King Of Gods Chapter 993

Chapter 993 Fight For The Grand Seal

Chapter 993 – Fight for the Grand Seal

The little kid looked at the kite in Zhao Feng’s hand, then at Zhao Feng, but he didn’t accept it.

“Hahahaha! Zhao Feng, this is what happens if you cheat!” Sacred Lord Black Demon laughed smugly.

Everyone in the Imperial Tombs basically knew that Zhao Feng was the cheater at this point. One of the punishments Zhao Feng had received was that the characters in each match would dislike him. On the contrary, Zhao Feng’s opponents would be liked by these characters. The experts that fought with Zhao Feng previously had concluded this already.

“Only I can complete this mission!” Sacred Lord Black Demon turned into a beam of black light and flew toward Zhao Feng.

Although Zhao Feng had unleashed countless beasts, including the Sky Shaking Golden Apes, they were restricted by the laws of this dimension. They couldn’t directly harm Sacred Lord Black Demon unless they were in a match where spiritual pets were allowed.

Because of this, beast tamers were usually the second most useless in this stage behind doctors.

This was simply how the Crown Prince trial was set up. Beast tamers and doctors played a big part in the second stage, so they were heavily restricted in this stage.

Within the Imperial Tombs, the princes and Quasi-Sacred Lords were all stunned. Something like this could happen? Even if one completed the task in the scenery, they wouldn’t win?

“How? Zhao Feng!” The Ninth Prince’s body trembled. He didn’t expect such a change to happen in the last deciding match.

“This is too unfair. Zhao Feng obviously completed the task,” Old Ying said out loud. His aim was to make the transparent elder in the sky hear him.

“This scenery is indeed unreasonable. We will improve it in the future.”

As the judge, the transparent elder felt that a situation like this did indeed affect the fairness.

The members of the Ninth Prince’s team were instantly disappointed. It was obvious that the transparent elder would let the match continue.

“Good! Sacred Lord Black Demon, quickly get the kite!” The Thirteenth Prince, who had constantly been suppressed in this stage, felt extremely smug. Finally Zhao Feng would finally lose to his team.

“Only I can win this match.” Sacred Lord Black Demon laughed out loud and flew toward Zhao Feng without feeling the need to rush.

Zhao Feng looked at the Sacred Lord Black Demon out of the corner of his eye.

“Only you? Maybe this can work.” Zhao Feng suddenly thought of an idea, and his Emperor Intent suddenly moved. The next instant, a misty illusion spread across Heaven and Earth.

Although the little kid was a machine, it could still think; this meant that there was a Soul Intent within it. Therefore, even though it might not be very effective, the little kid could still be affected by the Dao of the Soul.

A layer of purple mist covered Zhao Feng, and his appearance slowly turned into Sacred Lord Black Demon.

“What!? Zhao Feng, you want to pretend to be me!?” Sacred Lord Black Demon paused for a moment, then instantly sped up and charged into Zhao Feng’s Illusion Maze Domain. He knew what Zhao Feng was trying to do. Although everything in front of him was slightly blurry due to Zhao Feng’s Illusion Maze Domain, it didn’t really affect Sacred Lord Black Demon.

“Come, Uncle accidentally damaged your kite. I’ll give you a piece of candy as an apology.” Zhao Feng turned into the Sacred Lord Black Demon and revealed a smile as he handed over two items.

In the previous setting with this little kid, substandard God Crystals were candy. If Zhao Feng took out a substandard God Crystal, it would definitely allow Zhao Feng to win some affinity with the little kid.

The little kid paused for a moment after seeing Zhao Feng.

“thank you, Uncle.”

When he saw the “candy” though, he immediately took it and the kite.

“How!?” Sacred Lord Black Demon was full of regret, but there was nothing he could do anymore. The little kid had already taken the kite and the “candy.”

“Victor, Zhao Feng.” A mechanical voice resounded across the dimension.


10% more draconic providence entered Zhao Feng’s Dragon Jade before he appeared on the Ninth Prince’s stone stage.

“he won?” The Ninth Prince hadn’t reacted yet. Everything had progressed too quickly.

“Brother Zhao!” the Ninth Prince immediately called out. Zhao Feng had surprised him yet again.

“Zhao Feng, you’re so smart!” Zhou Su’er cheered and wanted to rush up and hug Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, good job!” Even Old Ying was sweating when he saw Zhao Feng’s predicament.

Everyone originally thought that they had already lost this match, but Zhao Feng surprised them and tricked the little kid.

On the other side:

“You idiot!” The Thirteenth Prince was trembling with anger, but he could only curse.

The other members all felt extremely frustrated as well, but they didn’t dare to swear at Sacred Lord Black Demon.

“I became careless. I didn’t think that the tide could turn like that.” Sacred Lord Black Demon felt very bad as well. He had become careless because he thought he was guaranteed to win.

Outside the Imperial Tombs, continuous cheers and laughter sounded. No one was able to react to what happened before it was already over. It was difficult for normal people to even think of something like that.

On top of that, Sacred Lord Black Demon became the laughing stock of many people. He could have won, but because of his carelessness, he had given the victory to the opponent. Sacred Lord Black Demon’s fame had been destroyed by the hands of a youth and a little kid.

However, the noise around the clouds soon quieted down.

“The maze palace has come to an end. The victors are the Fourth Prince and the Ninth Prince.”

The transparent elder gave a deep glance toward the stone stage of the Fourth Prince. No one knew who he was looking at.

The next instant, a white array light flashed around the Eighth and Thirteenth Princes’ stone stages.


The two princes and their teams were all sent out of the Imperial Tombs. The two stone stages also started to descend back into the Heaven’s Legacy City.

“We will now enter the final stage the Fight for the Grand Seal,” the transparent elder’s voice sounded, and an invisible pressure started to spread.

At the same time, the stone stages of the two remaining princes turned until they faced one another. The gray-white stone tablet then started to sink into the stage.


The two stages finally connected, and a path formed between them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of metal clashing came from the center of the path. Countless small metal boards extended out until it formed a circular shaped area where the final battle would be held.

“Old Ying,” the Ninth Prince called out after giving a glance toward the Fourth Prince.

“Your Highness, we have no hope of winning.” Old Ying sighed and lowered his head.

When the transparent elder announced that they were about to enter the last stage, the excitement of the Ninth Prince’s entire team turned to silence. Although the Ninth Prince managed to defeat the Thirteenth Prince and move on, he had nowhere near as much draconic providence as the Fourth Prince. He didn’t even have as much as the Thirteenth Prince.

“We’ve already tried our best.” It was hard for Shi Yulei to hide his unwillingness. The Ninth Prince’s team had been very good in the third stage; not only did they have the second highest number of wins, they had the lowest number of losses.

However, even if the Ninth Prince’s team had a good performance, they hadn’t been able to close the gap.

“The fight for the Grand Seal will now begin. May the two princes start the final battle,” the transparent elder announced solemnly.

“The two princes’ subordinates can help the princes they support, but they can’t directly damage the other prince.”

There was only this one rule. This meant that the Ninth Prince’s team members could heal, defend, and transfer their power to the Ninth Prince. However, they weren’t allowed to attack the Fourth Prince directly or do something that would affect the Fourth Prince’s ability to battle.

“Come, brother Ninth Prince. I never expected you would be able to reach this stage.” The Fourth Prince walked forward in a calm and composed manner. The momentum of a king emanated from him from his perspective, he was already the Crown Prince, and the Ninth Prince whom he usually ignored had finally gained his recognition.

“My goal is to defeat Brother Fourth Prince.” The Ninth Prince took a deep breath as he walked out.

The two princes both held their pseudo Crown Prince Seal with one hand as they slowly walked toward the center of the final battle ground.

Weng~ Weng~

Both princes’ pseudo Crown Prince Seals started to tremble at the same time, and a strong surge of draconic providence leapt into the air as golden light shone. A powerful and giant golden dragon could be seen in the air above the final battle ground, and its roar shook everyone’s soul.

Boom! Boom!

The two surges of draconic providence entered the bodies of the respective princes, and golden draconic light rose around the two princes. The draconic light glittered and lit up Heaven and Earth.

“Draconic light that’s seven yards tall!” Zhuge Yun’s eyes glittered.

The draconic light coming from the Fourth Prince’s body was over seven yards high. Precisely said, it had reached 7.4 yards.

One had to know that the tallest draconic light that had ever appeared in the history of the Crown Prince trials had only reached 8.3 yards.

“So unfortunate. The Ninth Prince has definitely lost; his draconic light is only 6.2 yards tall,” an elder next to Zhuge Yun said.

In comparison to the Fourth Prince’s draconic light, the Ninth Prince’s draconic light was a lot fainter.

“A difference of one yard.” Old Ying looked at the two princes.

“Get ready to help!” Old Ying immediately called out.

The members of the princes’ teams were allowed to support their princes. Although they had no chance of winning, the Ninth Prince didn’t admit defeat, so they couldn’t give up just like that.

“Zhao Feng, where are your flying beasts?” Zhou Su’er asked carefully at this moment. When she was partnered with Zhao Feng, she knew that Zhao Feng had given some stolen Dragon Jades to some flying beasts. She just didn’t know how much draconic providence these pieces of Dragon Jade had accumulated by now and whether or not it could shrink the gap between the two princes.

“There’s no need to rush,” Zhao Feng replied gently.

Weng~ Weng~

When the draconic providence turned into battle-power, the two princes instantly became stronger than everyone present. The Fourth Prince had broken through to the Sacred Lord rank in the Imperial Tombs, and with the addition of the draconic providence now, his battle-power was approaching the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

Limitless pressure filled the air. The battle-power of the Ninth Prince opposite him was almost an entire level lower. The Ninth Prince felt troubled just trying to resist the Fourth Prince’s pressure.