Kingdom's Bloodline Chapter 380

Chapter 380 Welcome To Constellation Two

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Duro stared at Tormorden, “Do you know this will increase your criminal charges?”

“Collaboration with the enemy, spying, plus bribery!”


Tormorden turned pale and was completely lost as to what to do.

The puzzled Thales looked at Duro’s face and suddenly remembered a period a long time ago, when he was begging in Lower City District.

The police and the Public Security Team were generally too lazy to patrol the dirty Lower City District, but Thales did have many experiences of begging at Western City Gate.

Since the cops were everywhere in that place, there were a set of rules implemented there that was completely different from the underground.

You could just bribe the people from Black Street Brotherhood, and they would not say anything, but in face of the sly cops working in the capital

Thales looked at the terrified Tormorden, and the others who were puzzled and bewildered. He could not help but sighed.

The young man stepped forward.

“We understand, sir.” Thales forced a smile and caught everyone’s attention. “But believe me, we are all legitimate merchants. Before the blockade was issued, we went out of Blade Fangs Camp, bringing with us legal consumer goods.”

The leader of Psionics’ gaze focused slightly.

“Unfortunately, our merchant group encountered the orcs on our way. Our goods were all LOOTED, and we lost a lot of people. Only fifteen camels were left, and we only barely made it out alive,” Thales shook his head and said in a dejected tone.

He emphasized the word ‘looted’.

When they heard this, the captives all had different expressions on their faces, and Captain Duro adopted a gloomy expression.

“I am sorry to hear this.” He sighed sadly. “It is our duty and responsibility to guarantee your life and interests in the desert. But we had been busy getting rid of the orcs, and because of it we let you fall into the hand of bandits. We have neglected our duty.”

With a keen ear, Thales noticed that Duro’s Western Desert accent had disappeared quite considerably.

“The monstrous desert bandits”

Duro frowned slightly, indicating that Thales was to continue speaking.

Thales immediately understood.


He followed Duro’s suggestion and quickly corrected himself. “Yes yes yes.We were robbed by a group of desert bandits. All our goods ‘disappeared mysteriously’ after that. But we were lucky. After we escaped, we met Sir Duro. The army got rid of the desert orcs, and the scene was really shocking!”

Duro’s expression grew pleasant.

The captives looked at each other strangely.

“It’s you, Captain Duro. You saved us on the battlefield with the glorious Stardust Unit.” Thales looked at him gratefully. “You have also given us enough assistance and resources when we had nowhere to go. You helped us, who had LOST EVERYTHING, to be able to go home.”

Thales emphasized on the words ‘lost everything’.

Duro sighed slightly.

“Oh, no, young man.” The young captain looked humble and patted Thales’ shoulder. His tone was mild and gentle, “Losing your goods isn’t important, as long as you all are in good health… and, you said you have about TEN CAMELS left, right?”

Duro emphasized the words ‘ten camels’.

‘Losing your goods isn’t important, as long as you all are in good health’

Tormorden finally understood. He looked at the goods in the camp incredulously and he covered his face, feeling pain in his heart.

The leader of Psionics gave an approving look to Thales, hinting that he was very sensible, and nodded happily, “As for thanks… This is what we should do. The reason why the army exists is to protect the people, whether it is your property or your life.”

Thales’ expression stiffened.

But he forced his eyes to tear up in time to turn his act of stiffening up due to awkwardness into him choking up due to him being moved, “Yes, at least we still have ‘ten camels’ left. As for your kindness, captain, we… we deeply admire it”

Behind Duro, the female knight Spirit Blade glared so hard at him that she looked as if fire was burning in her eyes

Thales continued to say with a choked voice, “This is the only comfort we have after losing the goods But Master Tormorden has proposed to pay you money as a token of our appreciation. We will be very upset if you refused.”

Snake Shooter of the freak squad snorted.

Duro glared at him.

Snake Shooter obediently stood still.

Then, Duro turned around in satisfaction and coughed. “I understand your intentions, but we have our principles. I really cannot accept it.”

Quick Rope turned to a spot where Duro could not see and rolled his eyes.

Thales revealed an enlightened look.

The boss of the freak squad looked at Thales with a gratified expression. “Very good, young man. It seems that you really understand things.”

“What is your name?”

Thales’ expression tensed. “Secca.”

Dean raised an eyebrow when he heard the name.

Then, Duro dragged him into an embrace and laughed. “Very good, Secca!

“Tenny, if I were you, I’ll wait for this young man to grow up. Then, I will train him to be my assistant!”

Duro’s Western Desert accent became noticeable again.

Tormorden forced out a smile that was similar to a grimace.

Duro shook his head and grinned as he said to Thales, “With a good citizen like you who supports the kingdom and the army, how can our warriors not fight bravely, how can we not march forth to war courageously? We risk our lives to protect lovely Constellatiates just like you!”

Thales sighed and said sincerely, “When I see Constellation improving day by day, I am also very excited.”

The Psionic nodded and smiled. “So, do you know what to tell the other people in the camp after you go back?”

Thales sighed. “Of course. We ran into danger in the desert, and we lost our goods. We were lucky enough to meet Stardust Unit’s Sir Duro. He was a very good person. He is a responsible and kind-hearted man.”

Duro nodded slightly.

“You know, I love peace.” Duro’s expression instantly turned cold. His gaze was as sharp as a knife, and he swept his gaze past every captive.

“But if I encountered spies and smugglers who try to undermine peace, such as those who spread false information in the camp”

Thales frowned slightly.

“Please be sure to let us know. And trust me, even if we travel through the entire desert, we will wipe out all of them and create a safe and prosperous trading path for you.”

The captives felt chills in their heart and quickly nodded like a hammer pounding on a nail.

“That is good,” Duro said, satisfied. “This way, you can go home safely, and we can complete our sacred duty of protecting the country.

“I am really relieved that the warriors at the front line and the civilians behind us understand each other. How can Constellation not be strong, how can it not grow up, and how can it not be revived with these people around?”

Thales felt a little numb with all the smiling he was doing.

“Tenny, if I were you, I will definitely marry off my daughter to him. Really, if I have a daughter” In the end, Duro patted Thales’ shoulder and pointed at the goods around him. He said, “Believe me, that dowry will be totally worth it, you will have lost nothing!”

Thales smiled stiffly.

‘Totally worth it, and have lost nothing, huh? True.’

Finally, Duro waved his hand.

“And we’re done. You can collect your necessary luggage. Remember, only your necessities, such as the ten camels. Then you should return to Blade Fangs Camp.

“Be careful on the road, but you don’t have to worry.” Duro tightened his fist and smiled as he flexed his thick arm.

“In the desert, We’re your most reliable shields!”

Tormorden, who instantly lost everything, responded with a grimace to Duro’s words.

With ghastly pale faces, the merchants and mercenaries turned their faces away from their ‘most reliable shields’.

Thales sighed in his heart and did not utter a word.

At that moment…

“Wait a minute.”

Baron Gurtz, who had been silent for a while, spoke.

He stepped forward, and there was slight anger in his voice. “I cannot take this anymore.”

Duro looked at the Single-Winged Crow flag behind Baron Gurtz and frowned. “What?”

“I am a nobleman.” Gurtz put down his arms and said coldly, “I am sorry, Captain Duro, but I cannot watch you take away what belongs to them.”

The captives were suddenly amazed.

“What do you mean?”

Gurtz walked over to Duro and looked straight at him, “You, will return the goods to them.

“Our task is to wipe out the desert, not to collect money.”

The leader of Psionics was stunned.

The captives were also stunned.

Duro took a few seconds to figure out what was happening.

“I thought we had a pleasant cooperation going on, Gurtz.” Duro scratched his head, “Listen”

“Nobody likes to work with you,” Gurtz said coldly, “You freak.”

The other people’s expressions darkened.

Duro exhaled.

“I know, I also understand that no one wants to suffer in this sh*tty desert during this season, and chase away those poor scum. The rewards we gain are also insufficient.” The leader of the freak squad from the Stardust Unit looked at the baron with a solemn expression. “So please, we finally have a chance to get something. Don’t stand in my way. I just want to get some compensation.”

Baron Gurtz shook his head and his gaze was cold.

“My people have not complained about this.”

When he said this, the soldiers of the Kroma Family schooled their expressions and gathered behind the baron.

The leader of the freak squad became quiet.

But he did not back down. Instead, he stepped forward and had his right hand fall on his sword hilt.

His thick left arm trembled in a peculiar manner.

The people of the Stardust Unit, including the freak squad, also took a step forward with hostile expressions.

The atmosphere became tense.

Thales watched this scene in surprise.

Logically speaking, both armies were ordered to clear the desert and to welcome him

But at the moment, it may not be a good idea to let these two armies cooperate.

Among the captives, Old Hammer’s expression turned unpleasant. “Damn.

“We’re caught in the middle again.”

At this moment, Tormorden lifted his trembling hands.

“Lord Baron, you don’t have to do this for us”

But Baron Gurtz did not accept Tormorden’s gratitude.

“Shut up.”

Gurtz denied Tormorden a chance to speak. “This is not for you, merchants.

“It is for justice and fairness.”

He stared coldly at the sullen-looking Duro. “This is for the creed we have defended for thousands of years.”

Duro looked as if he just heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Are you mad? Justice and fairness?” Duro opened his mouth and looked at the men behind him.

“Are you still talking about that in this time and age?”

But Gurtz still stared at him with an indifferent gaze.

Duro breathing became rapid.


“Thirty percent.” Duro looked at the pile of goods in the distance and gritted his teeth, “You can take thirty percent of the goods.”

Gurtz laughed.

“Excuse me?” Baron sneered, “You are actually intending to bribe me? Bribe Baron Amos, Fagel Gurtz, who works under the Count of Wing Fort?”

“Forty percent,” Duro clenched his fists. “No more. We have quite a lot of goods here, and you are just a baron.”

Gurtz shook his head.

“You are the so-called regular soldiers of the royal family, and are clearly part of the military, but you just do not understand why we fight, and what is responsibility and glory, right?”

This made the atmosphere even more tense.

Duro took a deep breath. “Listen, I know, we let the orcs get away today. You are in a bad mood because you have fewer battle achievements under your belt. But listen… do not cause trouble, there are plenty of important people watching.”

“Trouble? Count Kroma often told me this: the real troublemaker here is people like you,” Gurtz said.

“I’ll repeat myself. Return the goods to them.”

Duro stomped his feet.

“Fifty-fifty!” He pointed at his feet in exasperation. “This is my bottom line!”

Gurtz laughed.

“Oh God, I cannot believe this. You are still thinking about buying peace and reaching a consensus about this with ME, even now?”

Baron Gurtz said with a sentimental tone. “The king’s power is too great. There will always be maggots like you who will appear out of his sight, wanting to erode the foundation of the whole kingdom.”

“This is why we exist. Nobles must balance the royal power, starting with the army working under him.”

Thales watched the duo back and forth. There was no important content in their conversation, and not much similarities as well.He felt that there was something off.

‘Gurtz… Maybe this vassal of the Kroma Family also happens to be idealists?’

But in this current situation, the conflict between them did not spell good for the captives.

Duro became quiet.

“You can really drag other things into this, huh, Your Grace?

“But you won’t want to pick a fight with us here over this matter.” The boss pointed at the sky and whispered, “The people above, whether they are barons or counts, and even… will not be happy.”

“You are right,” Gurtz replied coldly. Meanwhile, he pushed down on his sword hilt with his hand. “I think so too.

“So, do you want them to be happy?


Duro’s expression changed.

Both of their hands touched their weapons, and they looked at each other murderously.

“Sixty percent.” Duro stared at the man fiercely. He had already drawn his sword an inch out of its scabbard. “If you cannot accept it, then let’s start fighting.”

Gurtz looked at his opponent silently.

A second later, the baron smiled.


Gurtz said plainly, and his hand left the hilt.

The captives were all in shock.


‘D Deal?’

The captives were instantly dumbfounded, and they found themselves speechless. Just a moment ago, they had been surprised by the baron’s act of refusing Duro’s bribes repeatedly, and in a righteous fashion, to boot. They had even been worried that Gurtz’s impulsive behavior would affect them.

Even Thales, who was slightly aware of what would happen, was surprised.

Duro spat fiercely on the ground.

‘Bah, how very greedy you are.”

But Gurtz just turned around without hesitation and got on his horse. “Remember, sixty percent. My flag bearer will confirm the amount with you.

“I will be waiting for you at the front… let us continue working happily, Captain Duro.”

The next moment, the baron and his men went away together.

“These maggots!”

Duro looked at the baron’s back in contempt. “Noble? He’s just a vampire in the kingdom.

“Constellation is ruined by you lot.”

The captives looked at each other and were speechless.

“Stop being statues here and being a hindrance. Get on your way, pronto! And don’t get into trouble!” Duro, who was in a bad mood, waved at them impatiently.

“We are the army of the kingdom. We’re busy protecting you lot!”

The captives turned stiffly and left.

Thales looked at the baron who left and then at the sullen Duro.

After a few seconds, he sighed deeply and pulled his foot back, just as he was about to step forward. He held back the words he was about to say as well and turn around with the others.


Thales silently shook his head.


The sky was getting darker.

While the cold wind howled, everyone in the merchant group went to their respective camps with complex emotions and packed their remaining luggage, as well as bury the corpses of their fallen companions.

The Stardust Unit watched them strictly, preventing them from taking too many goods that they had ‘already lost’.

But Dante’s Greatsword was in a depressive mood.

“To tell the truth”

Among the mercenaries, Louisa closed the Palka’s eyes with an expressionless face and said hoarsely, “I don’t think Tormorden will pay us, or at least not enough. He has a good reason to avoid paying us and even blame us.”

“Palka, Kant, Halgen so many people lost. Everyone’s compensation”

Louisa did not continue to speak.

Dante’s Greatsword became solemn.

The atmosphere among them became very depressing.

Dean sighed, took Kant’s greatsword from his hand, and buried the big man into the sandpit that they dug up. “I’ll try to find a way. For now, collect all our things first. We’ll have pack up skillfully. Don’t let them stop us and take our stuff.”

Mickey slammed his fist on the sand.

“What was that?”

Mickey looked at the cavaliers who were busy looting in the distance. He could not hide his anger. “That group”

Dean shook his head. He did not utter a word.

It was Thales who sighed instead.


His voice was hoarse, and he sounded rather dispirited. “Welcome to Constellation.”

The prince helped the unhappy Quick Rope grab some sand and buried Halgen’s corpse, whose original form could no longer be seen.