Kingdom's Bloodline Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Gamble (Two)
Chapter 104: Gamble (Two)
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Far off, the Archduke of Black Sand, Chapman Lampard sat fully equipped on his horse.

Protected by countless infantry and cavalry troops, he gazed into the distance with an air of cool detachment.

Amid the deafening battle cries, the two Constellation flags, which were a distance away fluttered under the encirclement of more than two thousand extra light, Eckstedt infantrymen. These men were divided into six large troops.

Archduke Lampard touched the sword on his waist.

It was the sword he used to kill his elder brother during the duel. He had not been apart from it for more than ten years.

"It has begun." Behind him, Count Levan said softly, "They will break out of the encirclement very soon and retreat towards the fortress. We only have to wait for Sasere to dispatch reinforcement troops."

His most trusted advisor, Viscount Kentvida also nodded.

"The light cavalry and mounted infantry on both sides of the battlefield are already prepared. We will be able to rapidly flank any troops that come to their aid from the fortress.

"The knights and three hundred heavy cavalry have already unloaded half of their load. They will be able to charge even faster Even if all three thousand people in the fortress hold each other's hands and surge out, we can at least utterly defeat their vanguards immediately. That is, if they do not retreat within five minutes.

"Five hundred heavy swordsmen and eight hundred heavy-armor axemen are awaiting orders. They can follow

"The archers, the Mystic Gun unit and the remaining normal recruits can also launch an attack.

"When they start to break out of the encirclement, we can take the opportunity and advance. The heavy infantry can start off before the others."

However, at this moment, Chapman Lampard raised his hand and halted Kentvida's report with a serious expression on his face.

"No, make everyone stay put and wait for orders. No one is allowed to approach the battlefield arbitrarily.

"Let the light infantry continue fighting.

"We should give the Fortress Flower some time to contemplate whether to dispatch troops to the rescue."

Next to Archduke Lampard, Lord Tolja's expression became stern after hearing his words.

"If they break out of the encirclement towards the fortress' direction, it is better if we let our main forces follow up appropriately." Familiar with battle affairs, he furrowed his brows and said, "If the distance is too big, even if our cavalier stall Sasere's reinforcement troops, the heavy infantry will not be able to catch up. Forget about annihilating her opponents in a field operation. With her abilities, she can totally seize their prince back in time.

"In the event that happens, it will not matter if we take the opportunity to lay siege to the city, or deplete their forces through field operation, our plan would lose its meaning."

Watching the situation of the battle from afar, Lampard shook his head slightly.

"Sasere is a cautious person." Archduke Lampard looked at the Broken Dragon Fortress, looking perplexed. He said slowly, "To lure her to dispatch troops, we must take the risk and give her some hope. If she does not dispatch her troops, their prince will definitely perish in the battlefield. If she dispatches her troops, there might be a fifty percent chance of seizing back their prince.

"And as the prince breaks out of the encirclement from the back and become increasingly near to the fortress, the chances of seizing back the prince will become higher

"When she sees that there is more hope, plus the likelihood of success is getting higher, Sonia Sasere will not be able to help it and be wavered. Even people more cautious and rational than her would be tempted."

Lampard's eyes flashed with an unprecedented desire for a challenge. His gaze was focused on Broken Dragon Fortress' flag of Constellation, the Double Cross-Shaped Stars Flag.

"Now, we will see what our old rival, the Fortress Flower chooses.

"Sonia Sasere, will you dispatch reinforcements to rescue your only prince? Or, will you watch helplessly as the heir to Constellation perishes in battle?"

"What is going on?" Standing on the tall fortress wall, Sonia watched the chaotic battle taking place on the plains from afar. She gritted her teeth and punched the wall of the Broken Dragon Fortress hard. "Does Lampard want to murder His Highness here in public?"

"There are only about two thousand and three hundred light infantrymen surrounding the prince. With the Fury Guards there, they may be able to hold up for a while.

"However, there is after all, too big a difference in the number of people." Observing the enemy's situation on the plains, she furrowed her brows and said, "Lampard's other main forces are very far away. If Baron Murkh can break out of the encirclement with the prince in tow and withdraw some distance away, we should be able to dispatch reinforcements in time to tear apart the light infantry's encirclement and bring the prince back."

Turning her head, Miranda said to Sonia, "I can launch an attack. I need a thousand people, including elites who can break through the enemy's formation like the Starlight Brigade.

"The Starlight Brigade can go on horseback. The opponent only consists of some light infantry. If we are only to break through the blockade and rescue His Highness"

"No way!" Sonia looked at the stalemated battlefield in anger and said with difficulty, "The prince's diplomat group is not his main target

"For us to dispatch our only city defense elites to rescue the prince this is what Lampard wants!

"I dare guarantee that his cavaliers are prepared to gallop at full speed to intercept our reinforcements at all costs. They would even brave the attack of the forts' arrows with no regard for casualties in order to break into the fortress' gate. And then, attack us on a massive scale"

"They would at least be able to annihilate our reinforcement troops

"If the former happens, the fortress faces the risk of falling into their hands. If the latter happens, he can also deplete a lot of the fortress' forces and pave the way for him to lay siege to the city after this.

Sonia clenched her fists tightly. "We must not act according to the enemy's thought process."

Miranda raised her eyebrows and remained silent for a while.

A distance away, the sounds of fighting continued.

"However, that is the second prince, and also Constellation's only heir," Miranda contemplated for a while and said quietly, "If the fortress does not dispatch troops, it is very possible for him to perish in the battle. His Majesty"

Gritting her teeth, Sonia shut her eyes and let out a long sigh. "This is Lampard's aim. He is waiting for my choice, between the fortress and the prince's safety, between military affairs and politics. He wants me to choose one between the two.

"This is a very obvious trap.

"It seemed impossible for Lampard to seize the fortress in the beginning. Who would have thought that he somehow found an opportunity Lampard's boldness truly exceeds my imagination!"

Grasping the sword at her waist tightly, Miranda raised her head and said, "Perhaps with Baron Murkh's ability, he would be able to bring the prince nearer to us after breaking out of the encirclement. He may even bring the prince within the forts' area of protection?

"We will try our best to fight a quick battle and bring the prince to safety before their follow-up forces arrive"

"Be careful!" Sonia abruptly opened her eyes. Her gaze was full of caution. "This is exactly how Lampard wants us to think. The fortress is our biggest support. You have no idea how much he yearns for our troops to leave the fortress and fall into the rhythm of a chaotic battle with him.

"Everything he does is so that he can smoothly seize Broken Dragon Fortress by paying the smallest price!"

Miranda was stunned. "But, does he really dare to have the crime of murdering the Prince of Constellation over his head as a stake?"

"What if the Prince of Constellation really dies in the battlefield?" Watching the battle from afar, Lord Tolja said hesitantly, "Everything is possible in the battlefield."

"Then, we will see whether the Sunset Goddess gives us her blessings, and how loyal Sonia Sasere is towards the Jadestar Royal Family," Archduke Lampard spoke in a low voice, "If we win this gamble, we will open the door to Constellation's Northern Territory. If we lose hmph."

He did not speak any further.

"I am afraid that the prince's life and death has nothing to do with luck, but with our choice," Viscount Kentvida pondered and said.

"If Sasere refuses to dispatch troops, and would rather defend the fortress and watch as their prince's army is totally wiped out Are we really going to kill everyone in the prince's diplomat group?"

"Not necessarily." Count Levan shook his head. "The ones we dispatched are only light infantrymen. Based on the situation on the battlefield right now, the Constellatiates can at least hold up for more than fifteen minutes If it really comes to that, it will not be too late for us to sound the horn to withdraw our troops."

"And then invite the prince in and tell him that everything, including the death of so many people was just a misunderstanding?" Tolja furrowed his brows and answered.

Their archduke raised the reins and took a few steps forward on his horse to see the situation more clearly.

"If Sasere still cowers like a turtle and refuses to dispatch her troops, it does not matter." Archduke Lampard looked at the large fortress with an indifferent expression.

Then he tightened the sword belt around his waist and inhaled a mouthful of air that was exclusive to the cold winter. "If it really gets to that, we will slaughter every single person in that diplomat group and leave only the little seven-year-old rascal alive.

"And then...

"Everyone in the fortress will see how we strip their only prince naked and tie him up on a flagpole. We will then attack the fortress with their heir hoisted up Let us see how great of an ordeal the Constellatiates can take with their morale.

"Of course, whether we succeed or not, that poor little rascal will live and be sent to Dragon Clouds City later as a sign of our respect and loyalty towards King Nuven. I will not stain myself with the Jadestar Royal Family's blood. Ever since the era of the Empire, that family's blood has been abound with curses and misfortune.

"Under such a situation, as long as he does not die, the Constellatiates will only see the humiliation their prince has brought upon them instead of their enmity towards the Lampard Family."

Hearing this, Tolja could not help but furrow his brows tightly.

"He is only a seven-year-old child."

The unsmiling Archduke Lampard was silent.

A flashback of his younger self fighting with his brother for fun crossed his mind.

However, the others did not know what he was thinking.

The next moment, Chapman Lampard raised his gaze and said in a chilly tone, "He is a prince.

"From the time he was born, it has been impossible for him to go through this stage known as 'childhood'.

"This is their privilege, and also a price they have to pay."

Tolja looked at Archduke Lampard in a daze, as though he wanted to say something. However, in the end, he just lowered his head and sighed.

Viscount Kentvida furrowed his brows.

"That child will detest you. When he is crowned as king in the future"

However, he was cut off by the archduke.

"He will be afraid of me!" Lampard said with curt finality.

"Even if he becomes the King of Constellation, wears the Nine-Pointed Star Royal Crown on his head and holds the Constellation Staff

"I will still make him remember this day clearly; the most humiliating, scary and terrifying day of his life!"


Genard raised his shield and blocked a heavy mace. He could not help but lower his body from the large force.

However, the veteran cleverly took the opportunity to wave his sword and split his opponent's knee cap. He then ended his opponent's life when the latter fell onto the ground.

But then, a sword, which came at an angle that was difficult to block, pierced through Genard's left shoulder blade. Enduring the pain, he trembled as he retreated to the second row.

Nevertheless, the soldier who replaced his position obviously did not have enough experience. The moment he went forward, his thigh was wounded by a sword.

Genard could only grit his teeth and go forward again, holding up the enemy's sword so that his injured comrade could retreat.

The veteran could feel that the Eckstedt infantry's offensive frequency was reducing.

'It seems like the time to break out of the encirclement has arrived.'

However, at this moment, Genard sighed.

In the battlefield, the new recruits with poor skills would all die first. The veterans who survived were all tough like iron. They were clever and valiant.

'What follows will be a tough battle indeed.'

"So, the key to the battlefield lies in Sasere's choice." In the middle of the battle array, Thales gasped for breath as he spoke to Putray, who was nodding slightly, and Arracca, whose face was hideous and covered in blood.

"And no matter what choice she makes, Lampard most probably has his own corresponding tactic. To attack and occupy the fortress, to weaken our military forces, or to capture me in a humiliating manner and use me as a chip to attack."

"Regardless of what she chooses, we will be in a predicament." Putray furrowed his brows. "These light infantrymen of Lampard are enough to put us in a fix. The soldiers will not be able to go on for too long."

Aracca chuckled coldly as he looked around at his dead and wounded subordinates who were lying on top of each other, feeling extremely angry. "If you have any ideas, you better spit it out before the Eckstedtians turn us into minced meat and conveniently hang you up."

Thales paid no heed to Arracca's disrespect. He raised his head and glanced at the Lampard Family's Iron Fist Flag not far away.

He exhaled and said slowly, "No matter what Sonia chooses, it will be a predicament.

"Therefore, we cannot let her choose."

Thales' gaze became cold. Amid Putray and Arracca's different expressions, he clenched his fists.

"We can only choose for Lady Sasere.

"To eliminate her indecisiveness and hesitance.

"Prepare to break out of the encirclement," the second prince said sternly.

Arracca curled up the corners of his lips.

"It seems like they are going to start breaking out of the encirclement." Looking at the battle situation from afar, Miranda said hesitantly, "Are we really not dispatching reinforcements?

"Even if they really break through the tight encirclement and approach the fortress?"

Sonia shut her eyes in agony.


'My biggest responsibility is to guard.

'I have failed once This time, I cannot fail again.'

"No." Gritting her teeth, Sonia lowered her head and supported herself on the fortress wall with both hands. With difficulty, she said, "It would be impossible to save them if we only dispatch a small number of troops. However, if we dispatch all our elites, it would suit Lampard's desire.

"Guard our fortress well We cannot give him even the slightest chance.

"As for His Majesty, I will answer to him."

Miranda did not say anything. There was silence atop the fortress wall for quite a while.

However, the silence was soon broken.

The sounds of battle rang from afar again.

"Commanding officer!"

In shock, Miranda looked at the chaotic battlefield. "They have started to break out of the encirclement!

"But it is very strange"

Miranda's face was full of disbelief.


Sonia opened her eyes, puzzled.

Tolja anxiously rode his horse over from afar "Sir! There is news from the light cavalry!

"They have started to break out of the encirclement!"

Archduke Lampard opened his eyes and looked towards the two Constellation flags.

"Very good," he opened his mouth and said, "now, we will wait for Sasere"

Lampard narrowed his eyes.

'The fluttering of the flags

'It is not quite right.'

He immediately noticed that something was amiss.

'It cannot be.'

Archduke Lampard widened his eyes and opened his mouth in shock. "Could it be that"

"Yes sir, we have to revise our plan immediately!" Tolja said loudly and nervously.

"And according to the light cavalry's report, there has been more than one accident!"

Lampard suppressed the irritation in his heart and threw Tolja a questioning glance.

Sitting on horseback, Tolja gritted his teeth and said, "There is someone together with that prince."

Furrowing his brows tightly, Archduke Lampard watched as Tolja proceeded to speak. The words he said made the expressions of all the vassals around him change abruptly.

"It is him!

"It is that man carrying that bow!"

With a stony expression, Arracca bound Thales tightly on his back. Thales was pressed close against Arracca's large metal bow. It had silver and black stripes on it.

"Is it really safe to stay on this fella's back?" Aida asked furiously, "I keep feeling like I have lost my job."

Thales smiled at her. "Just take it as a break Even authors take breaks from writing their stories sometimes."

"This is very risky. It means that we are also gambling," Putray said worriedly, "We are betting on the enemy's choice."

Thales inhaled deeply and smiled at Putray.

"Yes, Lampard and I are betting on one another.

"It is a game of 'do you dare'."

"Little prince, I am asking you for the last time..." Seeing that most of the Fury Guards in the first row were either dead or injured, Arracca suppressed the rage in his heart. He spoke in a chilly tone, "Are you sure that you want to do this?"

"This is the only way," Thales said as he smiled bitterly.

Arracca did not say anything.

"And are you really as great as the rumors say?" Gritting his teeth, Thales laid face down on Arracca's back. He adjusted his stomach, which was pressed against the big bow and forced a smile. "Please, prove it to me."

Arracca still did not speak.

Thales shut his eyes slowly and opened them with determination. His gaze was sharp.

"The most valiant warrior in Constellation

"Arracca Murkh."

He exhaled softly and shouted the nickname that everyone in Constellation knew, "The Kingdom's Wrath."

The moment these words were spoken, those who were in a predicament had an inspired look. It was as if even the atmosphere around him had changed.

The next moment, Arracca turned his head and chuckled coldly at Thales.

"A long time ago, in a hopeless situation, a Jadestar once told me that"

Thales could not help but feel stunned.

Arracca pulled out his two-handed greatsword from the ground. He waved it a few times and walked forward.

The others such as Putray, Wya and Ralf followed them from behind. Some had determined expressions whereas some were weighed down with worry.

Arracca stepped onto the stirrup with a stride. His gaze was fierce.

Aida nimbly followed their horse from behind.

Arracca continued to speak in a chilly tone, "He said

"'Since there is no way to retreat.

"'Why not charge forward with all your might?'"

Thales did not know how to react.

The next moment, the man known as the Kingdom's Wrath, Arracca Murkh rode his horse forward with a fierce expression. He overtook his squad of guards.

"Fury Guards, assault formation!"

The Kingdom's Wrath pointed his greatsword towards the Iron Fist Flag that fluttered high in the distance. He roared furiously.

"The target is north!

"We are going to Lampard!"