Life's Magic Chapter 16

15 Mitch
"We need to talk." I declared sternly.

Ceasing Donatella by the arm, I didn't allow her to run to her room as soon as we arrived in our hotel suite. I knew she must've seen enough alcohol to hit the bed but I believed I couldn't get a restful sleep knowing something was up with her for acting this way.

"I'm tired, Mitch."

"You may take a seat but we really need to talk."

"Can't we just talk tomorrow?" Her voice rose into hysterics.

"No. It happened today, we need to talk about it today and settle things once and for all. I've been told by dad to not sleep the night without settling a fight. What kind of mind did you get running away like that? And drinking? Really, Donatella?"

"I'm eighteen! I believe I'm legal enough for alcohol. If I don't experience it now, so when can I?"

"I didn't say you can't have a drink! You ran off without a word, not even taking your phone with you. I was goddamn worried I almost went crazy looking for you! The world is full of crazy evil people, Donatella. You went out of that bar alone, drunk and powerless. Do you think you'll get away from the threat and dangers of that place?" I blew a deep breath to calm my heart. Damn, she'll be the death of me. "Did you even think about how'd I feel if something happened to you?"

"I'm not your responsibility anymore, Mitch! Fuck, you don't even have to be here if you really don't feel like coming. You only have to say it!"

"Watch your mouth, young lady."

She snickered, rolling her eyes at me. "You always do that. Acting the hero. Always the good guy! Why can't you mess up sometimes, huh? You're too perfect, Mitch! The wonder boy. Mr. Nice guy and all that. You even went out of here to be with me, for what?" She suddenly stepped back, covering her face with both her hands and her shoulders started shaking as she sobbed.

"Donatella." I still didn't get where'd this came from or what the fucking issue was.

"No!" She raised her hands up to ward me off. "Don't touch me! Don't even come near me. You disgust me! You could've said you're tired of this shit. But you still pretend it's ok."

"What the fuck are you talking about! Stop talking riddles and spill it out, Dilly!"

My teeth were grinding together as I spoke, using her nickname for the first time. I've never called her anything else but her full name. I hated it that she's avoiding my touch but my hands were itching to hold her.

She looked me up with a pained expression. "You could've sent me here alone, Mitch, and it would've been fine by me. Because even if you're here, you're mentally away anyway. What's the point? I know you got your own troubles and all but you have to tell me about it, too. Don't take my presence for granted."
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