Kingdom's Bloodline Chapter 480

Chapter 480 Kill Them

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“Sir, Felicia and Frank are in position. Borkh’s squad is also awaiting orders!”

In the distance, a cavalier who looked like a military courier arrived not too far away from them and reported to Roman loudly. “They are waiting for your orders!”

The Legendary Wing did not turn his head around. He continued to stare at Thales with a solemn expression. The exquisite earring on his left ear, and the ugly skull-shaped emblem on his left shoulder, formed a stark contrast.

“Tell them to continue waiting.”

Confronted with the strange order, the military courier hesitated for a moment, before he finally left to deliver the Legendary Wing’s order.

The trio continued to stand facing each other.

“If that’s the case, everything is now clear.” Thales looked at the cavalier who left and said grimly to Roman, “You can’t take action on your own, can’t let your subordinates suspect anything, can’t let the camp learn the truth, and can’t let the cunning nobles be on guard, so you bought over Blood Whistle. Perhaps you are even old friends by now. After all, they are mercenaries who specialize in warfare, they have even worked with the government before.”

The Legendary Wing remained quiet.

Ricky shook his head in a show of helplessness, and gave Roman a ridiculous expression of “See, I told you so”.

Thales fixated on the Legendary Wing.

“You had them cause chaos and conflict in Blade Fangs Camp, which no longer belonged to you. You made them do things such as release the prisoners from White Prison, cause a disturbance to the suzerains’ logistics and armies, or do something else.”

Thales looked at the guards in the distance.

“And the reward you gave them is the key to the mysterious Black Prison. You let these mercenaries receive the information they want the most after they ran into a wall at the Tower of Eradication and were driven into a corner.”

Once Thales finished speaking, he waited for the man’s answer. Roman said nothing, but his gaze was as sharp as blades.

“Reward?” Meanwhile, Ricky sighed from aside and mocked the prince. “That’s a very abstract term you used, Your Highness. What sort of information would be worth us risking our lives, and why should we march to our deaths for this person?”

Roman still remained quiet.

“Perhaps it’s not just a reward.” Thales quickly continued the conversation. “Perhaps at some point of time, someone said something to you like ‘If you don’t do what I say, I’ll kill you’.”

The mercenary leader’s face froze. Thales watched the expressionless Roman and gestured at Ricky with his chin. “Just like that.”

Ricky turned his head around to cast a glance at the indifferent Roman, and snickered.

His snickers lasted a few seconds. “Kill me if I refuse to comply? Hahahaha… Hmm, I must say—”

Then, Roman snorted through his nose without even turning his head back. “Funny?”

Ricky stopped his snickering. He leaned back, pushed forward with his palms, and put on a humble expression that said “I’ll let you two talk.”

Thales watched their interactions and could not help but frown. ‘Does Roman know about Ricky’s true identity? Does he know that his partner is an abnormal entity that won’t die through conventional means?’

“So, is that your story?” Roman asked scornfully. Ricky shrugged beside him.

Thales’ gaze shifted back and forth between the two of them. On one side was a ruler who stood in the light, represented the government, and had power as well as authority. On the other side was a mercenary who lived in the dark, was cruel, and lived outside the law.

One protected, while the other destroyed; one was order, and the other was chaos; one lived in the light, and the other in the dark; one was justice, the other was a rebel; one lived in the law, and the other outside the law.

‘I see. They’re two sides of the same coin. This is how Blade Fangs Camp has always operated as it moved about through war and blood while filled with chaos, crime, and criminal scum. This is how the Legendary Wing controlled his territory.

‘…Then what about the area beyond the camp?’ The teenager suddenly understood something.

Thales sighed and continued with his topic. “The stories I just said are what normal people can think of… but what truly shocks me are the orcs and the Barren Bone people.”

Thales hesitated before he pointed at Blade Fangs Camp. It still had smoke curling up from it. When they heard the new terms, Roman and Ricky frowned again. They met each other’s gazes.

“The question is: When all of Western Desert was locked down and purged, how did the gray mixed breeds, and by that I mean the warriors from the Shattered Stone tribe, including the Barren Bone people, foresee that the camp would be in chaos? And while they traveled lightly and gathered people to their side until they grew into a large group, how did they manage to seize the chance to sneak into the camp by almost completely deceiving the regular army and recruits stationed at the barricade and the patrol posts…?” Thales looked at the smoke curling up from Blade Fangs Camp again. “How did they manage to force the suzerains to lose their composure and ring the seventh level alarm?”

These questions made the two men opposite Thales frown. Roman lowered his gaze. His expression was already freezing cold.

Thales raised his head and met his gaze fearlessly.

“Everyone said that the Legendary Wing is the orcs’ greatest nightmare, that he shows no mercy when he kills mixed breeds.”

Thales pondered his thoughts and remembered the frightening encounter in the desert.

“But a few days ago, when your Stardust Unit and the Kroma Family’s Raven Whistle Light Cavalier chased down Shattered Stone tribe together, Kandarll Nushan and his small team escaped despite the Stardust Unit’s pursuit.

“Because of this, Duro, the one who led the army, nearly had a falling out with a noble among the recruits, and they almost fought.”

When he heard the name, Roman’s gaze on Thales became even more hostile. Thales frowned.

“Tell me, Roman, did you really expel Duro from the army because you were displeased with him selling out information?”

This sentence made Ricky crease his brow slightly as well, and Duro had unknowingly clenched his fists.

Thales said softly, “And you know what, that orc leader did tell me quite a bit.” In the next moment, Thales’ voice turned dark as he assumed an air of importance. “He told me a lot.”

In the next moment, a crack finally appeared on Roman’s near-perfect features. He looked just like a mask shattering inch by inch.

The fiery red color on the sun faded away and turned bright gold. The atmosphere about them also became tense. Thales sucked in a deep breath.

“Tell me, baron. How did a glacial orc who came from the north and who was alone and helpless manage to seize power, get stronger, and finally become the warchief of the Shattered Stone tribe over the course of twenty years in the discriminatory and dangerous desert? Nushan even managed to become a leader of an entire region to himself.”

He stared at the skull on the Legendary Wing’s left shoulder.

“Does THAT have anything to do with you when you were stationed in the desert twenty years ago; and the handsome orc skull on your left shoulder, which also came from Shattered Stone tribe as well?”

This question made the air feel as though it had frozen over. Roman pursed his lips tightly. During that second, he looked as if he had turned into a statue.

The silence lasted a long time. Even Ricky lowered his head and did not move.

In the end, when Thales could no longer fight his urge to speak, the Legendary Wing snorted and said, “Kandarll Nushan…”

An abnormal amount of anger was contained in his words. His anger did not burn with heat but coldness.

“That damn, restless ice mixed breed. What did he tell you?”

No one knew that Thales’ heart skipped a beat at that moment.

‘Well, f*ck. It’s true, huh?’ He used every ounce of his energy to breathe, and remembered his short encounter with the cunning orc.

“‘Tell your father, as well as Morat… that I was the one who found you first, and I know who you are.”‘

“Wow, er…” The leader of the Disaster Swords waved his hand awkwardly. “I’ll just temporarily avoid what will happen next… You know, since they’re matters of the army and the country…”

But Thales just shook his head.

“Don’t worry, Ricky,” while the teenager addressed Ricky, his gaze never left Roman, “I won’t ask about those secrets. You can continue listening, since we’re so close.”

Ricky grinned. He cast Roman a glance, like he was seeking his opinion. The Legendary Wing did not say anything. He only stared at Thales, like he wanted to dig something that did not exist out from Thales’ eyes.

The teenager reorganized his thoughts. “So this is what the government will say, ‘When the Legendary Wing left, Blade Fangs Camp was thrown into chaos. The orcs and Barren Bone people heard about this and took action; they staged a comeback.’ Then, not only were the nobles in the Western Desert unable to protect the camp, they even suffered terrible losses. They made complete fools of themselves.”

Thales’ gaze was locked onto Roman. “‘When the flames of war burned, and when all hope was lost, Baron Williams, the most terrifying but also most reliable Legendary Wing, returned with his ever-victorious army. When the people shiver in endless fear, and when the suzerains moan and cower in their uselessness, the Legendary Wing descends from above and defeats the foreign enemies, quells the disturbance in the camp, then defends it. He saves the world.'”

The prince sucked in a deep breath. “This is what you want. You want Blade Fangs Camp to rely on your strength again, and you want them to remember it firmly that you, Roman Williams, the Legendary Wing, are their one true, eternal master.”

Thales stretched out his arm and pointed at the distant camp.

The wind blew through the gaps between his fingers. The area around them was cool for a short moment, but when the sun shone on the back of his hand, it was warm. Cold and heat were both simultaneously found on his palm and the back of his hand, just like the temperature of the desert, and just like the gaze the Legendary Wing currently had.

“That’s why you’re not in a hurry to save them. After all, your men have long since left in the name of searching for the prince. Even your logistics officers are dispatched to various sentry posts to replenish their supplies.”

Thales felt the wind blow against his face and said with a myriad of emotions churning in him, “On the contrary, you long for Shadow Shield, orcs, and the Barren Bone people to cause even more chaos and more trouble. You want them to deal a huge blow to the military forces belonging to the suzerains of Western Desert. You want their reputations to be damaged, and you want to burn the supplies that they had prepared to be stationed for a long time in the Western Desert. You want their great army to forever have no place in Blade Fangs Camp, because you will reclaim the camp which you had lost.”

Roman did not say anything. Wind blew against his handsome face, but he did not seem affected.

Thales sighed softly. “You want their dreams and hopes to be crushed. You want their honor completely destroyed and for them to lose their prestige. You want them to suffer terrible losses and retreat in gloom. You want them to lose in everything, from their leverage to their spirits, so that they will never be able to rise from the ashes.

“Then, you will retrieve your Blade Fangs Camp from the ruins, and you can do so in a legitimate way.”

Roman and Ricky did not say anything. This time, the silence lasted for a long time. In the next second, Thales’ gaze focused, along with his pupils.

“Of course, you did not expect me to appear.” He stared at Roman and Ricky coldly.

“Yes. Thales Jadestar, the hostage prince who is the reason why you lost Blade Fangs Camp, should have met with the army in the desert, but for some strange reason, he entered Blade Fangs Camp.

“He was dragged into Ricky’s operation with Shadow Shield and the Northlander.”

Roman wrapped his arms tightly around his chest and exhaled slowly. Ricky stretched out two of his fingers and made a tick in the air.

He said awkwardly and in a resigned manner to Roman, “I told you, ‘an accident’.”

Roman did not answer. Thales snorted coldly.

“I understand your dislike for me. Because of me, you lost Blade Fangs Camp, and maybe because of it, you subsequently lost your army and power, and now you want to seize everything back.”

Thales stared at the Legendary Wing.

“I can help you. You just need to promise me a few things.”

At that moment, Roman slowly raised his head.

The handsome knight looked to the horizon, and his gaze was profound.

“What makes you think that you have the right to talk with me about conditions after making up a few touching stories?” His voice was as calm and quiet as before.

Thales sucked in a deep breath. He mustered his courage and did his best to make his voice sound confident and stable.

“Because if you don’t agree to it, then the entire camp, the entire Western Frontline, and those subordinates of yours who respect you greatly, will know that the beautiful and charming Legendary Wing is actually a hypocrite in cahoots with the orcs and set the camp up. He is their real enemy.

Roman’s gaze shifted!

“And the suzerains of the Western Desert, such as the celebrated Duke Fakenhaz, will also know that you racked your brains to chase them out of Blade Fangs Camp, make them leave the place in misery so that you can have the camp all to yourself.”

Thales ground his teeth and said, “And I promise you this: At that point, Blade Fangs Camp will never belong to you.”

The Legendary Wing lowered his head abruptly, giving Thales quite a scare.

“Did you realize that when you threatened me, you have no leverage in your hands?” At that moment, Roman was filled with murderous intent. “Even if you know all this, what can you do?”

Thales’ heart tensed. He glared at the Legendary Wing darkly.

Roman snorted coldly, then turned his body sideways to reveal the Royal Guards in the distance. The group was anxiously waiting for the results of their talk while they were watched closely by the cavaliers.

“Meanwhile, look at the leverage I have in my hands. Those prisoners of yours have been fed.” The Legendary Wing took a step forward, and he looked like he wanted to intimidate Thales.

“Listen, prince. Threaten me one more time, and I will kill one of them, until I end all their lives.” Roman’s face, which had always been attractive and handsome, seemed to have become aggressive in one second. Thales clenched his fists discreetly.

Ricky watched the increasingly troubling atmosphere and frowned. He instinctively took a step back.

“I can even knock you out right now and send you back to the capital. For their lives’ sake, and yours, it’d be best if you don’t do anything foolish.” The Legendary Blade’s words were razor-sharp. Roman lowered his body slowly until his green eyes were at eye level with Thales’. A warning look flashed in them.

“Because you are weak and have no leverage, or any kind of power. You only have a useless title.”

Thales instinctively gulped. He felt a heavy weight on his chest, and there was a bitter taste in his mouth.

‘Damn it. This damn…’

Roman watched the teenager who was so enraged that he was speechless and could only tremble. Roman snorted softly and straightened his back.

“Go back to the capital with your knights. Blade Fangs Camp is not prepared to receive you.”

He turned around and began preparations to leave. Ricky spread his arms by the side and put on an expression that said “You understand now, right?”.

Thales sucked in a deep breath. ‘This damn… bastard of a soldier. He only has a good face, that’s all. I really… have had enough.’

Thales sucked in one final deep breath before he swiftly opened his eyes.

“Ricky.” The prince’s sudden words made the duo’s footsteps come to a halt. This time, Thales’ tone was calm but indifferent.

“If any of my prisoners miss even one strand of hair…”

Ricky turned his head around in puzzlement.

“I might be knocked unconscious by this pretty boy and sent away afterwards…”

Roman narrowed his eyes in displeasure.

“Then, once you leave this place, you will spread the fact that you are employed by the Legendary Wing, and the truth you just heard here, to Blade Fangs Camp, to the entire kingdom, and especially into the ears of the nobles in the Western Desert. You will tell them everything.”

Ricky was instantly stunned. The Legendary Wing frowned.

“You sure are humorous, Your Highness.” The mercenary let out a surprised bark of laughter. “But why should I—”

Thales suddenly increased the volume of his voice and interrupted him.

“Because I use the name of Jadestar to promise you, just like what the Red King promised the first Crassus!” There was fire in Thales’ eyes. He glared at the Disaster Swords’ Crassus. “As long as you complete my assignment, you will forever obtain my friendship, and you will have a place to stay in Constellation!”

Ricky was stunned for a moment. Roman’s expression slowly changed. But Thales gritted his teeth and continued firmly.

“And I will tell you where Black Sword is hiding, all his details, and his Power of Eradication. I will even tell you where the Dragon Breaker is, and how to use it. By the way, the weapon’s name is the Blade of Purification. It is indeed a legendary anti-mystic weapon, and it once sealed a calamity six years ago in Dragon Clouds City!”

There was too much information contained in his words, and the weight of the information was too heavy, so much so that the pair did not register what he said for a moment. They were stunned.

Then, Ricky was stupefied. “What? Blade of—”

Thales swiftly raised his head. “This promise will be effective forever. You can do it at any time.”

Ricky was stunned again… But Thales’ next sentence made the two change their expressions simultaneously.

“Now, Your Grace, if you touch my men, you had best kill Ricky as well!” Thales said harshly. “Unless you believe that this sellsword will hold firm to his conscience and loyalty in the face of benefits, and will protect your secret by refusing my temptation!”

During that moment, Ricky’s expression could not be deciphered, but it was incredibly interesting. He stared at Thales, dumbfounded. The Legendary Wing’s expression changed as well. It turned from indifference to surprise and anger!

However, Thales continued quickly. “You can’t tell how much Ricky would have told his subordinates, so your best guarantee is to kill them all and leave none alive.”

At this moment, Thales’ gaze was incredibly cold. Ricky’s expression immediately fell.

“Your Highness, this is… this is…”

His gaze moved back and forth between Thales and Roman, as if he could not fathom how the situation changed so suddenly.

Thales snorted coldly at Ricky. His gaze never left the Legendary Wing, who was now burning with extreme anger.

“What? Did you really think I called you here to listen by the side because we’re close?”

Ricky’s gaze changed!

He cast a glance at Roman, then hissed at Thales, “F*ck you.”

Thales snorted. “You’re welcome.”

Ricky sighed and turned to the Legendary Wing. “Baron, you know me… I won’t… This Jadestar brat…”

Roman did not even spare him a glance. He only nodded slowly. “I know.”

Ricky seemed to still want to say something, but in the end, he only turned his head around awkwardly. Both of them stared at the prince darkly, their gazes full of displeasure, but Thales could sense that the number of times they exchanged glances had become lesser.

Roman took a step forward coldly and raised his arm slowly before Thales. He reached for the white pike behind him.

“You don’t understand him, and you don’t understand your situation either.” Roman drew out the shrunken pike gently.

When he saw Roman’s movement, Thales’ nerves tensed. He sucked in a deep breath and yelled, “Where is he?!”

Roman’s arm stopped moving for a moment.

“Before you act, tell me. Where is my bodyguard… the Nameless you speak of?”

Thales forced down the fear in his heart and turned towards Ricky.

“Aren’t you curious?”

Clearly, Ricky remembered something unpleasant.

He turned his head around warily and looked at the area around him.

Thales raised his eyebrows in all apparent seriousness. “Well, this is bad.”

Roman scowled. His expression was dark.

Thales said coldly, “Because once you render me unconscious, he will immediately run to Duke Fakenhaz and tell him everything, especially Prince Thales’ suggestion: no matter how much the Legendary Wing persecutes them, how many losses they suffer, and how much of an embarrassment they will present to the people, the nobles of the Western Desert must absolutely not order their forces to fall back. They must not leave and must not release their authority over the Western Desert!”

Thales gritted his teeth. “They must be like trees, extending their roots deep into the ground and standing firm in Blade Fangs Camp! They must not let anyone interfere with the administration of this place, even if that person is one of the three famous Commanders of Constellation!”

The Legendary Wing’s arm tensed up even more as he held on to the pike.

The prince pointed in the direction of Blade Fangs Camp.

“Because that is the place the king promised them, it is the reward they should receive after they save the prince. It is their most legitimate asset, and no matter what kind of danger they face, they are to absolutely not give up on it! I will let them know that Blade Fangs Camp only belongs to them!”

Thales panted as he stared at the man in front of him. The Legendary Wing’s breathing quickened. He looked furious. He turned his head around and gazed at the empty sand around him, but the only thing that answered him was the moaning wind.

Thales slowly enunciated his words. “Now, you can either choose to take action, or wait for my Nameless or Ricky to expose the secret.” His words displeased Ricky again.

“They will be the ones who will put an end to all your hard work over the past few months. You will forever lose your army, your status, your power, your reputation, and Blade Fangs Camp, which you have defended for over a decade. Now, you will put away your weapon and listen to my terms,” Thales finished.

Roman’s pike trembled lightly as he gripped it tightly in anger. Ricky stared at the prince incredulously.

The Legendary Wing’s tone changed. It was no longer pleasant and clear, but uncomfortably sharp. “Do you believe that if I decide to fling all caution to the wind—”

But Thales interrupted him relentlessly. “That you will kill me right now?” Thales sucked in a deep breath and watched the incredibly handsome but fearsome Legendary Wing. “Of course.” He gritted his teeth and said, “Because in this world, all the trash who only know how to regard power with respect think this way…”

Roman’s gaze changed. It turned from disgust and scorn, to anger and hate. His eyes also shone with an ominous light.

“…They are already so poor that they are only left with their worship towards power.” Thales frowned. “And this train of thought has already determined that even if these people possess power, they can only be trash.”

He suddenly remembered Black Sword. He remembered the man rushing towards the figure in the sea of flesh and blood with an indomitable spirit, and he also remembered the man’s words about those who were truly strong. For some unknown reason, when he remembered that scene, Thales felt much more at ease, as if his fear and nervousness were destroyed.

“Trash? To think you would have the courage to say that.” Roman spat out his words through gritted teeth, and they were all laced with loathing.

Thales sucked in a deep breath and said airily, “You know, Roman, many of my enemies acted as you did. They either only cared about my status or about my subordinates. They believed that the little prince did not have any other leverage or power besides these, just a weakling who cannot lift a sword and is worth nothing. But all of you made the same mistake.”

Roman narrowed his eyes. The anger in them had yet to disappear.

In the next moment, with a loud whoosh, the short pike in his hand instantly elongated, and its ferocious and sharp pikehead was revealed!

Thales instinctively shrank back. ‘Calm down, Thales. Calm down. If he knocks me out…

‘But before that…’ Thales clenched his fists and forced himself to speak. “The leverage and power you speak of is only truly important in the hands of the people who know how to use them.” The fear in his heart slowly faded away. He also felt his shaking gradually come to a halt. “Because what is important is not leverage or power, but the people who use them,” the prince spoke softly.

During that moment, Ricky’s gaze on Thales became different. Thales raised his head, and his eyes sparkled. The sight of it stung the enraged Legendary Wing.

“Please allow me to reintroduce myself, Your Grace.” In the face of the handsome man with the imposing demeanor, the teenager smiled. “I am Thales Jadestar, and I do not need to become king to make your life miserable.”

Time seemed to have stopped in that moment. The rage in the Legendary Wing’s eyes reached its peak. All sound vanished. Only Thales’ heartbeat became incredibly piercing to the ears.

One second… two seconds…

By the third second, the pikehead in front of Thales’ eyes quivered. There was an instant where the teenager’s hair stood on end. His lifeless Sin of Hell’s River surged uncontrollably! He almost believed that the Legendary Wing was about to pierce him with that terrifying face.

However, a few seconds later, the pikehead was slowly lowered in a faltering manner; in the end, the Legendary Wing lowered his arm. He seemed to have spent his entire life’s strength to finish this series of movements. A few seconds later, all sound returned to the teenager’s ears, just as his blood returned to a lower level after its abrupt rise.

Then, Thales closed his eyes and slowly exhaled, feeling as if he had escaped a disaster.

“You… truly aren’t afraid of death.” Roman forced down his anger with a smile that seemed to have been born from his rage. He nodded slowly. Roman then gradually placed the pike behind him. Beside him, Ricky also released a breath of relief.

When he saw the pikehead return to its original position, Thales relaxed his shoulders and smiled.

“No, it’s not that I’m not afraid of death… but I believe that the Legendary Wing who has been able to act freely all by his lonesome in the desert for twenty years, and managed to build his own reputation by slaughtering his way through it, even though he faced the threats of the desert and the ostracization of the nobles, is much smarter than trash.”

Roman quirked an eyebrow. Thales stared at him fixedly.

“So… do we have a deal?”

Roman ignored him. Instead, he chose to stare at Thales for a long time. Then, the corners of his lips quirked up slightly. Thales watched him in puzzlement.

Strangely, the Legendary Wing turned around and slapped Ricky’s shoulder. “You aren’t really going to expose my secret, right?”

Next to him, Ricky sighed. He shrugged off Roman’s hand in resignation. “I like my head very much, especially when it’s attached to my shoulders.”

Roman snorted coldly. Thales stared at them dumbly. He did not understand what was going on. A few seconds later, the Legendary Wing turned around.

“Child, you have guts using the ownership of Blade Fangs Camp to threaten me, but did you really think all that has happened here is by my will alone?”

Thales’ expression froze slightly.

“There are less than two thousand men in the regular troops stationed in Blade Fangs Camp, and there are less than five hundred cavaliers among them.” Roman snorted coldly. “But this time, the regular troops, from the Western Desert to the Central Territory, were brought here to serve as reinforcements. In fact, there is quite a number of rotating soldiers who are Broken Dragon Fortress’ reserve force among them. There are more than two thousand cavaliers from the combined forces alone. They are here only to match up to the force that will form from the Western Desert itself once the draft is called. Do you know what that means?” The Legendary Wing smiled coldly and asked, “Did you really think that they came here just to bring you back home?”

Thales’ expression turned gloomy. ‘Did they come here… just to take me back home?’ The Legendary Wing’s words echoed in his head.

Thales could not help but suck in a deep breath. His thoughts were clear. “I know.”

The teenager seemed shocked. He curled up the corners of his lips with great effort and angrily said, “He deployed an army in the name of receiving the prince to test the Western Desert’s strength…”

Thales raised his head and watched the burning camp in the distance as he let his mind wander with a dumb look on his face.

“And once he finds their weakness, he will strike ruthlessly. He will cripple their strength, destroy their reputation, and put an end to their ambitions. He will also strengthen his influence and control the border and the desert.

“At the same time, he shows his strength, he can also force the restless suzerains back into submission.”

‘I know. It’s… just like before.’

Thales first recalled the Arunde Family in the Northern Territory, before he remembered Dragon’s Blood which happened afterwards. He could not help but exhale slowly.

“Killing multiple birds with one stone, and not wasting a single bit of his effort. This indeed… fits his style.”


A gust of wind blew at them. The Legendary Wing’s earring swayed. The three of them remained silent for a while.

“So, you understand just how big a problem this is and how many issues are involved. Even the Secret Intelligence Department is involved in it.” Ricky pressed his hand against his hand and looked as though he was puzzled. “So why are you still so rash?”

The sun continued to rise. The dizzying, cold colors of the desert turned into endless gold.

“Ricky, you said before that the Power of Eradication is a reflection of the warrior itself, and the Sin of Hell’s River is not just a power that waits to copy others.” Thales was a little downcast.

Ricky was stunned at first before he smiled. The Legendary Wing snorted. By the looks of it, his anger and murderous intent had faded away, making his face look incredibly bright and dazzling.

“Is that so, Thales?” Roman walked forward slowly. He pressed down on Thales’ shoulder with one hand and looked straight into the teenager’s eyes.

“The conflicts of the desert will naturally come and go. The people will fight, but they will also stop fighting.”

The sand dunes, and the continuously zig-zagging horizon of the desert was reflected in his eyes. Thales was a little dazed as he stared into Roman’s eyes.

The baron stared at Thales with a profound look. The Legendary Wing’s expression turned incredibly complicated in the next second.

“But you’d best remember that the fights in Renaissance Palace never end.”

Thales was astonished at first, before he fell silent. ‘Renaissance Palace…’

Ricky smirked and shook his head at Roman. The Legendary Wing snorted and let go of Thales’ shoulder.

“Tell me, what exactly do you want that will make you stop destroying your father’s plan in a fit of mischievousness?”

During that instant, Thales finally put down the burden in his heart. He sucked in a deep breath and cast away the unnecessary thoughts in his head.

The teenager gazed into the distance, at the people who were watching him, anxious and eager.

Roman and Ricky looked as well.

“The prisoners from Black Prison are all former Royal Guards.”

‘Barney Junior, Beldin, Tardin, Canon, Bruley… and Zakriel.’ At that moment, uncertainty flashed in Thales’ eyes.

Roman stared at the Knight of Judgment’s figure from the distance, frowned, and nodded. “I know. They are a group of old, sturdy bones that refuse to die.”

Thales closed his eyes gently.

“You want me, as the warden, to act as if I never saw them and let them go?” the Legendary Wing asked softly from behind him.

In the next second, the prince opened his eyes resolutely!

“No.” He scowled, and his gaze turned icy cold. Thales said coldly, “I want you… to kill them.”