Life's Magic Chapter 28

27 Hershey: Two Years Later
According to the article I read, human brain kept a person safe because of its natural paranoia. The brain would always be open and sharp and had the ability to see what's behind the back or even when the person was asleep.

I just totally forgot the term of that phenomenon and this only occurred into my mind because I'm actually experiencing it right now. That sensation when the hairs at your nape stood on end because you just felt and absolutely certain that someone was staring behind your back. That creepy feeling of being watched.

"A cup of cappuccino and latte, please." I smiled at the woman behind the counter before scanning the shop to subtly find the culprit of my unease.

There! At the corner of the shop, one pair of dark blue eyes was penetrating right through my soul causing me to instantly pull my gaze away. My heart was doing an instant cartwheel inside my chest even if I didn't know why. Jesus! How could such a stare be so intense? And why stare at me at all?

Taking another glance at the corner, I found his gaze still on me, not blinking, not moving. His hair was twisting in curls that a ringlet actually fell on his face, covering his left eye. His jaw was sharp, his cheek bones striking and a five o'clock shadow made his profile even more mysterious. I tore my gaze away from him again, my heart hopping more erratically.

What the hell. Adult people should know staring was rude. It's been written in the oldest scriptures of good moral to never do that if you didn't want to be punched at the face.

"Latte and cappuccino here you go!" The previous girl chirped, which I answered with a smile of my own.

"Thanks." I snatched the tumblers with both hands before quickly exiting the shop, my heart still slamming beneath my scrub suit.

I dared not turn my head, afraid to look at those dark blue orbs again. It gave me goose bumps and a feeling I somehow couldn't point out. Once I entered the hospital, I greeted every person I passed by with a grin and a quick hello before I entered to nurse's station.

"Hot Cappuccino for an equally hot girl as you." I put the cup on Maggie's table before leaning down to kiss her on the cheek.

"You're my angel. Thank you." She smiled, squeezing me by the shoulder.

"You're welcome." I smiled before taking a sip from my cup. "I still have twenty minutes before my first round. I'll take my light breakfast here. Do you want me to get you anything from the pantry?"

"Those muffins, Choc. My favors are already piling on you now. Thank you so much."

Most of our colleagues called me Choc because, obviously, my name came from a chocolate brand. Maggie initially started calling me that and everybody just followed suit. If anyone coming to look for Hershey Flynn, they wouldn't know who that was because the Choc name was stuck to me ever since.

"Anytime." I took a quick visit in the pantry, ordered two muffins and another two slices of Brownies for myself.

When I returned to the station, I just put her muffins in front of Maggie while she continued reading her patient's schedule. I started eating while my mind wandered back to the strange man in the coffee shop earlier. If he didn't give me the creep, I'd think he's really hot. He's obviously tall with broad shoulders and unmistakable presence. He looked expensive, too, with his coat and tie and polished shoes. Typical office guy, probably. I cringed, realizing that I didn't just took a glance at him but I actually stared and studied him just as what he did to me.

"You ready this Saturday?" Maggie finally put her clipboard on the table and turned to me.

Mentally shaking my head from the disturbing images, I smiled at my friend. "Of course. But I'm going to apologize if I won't be wearing the theme. You know why."

"Guh! Please, Choc, during your spare time, allow yourself to explore new things such as learning how to swim!" Maggie shook her head at me.
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