Life's Magic Chapter 22

21 Mitch
Our days and weeks turned into months and years living a perfect life of being together. At least that's what I felt with our arrangement. It was satisfying to live a perfect life with Donatella close to me. We still return to our hometown, visit my parents and her dad and celebrate whatever there was to celebrate. Of course, they already knew that we're together and they've never been happier for us.

Donatella, most of the time, was drowned with school, projects and paperwork because she was so focused with her chosen field. She's into fine arts, and later on she planned on taking fashion design. With her line of career, a lot have offered her to become a talent or a model. But she declined them all, saying she wanted to finish her degree. She wanted to design clothes, have her own shop and envisioned them to be worn by known people someday. And I could already see her dreams weren't that far from her with the way she compassionately played her cards.

I rarely see Donatella going out with some friends even if I allowed her to go with them. She's allowed to party, have some fun, enjoy ladies night out or shit like that as long as she comes back home to me safe and on a reasonable time. But thank God though, she let partying passed her by. For me it was perfect she stayed away from those things and focused her energy on her dreams.

That however, was jinxed once. One day, I came back home from an out of the country business trip for my recent app launching. I instantly searched for Donatella at home but she wasn't there. She didn't expect me to return early because I intended to surprise her so when I rang her phone, she'd been drinking in a bar. I knew I shouldn't be upset with that but I'm still stuck at her image of my baby, needing my comfort and too innocent in this big bad world. We had a nasty fight that time but we eventually ended it up with a thorough fucking and finally forgave each other.

Since that night, my attention on her even narrowed into laser focus. That's when I noticed some changes with my baby girl. Donatella was losing weight. She had black rings around her eyes and her cheeks were hollowing. She'd been slender before but right now she's just down right skinny.

With worry, I mentioned this to her and asked if there's a problem so we could go see a doctor. She blamed it to stress with projects and chasing deadlines and reassured me nothing's wrong. Agreeing with half of my heart, I conceded. Besides, I didn't want it to be the reason for us to fight again because she mostly hated it when I'm being persistent.

Thanksgiving was just around the corner and we're both raring to return into our town to celebrate with our parents. She'd be graduating by next year as well so a big celebration was being planned by both our families. I was in the office and had been in a conference meeting all day when the call came to me one afternoon.

"Mitch!" Donatella's sobbing voice instantly rang at the other line.

"Donatella, what's the matter?" My heart instantly galloped with my mind racing of thoughts about her in some kind of accident that I suddenly ejected from my seat.

"Mitch, it's dad! It's dad! Oh God. Please come home. I'm... Dad's in the hospital! They're still reviving him. Please, please do something..." She wasn't able to finish when she started to sob.
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