Kingdom's Bloodline Chapter 525

Chapter 525 Lustful Woman

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‘The Crown Prince of Constellation.

‘Midier Jadestar.

‘The previous owner… of Mindis Manor?’

Thales had his emotions surge slightly. A feeling of uneasiness that made him feel as if he was sitting on needles rose in him.

Jines’ tone became softer. “When Kessel was young, he always came and hid here… to distract himself.”


Jines stared blankly at the arrangement in the study room, as though she had just traveled through space and time and was looking at the past.

“For him, this place had a different meaning.”

Thales’ eyes focused.

He saw Jines look at a vacant space and smiled gently.

“In truth, in terms of the layout, compared to Renaissance Palace, Mindis Hall is more like a place to rest and not like a royal pavilion with a tight defense. Multiple people have suggested to him and asked him to change to a royal pavilion for safety purposes. Even the late king asked him about it.

“But do you know how Midier replied?”

Thales paid attention.

Jines stared at the place where Thales was sitting with a dazed look, and she said a sentence that sounded ancient, “If everyone feels fear and hate…

“Even if the walls of the palace are high as thousands of feet, and there are impregnable passes that stem hundreds of thousands of feet, shall they keep me alive?”

“If everyone feels fear and hate…” Thales repeated that sentence and frowned slightly. “This is what he said before?”

Jines shook her head.

“No, this was said by the Virtuous King, and it is engraved on the silver coins.

“Mindis changed it a bit when he adopted the quote. However…”

Jines gently stroke her wrist, and her gaze was gentle. “That was a long time ago. I do not remember what the Virtuous King’s original words.

“I only remember Mindis’ look when he handled the administrative work.”

Thales said nothing.

He thought carefully. ‘How did my uncle look like when he said those words?’

Jines seemed to know what he was thinking, so she said, “When he faced problems, he would sit at the desk in front of you. He would press gently against his frowning eyebrows, purse his lips, and slowly ponder over the issue without saying a word.”

Jines stared at the desk in a daze while endless nostalgia flashed in her eyes. “A few minutes later, his lips and eyebrows would relax at the same time.

“At that time, he would put down his finger and wear a smile.”

As if she was responding to her own words, Jines smiled as well. It was graceful and calm.

“Then, the problem would not be a problem anymore.”

Thales felt a thought appear in his head.

Nevertheless, Jines continued speaking. Her voice sounded airy, as though she was telling a fairy tale, “He could always find a way to solve the difficulties he faced and handle all conflicts with every side being happy. He makes arrangements in a neat and orderly fashion, and he chases away all the disappointment in everyone.”

Jines stopped talking.

Thales remained silent.

Both of them sat quietly. One felt sentimental because of her memories, while the other one imagined things in his surprise. Only silence remained in the room.

A while later, Jines sucked in a breath, and her expression became resigned and sad again. Her hoarse voice could be heard. “Brat, it’s not that he doesn’t like you.”

Thales was shocked. Then, he realized that the topic in Jines’ words had changed.

“He is just…


Jines stared fixedly at the desk in front of Thales and stopped speaking.

But Thales stared at the chair he sat in and thought about what happened at Renaissance Palace a few days ago.

‘”…you would not have become the Duke of Star Lake at all…”‘

‘”Because you… are not worthy.”‘

Thales was stunned.

He stared blankly at the desk in front of him and recalled what its previous owner had done. Then, he could not help but feel puzzled.

What exactly did the owner of Renaissance Palace, think that Thales did not deserve…?

A moment later, Thales snapped out of his daze.

He looked at Jines with gratitude.

“Madam, it is nice to see you again.” Thales nodded and suppressed the unnecessary emotions. “I mean it.”

Jines smiled.

She opened her mouth and looked like she wanted to say something. But in the end, she shut her mouth.

After a few seconds, Jines said airily, “Brat, eat more, sleep earlier.

“Also, I am not responsible for teaching you military skills and sword techniques now, but…”

Jines looked at him quietly. “Remember to practice your sword.”

Thales was struck by a thought and smiled gently.

Jines whispered, “I have seen your fight. It was pretty good.”

At the next moment, the female official adopted a serious tone.

“But I did not teach you Northland Military Sword Style to turn you into a lunatic who fights without caring about your own life.”

Thales who was still immersed in the peace and calm atmosphere. When he heard this, he could not help but tremble.

“Remember, you are a prince,” Jines said sternly, “Regardless of what you have gone through in the north, when the battle starts, you must lift your shield and protect yourself first!”

Jines stared at him sternly. “Defense if your most important task. Do not just keep thinking about recklessly attacking.”

Jines asked him a question as if to place an emphasis on what she said, “Did you hear me?”

Thales trembled, and he agreed repeatedly as per his wont, “Yes… Yes?”

Jines stood up nimbly, smoother out her attire, and returned to the stern, fierce, and valiant first-grade female official.

Thales immediately stood up to send her out of the room.

But when they walked along the corridor, Jines stopped moving all of a sudden.

The female official turned around fiercely and looked at the two Royal Guards in the corridor.

“You. young D.D.”

The two Royal Guards who were initially bored were shocked, and they snapped out of their daze.


Thales was shocked too. He quickly caught up to her.

“Why are you all standing here?” Jines asked sternly.

Doyle felt nervous since the question was directed at him. He patted his uniform and walked forward cautiously with his colleague.

“Madam, the commanding officer arranged us to be on duty. We are to serve His Highness by his side tonight…”

Yet, Jines interrupted him.

“Today, when this brat was beaten in the training field, I heard what you said.” Jines glanced at him, narrowed his eyes, and said, “You took up the task of providing a narration, yes?”

At that moment, Doyle trembled.

Thales smiled helplessly.

“I… Um… I am just joking…” Doyle said with a long face.

But Jines replied coldly, “So you admit that you, as the personal guard of the Duke of Star Lake, took His Highness as a joke?”

When she said that, everyone in the area, including Thales, frowned.

Doyle very clearly panicked, and he quickly denied it. “No. Of course not. That was because, during that time, Lord Mallos was testing His Highness…”

The atmosphere as they conversed became tense.

Thales stared at Jines in surprise and felt that things were not progressing in a good way.

Jines snorted lightly and said, “So, are you accusing that Commanding Officer Mallos appointed you to laugh at His Highness in front of everyone in contempt?”

Doyle was shocked again. “I, Madam, that was…”

At this time, the colleague who was beside him said something in a soft voice after remaining silent all this while. “Doyle, shut up.”

D.D, who felt incredibly troubled, followed the suggestion and stopped talking immediately.

Just as expected, Jines changed her target. She elegantly turned her head around and looked at the person next to Doyle.

“And who are you?”

Doyle’s colleague, who stood in the dark, raised his head. His tall and big build could be seen in the light.

“I am Vanguard Caleb Glover, Madam.”

Jines narrowed her eyes and seemed to be in deep thought.

“Oh, Glover.

“I remember one Glover.” The female official nodded and showed a smile. “The most famous one.”

Glover did not answer, but he stood even straighter.

When Doyle, who was beside him, thought that it was indeed for someone to become a government official when he or she had ancestors who were government officials as well, Jines suddenly changed her tone.

“Did you know what your grandfather called me many years ago at the same place?” Jines stared at Glover with a chilling look.

Glover’s expression instantly became serious.

“That lustful woman who was adopted from Eastern Sea.”

‘Lustful woman…’

Glover’s expression immediately became very sour.

Thales started to become very nervous too.

“Your grandfather, that terrible old man from the Glover Family said those words to the crown prince.” Jines did not seem to mind about their expressions. She continued with slight contempt. “She should be thrown into the seventh layer of Hell and burned eternally.”

Jines said the last few words while gritting her teeth.

Thales felt his cheek muscles turning a bit sore as he continued maintaining his smile.

‘That is bad.

‘Is this… a meeting between enemies?’

“That’s quite a pity. Old Glover went ahead of me and went to hell first.”

When Doyle, who was by the side, felt that he was really lucky and thought that Zombie was really unlucky, Jines snorted coldly. “I hope he is not overcooked.”

Glover’s expression remained, yet, he clenched his fists tightly.

Thales did not understand what Jines was doing, but his own instinct told him that he should not remain silent. “Madam, it is getting late now. Should we—”

But Jines ignored what the prince said, and she continued to say to Doyle and Glover, “Both of you, pack up your things. You do not need to be on duty in Mindis Hall anymore.”

Thales was shocked!

“All right, Madam, we will immediately…”

Doyle immediately nodded and said yes. He only registered what she said after he spoke. Then, in his surprise, he said, “Huh?”

Glover scowled.

“Yes, because you looked down on your master and disrespected the Royal Family.” Jines’ expression changed, and she said sternly, “Both of you will now be expelled from the duke’s team of personal guards.”

The area became silent for a while.

Doyle’ expression kept changing. No one knew what he thought during those few seconds, but he quickly said with panic, “But Madam, about that, as the Royal Guards, our duty is…”

But at this moment, the quiet Glover spoke up before him, “Madam, we have been examined by Baron Adrian and Commanding Officer Mallos for our appointment in the personal guards, and His Majesty has given his signature for this as well…”

Jines suddenly raised her voice and instantly drowned out their voices. “So, Danny Doyle and Caleb Glover. Both of you are not willing to leave just like this…”

At this moment, Jines’ gaze became sharp and stern. There was an unbearable coldness in her eyes.

“So, you really want me, Female Official Bajkovic, who is in charge of the matters regarding the second prince’s daily life, to disturb His Majesty and other officials in tomorrow’s morning meeting just to have them make a decision for such a small matter in the mobilization of the Royal Guards?”

Doyle and Glover went stiff!

One of them was tongue-tied, while the other just stared at her angrily. They were in disbelief as they stared at Jines, who was like a lioness showing her might at this moment.

“Madam!” Thales could no longer hold it in.

“You do not have to worry about this matter,” the Duke of Star Lake said politely, “Protector Doyle’s actions today were approved by me, while Vanguard Glover has always been dedicated to his job.”

Doyle and Glover looked at Thales together.

Jines turned her head swiftly, and she stared at the prince with a murderous look, just like what happened at the training field six years ago.

But Thales continued smiling. There was no change in his smile, and he finally got through the few seconds that were incredibly hard to bear.

Jines snorted and seemed to regard his words in contempt. “Soft-hearted, sentimental, and unable to make a decision. This is why you cannot set up your prestige and gain respect.”

Thales chuckled in embarrassment and nodded. “I know.”

The prince shrugged, and he looked at Jines in resignation.

“It is just… that is not my style.”

Jines glanced at Doyle and Glover fiercely, and it made them stand straighter.

Before Jines said anything, Thales quickly spoke, “It will be one hour before dinner. Madam, are you going to stay until then?”

This made Jines snort in dissatisfaction.

“There is no need for that,” the female official said coldly. She gave a cold stare to all three of them, who stood in a very tense manner and left without any hesitation.

As the sound of the high heels grew weaker and Jines’ figure disappeared around the corner, Thales and the other two sighed slowly in relief.

“Madam Jines is just a very straightforward person. Please do not mind it,” Thales said apologetically.

Glover remained silent, while Doyle smiled forcefully and in shame. “Your Highness, I…”

However, Thales spoke before him. His tone was curious. “So, does Madam Jines really have the power to expel you without permission from Mallos and Adrian?”

Doyle looked around. “That, I am not…”

But Glover spoke at this moment, “Yes, if she can publicly and formally bring the request to His Majesty and the Imperial Conference with a suitable reason.”

Thales had a look on his face that said, “So that’s how it is.”

He immediately took a breath and smiled as he looked at both of them. “But you are first my Royal Guards, yes?”

Doyle glanced at the corner. He spoke tentatively because he was still traumatized. “Yes?”

Thales smiled. “Then, she cannot do such a thing.”

Doyle blinked, while Glover’s expression changed.

“Thank you, Your Highness,” Glover said with a deep rumble.

Thales smiled and gave them a thumbs up. Then, he turned around and went back to his room without saying anything else.

“Um, Your Highness,” Doyle quickly spoke up behind him. There was a slightly hopeful tone in his voice. “Is… is there anything else I can help with?”

Thales stopped walking.

“Oh, at this hour, I have the habit of reading in my study.” The young man came to a realization and turned his head around to smile at them. “But if there are some refreshments while I read, that would be great.”

Doyle sucked in a deep breath.

“I will immediately obey your orders, Your Highness.” For the first time, D.D nodded sincerely. “Immediately.”

Thales nodded with encouragement before he walked into the study room.

Jines continued walking in her high heels steadily at the corner of the corridor.

But at that moment, the female official showed a hint of a smile through the corner of her mouth.

‘This brat… what a waste. He hasn’t even finished eating the refreshments in the study.’

Just like that, Thales’s first etiquette lesson was over.

While after that day, Doyle and Glover obviously became more respectful toward him.

Then, on a day on the following week, Doyle tentatively came to the study room and reported to Thales that two priests chosen by Sunset Temple had arrived at Mindis Hall.

They were waiting to give the prince his theology lesson, which was a tradition that had been passed down from the Empire to Constellation, and every King of Constellation must be familiar with.