King Of Gods Chapter 998

Chapter 998 Tracks

Chapter 998 – Tracks

Three people sat around a table in the Ninth Prince’s hall.

“Old Ying, how much do you know about the Eyes of Samsara?” Zhao Feng asked.

With Old Ying’s experience, he definitely knew a lot more than others.

“The Eyes of Samsara have the ability to bind the souls of the dead and create Immortal Samsara Bodies. Apparently though, that’s just the ability of the Samsara of Death. The Eyes of Samsara has another samsara the Samsara of Life.”

Old Ying slowly thought and spoke in a solemn tone.

The Eyes of Samsara were very rare even amongst the descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes, and they had a very unique ability. An inheritor of the Eyes of Samsara rarely appeared in the continent’s history, which meant that the intel regarding the abilities of the Eyes of Samsara was limited. Old Ying wasn’t sure about the abilities of the Samsara of Life.

“There’s also a Samsara of Life?” Zhao Feng was surprised.

He didn’t expect there to be a Samsara of Life as well. Perhaps the Samsara of Life was that critical point to finding Liu Qinxin that the Sage had talked about?

Zhao Feng started to think.

“Are there no traces or information on the whereabouts on the inheritor of the Eyes of Samsara?”

Zhao Feng didn’t give up. The inheritor of one of the Eight Great God Eyes was on the continent and didn’t care about what happened on it? Even an intel agency such as the Imperial Sky Net couldn’t find them?

“Apparently the inheritor of the Eyes of Samsara appeared in the Yu Province a thousand years ago.” Old Ying seemed to remember something and suddenly spoke.

In reality, even the Imperial Sky Net was unable to track an individual like the owner of the Eyes of Samsara because they worked alone. There were many places in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty that were dangerous and didn’t have many people around. There was also the Cang Ocean and other areas that were extremely far away, outside of the Imperial Sky Net’s control.

Furthermore, the owner of the Eyes of Samsara was purposely hiding their identity.

“That was when the Emperor of Death arrived at the continent zone,” Old Ying said. He then told Zhao Feng about what happened between the Emperor of Death and the owner of the Eyes of Samsara.

“Something must have happened between them for the Eyes of Samsara to revive the Emperor of Death from so far away.” Zhao Feng guessed.

One had to know that he had killed the Emperor of Death in the Cang Ocean. If there was no previous relationship between the Eyes of Samsara owner and the Emperor of Death, it was impossible for the Emperor of Death to revive in the continent zone.

However, even if there was a previous connection between them, it was still incredible that the Eyes of Samsara could revive the Emperor of Death and his Eyes of Death as well. From this fact alone, one could easily tell that the owner of the Eyes of Samsara was far stronger than the Emperor of Death.

“Zhao Feng, why do you want to find the Eyes of Samsara owner?” Old Ying asked curiously.

From his perspective, Zhao Feng trying to find the Eyes of Samsara owner might very likely be because he wanted revenge. After all, the Eyes of Samsara owner had revived the Emperor of Death, one of Zhao Feng’s greatest enemies. Without the Eyes of Samsara owner’s help, it would be impossible for the Emperor of Death to roam around so freely.

However, the strength of the Eyes of Samsara owner wasn’t something that Zhao Feng could fight against right now.

“I’m slightly interested in the descendants of the Eight great God Eyes. I also want them to help me with something.”

Zhao Feng’s reply made Old Ying’s suspicions disappear. Old Ying could tell that Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline was unusual as well.

The eye-bloodlines of the Eight Great God Eyes had always been the strongest. Despite that, Zhao Feng managed to kill the Emperor of Death twice.

Eye-bloodlines that were comparable to the descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes were extremely rare.

“If you want to find them, I believe that you can,” Old Ying smiled and said.

Zhao Feng had defeated the Emperor of Death, whom had been revived by the Eyes of Samsara. Did the Eyes of Samsara owner not want to see a powerful eye-bloodline outside of the Eight Great God Eyes? Old Ying was slightly looking forward to Zhao Feng meeting the Eyes of Samsara.

“Brother Zhao, I can help you with this.” The Ninth Prince promised. Finding someone required a lot of people and information, and the Ninth Prince believed that he was able to help Zhao Feng in this respect.

“By the way, the Ji Family is the one in charge of the Yu Province, right?” Zhao Feng suddenly remembered.

“En. It’ll be too hard to find one person in the Yu Province by yourself, and I don’t know if the Ji Family would be willing to help you.” Old Ying sighed.

Although the Ninth Prince was now the Crown Prince, no one knew if he would be able to sit on this seat smoothly and become the Sacred Emperor.

In this period of time, the other princes would be standing against the Ninth Prince. If an “accident” happened to the Ninth Prince, then they had the possibility of fighting to become the Crown Prince again.

If the other princes stood against the Ninth Prince, then the forces supporting them should be the same as well. The Ji Family was a force that supported the Eighth Prince.

In the third stage of the Crown Prince trial, Zhao Feng had done a lot of damage to the Thirteenth Prince and the Eighth Prince. Therefore, the Ji Family definitely wouldn’t welcome Zhao Feng.

“That might not be the case.” Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile.

When Zhao Feng and Duanmu Qing were heading toward the center of the continent zone, they met Sacred Lord Star Demon on the way, a Grand Elder of the Ji Family. Since Sacred Lord Star Demon invited Zhao Feng to visit, he wouldn’t reject Zhao Feng just because the princes they supported were different.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng was very interested in books about the Ji Family’s eye-bloodline. There were probably eye-bloodlines stronger than the Purple Star Eyes in the continent zone. However, the Ji Family was the strongest eye-bloodline family, and the power of a big family wasn’t something an individual could be compared to.

“Sacred Lord Star Demon hasn’t left yet, right?” Zhao Feng suddenly asked.

“Zhao Feng, you know Sacred Lord Star Demon?” Old Ying was surprised. From the looks of it, Zhao Feng had his own way.

This night was destined to be noisy. More guards patrolled the Imperial Palace, and they were stronger as well. There was also the occasional aura of unique treasures, which were most likely tools used to find non-humans.

Zhao Feng could also feel several powerful auras hiding around the Ninth Prince’s hall. In the past, the Imperial Palace was the safest place in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. There would be almost no experts around the princes while they were within the Imperial Palace. However, tonight was different.

Many forces had already received this news on the second day. The Tie and Yu Families immediately returned, and some of the forces could guess what was happening.

The Sacred Emperor sat on the golden dragon throne at the head of the great hall within the Imperial Palace. On the two sides of the great hall were the princes and the representatives of the Grand Duke Palaces.

“Zihang, now that you are the Crown Prince, you need to work harder and also learn about the politics of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.” The current Sacred Emperor kept on telling the Ninth Prince.

“Tell the world that Zhou Zihang is officially the Crown Prince of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.”

The Sacred Emperor wrote an edict. The contents of this edict would soon travel around the eighteen provinces of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

“The team members that supported the Ninth Prince will be rewarded with the title of Marquis and will be able to have the protection of draconic providence of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.”

The Sacred Emperor wrote down another edict.

When one had the protection of draconic providence, their overall strength would be increased while they were within the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Furthermore, providence was an invisible power that could affect many other things, most of which were usually good.

On top of that, a Marquis could have several island zones, which could be discussed with the group responsible for distributing territories in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

Of course, the main reward of becoming a Marquis was the special authority they had in all eighteen provinces.

The representatives from each province gave their reports. The Sacred Emperor then quickly called the meeting to an end and said nothing about the non-humans.

“From the looks of it, the problem with the non-humans isn’t that great.”

During the past thousand years, the two Lord Dynasties were constantly fighting against each other on a small scale. There was no point for Zhao Feng to think too much about it.

Zhao Feng then headed toward the Eighth Prince’s Palace after saying goodbye to the Ninth Prince.

“Master.” Bi Qingyue and company from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion had been waiting here for a long time. The journey to the Yu Province was exactly on the way for Bi Qingyue and company, so Zhao Feng used the Dark Heart Seal to send her information.

“All of you come with me and greet the Ji Family.”

Interacting with the Eight Big Families would be able to increase the Ocean Smoke Pavilion’s connections. This was very important for the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, which was an information agency.

“Little Friend Zhao, we haven’t met for a while, but your eye-bloodline techniques have improved even more.” Sacred Lord Star Demon led the Ji Family out of the Eighth Prince’s palace.

Ji Wuye, Ji Lan, Ji Dengtian, and company from the Ji Family instantly looked at Zhao Feng.

Ji Lan had a complicated expression. Zhao Feng easily defeated her in the Divine Illusion Dimension, and now he had defeated two geniuses of the Ji Family’s previous generation in the Imperial Tombs.

On the other hand, Ji Wuye looked at Zhao Feng with admiration.

“Senior Star Demon is joking. This junior wants to see the strongest eye-bloodline family in the continent and learn from them.”

The Ninth Prince had sent people over to give the Ji Family a heads-up last night. This was why those from the Ji Family had been waiting for Zhao Feng.

Although the Eighth Prince was the Crown Prince’s opponent, Sacred Lord Star Demon didn’t show any signs of enmity toward Zhao Feng, making the latter look at him in a different perspective.

Perhaps in Sacred Lord Star Demon’s eyes, only eye-bloodlines and eye-bloodline techniques were the important.

Zhao Feng believed that he would benefit from this journey.

“Hahaha, the Ji Family welcomes any powerful eye-bloodline.” Sacred Lord Star Demon couldn’t help but laugh.

While Zhao Feng hadn’t used the abilities of his eye-bloodline much in the Crown Prince trial, Sacred Lord Star Demon noticed things that others didn’t since he was paying a lot of attention to Zhao Feng.

“Maybe these disciples of the Ji Family can also learn from Little Friend Zhao,” Sacred Lord Star Demon said. This sentence was obviously meant for the members of the Ji Family behind him.

The meaning was very clear; although they supported the Crown Prince’s enemy, the princes would still maintain a good relationship on the surface at least. Therefore, they could take this chance to learn something if they formed a good relationship with Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng then left the Imperial Palace with Sacred Lord Star Demon and company.

Within the Eighth Prince’s hall:

“Eighth Prince?” Luo Zun asked.

“Your Highness, although the Ninth Prince became the Crown Prince, it will be hard for him to sit on his seat steadily with just the small number of forces that support him, and the current situation” an elder nearby analyzed.

His meaning was very clear; there was no need for the Eighth Prince to help the Ninth Prince, so he should prevent this connection between Zhao Feng and the Ji Family. All he needed to do was wait for the right moment, and maybe he would be able to obtain the seat of Crown Prince.

“I have my own thoughts.” The Eighth Prince interrupted with a decisive tone.

“Understood.” The elder was faintly surprised and said no more. Being a strategist, all he could do was give ideas. The true leader was still the prince.

Luo Zun paused for a moment before understanding what the Eighth Prince meant. The Eighth Prince no longer wanted to oppose Zhao Feng.

If the Ninth Prince could become the Crown Prince because of Zhao Feng, then why couldn’t Zhao Feng also help him stay on that seat steadily and become the Sacred Emperor?