan and explosive power!”

“The characteristics of the Blood Devil Sun Bloodline are contained within this storm.”

“This definitely isn’t the True Yuan a new Emperor can have.”

The Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lord covered by the storm of scarlet lightning instantly circulated their True Yuan to resist the power. One had to know that a wide-ranged attack would use up a lot of True Yuan, and this move was covering everyone.

“Quick, team up and finish off Zhao Feng!”

“He’s the beast tamer! If we defeat him, the battle-power of these three Sky Shaking Golden Apes will decrease dramatically.”

“He’s coming out to us. Everyone, attack!”

Xue Yuan, the goateed elder, and various others knew how strong Zhao Feng was, but they had almost thirty people. The majority of them were Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords, and they all straight toward Zhao Feng.

Of course, most of this group was comprised of Emperors. Quasi-Sacred Lords were rare amongst the lower-ranked princes.

“Not good, they’re going to attack Zhao Feng together!” Shi Yulei’s expression turned to surprise, and he felt that Zhao Feng was acting too rashly.

“Quick, support Zhao Feng!” Su Qingling swiped her hand, and a Soul talisman instantly appeared. The Soul talisman then turned into several Soul arrows that shot toward the enemy.

Zhou Su’er had an impatient expression, but there was nothing she could do except heal the injured beasts from the back.

They didn’t know why Zhao Feng entered the battlefield so rashly. As long as he just controlled the beast horde and focused on defense, they had a possibility to turn the fight around. Although Zhao Feng’s strength was comparable to a Sacred Lord, there were just too many enemies. Most of them were elite Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords; even true Sacred Lords would have to retreat.

“This is Zhao Feng’s plan.” Jing Kai, who had been enslaved by Zhao Feng, didn’t move. He looked at Zhao Feng with awe and respect.

A faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face as a desolate and chaotic power of Lightning spread from his back and merged into the air. Everything within several hundred yards instantly became a dark dimension filled with Wind Lightning. Even a portion of the ancient dimension’s laws were now controlled by Zhao Feng.

It was difficult for Zhao Feng’s Little World to cover a lot of people at once, so he wanted to limit its range to increase its power. Therefore, he had to come out and be the bait.

More than a dozen Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords that were charging toward Zhao Feng instantly entered Zhao Feng’s Little World of Wind Lightning. The invisible laws in the dimension suddenly strengthened once more, and the terrifying pressure of Wind Lightning suddenly descended. More than a dozen enemies that were charging over instantly became covered by the power of the Little World. The closer they got to Zhao Feng, the stronger the pressure.

“This is a Little World? Didn’t he only just become an Emperor?”

“How is this possible? His Little World can actually merge perfectly into this ancient dimension!?”

“Zhao Feng can actually control part of the laws in this ancient dimension?”

The experts trapped by Zhao Feng’s Little World were stunned, and they were unable to calm down. Right now, it was as if they were travelling through mud, and they had to bear even more pressure from the ancient dimension.

The ancient dimension already heavily suppressed the strength of outsiders. Now that Zhao Feng was actively controlling a part of the ancient dimension’s laws, this pressure was even stronger.

Many Quasi-Sacred Lords released their Little Worlds as well and prepared to destroy Zhao Feng’s Little World. However, the most they could do was protect themselves a bit. Putting aside affecting Zhao Feng’s Little World, they couldn’t even merge their Little Worlds into this dimension.

At the same time, countless bolts of lightning descended from the Little World of Wind Lightning. They still had to pay attention and block them.

“Quick, destroy Zhao Feng’s Little World together!” the goateed elder roared.

The power of Zhao Feng’s Little World within the ancient dimension was extremely strong. More than a dozen Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords prepared to release their attacks.

However, Zhao Feng suddenly punched out several times and released several scarlet lightning fists. The power of his attacks was doubled in his Little World. On top of that, the scarlet lightning punches that he used against these enemies trapped in his Little World contained his Soul Dao Domain and illusions.

At the same time, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly flapped its wings once more, and a wave of half-transparent pollen formed a whirlwind and swept across several hundred yards.

The pressure of the Little World, the Dream Pollen, and Zhao Feng’s Illusion Maze Domain made the goateed elder, Xue Yuan, and company who were trapped in the Little World feel tired and unable to move as they wished.

Their attacks went wide and didn’t concentrate on the same spot, so they didn’t do much damage to Zhao Feng’s Little World.

“Hand over your Dragon Jades or don’t blame me for being disrespectful.” Zhao Feng released his Soul Intent, and his voice boomed throughout the Little World of Wind Lightning.

Everyone felt as if ten thousand bolts of lightning struck their soul. Their bodies became numb, and their souls were numbed as well along with a searing pain.

“What powerful Soul Intent!”

“We can’t get out!”

“How is this possible?”

Xue Yuan, the goateed elder and company were full of fear and panic. More than a dozen Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords were completely trapped by Zhao Feng’s Little World, Soul Dao illusions, Dream Pollen, and Soul Intent.

The enemies near the borders of Zhao Feng’s Little World, who were still fighting with the Ninth Prince’s team and the Sky Shaking Golden Apes, were instantly stunned. Zhao Feng had trapped over half of their force by himself. Even Sacred Lords couldn’t do this.

“Zhao Feng, didn’t youjustbecome an Emperor? You managed to form a Little World already?” Shi Yulei was dazed as he looked at Zhao Feng, who was like the god of Heaven and Earth in the Little World of Wind Lightning. Furthermore, this Little World of Zhao Feng’s was no ordinary Little World.

“He managed to stall more than a dozen Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords!?” Su Qingling had an incredulous expression while standing at the back. On top of that, Zhao Feng still had the ability to extort these enemies that he had trapped.

“Great!” Old Ying couldn’t help but cheer.

When Zhao Feng decided to break through, Old Ying was already pondering about whether or not Zhao Feng had some kind of plan. From the looks of it, Zhao Feng wanted to obtain some more draconic providence for the Ninth Prince before the second stage ended.

The Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords, who had their battle-power suppressed within the Little World of Wind Lightning, had enraged expressions.

They hadn’t gone out of their way to collect draconic providence, and now that the second stage of the Crown Prince trial was coming to an end, the Dragon Jades weren’t very useful to them. Even if they could enter the Heaven’s Legacy City, the princes they supported had no intention of fighting for the position of Crown Prince anyway.

However, countless people were watching them get trapped and threatened by Zhao Feng alone. If they all just gave in to Zhao Feng and handed over their Dragon Jades, how would they live the rest of their days in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty?

“Hmph! Zhao Feng, we won’t hand over the Dragon Jades.”

“If you have the ability, then kill all of us!”

The experts that Zhao Feng had trapped refused to hand over their Dragon Jades. They all came from different forces and were sure that Zhao Feng wouldn’t dare to suddenly offend a dozen powerful forces of the Lord Dynasty.

“Eh? Where did my Dragon Jade go?”

“My Dragon Jade has disappeared as well!”

“My Dragon Jade and some precious resources within my interspatial dimension have disappeared!”

The experts within the Little World of Wind Lightning exclaimed.

Miao miao!

A silver blur flashed next to Zhao Feng, and the little thieving cat handed over a bunch of Dragon Jades to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was speechless. All he wanted the little thieving cat to do was steal some Dragon Jades, but the little thieving cat even entered their interspatial dimensions and taken some treasures as well.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws at Zhao Feng, as if saying that these were its spoils of war.

Zhao Feng gave a helpless smile. When Zhao Feng used his illusions and the Dream Pollen, he gave the little thieving cat the order to take action. That was when the enemy was least on-guard, most helpless, and had the weakest senses. To make sure that the little thieving cat progressed smoothly, Zhao Feng even released his Soul Intent to attack everyone’s soul, but from the looks of it, that was overdoing it.

At this instant, the spectating three princes had ugly expressions. The situation that had been looking good suddenly turned around just like that.

“Let’s attack as well,” the Second Prince’s deep voice sounded. If the three of them didn’t take action, they would definitely lose this battle.

“Okay, we’ll block the members of the Ninth Prince’s team. Brother Second Prince, you go into the city and imprint your pseudo Crown Prince Seal.” The Fifth Prince instantly took out his bright pseudo Crown Prince Seal.


Dragons made of light surrounded the three princes as they finally took action and headed toward the metallic city while holding their pseudo Crown Prince Seals in their hands.