Kingdom's Bloodline Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Peer

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At that instant, Thales’ entire brain became blank.

Several silly phrases flashed in his mind when he saw Stake kneeling on the ground respectfully.

‘This is the aura of a son of a b*tch.

‘He’s prostrating himself before me, huh?

‘What a Gary Stu Ahem.

‘It’s the twentieth of May, Valentine’s Day on the internet, but the only person who confesses to you is a man’

Thales shook his head and chased away these silly thoughts.

‘Don’t forget, Yodel is still there.’


The Prince of Constellation had a cryptic expression. He looked at Stake with a complex gaze. He ruffled the mess he called his hair.

“I wish I was so popular when I was in Dragon Clouds City.”

Stake laughed again. He slowly raised his head and stood up.

“As I said, Your Highness, Shadow Shield cannot survive alone. It needs the support of power. It needs power relying on it, and it needs rulers to have gaps in power between them.”

Stake looked left and right, as if he was really worried about something. “I had to be polite and say some formal but insincere words because Lasalle and those sellswords were around. But when I am alone with you, I can say what I really want to say.”

Thales quirked his eyebrows. He wanted to see what else this person had to say.

Stake pursed his lips. His expression darkened. It was only a few seconds before he spoke slowly, “I do not like Chapman Lampard, Your Highness.

“I had not liked him even at the very first moment I saw him.”

The torch in Stake’s hands crackled. The darkness in this corner swayed slightly as well.

Thales subconsciously clutched on the longsword when he heard that name.

He remembered Chapman meeting Stake outside the carriage he and Little Rascal were in six years ago.

Thales sighed and lamented sincerely, “Good, then we still have something in common.”

Stake nodded in understanding.

“Your Highness, you have been a hostage in Northland for six years. I believe you know more than I do just how horrifying that man’s ambitions and his means to achieve his goals are. If Shadow Shield wants to be able to survive and be independent, then we absolutely cannot rely on and work under him.”

Thales narrowed his eyes. “So?”

Stake shrugged. “So, we don’t have much choice.”

‘Don’t have much choice’

When Thales frowned and felt that he had heard this sentence somewhere before, Stake continued to speak eloquently, “In my opinion, Your Highness, as the representative of Constellation, you are the only person who can turn the tide in the future and fight against the Kinslayer King in the West.”

He looked at Thales sincerely. His tone was firm.

At that moment, Thales pursed his lips. His expression was very interesting.

But Stake did not seem to notice Thales’ expression. He shook his head, absorbed in his own speech. “Shadow Shield cannot hide all the time. We cannot live with Constellation constantly chasing after our lives.”

Thales blinked and stiffly shook his head.

“So, what you mean is that this time, your so-called goal for coming into Blade Fangs Camp is fake. You don’t actually want to capture me,but came here purely to find a master?”

Thales said awkwardly. In his mind, he felt that even Aida would not believe in Stake’s words.

But Stake did not feel embarrassed by this. He just smiled and nodded slightly.

Stake acted in an abnormal fashion at this point. He looked around warily.

Thales was struck by a thought. He was afraid that the man would notice something.

Fortunately, Yodel was still silent. He did not show a single trace of his whereabouts.


The Masked Protector might be accustomed to silently guarding him and acting in secret, but if he had to suppress himself and not take action for so long

Thales felt chills in his heart. ‘Then it means that the opponent is really difficult to handle.

‘For example… to the extent of the Star Killer and the Raven of Death.’

Stake turned around.

“It’s not safe here, Your Highness. The Disasters Sword and Lasalle’s Northlanders are detrimental to your safety. So, let’s go and find a safe place after we go out”

‘As expected.’

Thales blinked. He wondered when Yodel was going to take action. He was forced to continue talking.

“So are you saying that it is safe for me to go with you, and I should not worry at all? Because you came here to catch me and become my vassals and subordinates? Because you will not kill me like how you did to Herman Jadestar eighteen years ago?” Thales’ lips twitched. He spoke in a mocking tone.

Stake was silent for a while. He seemed to be deep in thought.

“I do not deny that I killed your uncle, Your Highness.””

This time, Stake looked like an old man who had experienced many things in life. He looked at the prince solemnly.

Stake frowned. He mentioned that strange monosyllabic name again. “But as I have mentioned, the blood debt eighteen years ago is all in Teng’s hands. That is a dark in our history that we do not wish to mention the most.”

He stared at Thales calmly.

“I was instructed and was compelled to do so. You are destined to become a king, and you must have a magnanimous heart befitting a king. You should hate the real instigator, not the mindless knife and the sword without any will of its own.”

Thales rolled his eyes. He did not speak for a few seconds.

The letter he tucked against his chest seemed to have become slightly heavier.

“Was instructed and compelled to do so?

“So you don’t have to take the blame.”

Thales chuckled and shook his head. He then said in a somewhat sentimental tone, “You are an obedient soldier of the country, so you kill the unarmed civilians, because you were forced to do so, and there is no need for you to take the blame. You are an official who represents the ruler, so you are forced to execute evil policies that will leave a legacy of trouble for the civilians, and there is no need for you to take the blame either. You are a lowly official employed by a person, so you are forced to obey orders and extort your subordinates, and you do not have to take the blame as well.

“It’s as if you always locate the person on top of an organization, be it a country, a king, an employer or even an organization system, and then you throw all the crimes you did on that person or thing. You sound as if you can resolve all of your crimes by just looking for the source of it all.”

Thales snorted disdainfully,

“This is one of the excuses I look down upon the most.”

Stake was rendered speechless.

“Unfortunately, there has never been a ‘mindless knife’ or a ‘sword without any will of its own’ in human society.”

Thales said coldly, “Regardless of whether a person has is conscious of it or not, admits to it or not, accepts what he did or not, he has to pay the price for what he has done, and there is no escape from it. There is no Jesus in this world who will bear our sins.”

Stake frowned slightly. He looked a little puzzled.

Yet he still let go of his doubts and sighed.

“Of course I am guilty, and I am not prepared to run from it. On the contrary, I am now trying to make up to it, either by swearing allegiance to you or by reversing Shadow Shield’s fate.” His voice became somewhat solemn.

Thales laughed coldly.

“Make up? Allegiance? How are you going to do it?”

Stake bowed and said respectfully, “Come with me, Your Highness. We can talk about a lot of things and share a lot of information.”

There was a shrewd glimmer in his eyes. “That includes the secret that year that Teng concealed from all the people for eighteen years. The secret that brought about the Jadestar Royal Family’s misfortune.”

Thales frowned.

“Similarly, we will show you our value.”

Stake looked up. A firm look rarely seen on his icy cold face appeared on him.

“Since eighteen years ago, the conflict between the Constellation Royal Family and the great nobles had intensified. The Iron Hand King’s ruthless and violent means had further exacerbated this conflict. I believe that your path to the crown will not be smooth. In this situation, as the heir, you will need a sharp blade whose existence no one knows.”

“If there is no masterless sword in the world, let us become a sword who is willing to serve their master. Let us become your knife in the darkness who will protect you and your crown.”, Stake slowly put his hand on his chest. His words seemed to be burning in endless passion.

“Future Supreme King of Constellation, Thales the First.”

He said loudly and clearly.

Thales felt his eyelids twitch.

After a few seconds, the teenager exhaled and let out a laugh as he shook his head.


“Unbelievable. Just six years ago, you assassinated me under the fortress.”

Thales rubbed his sword hilt and could not help but laugh.

But Stake just shook his head.


“First of all, that’s what Archduke Poffret hired us to do so.” Stake still seemed indifferent and did not even flinched. He only felt that he raised his right hand, “Secondly, can you not steel yourself?”

“We really have a deep hatred for the sea and facing the enemy, Your Highness.”


Stake pointed to himself and said to Thales respectfully, ‘But the best rulers not only destroy the enemy, but also turn their enemies into friends and take it as their own use.”

Thales looked at him, stunned.



This fellow is giving him political lessons?

Stake curved his mouth and revealed a casual but not so contemptuous smile. “Besides, if you had not encountered that dangerous assassination, how were we to know what kind of king you would be? How would we know that you were worthy of us breaking free of Teng’s nightmare so that we can put our lives in your hands and show our loyalty through our swords?”

At the next moment, Stake stopped smiling. He bowed again solemnly and cautiously.

“The fate of Shadow Shield is in your hands, Your Highness.

“Hold it, so that you can prevent us from becoming a factor of instability again, or you can let us go, and let this long-standing but scattered organization of assassins continue to degenerate and continue harming the world. It is all up to you.

“Please show us your magnanimous attitude befitting of a king, and your demeanor of a ruler. Please make a wise decision and think twice before you act.”

‘Magnanimous attitude befitting of a king?’

Thales stared at Stake. He was struck dumb. His mouth hung open.

‘Fortunately, he hasn’t mentioned a king’s glory.’

But Thales still stared at the other person blankly. He felt that his impression towards this man had been refreshed.

“My God. Quick Rope should really hire you to do business for him.” Thales shook his head and clicked his tongue.

“It’s a waste of talent for people like you to be an assassin.”

‘He could even run for president.’

Stake just smiled in a humble manner.

“And what are you thoughts? Would you like to come with us? We have too many things to report to you in regards to your future and the future of Shadow Shield.”

Thales let out a sigh and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Alright, fine. Um… thank you for your kindness, you can go now.”

Stake narrowed his eyes slightly.

Thales waved his hand awkwardly. “When I return to Eternal Star City, you can send a message to me. I will be very willing to talk to you about the future of Shadow Shield.”

Stake smiled and shook his head.

“Of course we are willing to do this. But unfortunately, I do not think your father will be happy if you did.”

Thales snorted. “I will convince him.”

But Stake denied this. “I am afraid that will not be possible. I am certain that hatred and anger has blinded King Kessel’s eyes. After Teng left, I did deliver messages to the Secret Intelligence Department before, but every time, there would be no feedback.”

Thales frowned slightly.

“So we have to come to you. We could not get close to you while you were in Eckstedt. Once you return to Constellation, you will be confined in the palace, and the defences around you will be very tight. It is only at this moment that we have the opportunity to meet you without any forms of interruption.”

Stake was extremely respectful.

“Please rest assured that you will be safe and you will return to Constellation. We will be your quietest and most powerful allies, and will only appear when you need it.”

Thales stared at him for a long time. He furled and unfurled his fists.

But the prince smiled in the last second.

“A prince with Jadestar attached to his name in cohorts with with Shadow Shield? Are you sure you want to help me instead of putting pressure on me or trying to kidnap me?” Thales sneered.

Stake’s expression stiffened.

“You know, a long time ago, a damn old witch taught me.”

The image of a pouting girl with a lisp suddenly flashed in his mind before she disappeared and was replaced by am ugly face with a big mouth.

This caused Thales to feel a shudder down his spine.

The Prince of Constellation lifted his head and saidhappily,

“Betrayal is the true essence of an alliance.”

Black Prison became quiet. The barely discernible sounds of fighting could be heard in the distance.

He had no idea whether those sounds came from the assassins, the swordsmen, or someone else.

Stake was silent.

“If you are worried about this, there is no need for it.”

The assassin’s leader took a deep breath.

“There were plenty of people in the tavern just now, and words can be twisted in those situations. I could not say too much, but know that I have followed Teng for a long time. I have learned some secrets contained in his tightly sealed mouth.”

Thales was wondering where Yodel was at that moment. He was also watching Stake’s actions warily at the same time.

But Stake’s next sentence made him frown.

“Your Highness, you are not the only one.

“As far as I know, one of the employers of Shadow Shield during the Bloody Year”

Stake sighed. The smile on his face seemed resigned. He seemed to regard this fact in a regrettable fashion. The speed when he spoke was not fast. His tone was rather gloomy.

“…is also named Jadestar.”

After a few seconds, Thales’ expression changed slowly.


‘What did he know?’

He thought so uncontrollably.

‘That map?

‘That equipment?


But reality did not allow him to think more. Stake gently reached out his hand. He looked sincere and had no ulterior motives.

“Your Highness, do you know who that is?”

‘Who that is?’

Just at this moment, Thales was struck by a thought.

In the next second, he saw a dark figure with a purple mask appear as if he was floating out of a water curtain. He instantly showed up behind Stake.


Thales’ body tensed up.

He had no time to react, and could not respond. He saw Yodel jump out of the shadows with his killing intent blazing in him. Then, Yodel charged to his target!

The Supreme Sword formed ripples in the air, and it went straight towards the smiling Stake mercilessly and ruthlessly.

But the tides were turned at this moment.


A loud noise sounded!

The sudden glare and loud noise made Thales suffer, because he was using hell’s senses, and he focused on the situation at hand. He instinctively closed his eyes and took three steps back in pain. There were only ringing sounds in his ears.

The Sin of Hell’s River surged and saved Thales from this embarrassing situation.

Thales could only used the most basic of sensestouchto feel the ground. Luckily, the Sin of Hell’s River sent him waves of feedback, which allowed him to feel the endless waves of killing intent in the distance.

The Sin of Hell’s River was not omnipotent. This was the greatest lesson that the frightened Thales received. If a power was strong, it must then have its weaknesses, if it had advantages, it must then have disadvantages. The enhanced senses did not just provide him with benefits.

The teenager did not dare to put down his sword for even a moment. His nerves were tensed up, and he was ready to swing his sword and fight back. But somehow, up to the moment Thales’ hearing and sight recovered, he was never attacked. Perhaps it was because the enemies did not pay enough attention to him, perhaps it was also because they did not have time to be distracted.

But it just made him even more nervous.


As he expected, at the moment Thales recovered his sight and hearing, he saw the situation in the hall clearly, and his eyes instantly burned in anger.

Stake was sitting down on the ground. He was half-drenched in red, and his left arm was shivering slightly as he held a strange awl. He was gasping for breath.

He looked a pathetic mess.

Two assassins lied dead beside him. All of their throats were slit in one go.

But the most important thing was that the masked Yodel stood before them. He held the Supreme Sword tightly in his hands, but he was unable to move forward.

He was spreadeagled. Each were bound by a strange, barbed metal chain. The chain dug into his joints and tendons, the barbs stabbed into his flesh and blood. They bound the Masked Protector tightly.

At the other ends of the chains were four Shadow Shield assassins. They held the chains tightly, and their gazes were cold. Their teamwork was great, they did not reduce the strength they used to grip the chains.

Thales felt chills in his heart.

Yodel’s limbs trembled slightly. He struggled to fight back, to hold the Supreme Sword in a reverse grip, but because of the angle, he could not do anything to the chain.



Thales’ heart clenched. His sword hand stiffened.

“You know All of us in this field are inexplicably sensitive to our peers. We know where they hide, how they would attack, who they would attack, and what route they would take.”

Stake’s voice rang indifferently in the air.

The leader of the assassins struggled to get up from the ground. He wiped off his cold sweat, as if he was still fearful of the danger he was exposed to just now.

“But I really did not think that one day, I could use this experience to save my life.”

Stake first took a look at Thales, and then at the immobilized Yodel. He patted the dust on his body.

He looked at the suppressed Masked Protector, adjusted his expression, and revealed a genuine smile which had been absent from his face for quite a long time.

“We have finally met you our mysterious peer who brought us great anxiety.”