Life's Magic Chapter 23

22 Mitch
Her words were barely audible with her cries and whimpers, her pleading didn't help with the matter either. She's frantic to tell me to do something as if I had the power to do miracle for her father.

"I'm on my way!" Standing, I quickly grabbed my keys and ordered my secretary to reschedule my meetings and to settle my affairs while I'm gone.

It's already four in the afternoon and a three-hour drive was the longest and worst travel of my life. I've never felt in so much panic after Lyn Caldwell died. If something happened to Donatella's father, she might be more devastated this time. I knew, Donatella had a closer relationship with her father than she had with her mother before. Given Lyn's health issues, she could no longer spend that much time with her daughter where Mathew had filled in.

I had Donatella at the other line all throughout the drive, consoling her, listening to her sobs. Fuck the bills, I needed to comfort her since she was all alone in that God damn hospital waiting for her father's result. But the line went dead forty minutes before I could make it into our town and Donatella's number couldn't be reached anymore. As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I quickly ran and went straight to emergency where I thought Donatella was. But one of the attendants informed that the patient had been transferred to recovery room. I breathed out a grateful prayer as I proceeded to where they pointed me to.

Donatella was seated at the stool near her father's bed, slumped and out cold. My parents were also there, sitting on the sofa at the side. Guilt instantly spread to my conscience for not even thinking of calling them right away.

Mom and dad stood and took me in their arms just like we always did when I was still little. Though I truly appreciate the gesture but I believed Donatella needed more of our comfort right now.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Mat had an aneurysm but it's enraptured. They'll monitor his case if it needs operation and see if his response is able to take the procedure." Dad answered.

Donatella slowly woke up by the sound of our voices, blinking her eyes before focusing them to me. She almost stumbled as she quickly ran into my open arms and sobbed in my chest.


"Pour it out, baby. It's going to be alright. I'm right here. It's alright." I tightened my hold around her, kissing the top of her head as she continued sobbing.

"She'd been here since this morning." My father informed behind us. "I think it's best you take her home, Mitch, and let her rest. I'll see for Mat myself."

"I don't want to leave my dad." Donatella said between hiccups.

"You being sick because of lack of sleep won't help with your father's recovery, Donatella." Mom chided softly.

"You're going, too." Dad turned to mom giving her the look she couldn't refuse.

I let go of Donatella, giving her the privacy she needed to bade a temporary goodbye to her father.

"Thanks, dad." I turned to my own dad and let my self be engulfed in his bear hug.

Since I became an adult, we rarely hold each other this tight and it felt really calming. They've always been my home no matter what. I also turned to mom to take her in my arms before kissing her cheek.

After promising dad I'll return by morning, we left the hospital and drove mom to our house first before driving Donatella back to their residence. Mom made me promise to never leave Donatella during this time and she just actually took the words right out of my mouth.
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