Life's Magic Chapter 21

20 Mitch
Donatella pulled me closer but I pushed her back and shook my head. Shit! I almost forgot my good intentions back there. She pouted seeing my determination to stop the connection once and for all.

"Behave, baby." I kissed her nose before playfully giving her a slap on the ass to send her up our room.

Once Donatella was inside our shared room, I went to the kitchen to prepare us our late lunch. With the long trip, I wouldn't be surprised if she'd fallen asleep in our bed right now but I also needed to do my duty as her ward slash boyfriend by feeding her and making sure she'd have all the things she needed.

Damn! I couldn't remember a day working in the kitchen with a smile on my lips. It really felt better now that we lived under the same roof. I could actually check in on her anytime I wanted. I could easily imagine us as husband and wife, happily married. Fuck! That picture was really good.

As soon as I finished cooking, I went up the second floor and knocked on the door. No answer came from the other side of the door so I opened it, my eyes quickly searching for my girl.


She turned and a sad smile formed her lips. "Hey. I was just taking my stuff out of the boxes and had lost into memory lane."

"Yeah, I can see that. You didn't hear when I knocked." I sat beside her on the bed, looking down at the framed photo she was holding.

It was their family picture during one of the Christmases we celebrated together. Lyn Caldwell had been obviously ill but the happiness in her eyes was still captured by the camera. It truly was a happy family.

"I still miss her." She choked with her sob.

"Shh, it's alright." I gathered her in my arms and let her pour out her sorrow on my chest. "I miss her, too. But she's probably happier now that she'd found her rest. Let's be happy for her, too."

"Yes, I know." She leaned away to wipe away her tears, chuckling as she did. "Sorry. It seems that I can't help the tears these past few days, huh."

"I love that you're not shy on showing them to me." I helped her wipe her face before staring right into her eyes. "You know that you can always tell me anything and everything, right?"

She smiled, surprising me with another quick kiss before she hid her face under my chin. "Yeah, I know. What did I do to deserve you? I love you, Mitch."

"And I love you more, Donatella." Hugging her tight, I landed a kiss on her head and smiled. This was perfection overload. "This is nice. You did this?" I took a paper spread over her bed.

"Thanks. It's just a random sketch I made last year." She peered over the paper with an uncertain smile on her face. "I think it's dull."

"Not at all. It's beautiful. Out from your imagination?"

It was a huge imposing tree within a humid forest. It looked like it had a life of its own that just by looking at it, I felt like I was being sucked inside the canvas.

"Yeah." She chuckled. "Where else will I get the idea? you know I've never been to so many places."

"Well, that'll change soon. We'll go places out of your checklist. And kitchen better be on the top of it because lunch is already waiting."

"It is. What're we having?"

"Spicy, sweet and sour shrimp, your favorite. With veg salad on the side."

She squealed, jumping to her feet before rushing out of the room. "Can't wait to cross kitchen out of my list!" She bellowed as she went.

Shaking my head, I went out after her with a shit eating grin on my face. Why wouldn't I love her if she's so damn adorable like this?
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