Life's Magic Chapter 3

2 Mitch
"Ok, I'm sitting now." I perched my elbows over my knees and stared blankly at the jungle, my feet were already itching to take Coreen back to the woods again. "So what's the story?"

"Have I told you that you're not getting any younger, son?" His voice returned into a soft deep rumble.

"I'm thirteen, I'd like to know why you think of me not young anymore? Basically, adults such as you think I'm still a kid."

"Smartass, aren't we?" Dad chuckled before elbowing my side. "I've also told you that Coreen isn't your world. You have to explore outside your comfort zone, Mitch. Meet new people of your age. I've never seen you with a friend."

"Dad." I couldn't stop the whine in my voice this time.

Now I really wanted to leave. My parents have been reprimanding me time and again to meet new people and gain some friends at school. But as an aloof and introvert person, meeting people really scared me and forcing myself to gain some friends felt so awkward.

"Listen son, I want you to know something. This cabin as I've told you have been passed on from my ancestors down to their sons and now to me. When I'm gone, this will be yours, too. Only sons. No daughters."

"Yeah you've told me this before."

"But I haven't told you why only sons." He reminded.

"Yeah why not?" I looked at him with a frown on my face.

I was too distracted with the enchanting place that I failed asking him why indeed only men should know the place. Whenever we came here, mom would always get worried since we couldn't use our phones or any gadgets here because the whole area had no network coverage. It was that far and deserted. And I loved it more because of that. That's why I called it a jungle.

"The only time a girl or a woman can come here is by magic."

I frowned at him. "I now get why you told me I'm no young anymore. Because I'm not a kid anymore to listen to your magical stories. They're just myths. I'm aware they don't really exist."

The corners of dad's eyes crinkled as he chuckled. "Oh no, Mitch. That's where you're wrong. The world is a magical place. So many miracles and unfathomable wonders happening as we speak. We just don't know where or when it occurs. But they do happen every time. I have witnessed it myself. Your grandfather, too, and all the fathers in our blood line experienced the magic here in this very place."

As a kid, my interest peaked so I stayed in place and listened further to his story. "So how did it happen? The magic?"

"You'll see your future here in this place. Not today but time will come, you will. Here you will weave your dreams and ambitions. Here, you will learn your purpose. And it is here that you choose your destiny."

"I don't think I understand. Is there some time machine hidden here?"

My father laughed so loud, his voice echoed around the jungle, bouncing from tree to tree. "Maybe. But no. I'd like to call it a magical occurrence where you'll experience bizarre things that's not supposed to happen in reality. But truthfully, it's in reality that bizarre things actually happen. Ironic, isn't it? When you're old enough, you'll understand."

Dad tapped my shoulder twice before he stood and went inside the cabin with his guitar under his arm. I was left there wondering and puzzled.
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