Kingdom's Bloodline Chapter 537

Chapter 537 Pretty Boy

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Mindis Hall was still filled with a persistent but restrained noise (except maybe for the northern and dwarven guests).Important guests arrived one after another; the area around the banquet hall turned into a familiar social scene for the upper echelons of the capital.

The host of the banquet, Thales, was still faithfully performing his duties.

So, Your Grace, it was such a pity to have missed you, but who knows, this might all be part of the Sunset Goddess plan? Vicar General Stylia Nydis nodded politely to the Duke of Star Lake. He was frank, humble and sympathetic, which invariably gave everyone a good first impression. this gave me a chance to reflect: did I mind because of the vanity and status that the position represented, or was it because of my determination and conviction in spreading the beliefOf course the outcome of my reflection has left me in shame

Thales was conversing amiably with the most promising young priest of Sunset Temple. There were polite exchanges, sincere and refreshing smiles, and an occasional nod in agreement.

It is evident that I have not attained the qualities praised by God. I am not worthy to be discussing Gods teachings with you

Nearby, Doyle narrowed his eyes and stroked his chin as he carefully took in Thales, who was cordially entertaining the guests. Hey, I know that look.

Glover turned upon hearing this. He glanced at Doyle. You know that look?

His Highness is smiling, Glover said coldly.

Doyle shook his head and clicked his tongue. No no no, believe me. The kid is a bundle of nerves right now and he must be screaming inside

Glover turned his head back and ignored Doyle.

This left Doyle shaking his head as he continued emotionally, And based on my experience, its the helplessness you feel when the love of your life has agreed to marry another

Glover grunted coldly.

Seeing as he did not get an enthusiastic response, Doyle could not help but take a dig at his colleague.

So, youre not curious at all? Doyle was not without regret. What did Count Caso actually say to him?

Glover looked at Doyle, then took a look behind him. His face was expressionless and he kept silent.

I know.

Doyle stiffened a little.

Hearing the footsteps and familiar voice behind him, he turned around stiffly, and asked in a shaky voice, Your HighGrace?

What met his sight was a Thales that had finished his conversation, standing with his arms behind his back and beaming.

This kid, how was he so much like a street mugger

Doyle was silently glum.

I spoke so softly and yet you heard me?

Gilbert told me earlier that, Thales mimicked Doyles emotional tone earlier, the love of my life has agreed to marry another, and I feel helpless right now

Doyle scratched his head and smirked with an ignorant and sheepish expression on his face.

If memory served him right, this was perhaps how that dullard Kohen won the young dukes heart?

Until Thaless expression turned cold in an instant. Happy now?

Doyles smile froze. Hehe, you have such a good sense of humor. Who would be brazen enough to touch your woman

The next second, Doyle was trembling again.

He inexplicably felt that, after he uttered those words, the dukes aura seemed to turn

even colder?

Thales grunted softly before storming off.

Glover curled his lips and followed dutifully.

Hey, Zombie walked past Doyle (who had brought it upon himself) and seemed to have paid no attention to what had just happened. I know that look.

Doyle froze. He instantly responded with a fiery glare.

Pff, Zombie, Ive misjudged you.

Evidently, youre the gossipy type that gloats about others misfortune.

Im keeping score of this!

Thales ignored the furtive jabs and underhanded back-and-forth between the two and merely kept on walking.

In fact, Doyle hit the nail on the head, partially.

Thales could not remember how he had bid GiIbert goodbye.

All he could remember was that he kept his manners and courteouslyas a competent Duke of Star Lake shouldreappeared at the spot where he should greet guests and continued fulfilling his duty.

But only he knew.

That his footsteps became a lot heavier after that moment.

The cacophony around him blended together and became hazy; he could no longer filter out the parts he wanted.

Keep calm, Thales.

The duke was expressionless as he spoke to himself in his inner voice.


She will be fine.

They have captured the enemy commander-in-chief.

Its unclear whether she is alive or dead.

Thales arm muscles tightened subconsciously.

The Sin of Hells River quietly surged.


Thales breathing quickened.

No, keep calm, Thales.

The prince repeated it to himself.

Get a grip.

Saroma will be fine.

She was the Archduchess of Dragon Clouds City, the Alliance of Freedom would understand that the value of keeping her alive far outweighs killing her to vent anger

Or it could be worse

At that thought, Thales breathing became tense.

Because youre a girl,

that means that in most games in this world, youll have to give up more than men.

When he recalled what he had said to her, Thales felt a knife drive through his heart.

In that moment, a boundless yet inexplicable (even to himself) anger rose within him.

It blazed in all directions.


Idiot face, how could you fail to protect your master? You barely got scathed by the Raven of Death, and now youre useless? And you have the gall to call yourself the Star Killer?

Regent Lisban.

The defender and guardian of Dragon Clouds City, are you not the Eye of the Dragon to The Born King? Have your schemes and plans all gone to hell with the previous King?

Count Karkogel.

The so-called best warrior in King Nuvens army. Dont tell me that the military accomplishment of capturing Fort Libert despite losing an arm that he constantly puffed his cheeks and boasted about was nothing but shameless bragging?

Archduke Roknee.

O Master of City of Faraway Prayers with your formidable reputation, resolute and daring, how could you not even manage to deal with tiny little Fort Libert? Why even bother ruling? Kill yourself as a favor to us all, why dont you?

As for the rest of them

The Sin of Hells River was flowing faster and fiercer through his veins.

Eckstedts brave and hardy army of northerners

Were they merely for show?!

His fist subconsciously clenched tight under his sleeve.

The Sin of Hells River gradually materialized and spread throughout his body.

No, Thales thought as he took a deep breath.

I cant rely on Eckstedt; I cant rely on those stupid good-for-nothings to help Saroma.

He needed to do something.



Think, Thales, think. What else can you do?

Ask Gilbert for help? Step in in the name of Constellation? Contact Kingdoms Secret Intelligence Department?


Thales sadly discovered that, as the prince, regardless of his choice of methods or paths, an inevitable enormous shadow still enveloped the entire Mindis Hall.

Even after he managed to flee the hostile Eckstedt and return to Constellation, he remained a caged bird.

When confronted by old friends who need help

He was helpless.

Or was it that, in this world, this was the truth of his existence?

His fate?

Inexplicably, his thoughts suddenly turned to Priest Melgen, a recent acquaintance.

Sunset Goddess has witnessed it. Our fates have been intertwined for a long time in an unseen manner.

Thales shut his eyes weakly.

Oh Sunset Goddess.

If you truly exist and are omnipotent

If you truly are the patron deity of my family and kingdom

Please, I beg of you.

Please protect her, help her, watch over her.

Take pity on that innocent girl who has been entangled in my misfortunes.

Wait a minute.

He didnt understand the gods.


Compared to the gods, the people that really existed and held power

Thales opened his eyes gently.


Maybe there was a way


The price to pay would be

Thales gritted his teeth.

Within him, the Sin of Hells River roared furiously.

But if, if this could save her from a more miserable future

Thales gaze grew colder and colder.

The Sin of Hells River pulsated even more intensely, almost reaching a fever pitch.

At this moment


Someone slapped Thales shoulder firmly.

His subconscious reaction was to retaliate, but his arms were gripped tightly by the person behind him; he couldnt move!

Your Highness!

Mallos stood in front of him. He held Thales right hand as he tapped the princes chest.

Sure enough

Thales gritted his teeth as he fought the urge to pounce at the captain of his personal guards.

The Power of Eradication within him had been suppressed. It let out a fierce growl in his blood, as if a wild beast had been restrained in its cage.

I say, something seems amiss here

The watchman still held on to the princes right arm.

He observed Thales flat and smooth chest, frowned and muttered, I guess, inside the banquet hall, Duke Barney didnt steal that Jadestar insignia on his arm,

Its merely that you have been too prodigal. Just because hes a poor boy you gifted it to him Of course, theres still the possibility that its because of a pretty woman

Nearby, Doyle grinned at his colleague when he heard his commanding officers words, but Glover merely responded with a cold gaze.

Oh yes Your Highness, allow me to introduce the following guest

It took Thales some effort to look up.

And an equal amount of effort as he forced a smile.

By Mallos introduction, the Duke of Star Lake warmly welcomed the arrival of Bern Talon. Thales had briefly met the suzerain of Ice River City at the National Conference six years ago. He was one of the Thirteen Appointed Counts, as well as a distant relative and close courtier of the Jadestar Royal Family. In fact, the first Duke Talon had been conferred the title of Duke of Star Lake before the formation of feudal territories.

This made the presence of Duke Talon even more meaningful.

But these well-memorized information merely flowed through Thales mind meaninglessly, acting as a prop on which he composes a smile and conveys superficial greetings.

At this moment, Thales suddenly had a sympathetic understanding toward his enemy, Zayen Covendier.

It was probably similar for the Duke of Iris Flowers that wanted to eliminate him by the force of the Blood Clan, having to put on a smiling face even though there was a heavy burden in his heart.

Ever busy entertaining guests with social niceties, regardless of the seasons.

Thales watched enthusiastically as Mallos led Duke Talon inside; he behaved appropriately and elegantly, no one could fault his composure.


Was this all he could do?

Thales thought sarcastically: Is this it? Greeting guests with a fake smile by the door at my own stupid banquet?

While the girl to which he was heavily indebted was probably trapped in enemy territory

Thales took a deep breath.

In that moment, a low voice said, Im thinking whether it was the wrong choice to have allowed you to practice sword fighting last night? Could it have made your youthful heart more restless?

Thales was momentarily stunned as he looked towards Mallos, who he did not notice had returned.

The latter whispered softly in his ear, Unless youre going to have a duel to the death with a guest tonight, as a demonstration of the fierce majesty that you have brought home from the north, Mallos continued sarcastically, Otherwise, please keep your Power of Eradication in check.

Thales regained his composure. You know?

Dont forget, Im your martial arts instructor, Mallos replied calmly.

At these words, he casually turned around, blocking Thales behind him as he reprimanded Glover who was making faces at Doyle.

Thales adjusted his breathing but seemed to come to a realization.

Wake up, Thales.

You are far from the last stage of overturning the chessboard.

Meet the enemy.

Observe the enemy.

Subdue the enemy.

Thales quietly contemplated the three main principles of enemy confrontation.

The Sin of Hells River seemed to be in sync with the state of its master: its flow was weak and sluggish, showing no signs of the previous uninhibited violence.

Chapman Lampard.

This name crossed his mind.

The issue of Eckstedts failed conquest of the West, as well as the capture of its general, was one beyond the three main territories.

It was a matter of Eckstedts dignity.

If King Chapman intends to hold on to his position unchallenged, turning a blind eye was not an option.

He has to rescue Saroma from the hands of the Alliance of Freedom in the name of the entire kingdom.

Of course, the price of this was likely to be Black Sand Region extending its reach into the internal affairs of the Three Eckstedtian Cities and bolstering its claim to the throne

Wait a minute.

Bolstering its claim to the throne.

Thales had an epiphany.

The Alliance of Freedom was small and weak. Ordinarily speaking, it was impossible for the Alliance to have withstood the attack of the mighty Three Eckstedtian CitiesDragon Clouds, Faraway Prayers and Defenceand reverse the outcome of the battle on its own.

It is likely that they have strong support, that external forces are interfering in the situation.

Thales frowned.

King Chapman.

Is it you?

You again?

Then the matter is not as straightforward anymore. He will use the captured Saroma as a bargaining chip and fully utilize to no end the value attached to her, whether it be by division, purchase, extortion, fraud or any other unscrupulous means.

Weaken the City of Faraway Prayers.

Deter Defence City.

Conquer Dragon Clouds City.

As for Little Rascal

Thales, be careful. When your enemies smell your weakness

He heard King Chapmans voice faintly in his ear. His fists clenched tight again.

What should I do?

From miles away, how do I confrontChapman Lampard?

What should I do?

Thales clenched his fists tighter and tighter.

The Sin of Hells River could smell its masters mood; upon realizing that it showed signs of resurgence, it began to stir in an attempt to spread throughout its master.

But in the next instant, a new guest interrupted Thales thought.

The man approached at a stride, his cloak fluttering behind him. A scar stood in place of his left eye, and his remaining eye exuded a coldness.

Thales breathing stopped for a moment.

Its him.

An old friend from

Six years ago.

The moment the nobleman appeared, the initially rowdy Mindis Hall fell silent, as if a conductor waved his baton to put a rest to a symphony.

Even Doyle stopped fooling around.

The guests that spotted him fell silent in unison. The ones that recognized him, at each others prompt, came up to greet him in twos and threes.

The middle-aged nobleman was not particularly enthusiastic; he casually and arrogantly acknowledged the greetings of the lower-level nobles.

The middle-aged nobleman walked through the doors of Mindis Hall, handed his cloak to the attendant, signed the guest list with a casual stroke of the pen, and started to look around the hall.

Rudolph once told me that this is a good place, worth visiting often, the middle-aged nobleman sneered coldly. Nowadays, hmph, I much prefer the Land of Cliffs.

The next moment, the gaze of the one-eyed guest landed on Thales.

At Mallos gesturing, Thales approached slowly with a smile.

Respected Duke of Nanchester, welcome

But the man interrupted him bluntly, Why are you so gaunt? And not very tall either?

Thales expression froze.

The Guardian Duke of the Land of Cliffs, master of the Great Deer Antler, the one they nickname One-Eyed Dragon, Koshder Nanchester, frowned as he sized Thales up. Have the northerners been abusing you for the past six years?

AstheDuke of Star Lake, Thales kept silent for a moment, and merely continued to respond with an appropriate smile.

Koshder continued coldly, Then you should repay in kind, and allow Constellation to live up to its name.

At those words, Duke One-Eyed Dragon pushed away an attendant and continued to stride forward without bothering to glance at the prince.


Thales furrowed his brows slightly, but he was at ease.

At least, he still had something he could do.

Duke Koshder, Your Grace, do you know Levi Trentida?

Koshders footsteps stopped.

Thales gestured towards Mallos and the other two guards to stay as he caught up with the One-Eyed Dragon, facing him.

He is heir to the Archduke of Reformation Tower. He is here at the banquet today.

Koshder squinted his sole eye as he sized Thales up.


The Duke of Land of Cliffs sneered in disdain, Some shameless Northern degenerate has a few sons, many of them bastards. Who knows which son he is. Who knows if he even is his son.

Upon hearing Koshders emotional acknowledgment of Trentida, Thales seemed deep in thought.

Reformation Tower is adjacent to the northern border; it was a matter of border defense for both countries.

But it actually has more mountainous territories, bordering the Land of Cliffs Region of the Nanchester family. Both live and develop in the Sighing Mountains, facing each other.

(Just as two cowards nesting on two opposite peaks separated by a grand canyon shouting at each other: Come over if you dare!Nicholas was digging his nostrils casually as he listened in disinterestedly on two kids history lesson of the north.)

Thales took a step forward, making an effort not to look at Koshders scar-covered left eye, and whispered, Levi asked for my help. He wants to buy some food to bring home.

Some food.

One-Eyed Dragon swayed a little. Grain?

Thales did not spare any time to ponder Koshders reaction. He merely nodded and said, The autumn harvest is over, and winter is coming.

Thales looked at One-Eyed Dragon; their gaze met.

For the first time in six years, Koshder turned around and looked squarely at Thales with a pensive gaze.

It was as ifthiswas their actual reunion.

Thales smiled and raised a hand; he motioned for Koshder to walk ahead of him.

Both of them paced forward.

But I think, its not just grains, Thales said calmly.

Koshder squinted his one eye.

Thales grinned as he nodded.

One of them lived permanently in the north, the other bordered the formers territory.

There was an understanding even without everything being spelled out.

As the territory southwest of Eckstedt, Reformation Tower sat on the Sighing Mountains. It was easy to defend and difficult to attack, stable and peaceful, and rich in minerals which provide good income.

But equally, due to terrain restrictions, they had a complicated vassal system with scattered vassals as well as barren soil and scarce arable land.

Contrarily, in recent years, they have also attracted many immigrants fleeing the increasing local conflicts in the kingdom.

The harshest days in winter every year prove to be a challenge for the suzerain of Reformation Tower. They are forced to constantly trade minerals, metallurgy and the like for grain.

In the past, with the Olsius-es of Prestige Orchid Region and the Lampards of Black Sand Region by their side, Thales seemed distracted, but his gaze was sharp, with a tight covenant, a strong relationship, royal intermarriage and familial ties between the three main territories, Reformation Tower was able to import supplies and store grains for winter.

Of course, if you were willing to pay the price, put down your dignity and let go of pride, the mighty Dragon Clouds City and the grain-producing Beacon Illumination City would not be averse to getting off their high horse to help you out.

But now

Koshder listened as his expression shifted slightly.

Thales let out a soft sigh.

Ever since King Nuven passed and King Chapman was crowned

Dragon Clouds City has weakened and Beacon Illumination City has waned.

As for the City of Faraway Prayers, Defence City, Glacier Sea, Elaphure City, and Sentry Region, they were either too far from reach to be of assistance, or they harbored sinister intentions and were indifferent.

But what was more frightening was thatas neighbors to Reformation TowerBlack Sand Region, led by King Chapman, had already raised an army, showing clear ambitions.

As a result, the balance within the borders of Eckstedt had been thrown off kilter.

As for the Lampards of Black Sand Region, Olsius-es of Prestige Orchid Region and Trentidas of Reformation Tower

They were once a trinity of the Eckstedt South, united against the same enemies, be it Dragon Clouds City to the north or the three archdukes of Constellation to the south

Each harboring their own designs and eagerly coveting the others territories, these three Great Northern Territory Clans that have terrorized the Renaissance Palace and Broken Dragon Fortress

Have long since parted ways.

Cracks underlined their apparent unity.

Thales and Koshder ambled forward slowly, both deep in thought.

So theyve turned to your help? To the Jadestar Royal Family? Koshder asked coldly.

Thales exhaled and started racking his brains. As I see it, the Trentidas, as cunning as they are, wont easily gamble on something, the Duke of Star Lake said softly, They must be maintaining friendly relations with the Lampards while continuing to purchase grains through old channels, pretending that its business as usual. On the other hand, like today, they must be obtaining reserves in batches through channels such as Constellation to ease pressures and accumulate supplies for a rainy day.

One-Eyed Dragon sneered coldly. Theyve always been two-faced, Im not surprised. If its true, they must have been at it for at least six years.

Thales nodded, If they are transporting goods from Constellation to Reformation Tower and avoiding Black Sand Region, they would not be able to use the North Border. They are either transporting it directly via sea route from Eastern Sea Hill

Koshder finished Thales sentence casually, or by land, through my territory.

Thales sighed and nodded. Land of Cliffs. Smuggling.

Koshder seemed pensive. But since theyve decided to trouble you, that means

The next instant, One-Eyed Dragons expression changed suddenly!

He turned his head around abruptly. Whats happened to the Alliance of Freedom war after your return? Have the Northland barbarians lost?

Thales sighed inside.

This guy is sharp.

Even he himself only managed to obtain fragmented information about the North from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Secret Intelligence Department by interrogating Gilbert.

No. Its impossible that the Northland barbarians lost, Koshder snapped out of it, his expression somber. Does that mean Lampard won?

Thales felt a weight in his heart. He stopped in his tracks and cleared his throat, Lets put it this way, the result is still unknown. But King Chapman has a great advantage.

This news made Koshder contemplate for a long while. Do you mean, you want me to turn a blind eye towards Reformation Towers goods to boost their confidence in order to resist that Black Sand king? To weaken Constellations enemy, for futures sake?

Thales stared at Koshders sole eye as he stayed silent for a long while.

This man in front of him was the duke that barged his way around the National Conference six years ago and led the abdication charge.

This was also the duke that ranted and raved six years ago, sowing seeds of doubt in Thales mind.

What does he actually want?

No, Im merely pointing it out to you, Thales said calmly, This is an opportunity, as well as a bargaining chip.

One-Eyed Dragons gaze flickered.

If indeed Reformation Tower has such a plan, you could easily set up a blockade to capture them, threaten and blackmail, or send hitmen to assassinate them en route.

It was still vivid in his memory how Trentida spoke on his behalf in the Hall of Heroes years ago to facilitate the king selection, but Thales merely shook his head to dismiss his sincere apologies towards Duke Bowl Cut. Since theres something to be gained, why not.

At that moment, Koshder gave him an interesting look; there was a sliver more vitality and no longer cold and indifferent as if to ward away strangers.

Yet Thales changed the topic abruptly, But you could also let them pass all the way, and even take the initiative to bolster the aid so that they become increasingly dependent on the benefits of this supply line of yoursThis is how King Nuven has treated Elaphure City for the past few decades, Thales ended coldly.

The sparkle gradually disappeared from Koshders eye, replaced by solemnity.

First he cleared the barriers, revised the trade route, generously escorted them and offered strong support, Thales reached a hand out gently and slowly made a fist, When they became addicted and heavily reliant, he reeled it back in and tightened the leash. Thales clenched his fist tight abruptly!

That way, Elaphure City was caught in a dilemma and could only allow themselves to be taken advantage of. They were suppressed into submission by Dragon Clouds City, without any means to retaliate.

Koshder frowned worriedly.

Thales put his palm down, looked up and smiled. To advance or retreat, go on the offense or defense, what you want to do is up to you. The Duke of Star Lake gave a quick bow. Happy Day of Holy Pursuit, Your Grace.

At least, this was what he could do for now, Thales thought to himself.

But just as he was about to turn away, One-Eyed Dragon murmured, So. The Born King, Koshder paused, his sole eye narrowed, Youve learned much from him, eh?

The Born King.

Thales mood stiffened for no apparent reason.

It was as if he was transported back to that night, watching King Nuven casually reach out his hand to reveal the Ring of Triumph.


Inexplicably, Thales subconsciously gave a firm denial, I have only known him for less than a day. What learning are you talking about?

Koshder walked up to him leisurely and stared at him for a long while before he whispered, Why?

Even though the reference of Koshders query was unclear, but Thales knew exactly what he meant.

As a gift of gratitude, Thales looked up, still smiling, Thank you for being honest with me six years ago, The duke thanked him somewhat sincerely, Indeed, in the past six years, I have experienced much and matured a great deal.


Koshder was still staring at him without uttering a word.

It was as if Thales was a huge rock that he was meticulously carving with his gaze.

Six years ago, what happened in the North, it changed everything, didnt it?

Changed everything?

Thales deliberated. Yes, it did. The Born King is no longer.

Nuven the Seventh.

As the years passed and the impact became more apparent, Thales became more emotional about it. In the early hours of that morning, what Eckstedt lost was more than just a king.

Recalling the voice and smile of that incomparable overlord, Thales said in a daze, And on the vast continent, ten bloodthirsty beasts that were once firmly in his clutches, that capitulated to him and had their true natures suppressedare breaking out of the cage. Devouring everything in their way. To the death.

According to Old Crow

this could also harm their neighbors.

Endlessly harm.

Koshder stared fixedly at him. No,

Dont you see? Six years ago, it wasnt just this one incident that affected the Western Peninsula,

Thales came back to his senses, and was puzzled for a moment. What?

Compared to a tumultuous ruler going six feet under Koshder stepped forward slowly, grabbed Thales shoulders and lowered his voice, whats more important is The next moment, One-Eyed Dragon narrowed his eye. Thales felt his jaw tighten!

Koshder was gently pinching Thales chin with his left hand, pulling his face towards him.

Nearby, Doyle and Glover were stunned at this sight. Just as they were about to stop Koshder, Mallos held them back.

Six years ago, a young Constellatiate, after enduring much hardship, has washed off the grime on him,

The Duke of Star Lake was stupefied as he watched Koshders sole eye close in on his own pupil and listened to his deep and subtle voice seep into his eardrums.

Rising slowly

Countless imposing ridges and peaks seem to be hidden behind that terrifying eye.

Radiating an effervescent glow

Along with their masters words, the ridges and peaks pierced through the mist straight into the sky.

Blazing bright.

A second passed.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

The princeoverwhelmed by the ridges and peaks in Koshders eyessnapped out of it.

Shoot. There are so many people around. If they witnessed this

Realizing he was not a child, Thales blushed. He shoved Koshders fingers away and took a step back, feeling awkward.

You that me I cant

Behind him, Doyle and Glover looked at each other in dismay, while Mallos frowned.

But the Duke of Land of Cliffs was unyielding. He strode forward steadily with an aggressive air about him.

The Young Star has returned, Koshders expression was solemn, but his language was quaint, Every day is a new dawn.

Like a water flow, the tone of his voice changed suddenly; it was turbulent and gripping. When will it reach culmination and shine across the galaxy?

Reach culmination, shine across the galaxy

Thales heart skipped a beat.

He checked his footsteps and calmed the sudden surge of panic.

Your mastery of the ancient language of The Empire is impressive. The prince took a deep breath as he was finally able to recompose himself and avoid Koshders subtext-filled topic. Shame grammar is not my expertise.

Koshder stood firm, ignoring the quizzical gaze from those around him, and stared fixedly at Thales with his sole eye.

A few seconds later, he laughed heartily, Its excusable.

Duke of Land of Cliffs let out a disturbing sneer. If a king is proficient in both academia and martial arts, capable of handling every matter in detail, able to cover all the bases, and omni-talentedthen what use would we vassals be?

Thales made an effort not to comprehend the profound distortions in that sentence, and awkwardly and hastily responded, So we each perform our own duties, and strive in unity for Constellation?

Koshder narrowed his eye. So its a deal then? Our plan?

Thales heart skipped another beat. I dont know what youre talking about. The duke put on a straight face and glanced at the people around him. What plan?

Koshders gaze turned cold as he took a step back.

But he immediately took in his surroundings, came to a realization, and chuckled, Of course, hahahaha. Of course

What started as a soft chuckle turned into a cold guffaw, with palpable arrogance. No plan. None at all!

Witnessing this reaction, Thales felt uneasy and anxious.

A second later, after a good bout of laughing, the Duke of Nanchester lowered his head. His gaze was profound and piercing. Only a long journey ahead. A vast sea, he said coldly, his gaze was imposing but his tone was pregnant with a sense of satisfaction, On which you must traverse. For which you are forced to set sail.

At these words, the master of Great Deer Antler, Nanchester of the Land of Cliffs, One-Eyed Dragon Koshder turned around and marched off confidently!

He rudely shoved two ushers away and walked off arrogantly, sneering as he went.

Leaving the somewhat stunned Thales on the spot, his clothing slightly ruffled.

This scene attracted the attention of many. They looked at each other in dismay, with endless conjectures in their minds.

A while passed before Doylewho had been on guard but keeping his distancecarefully looked towards Thales, who was straightening his clothes and deep in thought.

What was that, Zombie? He prodded the equally curious Glover and whispered, He straightforwardly asked His Highness if he had lost weight and whether he was abused And then he he

In the end he even recited some sort of poem to His Highness I think I heard something along the lines of deal?, forced to

Upon hearing this, Glover threw a glance at Doyle, his strange expression a rare sight.

Do you think, that Duke of Nanchester Doyle doubted incredulously, that he has a preference for Doyle glanced over at Thales in concern, then looked at Koshders disappearing figure in the distance, and blurted in panic, Pretty boys?