Kingdom's Bloodline Chapter 394

Chapter 394 New Guest

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‘Black Sword.

‘This name

‘I haven’t heard it for a really long time.’

Thales lay on the table, remembering the strange man in his memory.

When they heard Masked Man’s words, Ricky and Klein looked at each other.

This time, it was Tampa’s turn to be stunned.

“You know him? Black Sword and his Black Street Brotherhood?”

He looked at the mercenaries in confusion.

“We’ve met him.”

Ricky spoke plainly, but his eyes stayed fixed on the same spot for a long time. “We also saw his extraordinary saber. It’s likely the one with the great origin.

“It wasn’t long ago.”

Masked Man folded his arms and coldly said, ” He left a lasting impression.”

Thales, who lay gasping on the table, was surprised and bewildered.

‘Black Sword used to be a mercenary?

‘The Nine Powerhouses

‘This group of people… What connections and grudges does Blood Whistle have with them?

‘So much so that they would attempt to abduct Tampa even at the cost of challenging the law, just to learn about that man’s whereabouts?’

The confused Tampa look around. “Since you already know, why are you”

Ricky raised his hand and interrupted him.

“We just want to confirm that you’re aware of his current status.

“And now, we want to know his past, Tampa.”

Ricky clasped his hands together and looked at him seriously. His tone was solemn and his demeanor grim, as though he was carrying out a sacred ceremony.

“We especially want to know the things he did as a mercenary before he joined the Brotherhood. We want to know every mission he’s carried out, every business, and every story.”

The bewilderment in Tampa’s eyes grew.

“His origin, his identity, his background…” Klein added quietly. He sounded like he was facing an archenemy.

Tampa’s eyebrows were drawn together tighter.

“Not only that…”

Masked Man raised his head and spoke coldly, “His skills, his swordsmanship, his weapons, and most importantly, his…”

Masked Man paused.

Behind the mask, his eyes shone with a cold light.

“Power of Eradication”

‘The Black Sword’s Power of Eradication.’

Thales’ breathing became rapid.


As he listened to the other two, Ricky nodded in agreement.

“In other words, we want to know everything, Tampa…” Ricky looked at the tavern owner and narrowed his eyes. “Everything… about the Black Sword.”

Tampa seemed to realize how unusual recent events had unfolded.

“You’re not doing this for Blood Bottle Gang, right? Since the Red Viper was driven out of the baron’s guards…”

Ricky and his two companions looked at each other and cracked up.

The tavern owner glared at them.

“But based on the situation now just who are you?”

Tampa looked at them in puzzlement and wanted to get an answer from the faces of that group of bloodthirsty mercenaries.

However, he failed.

The three heads of the group remained collected, and the mercenaries around them were silent.

Tampa only sighed. “Black Sword Just how great of an enmity has he formed with you? Is he worth you causing such a big scene, to the point of destroying your reputation and future?”

Ricky snorted lightly.

He shook his head slowly, and a bright spark shone in his eyes.

“You have no idea…

“You have no idea just how many things he has on his person that have caught our interest.”

Once he finished speaking, Klein and Masked Man’s eyes became fierce.

“You have no idea what kind of miracle and opportunity he represents.”

Tampa looked at him grimly.

Ricky curled up the corners of his lips and tapped the table as if he was immersed in his own world,

“For us, he will mark the end of the old era and the beginning of a new century.”

Thales listened to everything with a dumb expression on his face

He felt like he had been dragged into another major event.

“Is this some kind of cult group?”

Quick Rope whispered into Thales’ ears while he lay on the table.

“I saw this sort of stuff in Vallier Union before. A group of madmen shouted the names of demons and evil spirits, then made their sacrifices bleed…”

“I don’t know,” Thales whispered to him, “and I don’t want to know. I just want to leave this place.”

Quick Rope sighed and carefully observed their surroundings. “I’d like to as well, but there are too many of them.”

As he watched the dozens of murderous mercenaries and observed their steady, calm demeanor as well as their orderly breathing and well-trained movements, Thales’ heart tensed.


‘Their numbers are too great.

‘No matter to whom.’

At that moment, Shawn, the mercenary went up to Ricky. He was the one who previously blocked their path when Marina as well as the other two brought Thales and Quick Rope over.

“Ricky…” Shawn’s face was tense. He did not lower his voice, so everyone in the tavern heard him clearly. “Our guest is coming.

“He’s alone.”

That second, Ricky’s stare became extremely piercing.

Klein and Masked Man also reacted. The former gently pressed down on his sword hilt, which was placed by his waist, whereas the latter’s sight was fixed on the table.

“That’s fast. It’s an hour earlier than what we agreed.”

Klein spoke coldly, “I guess their people are in position too. I’ve dealt with that guy before; he’s definitely not alone.”

Thales could clearly sense that the atmosphere in the tavern had changed.

If Blood Whistle previously appeared to be relaxed but were actually on edge while they detained Tampa, Thales and Quick Rope, it could be said that they were at ease and in control of the situation despite their tension and low spirits

After Shawn spoke, however, only a suffocating pressure and dead stillness was left in the air.

Many of the mercenaries’ breathing grew heavy, and their faces were indignant. Many people stood up and even pressed their hands on their weapons.

“Restrain yourselves, all of you.”

Ricky swept his gaze over the crowd and looked unhappy. He yelled at them as though they were disobedient wild dogs, “Our plan will not be disrupted by this accident…

“It doesn’t matter what they do.”

The worked up Blood Whistle then became quiet. They looked at each other, and returned to their positions.

Thales looked at them curiously.

‘A guest?

‘Who’s coming?

‘What’s their plan? Wasn’t it just to kidnap Tampa?’

Quick Rope also cast him a questioning look.

“I guess we’ll leave our friendly conversation here until later, old friend.” Ricky turned back, and that pleasant expression of his returned on his face.

“Later?” Tampa gritted his teeth. “You’re not going to let me go, are you?”

Ricky ignored him.

Marina came forward. “I’ll take them upstairs”

A thought then struck Thales’ mind. If they were held in separate rooms, there would be fewer opponents to face…

However, his hopes were lost.

“No, they’ll stay here, under everyone’s supervision.”

Klein interrupted Marina, and it seemed that his status came in second only to Ricky in the mercenary group.

“Tampa has been conducting his business here for too long. He knows his tavern too well, and his role is too important for us,” Klein said cautiously. “We can’t take even the slightest risk before dawn.”

Thales just sighed internally.


‘Before dawn…’

Thales caught this particular detail.

‘When dawn comes… what are they going to do?’

Marina frowned slightly and looked at Ricky.

Ricky had no objection. He just pondered for a moment before he nodded slowly at Shawn.

“Bring him in.”

“Be careful,” Masked Man reminded them coldly. “The damn cockroaches are the best at surprises.”

Finally, amid Thales’ deep doubts, the door to My Home was opened.

A man hidden under a cloak walked into the tavern, which was controlled by Blood Whistle under the watchful gazes of the mercenaries behind him.

Just like the time when Thales first entered the place, the fierce eyes and mighty presence of the mercenaries instantly oppressed their new guest.

Nonetheless, the guest under the cloak still moved forward at a steady pace and an indifferent posture.

The mercenary, Shawn stopped the guest.

“Check out his body,” he said coldly.

The guest shrugged and raised his hands obediently.

“Forget it, Shawn.” Klein shook his head. His expression was hostile. “I dare say that even if you really want to confiscate his weapons, even if you checked and stripped him of everything, this guy can still dig out a dagger out from his a**hole. ”

Shawn made way, not forgetting to give the guest a fierce glare.

The guest seemed to be rather resigned as he walked into the middle of the tavern. He saw the table where Ricky, Klein, Masked Man, and Tampa sat at together.

“Am I interrupting something?”

The guest looked at the four people with different expressions. Then he looked at the princely duo who had obviously been forced to sit there. His voice was confident as well as calm, sounding very lyrical as it rose and fell.

Thales could feel the face of disgust from Marina, who was beside him. She pressed both of her hands on her sword hilt.

“You’re not interrupting anything,” Masked Man, the mercenary coldly said, “because there is no seat for you here, you cockroach in the gutter.”

In the face of the hostile crowd, the guest sneered, and he stretched his hands out from his cloak.

The instant he did that, the mercenaries behind him drew their weapons and gritted their teeth, observing his every move.

“Relax.” The guest seemed to be taken aback. “It’s just my hood.”

As he spoke, he slowly removed his hood to reveal a fair, ordinary clean face.

The moment he saw that face, Thales sensed a hint of familiarity from him.


Thales secretly gritted his teeth. He had witnessed the man before.

‘I’ve definitely seen him before.

‘I just don’t know… when.’

Ricky, the leader looked at the man in the tavern and turned to ask Klein, “Is it him?”

Klein stood up and walked towards the guest.

The new man put on an obedient and respectful smile.

Klein stared at him for a while, his face slowly tensing up.

“It’s him.”

The Northlander swordsman nodded. “I saw him several times six years ago.”

His expression was not very pleasant.

‘Six years ago.’

Thales felt his heart clench slowly.

‘Is it a coincidence?’

The man noticed Klein and appeared enlightened.

“It’s you, Sarande Klein.” The man looked quite happy. “I’ve truly managed to meet an old acquaintance”

Klein’s reaction was no better than Ricky’s coldness and Masked Man’s hostility. He did not show his “old acquaintance” any respect.

“Stop trying to curry favor,” Klein sat back in his seat and replied rudely. “We all know what sort of person you are.”

The man’s expression froze for a moment. He sounded awkward, “What a touching reunion.”


Ricky still had a calm expression, as though he had just received a farmer who needed his weeding services. “Tell us your intention.”

The new guest blinked.

Thales looked at the man and found him to be increasingly familiar.

‘Who is he?’

“I can see that you still have some unfinished business here.” The fair man looked at the sullen-looking Tampa as well as Thales and Quick Rope, who did not want to be there. He then rubbed his hands together like a salesman trying to sell some cheap beer to the tavern owner. He spoke carefully, “What I’m about to say is very important, so why don’t we find a small secret room…”

Ricky smiled.

“I believe in my brothers, and we have nothing to hide.

“Unless you have something?”

The mercenaries on the first floor and ground floor of the tavern let out threatening sneers in unison.

The man’s face froze slightly.

“Please forgive me, but what I’m going to say next is not a trivial matter.” He looked around the tavern once, seemingly a little troubled. “This is not only about your actions tonight…”

The man’s expression became dark. “It concerns the stability of the entire Blade Fangs Camp.”

As soon as his words left his mouth, the mercenaries became agitated.

Klein and Masked Man looked at each other, seeing the worry in each other’s eyes.

The man turned and faced the crowd’s hostile gaze.

“Yes, I know what you’re going to do. Please believe me, my arrival and my proposal will only make your plan even better.”

The man smiled happily. “Before that, we need to be cautious and make careful preparations. What do you think, Klein? And this person…”

“Just as despicable as always.” Thales overheard Marina and Shawn’s whispers behind him. Their voices were filled with exasperated hatred. “They try to divide us or sow discord among us, and they use every means in their disposal to do so.”

The guest continued his speech while he remained as the center of the crowd’s attention.

With a strange expression on his face, the man lifted his finger, then gently rubbed his thumb and forefinger together. “What we need is just a little communication and cooperation.”

The commotion in the tavern grew louder, and the topic of conversation was all focused on the man in the middle.

Soon after, Ricky spoke.

“That’s even better. Tell us your proposal right here, among all of us.”

Ricky raised his hand and suppressed the objections from his men. “Motivate my brothers for what we will be doing next.”

The man paused.

He looked around and was disappointed to find that the mercenaries of Blood Whistle had no objection.

“Hmm, okay, since all of you all don’t mind…”

The man sighed and seemed to be filled with regret.

However, the next second, he appeared stunned, as though he had suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, sorry, I’m old and my memory is getting worse. I forgot to introduce myself.” The man shook his head in embarrassment and patted his head. “As you can see, I am an ordinary Northlander. All of you may call me…”

The man bowed and narrowed his eyes slightly. A bright sparkle shone in his eyes.


At that moment, Thales shivered!

Quick Rope gave him a strange look, but Thales did not respond.

He just stared at the man who just arrived.

That fair appearance, the way he bowed, his manner of speech, and his strange name…

Thales remembered.

‘This man.

‘I’ve definitely met him before.

‘Just six years ago!’


Marina snorted. “What kind of sh*tty name is that?”

Stake touched his head bashfully, looking rather apologetic.

However, the people in the middle of the tavern chattered.

Masked Man, who was on Ricky’s left, leaned forward and sized up the guest with the uncommon status. “Stake Carpenters and stonemasons use it to assist them in their work. With each and every hit of the stake, they break through even the most indestructible wood and stone.”

Masked Man’s voice revealed a deep hatred.

“It’s a really relevant name to all of you maggots who feast on the world.”

The mercenaries sneered.

Stake exhaled helplessly.

“Don’t mind him,” said Ricky, the leader of the mercenaries. He nodded calmly. “Samel is more straightforward.”

Stake shrugged, indicating that he was not bothered.

“Then, may I know who is the gentleman who’s speaking to me?” He smiled as usual.

Ricky glanced at his companions and chuckled softly.

“My current name is Ricky, at least my brothers call me that.”

Ricky sighed and sat up properly in his chair.

“But you, Mister Stake, out of respect for the people supporting you and out of respect for your organization…”

Ricky seemed to be completely unbothered by the person in front of him. He gently tapped a longsword on the table with his right hand.

“You may call me…”

While the mercenaries looked at him silently with admiring gazes, Ricky whispered a strange name that Thales had never heard before.


At that moment, Stake’s expression changed.