King Of Gods Chapter 997

Chapter 997 Sacred King

Chapter 997 – Sacred King

“Let’s die together then, brat who meddles too much in other people’s business.” The fake Butler Qi’s voice was deep and full of hatred as he charged back toward Zhao Feng.

The fake Butler Qi looked at Zhao Feng with enraged eyes and gritted his teeth. He failed to assassinate the Crown Prince because of Zhao Feng, and now his tracks had been revealed because of Zhao Feng as well. He never expected to die because of this youth who was just an Emperor.


The fake Butler Qi’s figure moved swiftly and arrived before Zhao Feng in an instant. A transparent black dagger that was able to completely ignore the resistance of space stabbed toward Zhao Feng.

“A Heaven-grade Dao of Assassination weapon!” Zhao Feng’s expression turned to surprise. The strength that this fake Butler Qi displayed was unusual.

“Sacred Lightning Protection!” A barrier of lightning suddenly formed around Zhao Feng’s body as the fake Butler Qi swiftly attacked.


The fake Butler Qi completely ignored Zhao Feng’s defense and circulated his Sacred Power as he thrust downward.


Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Protection instantly shattered, and powerful lightning shot back at the attacker.

Weng~ Boom!

The fake Butler Qi circulated his Mystic Light Sacred Power to protect himself and continued the strike.

“What?” Zhao Feng was stunned. The assassin didn’t even avoid the retaliation of Zhao Feng’s physical strength and lightning, he just used a bit of Sacred Power to block it. It seemed like this assassin didn’t care about his life anymore and had accepted that he was going to die.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng felt that something was off and immediately circulated his left eye to unleash a Soul technique.

This assassin had probably hidden himself in the Imperial Palace the whole time and watched the Crown Prince trial, so he might know a bit about Zhao Feng’s strength and techniques. Furthermore, this assassin was currently displaying the strength of an early-stage Sacred Lord. Even though Zhao Feng had the Sacred Lightning Body, he didn’t dare to take this attack head-on.

A stunning surge of fire shot out of Zhao Feng’s left eye. Purple-and-gold light glittered as God Tribulation crackled.


A ball of transparent purple-and-gold lightning-fire radiated a Destructive aura as it landed in the assassin’s face.


The assassin cried out. The power of God Tribulation Lightning infiltrating his soul and body halted his movements.


Zhao Feng instantly retreated from the assassin.

Most of the guards within the Imperial Palace were half-step Kings or early-stage Kings. Only the leaders of the small groups were Emperors. However, they still didn’t dare to approach the area where Zhao Feng and the assassin were fighting.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the buildings in the Imperial Palace were extremely tough and had draconic providence and arrays protecting them, everything nearby would have been destroyed.

“Die!” The assassin recovered within half a breath and charged at Zhao Feng once more. Being an assassin, he had a certain amount of understanding toward the soul. Therefore, the damage that Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique did to him was very limited.

“Who dares to be presumptuous in the Great Gan Imperial Palace!?”

A powerful roar that made one’s ears tremble sounded from behind, ringing out across the entire Imperial Palace.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire Imperial Palace started to tremble, and countless surges of draconic providence appeared. The draconic providence merged with the laws of Heaven and Earth and restricted this area. Even the air completely froze.

Zhao Feng’s actions instantly stiffened and slowed down as if he had fallen into a swamp. Both his True Yuan and bloodline were heavily suppressed.


A golden dragon made of light instantly appeared above the Imperial Palace like a blazing sun. A surge of Mystic Light Sacred Power filled everything within several hundred miles, and the power of draconic providence seemed to materialize and fill every inch of the air.

It was as if all Heaven and Earth changed. Night had turned into day, and everything in the world was controlled by the golden figure.

“What’s going on?” Tie Hongnan immediately raised his head and looked at the sky in the distance.

“A Sacred King of the Great Gan Imperials has taken action.” An elder of Sky Suspension Palace had a deep gaze.

“The Great Gan Imperial Palace restricts fighting, but the Sacred King guarding the Imperial Palace has personally taken action?” Duke Nanfeng felt uneasy.

All the imperials and various experts within the Imperial Palace felt their hearts shake as they felt the terrifying laws of Heaven and Earth.

Bam! Boom!

Several thousand guards around the golden figure immediately bowed due to the supreme force.


Limitless Mystic Light Sacred Power and draconic providence surged around the assassin and formed a pair of hands with dragon tattoos on it.


The assassin was grabbed by the hands and didn’t even have a thought of fighting back.

“Hmph, how dare you offend the Great Gan Imperials?” A cold harrumph sounded from the figure in golden light.


The hands made of golden light suddenly tightened, and the figure of the assassin was ripped apart, leaving behind a strange, half-transparent black soul that was bound by limitless laws and Sacred Power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The golden figure glanced at Zhao Feng before disappearing into the surge of draconic providence. The dragon made of golden light instantly disappeared, and Heaven and Earth returned to normal.

“That person was simply courting death. How dare they sneak into the Imperial Palace?”

“Hmph, the imperials are unrivalled inside the Great Gan Imperial Palace.”

“That should be Sacred King Feather Spirit just now, right? That’s an expert at the Sacred King rank!”

The guards exclaimed as they slowly moved back to their positions.

“Sacred King!” Zhao Feng’s heart shook.

Only those who had reached the peak of the Mystic Light Realm and had a profound understanding of the laws of Heaven and Earth were able to be called Sacred Kings. Sacred Kings stood at the peak of the continent and were existences only below that of Demigods.

In the instant when the Sacred King descended, Zhao Feng felt that the Sacred King had merged their laws into the air and could control everything. Furthermore, Imperial Sacred Kings in particular could control limitless draconic providence within the Imperial Palace; even other Sacred Kings would be utterly crushed.

“Thank you, Emperor Zhao, for finding the tracks of that assassin,” the leader of a group of guards said.

Zhao Feng then returned to the Ninth Prince’s palace. Old Ying was also present.

“Zhao Feng, who was that assassin?” the Ninth Prince immediately asked. Nothing like this had happened in the past couple dozen millennia in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

A Sacred King taking action had stunned all the members and forces within the lord dynasty. There was almost zero possibility of the assassin surviving.

“I think it was a non-human.” Zhao Feng analyzed according to the information and traces he had.

“Non-human!? They’ve managed to enter the Great Gan Imperial Palace?” the Ninth Prince exclaimed.

Maybe the non-human managed to sneak in because the Crown Prince trial had temporarily redirected the draconic providence. However, a non-human entering the Great Gan Imperial Palace had extra significance than any other assassin.

“No wonder his target was the Crown Prince.” Old Ying had a deep gaze.

A terrifying surge of soul power radiated in a forbidden ground at the back of the Imperial Palace. Sacred King Feather Spirit reached out and put a hand on the half-transparent black soul.


The soul was instantly shattered under his powerful Soul Intent.

“The non-humans may have already infiltrated the Great Gan Imperials,” Sacred King Feather Spirit’s voice sounded after a while.

Several balls of light nearby occasionally went bright or dim, and they were silent for a long time.

“If that really is the case, then news of the non-humans attacking should still be on its way.” An ancient voice sighed.

One needed five months to travel from the northwestern region of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty to the central regions even if they used teleportation arrays. However, only ten days was needed if it was only information and it was sent through the unique structure of the imperial array network.

At this moment, a voice sounded from outside, “Reporting to Grand Elder, intel has arrived from the northwestern region.”

“Come in,” the ancient voice sounded, and a golden piece of paper with the image of a dragon on it landed in Sacred King Feather Spirit’s hand.


The dragon seal on it instantly disappeared.

“The non-humans have attacked,” a grave voice sounded in everyone’s souls.