Life's Magic Chapter 26

25 Mitch
"Where's Donatella, Mitch?" Mom worriedly asked for the hundredth time now and every time she asked, her frown was deepening by the minute.

Blowing a deep breath, I didn't answer. Instead, I fished out my phone from my pocket before dialing Donatella's number. My head throbbed in my skull. Stupid! I'm such a stupid bastard. I shouldn't have done what I did last night. I shouldn't have fucked her that way. Shit!

This morning when I woke up, Donatella was no longer in bed. So just like a ducking de-ja-vu, I went around their house to search for her, checking first the spare bedroom in the hallway. After rounding the house, I then concluded she'd been gone. Thinking that she already went to the hospital, I made a quick visit in our house to change before going straight to the hospital with my mom in the passenger seat. But dad informed me that Donatella didn't come to visit.

It's the same damn voice mail ever since I called her the first time this morning. What the fuck! If she kept this up, I wouldn't be able to suppress my anger anymore because this shouldn't be the time for acting up her shit. She should be here. Her dad needed her most this time. What a fucked up shit did she allow to control her mind right now?

I know she must be really afraid or upset but damn it! Couldn't she see that I'm here for her? That whatever may happen to Mat, I'd make sure she wouldn't be alone. My family was also her family now. I couldn't believe she just forgotten that so easily. But she didn't seem to acknowledge me, my efforts to comfort her. My ability to make her feel secured, at home, loved. I felt my presence had just been taken for granted. I'm fucking hurt. But I also knew that I shouldn't be feeling these things right now because it's not the time and place for such drama.

The machine beside Mathew's bed suddenly made a disturbing sound, louder and higher pitch after each beep. Two doctors suddenly burst open the door, nurses and attendants followed suit passing right at us. My heart went haywire. While the doctors checked and see for Mat, one of the elderly guided us out of the room to wait.

When I looked down at mom, she's wearing the same worried face as mine. We both stepped outside the room before I guided my mother towards the waiting benches. Just as we planted ourselves on the seats, the door burst open again, attendants and elderlies wheeling Mat out in a gurney.

"What happened, doc?" I asked, holding my breath with panic.

"We've been monitoring Mr. Caldwell's condition since he has a rather good percentage to survive this because he only had a bulging artery. But this time, we believed he's having ruptured aneurysm. We'll be moving him to emergency now."

Shit! I dialed dad's immediately, informing him that something came up with Matthew's condition. Everything happened so fast. My heart was slamming in my chest, my head pounding in my skull. The doctors and nurses rushing and going seemed to make the situation worse, making me want to puke.
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