Life's Magic Chapter 12

11 Mitch
"What're you thinking?" Donatella sat beside me in a recliner bench, handing me a tall glass with a red liquid in it.

"I wasn't thinking anything at all." I lied, glad that I have my dark aviators on while we savor the sun in the tropical island.

I sipped from my glass and breathed in deep through my nose. My poor judgment was actually in a moment of heated war between my heart and body. I was a chaotic ball of nerves and lust.

"Pff! Please, Mitch. You can't lie to me. You're definitely thinking so loud I can actually hear you a mile away."

"If you could've heard me, why ask?" I frowned but still didn't look at her way.

Damn it! Since we arrived in the hotel early this morning, she decided to go straight into the beach. She said it'll be the best time to swim since the sun wasn't so high, the lesser chances to get burned. So I went out with her and didn't expect she'd be in this attire. She'd changed into a pair of white swim suit with gold rings at either side that helped enhance her already flaring hips. The top wasn't helping me either because her tits were smashed together creating a deep cleavage between the two tiny swaths of cloth on her breasts. How could an innocent eighteen-year-old girl own such sinful body like hers? The suit just revealed her perfection for the world to see. I practically salivate seeing her the first time she came out of the bathroom.

But I hated it. I hated the way men ogled at her body as if she was a steak on their meal. I hated it that she was too innocent for not having a clue what she does to men around her and the heated gazes those bastards threw at her. I hated it more because I was one of those pigs who wanted nothing but to look at her all day. I hated myself because I was actually wondering how would those legs felt around my hips while my cock slowly sinking into her virgin pussy. I knew she was a virgin or she'd tell me if there'd been someone in her life. And shit! I knew it's sick but I think I'm about to lose my mind thinking of other man claiming her cherry. Fuck! I just knew this will be a disaster!

When she found the tickets in my bag that afternoon I arrived, she was in the moon. She even gave me a long kiss at the corner of my mouth before jumping in glee at my birthday present for her. I have actually changed my mind not going but it was obvious that my initial plan was to go with her because the passes were for two people. So here I was, managing so far not to get a rise by just a glance of her figure.

"If you don't wanna talk about it, it's fine. But I'll definitely insist you do next time." She sat on my recliner but I quickly sat up in panic.

Shit! Even touching her had my cock stirring into attention.

"Why are you sitting here?" I snapped at her without intending to.
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