Legend Of The Mythological Genes Book 3 Chapter 403

Volume 3 Chapter 403 Cooperation Of The Strong

In the investitures of gods, there was an evil-attribute magic treasure known as the soul summoning banner. It could summon the souls of people and kill from afar with no traces at all. That item shared some similarities to the object before his eyes.

It was just that the object before him was heavily damaged, with only less than half of its original body existing. Its might was naturally reduced greatly as well.

But even so, its mental effects toward people would truly be able to catch opponents unaware!

Spirit lifeforms had no substances, and material attacks were useless toward them. Only energy or mental attacks could be effective to injure or kill them.

If one could use this soul summoning banner flexibly, it would definitely be a powerful treasure against the spirit race.

Feng Lin's heart involuntarily stirred as he continued to ask, "Senior sister Zhao. This mythological remnant is of great use to me. I wonder what do I have to give in exchange for this object?"

"Seems like you are really very knowledgeable about mythological remnants and might even be able to use them effectively." Zhao Yue`e's eyes flashed with curiosity. "I wonder if you can tell me what are the uses of this object exactly?"

Feng Lin was also unwilling to take advantage of her. He truthfully spoke, "This is an evil-attribute magic treasure from ancient times that can injure, kill people's souls, or affect their mental states. Its might is greatly reduced but it still can be used through special methods. If you don't use special methods to control it, you might even suffer a backlash and damage your own mental state. Just so coincidentally, I know of an ancient sacrificial refinement method and I wish to try it out on the banner. If it fails, I can place it in my Mythology Collection Society and do further research on it. Who knows, there might be a day where I might truly be able to probe it further and discover its true usefulness. It can also be used as a treasure that can become the foundation of the society I created."

So this was the case.

This reason was reasonable and fair indeed!

But what made Zhao Yue`e shocked was that Feng Lin actually even knew about the sacrificial refinement method who had been lost in time. This was a special method in the legends that could allow one to control mythological remnants!

Although Feng Lin's cultivation wasn't high, he was shrouded in layers of fog. She felt like he was getting harder and harder to see through.

"Senior sister Zhao, did you come here for the crimson refinement gunpowder as well? If you are willing to trade this object, I don't mind personally concocting some crimson refinement gunpowder for you." Feng Lin didn't feel that there was anything else of value he could offer.

With the war against the spirit race being imminent, it was highly probable she came here for the crimson refinement gunpowder.

"I don't need that." Contrary to his expectations, Zhao Yue`e calmly rejected him. "I didn't come here for this."

Feng Lin couldn't help but grow curious.

Zhao Yue`e smiled. "I specially came here to pass this mythological remnant to you. There's only one reason why I did so. I just want to ask if you can allow me to join your Mythology Collection Society?"

"You want to join my society?" Feng Lin exclaimed. Zhao Yue`e was no ordinary character. She actually took the initiative to look for him to join his society, which was currently nothing but an empty shell? No matter how he looked at it, it didn't seem realistic.

"That's right." Zhao Yue`e nodded to show her resolve. "I've done some research into your Mythology Collection Society. There are many miraculous medicinal substances there that are greatly beneficial to my True Martial Society. I want to join because I wish to see if I can use mythological remnants to exchange for some of those medical substances in the future. In truth, this can be considered cooperation between our two societies."

(What a well-thought-out plan!)

Feng Lin sighed in admiration.

If she used the mythological remnants to exchange for crimson refinement gunpowder, that would only be a transaction.

Transactions were always a one-time thing. In the future, no one would know when the next transaction would take place.

But Zhao Yue`e was sharp enough to include the existence of the Mythology Collection Society and he knew that she wanted to establish a cooperative relationship and a bridge linking her society to the medical substances Feng Lin could provide. In the future, she would be able to use mythological remnants to easily exchange for all sorts of genetic medicine he created and even gain valuable mythological knowledge in return.

After seeing through her purpose, Feng Lin didn't feel any disgust. Because this wasn't a bad matter to him.

"How should we cooperate exactly?" Feng Lin asked the crux of the question.

"The premise of cooperation is for the two presidents, us, to join each other societies. Only then can we understand and supervise the operation of our respective societies! You must know that our True Martial Society is a martial society, and we would often obtain mythological remnants on the battlefield. However, obtaining them wouldn't benefit our society too greatly. With the cooperation, we can use these remnants to exchange for genetic medicinal substances and mythology knowledge from you, which can assist the cultivation of our members. Our two societies can fill the needs we each other required, complementing perfectly and allowing both of us to develop with great speed!"

Feng Lin also felt the same way.

This was truly a good thing. Currently, the Mythology Collection Society was just a new organization, and not many people knew of it. If he wanted to expand, there would be many difficulties.

But if he cooperated with the True Martial Society established by this Martial Queen, he would naturally gain some invisible fame. It would be easier for him to recruit members as well.

Also, this martial queen would join his society too. It would allow his Mythology Collection society's rallying force to be greatly boosted. No matter what, this was extremely advantageous to him.

Also, he had once cooperated with Zhao Yue`e before; both of them had a certain understanding of each other.

Now that these two societies were about to cooperate, there would truly be countless benefits for both sides.

"Sure." Feng Lin didn't have a reason to reject. He instantly agreed.

He then asked, "Our Mythology Collection Society's goal is to collect mythological objects. The nature of our society is very simple, we will not impose any restraints on senior sister Zhao. But I have a question. I will be joining your True Martial Society as an ordinary member. Is there anything I need to do?"

"The True Martial Society was established for the sake of pursuing the true meaning of the martial path. There's a point system and one can use points to exchange for genetic martial arts! There are also many ways to obtain points. You can accomplish the missions given by the society, you can present cultivation resources or exchange martial arts to broaden our library base. In any case, there aren't too many rules in my society as well." Zhao Yue`e smiled.

Genetic martial arts?

Feng Lin opened up the exchange list of the True Martial Society. There were all types of genetic martial arts before him, with all sorts of abilities. Each of them required a special type of genetic force before they could unleash their full might.

Among the genetic martial arts, he saw a mid-martial high-grade Turtlesnake Fist which caused his heart to be stirred.

He had seen Zhao Yue`e using this martial art before. It was a martial art that originated from the Wudang Planet and the two daos of yin and yang were integrated within, with the dragon, snake, and elephant stances as well. If he could master it, it would surely be of great help to his Five Spirits Ominous Fist Art. The number of points needed to exchange for it was 5,000.

"Senior sister Zhao, if I provide 100 kg of crimson refinement gunpowder to the True Martial Society, I wonder how many points I can get?" Feng Lin casually asked.

Zhao Yue`e's face couldn't help but lit up with joy. "The crimson refinement gunpowder is now a strategic resource that's extremely scarce within the university. Its value is extraordinary. If you can provide 100 kg worth of crimson refinement gunpowder, I can make the decision and grant you 10,000 martial exchange points!"

(The Turtlesnake fist is so cheap? It's only equal to 50 kg of crimson refinement gunpowder?)

Feng Lin silently marveled. In that case, what was he hesitating for? He decisively agreed.

As the two presidents continued to discuss, the cooperative relationship between the Mythology Collection Society and True Martial Society was formally set.

Zhao Yue`e left satisfied with 100 kg of crimson refinement gunpowder.

Feng Lin also didn't stay idle. He instantly began to practice the Turtlesnake Fist he just received. His punches blasted out like thunder, containing the transformations of yin and yang. He gained insights into the true nature of Turtlesnake Fist, further perfecting his Five Spirits Ominous Fist!

After practice, he didn't stop to rest and began to use a secret method—the sacrificial refinement technique to refine the soul summoning banner—leaving behind an initial branding of his own.

If he wanted to gain full control of it, he needed to gradually refine it.

One would often lose track of time during cultivation. A day passed in the blink of an eye.

The black spirit tide finally emerged from outer space, flying over with unstoppable momentum. A great commotion instantly occurred within the Great Wall University.

The black tide radiated immense pressure, desiring to destroy the humans here.

The spirit lifeforms seemed endless in number; they devoured the light from the stars in the surroundings. The places they passed by seemed to become a hell of darkness. No matter how strong the will of the humans were, there was no way they could feel relaxed at this moment.