King Of Gods Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Punishment

Chapter 986 – Punishment

“A cheater has been found and will be punished,” the transparent elder’s voice sounded in everyone’s ears.

“Who cheated?” someone immediately asked.

The princes could only direct their members within the maze palace. As for those outside the maze palace, they couldn’t do anything. This meant that the cheater was probably someone within the maze palace.

“What kind of punishment will they give?”

“There have been situations like this in the past in previous Crown Prince trials. The punishment is usually something that restricts the cheater and makes the challenges disadvantageous for them.” The eyes of an experienced Quasi-Sacred Lord flashed.

However, no one knew who the cheater was, and they didn’t know how this transparent elder decided someone was a cheater.

Within the moving maze palace:

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly appeared on Zhao Feng’s shoulder and pointed at his left eye with a gloating expression.

“Hmm?” Zhao Feng immediately circulated his left eye and looked at the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat instantly avoided Zhao Feng’s gaze and turned into a streak of light that entered the Misty Spatial World.

“Looks like the cheater is me,” Zhao Feng concluded from the little thieving cat’s expression.

He didn’t know that using his left eye would result in being declared a cheater. The punishment from the Heaven’s Legacy Cities would probably be very bad.

At the same time, a cold, powerful mechanical voice sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind.

“Since you have an item or tool that can see through objects, this has heavily affected the rules of the maze palace and the fairness of the game. Therefore, you will be punished.

“Firstly, your location will be revealed to everyone in the maze palace. They will be able to sense your rough location.

“Secondly, you cannot leave the game unless you lose three times the normal amount of draconic providence.

“Thirdly, you will be hated by the various characters in the sceneries and become the villain.”

Zhao Feng paused for a long time before crying out, “That’s the punishment?”

Zhao Feng instantly let out a breath. He originally thought that the Heaven’s Legacy City would judge him personally or something.

“Looks like I was worried for nothing.”

The three rules only affected the game and gave the cheater a disadvantage.

“Hehe, this will be a lot easier.”

Zhao Feng suddenly started to smile.

The first part of the punishment allowed everyone in the maze palace to sense Zhao Feng’s location. This meant that the remaining members within the maze palace would move toward him. This would be a nightmare for anyone else under normal circumstances, but that’s exactly what Zhao Feng wanted.

The second rule was that Zhao Feng had to lose at least 3 times as much draconic providence than the others before he could leave. However, Zhao Feng didn’t think that he would have a negative amount of draconic providence at the end of the moving maze palace. Therefore, he completely ignored this punishment.

“The third rule hated by the characters and become the villain?”

Zhao Feng hesitated for a moment. He didn’t understand how this affected him. Zhao Feng didn’t really care about being the villain since everything in the scenery was fake anyway. However, being hated by the characters?

All in all, these three punishments didn’t affect Zhao Feng much. The first “punishment” was actually a reward for him.

At the same time, a mechanical voice sounded in the minds of everyone else in the maze palace.

“All of you can now sense the rough location of the cheater. If you defeat the cheater, you will be able to obtain plentiful rewards.”

Everyone else apart from Zhao Feng was stunned.

“Who is the cheater?” This was the first question in everyone’s heart. Either way though, defeating the cheater gave extra rewards, so everyone started to move in a certain direction.

“Ninth Prince, tell Old Ying and Su Qingling to not look for the cheater.” Zhao Feng heard the announcement through Jing Kai, so he warned the Ninth Prince.

When two members on the same team met, they needed to fight as well, so the princes tried to spread their members out.

“Brother Zhao, you’re the cheater?” the Ninth Prince stuttered.

“Yeah,” Zhao Feng replied simply. It’s not like he cheated on purpose.

“Uh okay.” The Ninth Prince had black lines over his life.

As expected, Zhao Feng was different from the rest no matter what he did. While everyone else was still trying to understand the rules and environment, Zhao Feng had already started to cheat.

“Zhao Feng, the punishment for cheating” The Ninth Prince was slightly worried. The transparent elder in the sky didn’t tell anyone who the cheater was, and they didn’t say what punishments the cheater received.

“You don’t need to worry about it. There’s nothing important,” Zhao Feng said urgently. He already saw a few figures through the wall with his left eye.

“Okay, then be careful.” Seeing that Zhao Feng didn’t want to tell him, the Ninth Prince didn’t continue asking.

“Old Ying, Su Qingling, don’t move toward the cheater. It’s Zhao Feng,” the Ninth Prince immediately messaged.


“The cheater should be around here. I just don’t know how far away they are.” Xi Peng of the Ground Demon Cult from the Thirteenth Prince’s team had a solemn expression. Even though he didn’t know the identity of the cheater, he still instinctively moved toward that direction.

“Xi Peng, watch out! Zhao Feng is right next to you!” the Thirteenth Prince immediately messaged when he saw the situation Xi Peng was in. It was obvious that the Thirteenth Prince had to direct too many people at once and was slightly powerless.

“Zhao Feng is nearby?” Xi Peng’s heart shook, and he immediately retreated. He knew that he wasn’t Zhao Feng’s match, and he knew Zhao Feng had many skills. Zhao Feng had a very big advantage in the sceneries.

“Hehe, you want to run?” Zhao Feng revealed a cold smile as he spread his Scarlet Wings of Lightning and used his Lightning Wings Flying Technique to fly through the maze palace.

Xi Peng couldn’t see Zhao Feng, and he could only escape under the Thirteenth Prince’s directions. He was not very agile in the moving maze palace. On the other hand, Zhao Feng had already locked onto Xi Peng. He knew the landscape well and soon caught up to Xi Peng.


The scenery nearby started to change, and a populated city appeared in sight.

“Dammit, it’s a fighting stage?” Xi Peng’s heart fell. He had witnessed Zhao Feng defeat Sacred Lord Dark Soul already, so Xi Peng had no confidence at all in defeating Zhao Feng.

“The two of you have fought to a draw, but I only have one daughter. How about this: my daughter will throw out a silk ball, and whoever gets it will be the son-in-law of the Chen Family.”

A chubby middle-aged male spoke from inside a one-hundred-yard-tall celebration building in front of the stage.

Xi Peng raised his head and looked around. Cheers and words of congratulations sounded below the stage.

“The two of them are both very skillful and strong. Congratulations!”

“I wonder who will be able to marry the daughter of the Chen Family.”

A pretty female in a red wedding dress within the celebration building looked shyly toward Xi Peng. Next to her was a young servant and the chubby middle-aged male.

“It’s not a fight?” Xi Peng was overjoyed. The scenery here showed that he and Zhao Feng had already come to a draw after a fight.

“From the looks of it, whoever gets the silk ball will be the winner.” Zhao Feng started to think. The pretty female within the building looked at Zhao Feng and revealed a disdainful expression.

“Father, that youth is ugly and has no character at all. He wears poor clothes and is radiating a disgusting smell,” the precious daughter of the Chen Family whispered

“Daughter, now that you’ve brought it up, I feel so too.” The chubby middle-aged male inspected Zhao Feng with disgust.

“On the other hand, that middle-aged man is steady and mature. Wisdom seems to radiate from his eyes. He’s so charming!” The pretty female whose fianc was about to be decided looked at Xi Peng with a blush and didn’t dare to look at him in the eyes.

Their conversation obviously didn’t escape Zhao Feng’s and Xi Peng’s ears.

“This, this” Xi Peng was dazed and his face went red. He suddenly felt as if he had become the protagonist in this scenery every side character seemed to like him.

“So, this is what it means to be hated by the characters.” Zhao Feng was speechless. The characters looked down on him.


The female in the building looked lovingly toward Xi Peng before throwing out the silk ball.

“What?” Xi Peng instantly called out. He and Zhao Feng were standing on opposite sides of the stage, but the pretty female had thrown the silk ball directly toward Xi Peng.

Even Xi Peng was slightly embarrassed. “Hehe. Zhao Feng, victory is mine!”

Xi Peng leapt toward the silk ball.

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng harrumphed coldly. He finally understood what the third punishment meant. Zhao Feng was going to be at a disadvantage in almost all the sceneries.

According to the setting of this game, he and Xi Peng couldn’t attack each another, they could only try to obtain the silk ball. However, the silk ball flew toward Xi Peng and was very far away from Zhao Feng. If Zhao Feng’s opponent was a Sacred Lord, he might have lost already.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared above Zhao Feng’s shoulder and patted Zhao Feng, as if it was comforting him.


The dark golden necklace turned into a bow.


The little thieving cat pulled back the bowstring, and a dark golden ray of light shot out toward the silk ball.


The dark golden ray of light returned with the silk ball.

The little thieving cat’s weapon had been improved by the Heaven’s Legacy City and was far more agile than before.

Zhao Feng took the silk ball.

“What? How is this possible?” Xi Peng was stunned as he looked at the bow in the little thieving cat’s paws.

“Since this hero has caught the silk ball, then my daughter will be yours.” The chubby middle-aged male in the building sighed.

The silk ball that Zhao Feng caught turned into a bright red flower with a pleasant smell that calmed him down when he smelt it.

“Victor, Zhao Feng.”

A surge of draconic providence then entered Zhao Feng’s Dragon Jade.

“Xi Peng, I already warned you, but Zhao Feng still caught up to you and then you lost!” The Thirteenth Prince’s enraged roar sounded in Xi Peng’s mind.


The scenery disappeared, and Zhao Feng appeared in the maze palace once more.

Everyone had lost the location of the cheater just now, but after Zhao Feng appeared in a random spot in the maze palace, they were directed toward him again.

“The cheater is in that direction.”

Many competitors looked in the direction of Zhao Feng’s location.