Life's Magic Chapter 2

1 Mitch
It was the first day of spring and I was out in the jungle because it was a good day to spend time with Coreen, my girlfriend. Coreen was my first love, aside from my parents, of course. We've been together since I was nine and up until now, our relationship has gotten even stronger especially after her rough times when she needed to undergo operation.

I was with Coreen when the accident happened so I pretty much had the same condition as her but I easily recovered after two days in the hospital, wearing a cast on my left leg and a sling for my arm while Coreen had to work her recovery for a couple of months. Her rear disc needed to be repaired, spokes replaced when it was unhinged from the accident including the saddle, busted rear tire and broken chains. She'd been overhauled since then. Yes, Coreen was my mountain bike and I loved her.

Dad told me once that one day I'd realize that the world had more to offer, more beautiful and grand rather than a day with Coreen. But my mind refused to accept that there's still more beautiful than Coreen. I couldn't actually think of a day without Coreen.

I've been in this woods thrice already and it was always me and dad that comes here. When I asked him why mom couldn't come with us, he told me it was our secret place. No one should know about the place but only the men in the family.

When I reached the edge of our property, I swerved and skidded before pedaling fast back to where I came from. Coreen had performed better after her operation, she could already drift, skid and leap higher than before and I couldn't be any prouder.

Sweat started trickling down my back and armpits but the draft of the spring lessened the sticky feeling I felt. I hopped off of Coreen and wheeled her towards the house while watching David Thorne (my dad) sitting on the front porch with his guitar. Maybe dad's guitar was his first love because I kept seeing him with it whenever we're here, caressing, cleaning and plucking it with expertise.

"Mitch, come!" Dad waved his hand to me before setting his guitar up the rattan chair.

Kicking Coreen's leg, I propped her up beside the railings of the cabin. With still a buzzing adrenaline, I approached my dad and stood in front of him.

"I haven't finished circling the area." I told him so he'd know I'd be back to the jungle soon.

I loved it here. I instantly fell in love the first time dad showed me the place. The cabin was huge with four bedrooms and their own shower and baths. The driveway was gravel and stone and the rest of the land were overgrown weeds and tall old trees. It was enchanting.

"I know. I just wanna tell you a story." He smiled before tapping the space beside him for me to sit.

"I think I already know what that story is." I didn't want to complain but every time we come here, he always had a story to tell as if he couldn't tell it anywhere else but here.

"Sit, Michael Thorne." When his voice turned into this commanding tone, I didn't have a choice but to obey.
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