Kingdom's Bloodline Chapter 499

Chapter 499 I Have Come In Peace

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On the next morning, as the soldiers of the Bozdorf Family joined them, the prince’s escort group became one fold longer than it originally was on the flat and wide Avenue of Blessings.

“Please do not mind Count Bozdorf’s attitude.” Derek rode to Thales’ side. “He is one of the initiators to take back Blade Fangs Camp. He is very unhappy with the things that have happened over the past few days, so all of his displeasure is written on his face.”

‘Unhappy?’ Thales thought in his heart. ‘Written on his face? Brother, I don’t think you’ve ever come into contact with the Northlanders before. When they’re unhappy, they usually show it with their swords.’

He could only tease himself that way.

“Please do not direct your anger on Paul either.” The Count of Wing Fort cast a glance at the quiet Paul Bozdorf, who was a few paces behind them. “It is also very difficult for him to have such a mighty and aggressive father.”

Thales smiled faintly and nodded, but he sighed in his heart.

‘Speaking of fathers who are mighty and aggressive… Ah yes, I know this very well.’

“At least, Paul is much more easygoing compared with his father.” Derek turned his head around and looked at the Nine-Pointed Star Flag, which had been rolled up and stuffed into a bag on a horse behind them. It had received that treatment once the Count of Black Lion disappeared. He sighed.

The two of them were silent for a while.

However, in the next second, Thales suddenly spoke, “So, is what Count Bozdorf said about the Duke of Western Desert being the same to everyone true?”

As if someone just blew out a lamp, the prince and the count’s expressions seemingly darkened all of a sudden.

While the sounds of horses galloping and shouts from the riders ordering their horses traveled into their ears, Derek remained silent for a long while before he slowly spoke, “Let me put it this way, Your Highness… In Constellation, compared with the once united Northern Territory, the Land of Cliffs Region, which exists as one whole, and Blade Edge Hill, whose people share their hardships together, the local politics in Western Desert… is a little complicated.”


Thales pondered over the word quietly.

A few seconds later, the prince thought of something, and he said airily, “Votes.”

Derek was just about to continue with his explanation when he was stunned by Thales’ word.


“Even though what was said yesterday was just a joke, but I remember now,” Thales said absent-mindedly.

The prince said slowly, “During the National Conference six years ago, when the Six Great Clans and Thirteen Distinguished Families cast their votes to determine if they would acknowledge my status, the counts in the Northern Territory, Land of Cliffs Region, and Blade Edge Hill followed the lead of their dukes when they cast their votes.

“But only the three votes from Western Desert were different.

“You and Count Bozdorf voted against my favor.

“Count Fakenhaz voted in my favor though.”

When he finished listening to what Thales had to say, Derek Kroma’s expression changed.

The young Count of Wing Fort could not help but cough in extreme awkwardness.

“We were forced to do so because of the situation six years ago. I hope that you will not take it to heart.”

Thales watched his expression and smiled faintly.

“Of course not. I just… came to understand a few things.”

The prince stared at the Count of Wing Fort.

“That year, while the three families from Western Desert sat among the nineteen stone seats during the High Noble Parliament, they did not come to a decision… as one.”

Derek’s expression grew increasingly sullen.

Their group took a turn, and Thales’ thought processes returned to the past.

During the National Conference six years ago, when the time to decide whether Thales could officially become the second prince came, the final votes cast were ten people in his favor, and eight people against him, while one of them had given up voting rights.

The king’s party had turned the tables around with the weak advantage of having one vote ahead of those against him.

With the plump Duke Cullen as the leader, the three families from Eastern Sea Hill cast their votes in his favor at the final moment.

However. now as he thought back on it…

The Land of Cliffs Region, Northern Territory, South Coast, Western Desert, Blade Edge, and Eastern Sea… Thales recalled the situation during the voting among the nineteen nobles that year, and he suddenly understood many things.

The prince frowned.

Based on the order of the voting and the results of the votes…

That year, the one who truly held the crucial vote in his hands and easily turned the tide so that Thales could become the second prince in the end… was not Duke Cullen.

Once they passed by a junction with uneven slopes, they started to move faster along the avenue.

“Please do not misunderstand.” Derek adjusted his posture, and he took a deep breath before the wind blowing against his face became much stronger.

“The suzerains of Western Desert still do hold a certain degree of respect toward the Four-Eyed Skull Emblem.”

His expression was a little grave.

“Unfortunately, over the past few years, my peers, especially people like Count Bozdorf, have felt that His Grace has been… a little too content with how things are…” Derek’s gaze grew sharper. “Particularly in matters regarding the Royal Family. After the Desert War, he became even more content. Take, for example, his reaction to what happened to Blade Fangs Camp this time.”

Count Kroma chose his words carefully.

“The suzerains have quite a lot of criticism toward his resolution in being inactive and turning a blind eye to this matter before it happened, not to mention how conservative he was when we had to clean up the mess after everything transpired.”

Thales was silent.

‘Content with how things are… Resolute in being inactive… Conservative…’

The second prince could not help but remember Cyril’s words.

“‘You must understand, when your suzerains and subordinates are indignant,when all of them stand tall and fearless, besides going along with the flow, you do not have many other choices when you stand at the front of the tide.”‘

Did he say those words to other people as well?


As the horses increased their speed in their charge, Thales clamped his thighs tightly around his horse’s belly.

He stared at the smooth and solid surface of the Avenue of Blessings with an absent-minded look. He watched the road fly past him foot by foot, and he said resolutely, “Perhaps that is the duke’s unique way of protecting Western Desert.”

Once he said that, Derek remained quiet for a long while by his side.

The two of them came to a tacit agreement and followed the group while they were occupied by their thoughts. They simply allowed their horses to charge forward, and they did not say anything.

One minute later, once their steeds started to slow down along the group, Derek sighed with a well of emotions stirring in him. He then stared at the plains in the distance.

“Looks like Kohen did not exaggerate matters. If I had not come to meet you, I would have definitely regretted it.”

Thales smiled. He was about to voice his thanks for the praise, because he did not manage to register Derek’s words immediately.

However, a few seconds later…


Thales subconsciously raised his head, and there was a slight surprise on his face.

“You-You know Kohen? Kohen Stupid Idiot Karabeyan?”

Count Kroma turned his head around to look at the prince, and his expression became warmer.

“I do not know when Kohen gained such an unconventional middle name.” A thought struck Derek’s mind, and nostalgia as well as amusement appeared in his eyes. “But yes, Kohen is my cousin. I grew up with him in Walla Hill.

“His mother is my father’s younger sister and also my aunt.”

Thales thought about that for a while.

Kohen’s mother was Derek’s aunt…

“Karabeyan and Kroma.”

‘The Sword of the Twin Towers and the Single-Winged Crow.

‘Walla Hill and Wing Fort.’

The prince said in realization, “I see. So your families are related by marriage.”

The Count of Wing Fort smiled faintly and nodded.

“So how did Kohen mention me to you?”

In the next second, Thales suddenly noticed Derek’s expression turning a little stiff.

Count Kroma coughed a little rigidly, and under the prince’s encouraging gaze, he said a little arduously, “Six years ago, Kohen mentioned you for the first time in his letter to me.”

While Derek spoke, he recalled what happened, and his tone was a little strange.

“Kohen said… Umm, he said that he had his heart broken, so he had taken leave to go to the north for a holiday and do some sightseeing.

“Then, in one single night, he coincidentally embarked on a great and honorable adventure. He followed an extremely wise prince and charged into Heroic Spirit Palace bravely. He fought at night in Dragon Clouds City, defended the Hall of Heroes with his life, fought fiercely against Northlanders, crossed swords with a legend, fought against enemies of supreme class, experienced the terror of the calamities, witnessed the descent of the Great Dragon, lived through the mutiny of treacherous ministers, went through the pain of being betrayed by a comrade, which he would remember for life, snuck into the White Blade Guards’ ranks, saw the king being assassinated and the crown being handed over to someone else, watched the archduchess take up her position, charge forward boldly while the north was filled with powerful enemies, saved Constellation when the country was on the edge of peril, and finally saved millions of lives and ensured their safety…”

As Thales listened, his eyebrows twitched.

“That is the gist of what he said. The original contents of the letter were a little… shall we say… long-winded.” The more the count spoke, the more resigned he felt.

Nonetheless, even Thales could feel just how excited and passionate Kohen was when he wrote his letter, which was how he ended up rambling so much that became incoherent. There had to have been a strange feeling of awkwardness, which could practically be felt throughout the letter.

“In the end, Kohen grumbled about how even though the Secret Intelligence Department came to his doorstep at night to warn him not to reveal the country’s secrets, his superior did not believe him and refused to give him more holidays for his contributions as well as reimburse him for his expenses… So he hoped that I would understand his situation…”

Derek pondered silently for a while.

“When I received the letter, I thought that perhaps he had been single for too long, and you know, people who are single for too long like to imagine things and might even start to have hallucinations…

“I mean, yes, you are indeed young and intelligent, Your Highness, but Northland? Eckstedt? So many things happened… and I highly suspected him…”

Derek stopped talking and stared at Thales.

“Until now.”

Thales hesitated for one second before he wore a polite but awkward smile.

‘Hmm, how should I say this?

‘Kohen, you… are awesome.

‘It’s not easy to mix up the truth with lies.

‘But when you flip it over, a person’s abilities will also be tested, making the truth sound like a lie so naturally and seamlessly, just as Young Master Karabeyan did.’

After some time, Thales put away his false smile and coughed.

“Um, is Kohen well?”

Derek smiled. “I believe so. He is still a policeman in the capital, and he is working on a job that most nobles cannot understand. My aunt and uncle are among them.”

Derek shrugged in resignation. “You must understand, they have been worried about his marriage all this time. Over the past decade, my aunt has been worried that he will marry his batchmate. You know, the warrior lady from the Arunde Family?”

A light crease appeared between Thales’ eyebrows.


The prince snickered.

“Oh, no. That is not possible.”

Derek exhaled.

“Yes, I know. Lady Arunde is perhaps the person Kohen fears the most.

“That brat once said that he always had the misconception that he would suddenly act foolishly in front of Lady Arunde.”

Thales smacked his lips. He recalled the way Miranda and Kohen communicated with each other.

‘Yes, that is definitely a misconception. Because he would definitely not “suddenly”act foolishly.’

“But a decade has gone by, and my aunt no longer cares so much.” Derek shook his head. He found it amusing, but it also made him speechless at the same time. “Now, as long as Kohen is willing to get married, she will not care whether the woman is a warrior or not. So long as she is a woman, it will be fine.”

Thales met Derek’s gaze, and both of them simultaneously laughed in spite of themselves once they came to an understanding.

After a while, Derek’s voice became lower.

“So, is it true? Kohen said that he… ah… fought against the Fire Knight in Heroic Spirit Palace, and he withstood the legendary anti-mystic equipment. He even fought against the Fire Knight for three hundred rounds while their flesh and blood spilled all over the floor.”

‘The Fire Knight… fought against him for three hundred rounds…’

The prince felt a little troubled.

“Urk, my attendant was a witness. They should have indeed fought, but three hundred rounds?”

Thales did not continue. He only smiled bashfully.

A thought struck Derek’s mind. He nodded once he understood the meaning behind Thales’ words.

“Then, what about the time he said that he faced the Red Witch, who has the same reputation as Lord Hansen? With the appropriate amount of respect, he said that he would rather die than surrender when she tried to convince him to do so once he was forced into a corner, all while remaining humble?”

‘Faced the Red Witch… said with the appropriate amount of respect that he would rather die than surrender…’

The prince was stunned before he blinked.

“Ah, about that… How should I say it? Basically, before the Red Witch could even persuade him to surrender, he was already…”

This time, before Thales could say anything, the count, who was very good at understanding things, raised his eyebrows, and he looked contemplative.

“I understand.

“Then, he mentioned that he met the legendary warrior, Ground-Shaker Kaslan, whose skills never deteriorated and who was unbeatable. He fought against him fiercely with the looming threat of death, and all his punches met his flesh. Kohen sacrificed one arm as the price…”

‘Fought against him fiercely with the looming threat of death…’

Thales’ lips twitched in embarrassment.

“He, ahaha, about that…”

This time, while Thales was still hesitating about what words he should use, Derek raised his eyebrows even higher in a great show of consideration.


When he saw the look of realization on the count’s face, Thales suddenly felt guilty for betraying Kohen.

‘That’s not right. I’m clearly telling the truth here!’

However, Derek’s next sentence caused Thales’ heart to sink.

“Then… the Great Dragon?”

Thales remained quiet for a while. The scenes from the past appeared in his mind.

“It’s true.”

Derek looked shocked.

“Oh.” Count Kroma narrowed his eyes, and he looked rather stern. “This explains why the messenger crows that would pass by the northern area all arrived late during that month six years ago. The rumors are true. When the Great Dragon spreads its wings, all passages in a one thousand mile radius in the air will be forbidden.”

Derek asked softly, “What about… the calamities?”

This time, Thales’ expression was as still as water. He lowered his head.

He did not speak. He only clenched his teeth tightly together and remained quiet for a long time.

When Derek saw how the prince reacted, he did not continue to ask any further questions about the topic.

“Hmph.” The count shook his head and sighed.

“Did you know that the first Count of Wing Fort kept a record saying that he met a calamity before, but in my family, there are several generations of people who believe that those were the crazy ravings of an old man before he passed away.”

Derek remained quiet for a while.

“So, was King Nuven killed by the calamities?”

Thales raised his head. He felt like he could see the dawn where the millions of arrows were fired at the same time. He also felt as if he could see the crowned, bloody head roll to his feet.

“He was killed by the Assassin’s Flower. The younger Charleton, Migratory Locust Blade, and also by Chapman Lampard,” the prince said in a calmed state.

Derek inhaled quietly.

The area around them became quiet, so quiet that they could only hear the sound of horses galloping.

The count slowly raised his head.

“You have been involved in a lot of trouble, Your Highness. Perhaps many people refuse to believe and many more people do not know this, but I would like to say that the entire kingdom is indebted to your kindness.” Derek let out a breathy sigh, and his gaze was incredibly grave as well as serious.

Thales gritted his teeth. He forced himself to put on a smile.

“Thank you, Count Kroma.” The prince nodded stiffly.

“Derek.” The Count of Wing Fort first wore a gentle and friendly smile before the teenager before he extended his right hand to him, as though it was his first time officially introducing himself.

“That is my name.”

Thales froze for a moment at first. Shortly after, he cast Derek a deep glance before he smiled as well.

“Of course, Derek.” The second prince sincerely extended his right hand and held Derek’s hand. “Thales.”

Their gazes met mid-air, and they nodded at each other.

Derek released the prince’s right hand, and the topic of conversation changed abruptly.

“Thales, when I stand and look at things from the angle of the Western Desert nobles, I know how Renaissance Palace looks at us. I also know what we face, and I know how sensitive and awkward your situation is right now.”

Derek looked at Thales seriously.

Thales met his gaze with a stern look too.

“If this were any other time, I might say some insincere words like ‘Western Desert is not your enemy, much less the people of Western Desert.'” Derek sighed. “But you are Kohen’s friend.”

Derek’s expression was a little sad and resigned.

“And as his cousin as well as your friend, I must give you a reminder, Thales.”

In the next moment, Thales lowered his head slightly, and he hissed a few words, which made them sound like they were even more precious than gold, because the volume of his voice was even fainter than the beating of a mosquito’s wings.

“Beware of Duke Cyril.”


Thales had to first remember the person whom the name was associated with before he frowned.

“Are you talking about Duke Fakenhaz? What do you mean?”

Derek remained silent for a few seconds before he replied softly, “His Grace is very skilled in manipulating hearts, even those who do not like him.”

‘Manipulating hearts?’

Thales was stunned for a second.

He first remembered the Red Witch, who stayed in Northland.

But… Cyril Fakenhaz? The Unwelcomed?

“Count Bozdorf mentioned that the duke retains the same ambiguous attitude towards everyone. He remains neutral and never chooses a side.” Derek’s current expression was one of unprecedented sternness. He looked as if he was facing a great enemy. “Perhaps that is because the master of Western Desert, Duke Cyril, wants him to think that way.”

‘The Duke of Western Desert wants him to think that way?’

Thales was stunned.

He had to admit, from the first minute they met each other, Derek gave him the impression that he was a cautious and thoughtful man who did things appropriate to his standing, never overstepping his boundaries.

But now…

“And if Count Bozdorf does not like Duke Cyril, then perhaps it is because the duke does not want him to like himself,” Derek said to Thales coldly.

Thales breathed, feeling dazed.

“Then, the Duke is known as the Unwelcomed is because…”

Derek nodded. He lowered his voice and completed the remaining half of the sentence.

“It is because he does not want to be welcomed.”

Thales stared at Derek in bewilderment.

He suddenly felt that the person in front of him had become different.

‘Wait, if all of this is true, the impression Duke Fakenhaz left on me is also…’

“Thales, perhaps you know as well that due to historical reasons, our family has quite a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to training messenger crows,” Derek spoke again.

Thales tried his best to shift his attention back to the present.

“Urk, really?”

The Count of Wing Fort said warily, “A few months ago, His Majesty reached an agreement with the suzerains of Western Desert. We were to send our forces to the Alliance of Freedom and put pressure on Eckstedt in order to rescue you and return you to the kingdom.”

“Yes,” Thales replied instinctively.

Derek’s gaze turned sharp.

“In the week we reached an agreement with His Majesty, my Raven Whistlers scouted a few long-distance messenger crows that only flew to the north, and they crossed the borders of the country.”

‘In the week we reached an agreement… only flew to the north, crossed the borders of the country… Long-distance messenger crows…’

Thales frowned. “What do you mean?”

Derek stayed silent for a few seconds before he said airily, “The messenger crows flew incredibly high in the air, and they were extremely wary. They were also skilled in hiding themselves. Even with the abilities of the Raven Whistler Light Cavaliers, they nearly missed the crows.

“Those are not postal messenger crows that only know how to move back and forth between two places, whose trajectories have been fixed, whose minds are simple with simple training.

“They are messenger crows trained to deliver military information. They have been chosen due to a certain set of preferences and brought up strictly. They are smart, quick in mind, are able to tell where they’re going, can listen to orders, and are able to recognize their owners. They are difficult to train, and the cost to train one is high. Only great suzerains who have a lot of money can have and use them.”

‘Messenger crows trained to deliver military information… cost to train one is high… great suzerains…”

Thales’ expression changed slightly.

“Thales, from the moment you got out of trouble and came back, someone from Constellation has been revealing information about you to the Northlanders.” Derek’s tone was very grim. “I believe that is why your journey back here has been filled with accidents.”

‘Revealed my information… journey back has been filled with accidents…’

Thales’ breath froze for a moment.

Right then, he suddenly remembered King Chapman’s figure and also why he chose to take the risk to suddenly visit Dragon Clouds City to meet Thales.

‘No way…’

The prince raised his eyes with a highly vigilant gaze.

“Are you saying that Duke Fakenhaz has been…”

Derek shook his head. “I can’t be certain, but Thales, not everyone in this kingdom welcomes your return.” Derek narrowed his eyes, and his tone was cold, causing Thales to be unwittingly clench his fists.

At that moment, a few Raven Whistle Light Cavaliers rushed back swiftly from the avenue ahead of them. While they charged back amid the endless flying dust, they brought with them a message that made all of them nervous.

“Be on alert! The scouts have come into contact with multiple cavaliers!”


Derek and Thales exchanged glances before they frowned.

The entire team of Raven Leaders immediately stopped moving forward. Hundreds of cavaliers simultaneously drew the reins on their horses. For a moment of time, the sound of horse hooves could be heard rumbling, while horse neighs rose and fell in the air.

Everyone moved. Quite a few Raven Whistlers quickly approached them and surrounded the two important people.

“Count Derek!”

Paul spurred his horse and rushed over from the back as well. The heir of the Brave Souls Fort had a solemn expression on his face.

But the Count of Wing Fort remained calm.

“Do not panic. The Raven Whistlers are elite cavalry scouts. This is only the first message. It means that this group are at least a few miles ahead of us. We will know of their identity very soon.”

His confident answer was mixed among sounds of countless horses moving about. It made Thales feel much more at ease.

Very soon, the second and third messages arrived. The new information caused the three nobles to feel even graver.

“Twenty-five cavaliers! They have no flags! Their identities are unknown! They refuse to respond!”

“Their equipment is somewhere between that of light cavaliers and heavy cavaliers! Their equipment is of superior quality! They are very skilled!”

“The scouting ravens in the sky have responded. They have more groups behind them! More cavaliers and infantrymen! They number in the thousands!”

‘More? Number in the thousands?’

Thales’ heart skipped a beat.

Derek and Paul exchanged a glance, and their expressions grew even grimmer.

“Who would approach the prince with an army at this time?” Paul asked coldly. “Do we need to gather our main forces together?”

“Remain calm,” Derek responded in a level-headed manner.

“With that number, they could be Constellation’s own forces. Let those twenty-five cavaliers approach us first. Everything will be clear by then.”

‘Our forces.’

Thales pursed his lips tightly, but he could not help but remember what Derek just said.

“‘Not everyone in this kingdom welcomes your return.”‘

‘Not everyone…’

The prince’s heart sank.

‘No way. Please, I just came back to Constellation and stepped on the Avenue of Blessings. Please don’t let any accidents happen anymore!’

Usually, what Thales was worried about would come knocking on his door.

This time, that accursed fate seemed to have heard his worries again.

A few minutes later, the sound of horses galloping could be heard, and the uninvited guests arrived before them under the watch of the Raven Whistlers at the periphery of their group. Those cavaliers were also partially surrounded.

Derek’s Raven Whistlers were correct.

It was a group of twenty-five cavaliers. The marks and emblems on them were covered under the dustproof cloaks commonly seen in Western Desert. However, they could still vaguely see that their muscles were filled with power. Their gazes were sharp. They rode on huge horses with shiny fur, breeds that were rarely seen in Western Desert. There were bulges under their cloaks, making it clear that they had weapons on them.

The arrival of these cavaliers caused the atmosphere in the prince’s group to be extremely tense.

The other group of cavaliers quietly stopped on the road ahead of them in an orderly fashion. They watched the Raven Whistlers by their side coldly.

“Who are they? Are they on our side?” Thales asked in puzzlement.

Derek stared at the uninvited guests and nodded.

“We will find out.”

“Derek.” Paul looked at the group of cavaliers who did not appear to be the type to be pushed around. He frowned.

“Do you need me to gather around the Black Lion Infantry Battalion behind us?”

However, the Count of Wing Fort just shook his head.

In the next second, Derek spurred his horse forward and spoke at the top of his voice.

“Whoever you are, give us your names!”

In the fraction of a second, one of the cavaliers rode forward in the silence and arrived in front of the Raven Whistlers’ formation.

As that occurred, the twenty-five cavaliers did not make any other sound.

The cavalier who rode ahead of his team had chestnut-colored hair. The lines on his face were gentle. Even though there was a stubble on his chin, he appeared to only be in his thirties. He was not that much older than Derek.

Additionally, his calm brown eyes seemed eternally peaceful and still.

“I was hoping that you would perhaps recognize me, Count Kroma, but by the looks of it now, it appears that I had expected too much.” The brunet knight stopped his horse and sighed softly. He seemed to be a little regretful.

“We… Hmm… We met six years ago in the palace.”

Derek’s eyebrows moved a little.

“I do not remember seeing you.”

‘Six years ago in the palace?’ Thales remembered something.

The brunet knight thought nothing about it and smiled faintly. He waved his hand and gestured at a blond knight beside him. His actions were elegant and natural.

“You should at least recognize Doyle, right? He is a relative of your family…”

Right after he said those words, Thales did not react to them, instead, Paul’s expression changed while he remained by their side.

“Doyle? Derek, that is one of the seven families of attendants…”

Derek shook his head coldly.

“That is merely what he is saying. Who knows whether it is a disguise or not?”

Once he finished speaking, the Count of Wing Fort turned his head around and shouted, “Knight, why have you come here?”

The brunet knight exchanged glances with his companions before he turned his head around and answered, “We have come on orders to receive and escort Prince Thales.

“We are very grateful for your help, Your Grace, but your duties have already ended.

“From now on, we will be fully in charge of His Highness’ safety.”

He still remained calm and composed.

‘Escort me? Or kidnap me?’

The prince thought of something. He pushed down the uneasiness in his heart and began to scrutinize the brunet knight before him.

The brunet knight’s movements were elegant while he lifted the reins and urged his horse to move forth as he was sitting on it. His expression was calm, as though he was just taking a stroll in his courtyard.

‘Strange… Why does his way of riding his horse and his equipment look rather familiar?’

Thales wanted to call out to Yodel in secret, but he had the Raven Whistlers all around him, and Derek as well as Paul were close to him. It was very difficult for him to find a chance.

‘Damn it! What’s going on?’

In the next second, Count Kroma resolutely swung his right hand.

“String your bows!”

Immediately after, the near one hundred elite Raven Whistlers from the Kroma Family at the front of the group moved together!

They brought out their bows at the same time and pointed them at the brunet knight!

Their movements were uniform, and they gave off an oppressive presence.

The gaze of the knight before the formation changed.

While Thales was still thinking, he saw this change, and he quickly spoke, “Derek?”

However, before he could say anything else, the brunet knight in front of the formation quickly raised his hands and quickly said, “Oh, we have come in peace! Peace!”

The brunet knight’s tone increased when he was exposed to more than one hundred arrows. His expression turned slightly more serious, but his eyes remained as calm and indifferent as before.

“Relax, Your Grace. Please relax. All right, I will let you know that I have come in peace.”

Even though his hands were raised to show weakness, the knight’s posture was respectful and cautious, befitting his status. His words were spoken with caution, and he appeared to be neither haughty nor humble.

And as the brunet knight raised his hands, his cloak was lifted off his head a little.

Thales saw the silvery-white armor revealed under the cloak. He still found it a little familiar.

That aside. the observant Thales also noticed that even though they were exposed to more than one hundred bows and arrows, the brunet knight was not the only one who remained calm. Even the cloaked cavaliers around him all had unchanged expressions. They only observed the Raven Whistle Light Cavaliers ahead of them coldly.

It was as if that was something common to them.

“You’ve come in peace?”

Derek snorted coldly. He did not believe him.

“Then what about the hundreds of soldiers behind you? Have they come in peace as well?”

“Behind us?” The brunet knight paused for a moment. Then, he understood something.

The knight came to a realization. He looked up at the sky and nodded in acknowledgment.

“Oh, yes. You are the Kroma Family. You rear crows, so you have eyes in the sky.”

Derek snorted coldly.

“So, who are you?!”

The brunet knight exhaled loudly.

“All right, all right. You win, Your Grace. After all, I am a man of peace.”

The knight smiled faintly, and he flicked his cloak. His serene eyes suddenly became shrewd and sharp.

It was as if the fog surrounding an amazing mountain and dangerous gully had instantly disappeared.

“I am Tormond Mallos.”

The brunet knight’s voice was pleasant to the ears. His tone was rhythmic and elegant.

“I am a knight appointed by the kingdom, an Honorary Lord of Constellation, and His Majesty’s faithful subject.”

Mallos looked up. His gaze seemed to contain a charm that allowed him to see through the crowd, and it allowed his gaze to accurately fall on the fourteen-year-old teenager in the middle of the Raven Whistle Light Cavaliers.

The instant their gazes met, a thought struck Thales’ mind!

He remembered.

He had indeed seen that person’s equipment before!

But six years ago, it was in…

When he saw Thales frown, Mallos grinned and chuckled softly.

“Under His Majesty’s gracious promotion and the trust from my comrades…”

The knight on the horse raised his head slightly and placed his right hand over his chest to gesture to himself. His etiquette could not be criticized.

Mallos revealed the specially-made silver helmet, silver armor, and steel sword under his cloak. He bowed slightly on his steed and said a few words, which Thales was both unfamiliar and familiar with.

“I have come to inherit the title of Constellation’s Watchman of the Royal Guards, even though I am unworthy of it.”