Life's Magic Chapter 19

18 Mitch
Closing my eyes, I relished her taste as I started lapping at her, sucking her nectar straight from the source. Groaning with every gulp, I braced her hips with my arms to stop her from squirming away. Donatella was a wild cat in bed. She's not afraid making a sound, she's not afraid to demand. Her body was made to be fucked and oh God, I couldn't wait for that moment to come.

"Mitch!" She cried out, hands reaching for my hair.

Another groan reverberated from my chest as response to her call. But I dared not stop my mouth and tongue from plundering her wet hole. I licked, sucked and slurped her cream while rubbing her clit to coax more fluid from her channel. Her body writhed more wildly, unable to be tamed anymore. So I stopped.

Donatella cried out her protest before she whimpered at the loss of my mouth on her pussy. Raising her head, she looked down at me as if in question. But I just grinned, climbing up to her body until our crotch aligned. Ceasing my cock with my hand, I pointed it at her entrance, pausing to stare down at her.

"Are you ready to be mine, Donatella?"

"I've been ready for a long time, Mitch."

Claiming her mouth, I slipped my tongue between her lips just as my cock slammed into her hot tight, dripping and waiting cunt. Donatella's body curled at the sudden intrusion before bucking her hips as if to toss me away. But I held both her wrists down the bed over her head and pinned her body with my own weight. I held myself like that for a moment to let her adjust with our first coupling. The world seemed to stop as we took heavy breathing, gazes intact and hearts beating in the same wild rhythm.

When she started writhing beneath me as if searching for friction, I started withdrawing my length out. Again, Donatella whimpered at the loss of me inside her. She's one greedy little girl. I couldn't help but smile down at her. God, she'd never lose me. I'm all hers.

Pushing slowly back inside her, Donatella widened her thighs to accommodate my hips as it touched her pelvis. She moaned so deep from within her lungs when I finally bottomed out inside her again. Fuck! She felt so good beneath me, around me. She's all so mine.

"Mitch." She breathed out, reaching for my nape to kiss my lips.

Leaning down, I took her mouth and fed her my tongue just like how her pussy was swallowing my dick in and out of her. Every thrust was so fucking good. Every plunge back was a notch tighter at the strings around our hearts. Every return to her depths felt like coming home over and over.

"Donatella, I'm close." I groaned, reaching down to rub her clit. "Come with me, baby."

"Yes, please!"

Donatella began to buck to the rhythm of my thrusts, arching her spine up to welcome my downward strokes. The impact was severe, shaking our muscles, creating ripples of lust. Our moans became louder, her cries higher and more desperate. My hips rocked her body harder, clenching my ass so I could bat my dickhead with her womb. Rubbing her clit faster, I tossed my head back as I released a pleasurable groan.

Donatella arched her spine higher, squeezing me ever so tightly with her pussy and her screams melding with my own howl. Our bodies undulating, rocking so hard as we both revel at our first orgasm as a couple.

With breathing still hard, I slowly collapsed down Donatella's body, covering her lithe frame with my own. I kissed her briefly on the mouth before looking her in the eyes.

"I love you." I whispered.

She smiled, kissing my palm that's cupping her jaw. "And I love you more."
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