Kingdom's Bloodline Chapter 534

Chapter 534 Sorry To Keep You Waiting

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When D.D. happily listed out the scandals of the nobles in the capital, his bad luck came into play once again.

Protector Doyle. Mallos voice was heard from behind him at that moment to interrupt Thales thoughts. What is so funny?

Doyles expression stiffened. When he turned around and faced the watchman, D.D. became serious again.

Nothing, commanding officer. His Highness raised a question, so I told him some stories of the nobles.

Mallos looked at Madam Elainor, who disappeared into the banquet hall, then looked at Thales with a contemplative expression.

Is that so?

Thales removed the figure of Little Iron Spike Junior from his mind and laughed dryly. I believe so.

Behind him, Doyle nodded sternly while Glover did not show any expression.

Mallos snorted lightly, and he said as indifferently as before, Very well. So, are you ready?

In the distance was a middle-aged noble who helped his wife down the carriage. After they finished signing at the entrance, they smiled and let their servants present their gift. They tidied up their clothes and walked toward Thales under the ushers guidance.

Of course. Thales sighed and smiled again.

However, Mallos shook his head and pointed at D.D. No, not you, Your Highness. I mean him.

Doyle had his back turned to the entrance door, and he was stunned as he said, Me? Why?

At this moment, a heartbreaking wail was heard!

AAAAHHHH, Your Highness, Your Highness, Prince Thales, ah!

Thales shivered, and he thought he was haunted by spirits.

The servants, soldiers, guards, and the not so important guests who came through the side door had their attention attracted by this crying voice. They felt shocked and quickly turned around.

Under everyones gazes, an oily face, middle-aged noble spread his chubby arms, rushed in from the hall and pounced toward Thales!

Without waiting for the shocked Thales to respond, Glover carefully pulled the prince behind him and pushed Doyle forward.

The middle-aged noble then fell on the Doyle, who was caught off guard, and D.D.s expression become gloomy.

But that person did not give up. The noble on the floor had his facial features scrunched up, and he forced his way to Thales while crawling forward. Your Highness!

Thales was so shocked that he shivered. Glover had no choice but protected the prince behind him. Meanwhile, Mallos moved to the side in a relaxed manner and watched from the side.

The guest did not show any will to stand up. He kept moving forward using his hands toward Thales legs.

The Bright God is watching, the Holy Son God is wise, and the Sunset Goddess is blessing us! Constellation, finally, Constellation has found her predestined heir!

The loyalty of the Seven Jadestars Attendants is finally repaid

The sorrow and grief in his voice caused those who heard him to feel sad and cry.

Thales was stunned when he saw this.

Whats going on now?

Is he like those people in the past who blocks the road to cry out for injustice?

The Royal Guards at the hall frowned and pressed down on their swords, but Mallos waved at them.

Then, Doyle grabbed the middle-aged noble by the collar and pulled him back with all his strength.

Dad, you, what are you doing?! Get up, hurry up! Get up!

D.D. fearfully looked around to look at the gazes on them while he used both his hands and feet to block this middle-aged noble seven feet away from the prince.

Dad, this is so embarrassing

When the middle-aged noble saw Doyle, he immediately changed his expression without even wiping off his tears. Im emotional and cannot hold back my emotions when I saw His Highness, and what does that have to do with you?!

Thales quirked his eyebrows when he heard the way they addressed each other.

Mallos, who was by the side, started to talk airily, Your Highness, this is Baron Doyle. He is the suzerain of Mirror River, and also D.D.s So, it all depends on you now.

Thales eyebrows twitched.

Doyle continued arguing with his dad while smiling apologetically to the people around him with an ashamed look.

The servants and guards who came to watch this entertainment started to leave, and the nobles scattered here and there turned around to whisper among themselves until another sharp female voice was heard, Ah! Young Danny! How can you treat your father this way!

Another noblewoman with thick makeup shouted from the back and hugged the old Baron Doyle while waving her hands to chase D.D. away. D.D. was forced to let go.

He is old now, and the condition of his body is bad. Why are you so not understanding? Both of us are so pitiful

Old Doyle cooperated by panting quickly. He coughed continuously and fell into his wifes arms.

The baroness started to cry. You are not to repay us with this attitude after we brought you up with so much difficulty!

Old Doyle and the baroness held hands, sat in a circle, and looked at their son, who felt incredibly troubled and did not know what to do.

Their expressions showed determination and sadness. They also gave off a tragic feeling that could only be seen from a united married couple.

It was like an evil young son was bullying his pitiful and honest parents in the streets.

Raise me up? Doyles expression was gloomy. You are just my stepmother

Whats wrong with me being your stepmother?! The baroness helped her husband to stand up. She changed her expression instantly while there were still tears on her face, flung her handkerchief, and said fiercely, So, isnt a stepmother your mother too?!

From what you eat, drink, used, spend, fees for knight school, and dating cost, everything you used is money we worked hard to earn

Doyle totally gave up on the possibility of saving his familys dignity, so he could only cover his face and sigh.

This family ethics drama made Thales stunned.

The Old Baron Doyle wiped his snot and stood up on steady feet after great difficulty.

When he saw Thales instantly change his expression again, he said with incredible cordiality, Your Highness! You see, it might be a coincidence that you are now standing in front of the portrait of the Three Constellation Kings, but who can say that it is not foreshadowing? The courage of the supreme King of Renaissance, the awe-inspiring gait of the legendary Oath Keeper, and the wisdom of the Virtuous King You are exactly the gift from heaven that has the combination of all three kings!

Thales felt a little overwhelmed by praise.

As Old Doyle talked, his tears and snot kept flowing down.

If the late king knew that someone in the Jadestar Family grew up to be someone great, he must be smiling happily in Hells River or heaven?

Thales forced himself to smile stiffly and greeted him from the distance.

But D.D. did not think in this way.

He kept smiling apologetically at the young duke while pulling his parents, who were still acting in such an exaggerated manner, to the side.

Dad What are you doing?

Old Doyle lowered his head and said in dissatisfaction, I did all this for you!


I heard from the servants that you, you troublesome brat, offended Madam Jines! Do you know how scary she is? Do you still want to work in the capital?!

D.D. sighed and said, And what does that have to do with you?

Youre a very shy boy, thats why you cant even get yourself a girlfriend. Therefore, its only natural I can only sacrifice my own dignity to do this kind of flattery

You make it sound like your dignity is very useful

You rascal!

And its not that I cant get a girlfriend

Huh? Dont tell me you want to be like the fool of the Karabeyan Family? Are you looking for a boyfriend?

Dad, you! Hurry up, go in, and stay there!

Wait, I forgot to kiss His Highness hand

Ahh, I will kiss him on your behalf.

Meanwhile, Thales and Glover stared at each other and felt helpless.

Mallos looked as though he was used to it.

Finally, Doyle, who had sent away his strange parents turned around fearfully. He wiped his forehead and realized that the prince and the other people were staring at him as if they were watching a drama.

Thales did not change his expression and extended the back of his hand to him in a considerate manner.

Do you want to kiss it?

D.D. was stunned for a while and said in an obsequious manner, No, no, but it is not because I do not want to kiss you In fact, I kiss your hand in my mind every day But as you know, my parents Haha

Yes. It is a sweet family indeed, Glover finally said something since the whole incident, and his emotions were unknown.

Doyle wanted to find a hole and hide.

I know, he said shyly, It is why I do not like to go back.

The other three people turned their heads around and pretended as though nothing happened.

As compared to Doyles lively family, Baron Stone, who was one of the Seven Jadestars Attendants, did not even have a servant, which made him look lonely and gloomy.

After the Bloody Year, due to the limitations set by the countrys conditions, King Kessel practiced frugality and loves to keep things simple. Baron Stone was in his forties. He had tall cheekbones, and his cheeks were sunken. Thus, it made him look incredibly mean and thrifty.

Therefore, the capital does not have a sufficient number of feasts anymore.

Baron Stone held Thales hands and observed his face carefully. So, my honorable prince, do you know what do you mean for us today?

Thales could only reply with a faint smile.

It is alright. We do not know either. The gloomy baron lowered his body and used his cheek to touch the back of Thales hand. We are waiting for you to show us.

When Baron Stone left, Thales felt a bit numb.

I remember that among my subordinates, the leader of logistics has Stone as his surname The prince sucked in a deep breath. Alright. How many more people are related to the Seven Jadestars Attendants, regardless of whether they are in Mindis Hall or in the Royal Guards?

Many, Mallos answered calmly, But not many as well.

Thales was shocked.

Another tall and dark figure stepped out of a carriage moved through front yard of Mindis Hall while a group of minor nobles greeted him in an obsequious fashion. He wrote down his name, passed the guards in the direction they will only allow him to get through courtesy of their formation, and came to Thales.

I heard that they have come earlier, so I must come as well.

The tall noble smiled. His eyes were sharp. He bowed and greeted Thales. When he bent down, he showed an imposing manner that was different from the others.

Lozano Glover, viscount of Lake Mountain County.

Doyle could be heard inhaling behind Thales.


Thales had a thought appear in his head, but he withheld the urge to turn around.

The Duke of Star Lake continued maintaining his perfect smile. Nice to meet you. His Majesty mentioned before that your family was the main support for us during our rule. I heard that your grandfather used to serve in the Royal Guards and owned a high post?

Although Lazano was tall, he looked frail. He used to be the most trusted watchman of the late King Aydi, and he was also the sword teacher for Crown Prince Midier until he died in his mission and died for the country.

He lived up to the mission of the Glover Family.


Thales suppressed his urge to look at Mallos, but he thought about another person in his heart.

Lazano smiled. I am working at the Department of Finance, hence, I stay at Eternal Star City. Your Highness, if you have any free time, you may visit my home in Eastern City District.

Working in the Department of Finance

Hold an important position? No wonder.

Lazano turned around and looked at Mallos. Tormond, you are the same too. The Glover Familys main gate is always open for you.

Mallos smiled faintly. My pleasure. May I lead you in?

Of course. But he was not done yet. In his surprise, Lazano turned around and looked at D.D., who was watching silently by the side. Also, Danny Doyle, right?

Please pass this message to your father and ask him not to send any money to the Department of Finance anymore. We cannot take it, and even if we do, his lands still need to be audited or go through tax inspection this year.

Doyle immediately became blushed.

Before leaving, Lazano looked at Thales once again, and he said seriously, Your Highness, I hope that you can understand that we will be loyal to the throne and nine-pointed star royal crown forever.

When Lazano Glover and Mallos left together, Thales and Doyle sighed in relief and felt as though they had escaped from some kind of awe-inspiring presence.

D.D. snorted gently, What did I just say? In charge of money? Tsk tsk.



Thales held back his desire to turn his head to look behind him.

Obviously, someone could not hold it anymore. Hey, Zombie, arent you going to say something?

Doyle curiously looked at Viscount Glovers back, turned around, and looked at his colleague. That is your eldest brother and also the suzerain. And he also controls the finances, if I were you, I would just listen to whatever he says

Glover turned around swiftly!

His sharp eyes pierced into D.D., and his gaze was as cold as ice.

Doyle felt alarmed, and Thales who was between both of them, tensed up as well.

Glover stared at D.D. for a few seconds before he slowly enunciated his words, I. Am. On. Shift. Duty. Now.

This seemed to be the first time Doyle saw Glover in this state. He was stunned for a few seconds and forced himself to smile. Okay, okay, okay

Glover then turned his head around and nodded at the prince slightly, who was daydreaming while watching their act.

Doyle moved to the side. He showed Thales an upset look and pursed his lips angrily.

But Thales had no time to care about their interaction.

The prince took over a cup to hydrate himself. His gaze passed through the hall and across the defensive line formed by the guards to look at the magnificent scenery of the peoples heads outside while they moved as well as the carriages as they moved back and forth. He knew that he would become busier later.

But he was tired now.

The few direct vassals from Central Territory who came earlier might not seem as arrogant as the nineteen nobles, but when Thales handled them, he felt that he had to put more effort to talk to them than he did the nineteen nobles during the National Conference six years ago.

But he could not rest.

According to Gilberts reminder, when he felt tired, he had to be more careful about his own appearance, etiquette, movements, smile, body gestures, and manner of speech.

Six families. Thales counted the families using his fingers and attracted the attention of his two personal guards. Patterson, Adrian, Barney, Doyle, Stone, Glover

If I were taught correctly in the history lesson during the past few days Within Central Territory, what other families can compare with these six families in terms of reputation, history, and ability?

Thales was bored when he looked at the guests outside the hall while they were distributed slowly and led to their suitable entrances and position. Many of them forgot about their etiquette and demeanor when they passed through the main hall. They tried to stand on their toes and looked inside in order to glance at the prince earlier.

None. Doyle took over the conversation. He sounded lackadaisical. It was clear that he was rather impatient.

Although the Seven Jadestars Attendants is the jargon we use from the moment I can start remembering things, there are eight to nine families in Central Territory who are directly related to the royal family and have real feudal territories and can have heirs to inherit their land. There are many more who want to make their way in.

Eight or nine

Until Doyle shrugged. Do you know that over the past twenty years, some only had their titles but lost all of their lands, some had big businesses but always encountered loss, some had a long history, but their descendants were unworthy, and some were ruined after the war. Some did wrong things and lost their titles, while some fought among themselves and caused their family to go into decline

Thales listened quietly while Glover frowned.

Until today, only these six families can somewhat get this stupid title of the Seven Jadestars Attendants. Their quality is uneven too. As you have seen before, some are dying soon, some are widows and orphans, some have great power, some are insidious, while some kneel down and cry right when they see you Ahem, ahem

Doyle, who was casually gossiping, seemed to have realized something, so he quickly ended the topic in time.

Thales remained silent for some time.

After he thought through something, he nodded with a contemplative expression.

During the dozens of minutes later on, more guests wanted to meet with the prince, but few of them were the people from the kings party, which Thales had heard about six years ago. Some were even the new nobles in the Imperial Conference.

The current Minister of Finance, Wallet Kirkirk Mann, cordially asked about how the prince was adapting and how was his progress was in his mathematics class, while the Minister of Education took the opportunity to interrupt their conversation to talk about the issues of funding the examination for the officials in Central Territory.

Right after Military Advisor Big Soldier Pike Ryder patted his chest to give his guarantee on another ten years worth of peace in Western Desert Hill through their actions in the desert when the Minister of Agriculture, who came right after him, told Thales with a stern face about the disadvantage of exhausting all resources to build up their military power and the destructive effects of the military excursions. He also mentioned about the asymmetry between the benefits obtained from the looting in war and farming during peace times.

Baron Gales who took care of the factory to create coins cordially invited the Duke of Star Lake to visit the kingdoms source of richness. It would be best if he could listen to their plan to distribute the currency to the country, which had been rejected by His Majesty. The government official who was in charge of the Royal Family Bank immediately rushed over and interrupted the conversation impolitely. He strongly suggested that Thales should open an account with his own name in order to celebrate this historic moment where he would become the third thousandth royal family member registered in the bank

During this time, Thales welcomed and sent away many people. He felt that his face had almost become numb as he kept forcing himself to smile.

Honestly, he would rather return to Dragon Bloods Night and face those five aggressive archdukes.

It was no wonder then why he remembered that a certain noble had their family motto as such: Rather die for friends than foes

While at the next moment, a carriage headed over here and the nobles who queued at the front yard became silent.

A noble at the prime of his life walked down from the carriage and moved to Mindis Hall with the company of an old servant.

The nobles voices rose to a commotion again, and the soldiers and guards could not help but stand straighter.

D.D., go and take a look. Thales sighed, even though he finally had some time to catch his breath. He looked up. Who is it this time round?

But Thales suddenly stopped talking.

He saw the noble at the prime of his life behave elegantly. He had a casual presence, but when he looked to the side, he would occasionally reveal a dignified presence.

He would patiently greet and nod back at the minor nobles who greeted him. He was not arrogant at all, but also had a sort of elegance about it, and it caused others to respect him.

Thales was stunned.

Seriously the person Im thinking about just came over when I thought about him.

Ha, I knew it. That is a major figure. He always stays at the capital for only a short period of time, and he is

When Doyle wanted to continue, he suddenly saw Thales raise his hands to stop him.

Thales stared at the guest who drew closer to him with a complicated expression. He also looked at the family emblem on his sleeves.

The emblem had three petals, and the colors were different.

The guest stepped on the steps and showed a characteristic faint smile between the corridor pillars.

Mindis Hall is truly like its name, where there are many costly treasures that are worth cities.

While he signed, he smiled and said to the old servant next to him, I truly wish that I had come here six or seven years earlier. That would have been good.

A profound light flashed in the nobles eyes.

The old servant only nodded quietly.

In the next moment, the noble at the prime of his life raised his head. Once the guards opened a path, he greeted Thales.

There had been no signs of it, and he did not even bother to hide.

Thales met his gaze.

Doyle, who had been so numb to the proceedings that he had adopted a slovenly attitude, shuddered. He felt as if a cold chill had crawled down his spine.

Thales expression was calm. He stared at the visitor quietly while he thought in his heart. He changed. He gained a more mature air, and hes also more natural. Hes even more

The prince rubbed his gloves slightly. The guest did not have his expression change. He stared at Thales quietly, and he came to an understanding. He has changed. His gaze became sharper, more resolute, and more

The guest narrowed his eyes slightly.

In the next moment, it was as if they were the only ones left in the large and lively Mindis Hall.

However, Thales and the guest released friendly smiles at the same time, and as if they had come to a tacit agreement before this, they raised their feet at the same time and walked toward each other.

But so what?

Hence, under countless gazes, the master of Mindis Hall and the guest acted like old loyal friends who had not met each other for a long time, and they passionately and quickly walked to each other before their palms met in the air!

Welcome, Your Grace!

It has been a long time, Your Highness!

Thales sensed the great force in the guests hands, which he did not even bother to hold back. He also released his Sin of Hells River brusquely, and he exerted strength in his muscles!

The two palms shuddered slightly in the air, but they looked relaxed.

Mallos, who heard about this and came over, saw this scene, and he frowned slightly.

Thales and the guests gazes met in the air again, and they both put on friendly smiles.

The duke chuckled. You can just call me Zayen.

The prince was considerate. Call me Thales.

In the next moment, they smiled brightly as they looked into each others eyes again in a show of tacit agreement. With the hands used to grip the others as their center, they hugged each other, and they placed their other hands around the others shoulder.

Thales suddenly noticed that he was only half a head shorter than the guest.

At some point in time, the persons height was no longer an obstacle, even if he had once been so tall that Thales could only dream about reaching his height.

To others, Prince Thales and Duke Zayen were very friendly to each other. They might have not seen each other for years, but they were still very close to each other. At the same time they approached each other, they looked as if they were very eager to light up a lamp and talk to each other overnight.

However, only Thales and Zayen, who were hugging each other and had their faces pressed against the crooks of each others necks knew how sincere their emotions were.

I knew that the Northlanders could do nothing to you, Zayen whispered into his ear softly, and his tone was very strange.

Thales responded slowly, and his tone was just as profound. Yes, just like the Blood Clan.

In an angle that others could not see, the two turned their heads, and at a distance where they could almost kiss each other, they gave each other sidelong glances.

Zayens gaze was as cold as winter.

Thales eyes were sharp, and it pierced through his heart.

Welcome back, Duke Zayen Covendier of South Coast whispered softly. Nine-pointed Star.

Thank you for waiting so long for me. Thales Jadestar, the Duke of Star Lake, smiled faintly and coldly. Iris Flowers.

In the next second, the two people who played a decisive role in the country released each other, just like how dragonflies would immediately leave once they touched water. They had their perfect and warm smiles return on their faces.

They showed something that was the most worthy of being the pride of the entire kingdom in this eraunity and harmony.