King Of Gods Chapter 982

Chapter 982 The Third Stage

Chapter 982 – The Third Stage

The three princes had ugly expressions. They didn’t expect the final outcome to be like this.

The decisions they had to make right now were extremely difficult. If they wanted to press the attack, they couldn’t win, but if they wanted to retreat, all the members held hostage by Zhao Feng would die.

Furthermore, the Seventh Prince was still hiding behind them at full power. Even if the three princes paid a heavy price and somehow managed to defeat the Ninth Prince’s team, they wouldn’t be able to defend against the Seventh Prince’s ambush.

Everything they did in the end would just pave the way for someone else.

“If the three of you aren’t willing to hand over the pseudo Crown Prince Seal, there’s still one other method that can save your members,” Zhao Feng’s emotionless voice sounded once more.

Both friend and foe alike all knew what this method was.

“Fine I admit defeat.” The Second Prince looked at Zhao Feng coldly, raised his pseudo Crown Prince Seal, and poured a surge of Intent into it.

No matter what they did today, they had lost. However, the Second Prince didn’t want to waste his effort just to benefit the Seventh Prince and he didn’t want to give his draconic providence to Zhao Feng. If his members all died here as well, then the forces that supported him might change their minds.

“Brother Second Prince, don’t be rash!” The Fifth Prince’s expression turned to shock.

He knew what Zhao Feng meant as well, but he couldn’t just admit defeat in front of so many people. He knew that the Second Prince was a person who didn’t take risks, but once the Second Prince left, what would the Fifth Prince and the Twelfth Prince do? Thus, the Fifth Prince had to try to persuade the Second Prince.

The Second Prince didn’t bother with the Fifth Prince, he just sent the signal for help from the pseudo Crown Prince Seal.


A profound and complex array spread from the pseudo Crown Prince Seal. At the same time, a light flashed from all of the Dragon Jades connected to the Second Prince’s pseudo Crown Prince Seal, and an array started to activate.


The Second Prince and his team left the battlefield.

“Brother Fifth Prince, what should we do?” The Twelfth Prince didn’t know what to do after seeing the Second Prince leave.

The Fifth Prince had a dead expression and didn’t know what to do either.

While the two princes were thinking about what to do, within the Little World of Wind Lightning: “Since the princes you support don’t want to save you, then don’t blame me for being disrespectful.”

Zhao Feng’s voice resounded across the entire Little World, and those that were still alive in the Little World revealed expressions of fear and fell to the ground.

“Don’t kill me! Fifth Prince, please save me!”

“I’m willing to hand over all my wealth! Just don’t kill me!”

“If you kill me, the Ocean Guarding Hall won’t forgive you!”

Boom! Hu~~~

Zhao Feng’s Little World of Wind Lightning suddenly contracted, and an even stronger pressure bore down on those still inside. Limitless power of Wind Lightning descended in the Little World.


The Scarlet Wings of Lightning on Zhao Feng’s back fluttered as he took the lives of the remaining people.


After completing this, Zhao Feng’s Little World of Wind Lightning disappeared. He perched above the metallic city wall and revealed a faint smile as he looked into the distance.

The members of the Seventh Prince’s team a hundred miles away shook. They were about to go invite the Twelfth and Fifth Princes to an alliance, but Zhao Feng instantly killed a bunch of Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords.

“He killed them all!” Jiang Hao’s heart shook.

“Zhao Feng seems to have taken us into account from the start.” The scholar’s expression changed as he thought of something.

“How is this possible?” The Seventh Prince didn’t believe it. Although Zhao Feng’s actions just now did indeed stun them, the scholar said that Zhao Feng made his plan with them in mind from the start. The Seventh Prince didn’t dare to believe this.

“I understand now. The reason why Zhao Feng chose to break through at this moment is to avoid the three princes working with us.” The scholar suddenly understood.

Zhao Feng entered seclusion and revealed a flaw so that the three princes would attack. Seeing that, the Seventh Prince decided to just stay back and wait to benefit from their fight instead of teaming up with the three princes.

“How is that possible!?” Jiang Hao was dazed after hearing what the scholar said.

However, what the scholar said was correct.Today was the last day. If there was nothing else they could do, the Seventh Prince might indeed team up with the other three princes.

However, at this moment in time, the three princes had been utterly defeated, and the Second Prince had already admitted defeat. Even if they teamed up with the remaining two princes now, the Ninth Prince’s team had the ability to fight back.

“We lost without even fighting.” The scholar sighed.

The enemies that were still in a stalemate against the Sky Shaking Golden Apes on the city wall felt their hearts and legs tremble when they saw Zhao Feng kill the remaining Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords.

“Run!” the Fifth Prince roared. He had given up on attacking the city. However, he wouldn’t admit defeat even though he would be sent out anyway at the end of the second stage tonight.

“Quickly retreat!” the Twelfth Prince also exclaimed.

The enemies on the city wall instantly used their secret techniques to run, and their beast horde below also quickly retreated under the command of the beast tamers.

“You want to leave?” Shi Yulei felt extremely smug and prepared to chase after the enemy.

“There’s no need to chase after them.” Zhao Feng stopped Shi Yulei. At the same time, a faint undulation of mental energy flashed through his left eye.

He had completed his mark of the God Eye.

“Hahaha! We won!” Shi Yulei also knew the reasoning behind not chasing after a defeated enemy in case they decided to unleash an all-out counterattack in their despair.

The members of the Ninth Prince’s team instantly let out a breath, and they somehow felt that this fight wasn’t as difficult as they originally imagined it would be.

“Zhao Feng, your breakthrough was to lure them in, right?” Old Ying thought about it carefully and seemed to understand why Zhao Feng chose to break through at this moment and reveal a weakness.

If the three princes teamed up with the Seventh Prince, even Zhao Feng could do nothing. Therefore, Zhao Feng purposely revealed a weakness in the Ninth Prince’s team to incite a quick attack.

Facing an enemy with such a huge flaw, everyone would have their own ideas. Why would they team up if they didn’t have to?

Hearing what Old Ying said, everyone else seemed to understand as well. In this battle, not only had they defeated the three princes on the surface, they also forced the Seventh Prince’s team, who was hiding in the darkness, into despair. It was like killing two birds with one stone. Even if the remaining two princes teamed up with the Seventh Prince at this point, it was impossible for them to conquer the Ninth Prince’s Heaven’s Legacy City.

The Ninth Prince’s team had obtained steady control of this city.

“Hehe, it’s still not over yet.” Zhao Feng revealed a playful smile.


A dark silver bow with mysterious tadpole-like markings appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand. The other members of the Ninth Prince’s team looked at him with puzzlement.

Zhao Feng used the mark of the God Eye to sense the Fifth Prince’s location.

Weng~~ Jiang!

Zhao Feng pulled back the bowstring and inserted his Fire of Wind Lightning into it. An arrow made of scarlet lightning started to condense on the Sky Locking Bow.


Zhao Feng casually shot an arrow out.

“Hmm?” The Fifth Prince, who had escaped very far away by now, felt like there was a pair of eyes watching him. The Fifth Prince suddenly turned around and saw an arrow of scarlet lightning shooting at him.

“Ambush?” The Fifth Prince was stunned, and he immediately circulated his True Yuan to unleash a defensive technique.


When the dust faded away, the Fifth Prince’s body was scorched black. Without the draconic providence, he was just an Emperor and obviously couldn’t block Zhao Feng’s attack. If Zhao Feng had used the Sky Locking Bow with his full power just now, this arrow might’ve taken the Fifth Prince’s life.

“How is this possible? How can Zhao Feng still attack us from so far away?” The Twelfth Prince squinted his eyes and saw Zhao Feng holding a bow on the city wall.

“Let’s quickly leave. This place is wicked.” The Fifth Prince was enraged and frustrated, but there was nothing he could do.


Another arrow shot over. This time, the target was the Twelfth Prince.


“Zhao Feeeeeng!” The Twelfth Prince’s eyes bulged out in anger.

The two princes retreated another couple hundred miles, but mysterious arrows kept raining down on the Fifth and Twelfth Princes.

The members that followed the two princes felt their hearts twitch. It didn’t matter where the two princes ran; the arrows that Zhao Feng shot out seemed to have eyes and would always be able to find the two princes.

The draconic providence within the two prince’s pseudo Crown Prince Seals was finally completely used up, and they were forced to ask for help. This resulted in all of them being teleported away.

No one on the Ninth Prince’s city wall knew what Zhao Feng was doing. He just kept on pulling his bowstring and shooting arrows in a random direction.

However, everyone in the Great Gan Imperial Palace saw what happened clearly. Zhao Feng was able to hit the two princes by just casually pulling his bow even from several thousand miles away. Even the most professional archers in the lord dynasty couldn’t do this.

The Second Prince paused, and he suddenly felt that admitting defeat and choosing to leave was a very wise decision. At this moment, the Fifth and Twelfth Princes were extremely ruffled and completely scorched black, and they had been forced to ask for help anyway. Compared to him, the other two had lost way more face.

The owners of the four Heaven’s Legacy Cities were just about fully confirmed, and the experts of many forces remembered Zhao Feng. His calm and critical thinking, powerful strength, and countless techniques made them admire him.

The faces of all the experts within the Ninth Prince’s hall were red. They hadn’t thought that the Ninth Prince would be able to take over a Heaven’s Legacy City and enter the third stage of the Crown Prince trial.

“Master!” Bi Qingyue’s eyes were watery as she looked at the Ninth Prince’s screen with love and awe.

“As expected of Grand Elder!” Zhan Jie’er also looked up to Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng was probably the only person in the history of the lord dynasty to defeat a Sacred Lord as a measly King.

“Zhao Feng!” Tie Hongnan’s expression was grim. That display from Zhao Feng even made him feel like taking Zhao Feng as his disciple, but unfortunately, Zhao Feng didn’t want to return to the Tie Family, and his soul wasn’t from the Tie Family either.

“Elder Hongnan, what should we do about Zhao Feng?” Tie Litian asked.

Tie Hongnan didn’t reply. They were originally going to use more forceful methods, but now he would need to discuss things with the other Elders of the family.

Within the Thirteenth Prince’s hall:

“This Zhao Feng!” Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss had an ugly expression. Zhao Feng’s potential made him uneasy. Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline made his head hurt as well.

As night descended, the members of the Seventh Prince’s team were teleported out by the stone tablet. The Crown Prince trial had entered the third stage Clash between Princes.