King Of Gods Chapter 999

Chapter 999 Collection Of Eye Bloodline Techniques

Chapter 999: Collection of Eye-Bloodline Techniques

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Chapter 999 – Collection of Eye-Bloodline Techniques

Zhao Feng followed Sacred Lord Star Demon and arrived at the Ji Family in the Yu Province four months later.

The Yu Family was based in a forest surrounded by streams, and it was covered by a purple mist. Normal people would find it hard to even find the entrance to the Ji Family if they didn’t have a member of the Ji Family leading them or some unique secret technique.

“This is indeed a Xanadu.” Zhao Feng praised.

Everything within several thousand miles of the Ji Family was covered in a purple mist. Not only was it beautiful, it also had the ability to hypnotize anyone who looked at it and create illusions.

In addition, because the members of the Ji Family were born and raised in this environment, their resistance to illusions was extremely strong.

“Little Friend Zhao, you came this time to exchange eye-bloodline techniques, right?” Sacred Lord Star Demon asked with a smile.

Although he had invited Zhao Feng over using the Ji Family’s collection of eye-bloodline techniques, the Ji Family obviously wouldn’t show Zhao Feng everything they had. Simply put, Zhao Feng would also have to take out some special eye-bloodline techniques if he wanted the good stuff.

“Uh this junior is here to learn something.” Zhao Feng gave an awkward smile.

He knew that Sacred Lord Star Demon was very interested in his disintegration ability. Zhao Feng also knew that the ability of his left eye was very unique, otherwise he wouldn’t have been marked as a cheater in the moving maze palace.

Zhao Feng obviously didn’t want to reveal his disintegration secret technique. Even if he did though, there was probably no eye-bloodline in the continent that could use it.

The golden ripple came from the mysterious golden ball, which was referred to as the Light of Transparency and Dispersion by the Heaven’s Legacy Race automatons. This was the first time Zhao Feng had heard of the Light of Transparency and Dispersion as well, and he still didn’t completely understand it, so it was best not to reveal it.

“Little Friend Zhao is too humble. No junior of the Ji Family is your match.”

Sacred Lord Star Demon’s expression paused for a moment. Zhao Feng’s unwilling attitude made him slightly unhappy. Even if Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique was very rare, was it rarer than the entire collection of the Ji Family?

Hearing that, Ji Lan and Ji Wuye lowered their heads, and Ji Dengtian and Ji Bai were unhappy. It wasn’t just the juniors of the Ji Family that weren’t Zhao Feng’s match even those of the previous generation weren’t his match.

“I’ve come here for something else that I need Senior’s help with.” Zhao Feng thought before saying.

“What is it? You can tell me” Sacred Lord Star Demon’s expression remained the same. He thought that Zhao Feng had come to learn eye-bloodline techniques and didn’t expect Zhao Feng to have other issues.

“I want to find someone in the Yu Province,” Zhao Feng said directly.

“Oh? A person?” Sacred Lord Star Demon and the others from the Ji Family revealed curious expressions. The person Zhao Feng was searching for must be very unique if he wasn’t able to find them even with his status among the Ninth Prince’s forces. Even Old Ying and the Ocean Smoke Pavilion couldn’t do anything?

“The owner of the Eyes of Samsara,” Zhao Feng said, and those from the Ji Family revealed surprised expressions.

The person that Zhao Feng wanted to find was the descendent of one of the Eight Great God Eyes? They had heard legends about the Eyes of Samsara; they had appeared in the continent several thousand years ago before disappearing.

Sacred Lord Star Demon’s expression froze for a while before speaking, “I can help you with that.”

“Thank you,” Zhao Feng said with a faint smile.

The group of people soon arrived at the Ji Family proper, and Sacred Lord Star Demon led Zhao Feng to enter the inner regions through an entrance at the back of the mountain.

“Little Friend Zhao, since you’re searching for someone, why don’t you stay at the Ji Family for now?” Sacred Lord Star Demon said.

“Thank you for your trouble,” Zhao Feng replied. Finding someone couldn’t be done within a day or two. Furthermore, if he was going to read their collection of eye-bloodline techniques, he couldn’t show them how fast he could read. It would take a bit longer, but it wouldn’t reveal anything suspicious.

“Ji Lan, show Little Friend Zhao and the others where to stay,” Sacred Lord Star Demon ordered before disappearing into the purple mist.

“Thank you,” Zhao Feng said respectfully.

Ji Lan then led Zhao Feng, Bi Qingyue, and company to a stunning garden.

“All of you may stay here for now,” Ji Lan said before leaving.

“Master, I think that Sacred Lord Star Demon knows a bit about the Eyes of Samsara,” Bi Qingyue said after Ji Lan left.

“I could see that as well.” Zhao Feng had a grim expression, but if Sacred Lord Star Demon wasn’t willing to tell him, there was nothing he could do.

Zhao Feng would definitely ask one more time before he left, and he hoped to obtain at least something from Sacred Lord Star Demon.

“All of you can stay here for now. If you have time, travel around and meet with some of the upper echelon members of the Ji Family,” Zhao Feng said before walking into a room.

Ji Lan came to Zhao Feng on the second morning.

“Zhao Feng, Sacred Lord Star Demon invites you over.”

Ji Lan then led Zhao Feng to a secret hall in a forest.

“Both of you can come in.” Sacred Lord Star Demon’s voice sounded from within the hall.

Ji Lan’s heart moved. Since Sacred Lord Star Demon said “both,” that meant she could enter as well.

This was Sacred Lord Star Demon’s private property. Some of the collections here were even more precious than the collection of the family itself. One might even be able to see the profound eye-bloodline techniques that Sacred Lord Star Demon was still working on.

The hall was dark, and the layout was very simple.

“This is my private collection. Little Friend Zhao can read any books on the left. As for the right side, you’ll have to stop.”

Sacred Lord Star Demon was pretty proud of himself. Although there were only two bookshelves here, the contents within them were extremely rare in the outside world.

Zhao Feng glanced at the bookshelf on the right side. A white screen with runes of different colors spun around it.

Zhao Feng didn’t say anything and first started to read the items on the left bookshelf.

“You can also read,” Sacred Lord Star Demon told Ji Lan.

Ji Lan started to read through the books alongside Zhao Feng with Sacred Lord Star Demon’s permission. However, every book here contained a sea of knowledge and would require a lot of time just to memorize it.

Zhao Feng took out a random book and started to read it. The contents and theories were extremely detailed. If Zhao Feng had read this when he first started learning eye-bloodline techniques, his mastery would have increased by leaps and bounds.

Looks like everything in Sacred Lord Star Demon’s private collection is extremely precious and rare.

Zhao Feng was surprised. Although the contents of these books weren’t as good as the Xie Yang books in the ancient mysterious palace, they were all related to eye-bloodline techniques, which was extremely useful to Zhao Feng.

A normal Emperor would need two hours just to memorize the contents of one of these books. Although Zhao Feng could directly copy it all into his left eye, Sacred Lord Star Demon and Ji Lan were present, so it was better for him to just memorize while reading and not over-display him ability.

“I wonder if there’s any progress regarding the owner of the Eyes of Samsara?” Zhao Feng asked while flipping through this book.

“Actually, the owner of the Eyes of Samsara came to the Ji Family several thousand years ago.”

Sacred Lord Star Demon said something that surprised even Ji Lan. She didn’t know such a thing even though she was a member of the Ji Family.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. He didn’t expect Sacred Lord Star Demon to actually answer his question. From the looks of it, Sacred Lord Star Demon didn’t reveal anything earlier because there were too many people present.

“Back then, he came to read the eye-bloodline techniques collection of the Ji Family, and he even left behind some of his eye-bloodline techniques and theories.” Sacred Lord Star Demon said an even more unknown and shocking piece of news.

“Techniques and theories regarding the Eyes of Samsara!?” Zhao Feng was surprised.

Eye-bloodline techniques and theories about the Eyes of Samsara would be something like the Dark Eyes Secret Manual that he had obtained from Duanmu Qing. However, without a doubt, whatever the owner of the Eyes of Samsara personally left at the Ji Family was more precious.

“But the Ji Family isn’t sure about his current information. We don’t even know if he’s still in the Yu Province,” Sacred Lord Star Demon added.

“Thank you for telling me, Senior Sacred Lord Star Demon.” Zhao Feng put his hands together and gave thanks. Not only had Sacred Lord Star Demon revealed his private collection to Zhao Feng, he also told Zhao Feng such a huge secret.

“What he left behind is on the bookshelf to your right.” Sacred Lord Star Demon revealed a cunning smile.

Zhao Feng gave a helpless smile and became immersed in the book in his hands.

On the other side, Ji Lan didn’t care about Zhao Feng at all and tried to memorize as much content as possible so she could fully comprehend it later.

Time flew by quickly, and the light within the room became dimmer and dimmer, but they didn’t sense it at all.

“Okay, I will be going to rest now. Ji Lan, please take Little Friend Zhao back,” Sacred Lord Star Demon’s voice sounded from the other room.

“Yes.” Ji Lan unwillingly put the book back into the bookshelf.

“Sir Zhao, please come with me.”

Ji Lan looked at Zhao Feng and didn’t have the complicated emotions that she had before. If it wasn’t for Zhao Feng, she wouldn’t have been able to browse Sacred Lord Star Demon’s private collection, so she had to thank Zhao Feng for that. One had to know that Sacred Lord Star Demon’s own disciple, Ji Wuye, had only been allowed to browse this collection for one day.

“Why do you want to find the owner of the Eyes of Samsara?” Ji Lan asked on the way back. The last time the Eyes of Samsara appeared was a thousand years ago, so Zhao Feng shouldn’t have any connections with him.

“The owner of the Eyes of Samsara can help me find someone very important,” Zhao Feng replied simply.

“Oh.” Ji Lan nodded her head and seemed to half-understand.

At this moment in time, three people from the Ji Family approached them from the front.

“Ji Lan, you’re back.” A handsome purple-haired youth was very excited and immediately walked over.

“En, I just came back.” Ji Lan revealed a helpless expression.

“Hmm? This is?” The youth Ji Lian looked at Zhao Feng with a not-so-friendly gaze.

The other two Ji Family members looked at Zhao Feng as if there was going to be a good show. Everyone knew that Ji Lian loved Ji Lan. This was why she had no other pursuers in the younger generation of the Ji Family even though she was such a beauty. They didn’t expect this outsider to be so close to Ji Lan.

“He’s a guest of the Ji Family Zhao Feng,” Ji Lan replied honestly, and the three in front revealed weird expressions.

Zhao Feng? Wasn’t he one of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo from the Divine Illusion Dimension? Didn’t he plunder a bunch of resources from the Ji Family? How come he was now a guest of the Ji Family and very close to Ji Lan?

Ji Lan only remembered all that when she saw their expressions. The detailed news from the Crown Prince trial might not have entered their ears yet. Right now, the eighteen provinces only knew that the Ninth Prince had become the Crown Prince.

“Zhao Feng? I don’t care if you plundered resources from the Ji Family in the Divine Illusion Dimension, but I can’t allow you to be so close to Ji Lan.” Ji Lian’s tone changed as he warned Zhao Feng.

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