Life's Magic Chapter 10

9 Mitch
The Caldwell family came into our house at Friday night for dinner. Both our parents bonded naturally and we let them do their adult thing while I and Donatella finished our cocoa at the living room.

Since then, our families have gotten closer and closer everyday as Donatella and I spent more time together. Friday dinner once a month became our practice. School was back and it was luck that we go to the same academy, so we get to spend more time together, strengthening our bond more. Donatella still had Fatima to send and fetch her to and from school but dad was the one who drove us there because Mr. Caldwell is going a different way. Though they hired a nurse to look for Mrs. Caldwell, my mom kept an eye for her friend, always dropping by every day to check on her.

On our first Christmas together, I gave Donatella a pair of live bunnies. She was so ecstatic and had totally forgotten Jess all at once. She fed and tended to the pair and named them Jess and Toni. Yeah, very nice but not so original. She'd garnered more friends at school but she promised I was the best among all of them. She still kisses me whenever we meet and after we part ways. I still wiped my mouth with my hand, still couldn't get use to the feeling of it. She'd also added to her practice telling me she loves me and forcing me to say it back to her. All of these, I did because I wanted to put a smile on her face.

Every birthday, Christmas, new year, trick or treat and all the events we have, our families came together to celebrate. It's as if we're no longer two families but one. I even went out in the middle of the night when she called me about her bunnies dying. I kept her company as she cried for two days. At nine, that'd been her first heartbreak as she cried over her loss. The next Christmas, I gave her a puppy and she named it Cathy. I felt sorry for the mastiff because the pup was a boy but had been given a name that sounded more like of a cat.

When I turned eighteen and had to leave our place for college, I actually didn't want to go. But there's no college near our community and dad was expecting a grand result from me. I was a smart kid and had learned to love the ways of computer and cyber world. For a simpler name, I was a hacker but for a more professional term, I was a computer engineer. All the same, I loved tweaking and cracking codes. I ate numbers for breakfast.

Even when I was away to a university, it's as if we didn't really parted ways. Donatella and I burned the line as we kept each other updated with our lives through phone call and text. And I always make way to come home for every family celebration. Every time I return, my heart always melted seeing Donatella's obvious change but I was sad as well that I wasn't there to witness the bud turning into a fully bloomed flower.

The excessive time we spent to each other actually became an issue with my past girlfriends. They were a jealous bunch. They just couldn't accept that Donatella was my special friend, close to being a little sister. One girl even made me choose between her and Donatella. She thought she held my world in her palms by that stupid dare. I dumped her stupid ass and even told Donatella about it and we both gave it a good laugh.

I graduated with flying colors from the university. But instead of coming home for a celebration, I returned with a tragic news welcoming me. Mrs. Lyn Caldwell died with terminal stage breast cancer and complications. Donatella was devastated but I made sure I was there to offer her comfort. Mr. Caldwell remained stoic but I knew deep inside his heart was dying as well. I've known the man ever since our families came together that he was a man of few words. He felt like he had to stay strong for the family amidst the illness of her wife looming over them. My father helped him handle his grief over a bottle or two and we mourned together over a year.
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